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Join forces with the Galvin Electricity Initiative by linking to, and help us transform the nation’s obsolete electric power system into a Perfect Power System that can truly meet consumers’ needs in this new century.

On, the Initiative provides consumers and energy leaders with the latest strategies, resources, and reports that will help bring smart microgrids to their neighborhoods and communities.

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Galvin Electricity Initiative
<a href="">Galvin Electricity Initiative</a>

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“The Galvin Electricity Initiative is leading a campaign to transform the way we generate, deliver, and use electricity. Founded by former Motorola chief Bob Galvin, we are a nonprofit Initiative that promotes system transformation based on a new paradigm that is consumer-focused and technology-driven. We partner with communities, universities and entreprenurial innovators to build smart microgrid projects based on our Perfect Power system architecture, and work with industry leaders to drive policy reform that adheres to a set of Consumer Principles. Join us as we help ensure the smart grid revolution delivers the dramatic consumer benefits and value that it promises—reliability, efficiency, security, cost savings, and reduced emissions.”

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