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Bob Galvin's Four Step Approach

The Galvin Electricity Initiative knows that investment spurs innovation. Our Initiative sought to open the electricity sector to new thinking, new development, and new styles of management. We can ensure that the grid empowers consumers, creates a more reliable system, eliminates waste and reduces costs. Our work with governmental, regulatory and business leaders continues to bring about change, as we know the electricity sector is perfectible.

Rooted in the promise of quality management, the Galvin Electricity Initiative pursued a range of policy solutions that promoted system transformation. We developed prototypes of our Perfect Power system, based on smart microgrid technology, to demonstrate the possibilities of perfection. Finally, we worked with electricity industry leaders to introduce quality management techniques, including a comprehensive set of performance metrics - the Perfect Power Seal of Approval (now PEER) - to measure and improve the efficacy of smart grid programs throughout the country.

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