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Galvin Electricity Initiative Remembers Founder



Kurt Yeager and John Kelly, respectively vice chairman and executive director of the nonprofit the Galvin Electricity Initiative, released the following statement on the passing of Initiative founder, Robert (Bob) W. Galvin.

Kurt Yeager, Vice Chairman, Galvin Electricity Initiative:
"With the passing of Bob Galvin, our country has lost an unparalleled stimulator of innovation, and he leaves behind a legacy that will continue to inspire generations of entrepreneurs to come. He spent most of his life changing the rules of the game and in so doing, solving seemingly unsolvable problems. His remarkable achievements as CEO and Chairman of Motorola for more than 30 years established him as a truly transformative global business leader. In his retirement, he brought his visionary approach to transform our nation’s obsolete electricity system. He was convinced that the finest renewal simply awaits dedicated leadership to make it happen. As a nation, we are indebted to his prodigious contributions towards making American industry the global economy leader. Bob Galvin believed in the pursuit of perfection, and like all good leaders, he led by example."
John Kelly, Executive Director, Galvin Electricity Initiative:
"Bob Galvin epitomized the spirit of American competitiveness. He began his career at Motorola in 1944, and over the next 30 years his professional accomplishments propelled Motorola to a dominant position in the global market and helped to establish American industry as second to none. Later in life, he recognized that our nation's failing infrastructure was compromising the U.S. position in the global market, and he stepped up yet again. He created and led initiatives to improve the U.S. electricity and transportation sectors with the goal of renewing American competitiveness. As we mourn the loss of this true American inspiration, those of us influenced by his life's work must step up and carry on his mission."
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Robert W. Galvin founded the Galvin Electricity Initiative to transform our electric power system into one that is reliable, efficient, secure and clean, and meets the needs of 21st century consumers. The Initiative is sparking a migration toward a consumer-driven electric power system that is based on quality leadership. The goal is to promote grid modernization through policy reform and the development of Perfect Power smart microgrids that place top priority on serving consumers and businesses with reliable, high-quality, clean power.