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Initiative Leadership Update: Yeager Steps into Oversight Role as Kelly is Named Executive Director

August 1, 2011

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Yeager Steps into Oversight Role as Kelly is Named Executive Director

CHICAGO — In the wake of the successful launch of its Perfect Power Seal of Approval program, the Galvin Electricity Initiative is implementing plans to reallocate leadership responsibilities within the organization. Effective immediately, John Kelly will assume the leadership role of Executive Director, succeeding Kurt Yeager. Yeager will continue to serve the Initiative in an advisory role as Vice Chairman, working to realize Initiative founder Bob Galvin’s vision for a consumer-focused power system transformation based on quality principles. Mr. Galvin’s son Michael, co-founder of Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, will also join the leadership team in the role of Vice Chairman. These changes will further strengthen the Initiative’s leadership team and help accelerate efforts to catalyze electricity system transformation.

“As we begin the seventh year of the landmark Galvin Electricity Initiative, I am delighted to announce that John has accepted Bob Galvin’s and my invitation to succeed me as the new Executive Director of the Initiative,” Yeager explained. “When Bob and I began the Initiative, we aimed to establish an enduring capability to transform the quality of U.S. electricity service. We have the utmost confidence in John’s proven leadership skills to drive transformation that dramatically improves power performance across the country. Moving forward, I offer John my full strategic counsel and advocacy support.“

Since the Initiative’s founding and before as head of the Electric Power Research Institute, Yeager has worked with electricity experts, innovators and entrepreneurs to design and demonstrate reliable, efficient, intelligent electric power systems to meet the needs of 21st century customers. He has also been a driving force behind the adoption of transformational policies at the state and federal level. He and Bob Galvin are co-authors of the influential book, Perfect Power: How the Microgrid Revolution Will Unleash Cleaner, Greener, and More Abundant Energy, which explores technology and policy transformation in depth.

“Due to Kurt’s strong leadership, the person best suited to succeed him as Executive Director is the one who has worked most closely with him,” Initiative founder Bob Galvin added. “While Kurt has done an outstanding job leading a consumer rights revolution toward improving grid performance, John has been instrumental in establishing the Perfect Power Seal of Approval, our new grid performance rating program that allows communities to compare service providers, rate smart grid projects, shape policy incentives and hold utilities accountable for providing access to more affordable, reliable, cleaner electricity.”

As Deputy Director of the Initiative, Kelly led broad research efforts in identifying best practices in design and development of new smart microgrid prototypes that serve as testing grounds for securing a strong energy future for our nation. A long-time industry veteran, Kelly is a featured speaker on sustainable development, smart grids, utility restructuring, distributed technology and energy markets.

The Galvin Electricity Initiative was launched by former Motorola CEO Robert W. Galvin to transform our electric power system into one that is reliable, efficient, secure and clean, and meets the needs of 21st century consumers. In 2011, the Initiative continues to spark a migration toward a consumer-driven, electric power system that is based on quality leadership. The goal is to promote grid modernization by identifying and promoting best practices in design and development, which place top priority on serving consumers and businesses with reliable, high-quality, clean power. For more information about the Perfect Power Seal of Approval, visit, “like” and “follow”