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Robert W. Galvin

Founder and Chairman, Galvin Electricity Initiative
Retired CEO and Chairman, Motorola, Inc.

 Bob Galvin retired as chairman of the board of Motorola, Inc. in 1990 after more than 30 years of corporate leadership and innovation. In 2004, he launched the Galvin Electricity Initiative to bring his visionary approach to the faltering electric power system.


Kurt Yeager

Vice Chairman
Galvin Electricity Initiative

Kurt E.Yeager joined the Galvin Electricity Initiative, an effort to perfect the electric power system, shortly after it was launched by former Motorola chief Bob Galvin in 2005. As the Initiative's Vice Chairman, Yeager continues to work with electricity experts, innovators and entrepreneurs to design and build Perfect Power System models of a smart, efficient electric power system that cannot fail the consumer. He also works to drive the electricity policy changes necessary for system transformation at the state and federal levels.


Mike Galvin

Vice Chairman
Galvin Electricity Initiative

Michael Galvin is the cofounder, vice chairman and president of Harrison Street Capital, LLC (HSC), which owns and operates a diversified portfolio of business platforms in private equity buyouts/build-ups, real estate and technology. HSC’s investment focus is in the essential, less cyclical, asset light, growth business sectors. These essential sectors provide education, health care, infrastructure (software and storage) and management consulting to defense, intelligence and safety agencies of government.


John Kelly

Executive Director
Galvin Electricity Initiative

As Executive Director of the Galvin Electricity Initiative, John Kelly is leading research into improved electricity governance models and the development of innovative Perfect Power prototypes. These prototypes are being designed to serve as a test bed where innovative technologies and polices can be refined.


Greg Rouse

Program Director
Galvin Electricity Initiative

Greg Rouse has over 25 years of experience in the energy industry and has been involved with the Initiative since 2007. Through his work with the Initiative, Rouse develops Perfect Power System designs, such as the Perfect Power at IIT design and provides strategic planning, project management, and policy research for Initiative campaigns and efforts