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Galvin Electricity Initiative: Maryland Electricity Reliability Reform Puts Utilities On Notice

April 13, 2011

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Galvin Electricity Initiative Deputy Director John Kelly, who supported implementing reliability standards to combat the threat of power outages during his February 24 testimony before the House Economic Matters Committee, issued the following statement on the Assembly’s passage of the Maryland Electricity Service Quality and Reliability Act:

“When Governor O’Malley signs electricity reliability reform into law, powerful utilities will be on notice that it’s time to start measuring up. Reliability reporting alone will help reveal which parts of the system are to blame for the bulk of the outages. This reform is a step forward in requiring unprecedented levels of new public oversight to help ensure customers are not left in the dark,” Kelly said.

Maryland’s prolonged outages pose a very real danger to residents — from exposed fallen power lines to traffic accidents to safety threats as families search for electricity alternatives to meet their needs, such as candles and generators. These unintended, albeit inevitable, consequences add up to an astronomical cost to our economy — at least $150 billion a year nationwide.

The Initiative’s research into best practices and prototypes over the past five years indicates how we can achieve dramatic improvements without raising costs. To assist states and stakeholders in exploring reliability metrics and, ideally, setting standards that hold utilities accountable, the Initiative released Electricity Reliability: Problems, Progress and Policy Solutions. The report offers policy best practices as a guide or discussion document for future legislation. To read the report, visit

*Media Availability—John Kelly is available for interviews by request regarding passage of the bill.

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