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Initiative's Yeager to Discuss Perfect Power Seal of Approval on NDN/New Policy Institute Panel

June 16, 2011

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Initiative's Executive Director to Join Collection of Technology and Electricity Industry Experts

WASHINGTON — Today, Galvin Electricity Initiative Executive Director Kurt Yeager will serve as a lead panelist at an NDN/New Policy Institute panel to explain the Initiative’s new rating program for projects in the energy and electricity sector—the Perfect Power Seal of ApprovalTM (PPSoA).

Joined by industry leaders from Full Spectrum, the White House Office of Science and Technology and Verizon Telecom Connected Home Product Marketing, the panel will explore how wireless communications can create opportunities for clean energy technologies and the smart grid, as well as new technological approaches that will be needed to support wireless networks in the future. The event will be webcast at 12:30 p.m. EDT at

In April, the Initiative launched the PPSoA, a program to drive innovation in the electric power industry by embracing consumer needs. The program will evaluate and recognize the nation’s top-performing smart microgrid projects in key performance categories. The intent of the PPSoA is to establish much-needed metrics that can empower consumers, businesses, communities and regulators to demand better performance from the power system. The program will set the bar for measuring the quality of industry projects, including those in the future which will employ the latest state-of-the-art wireless technologies to transform the relationship between consumers and electricity providers.

“This event serves as a vital opportunity to discuss our new program alongside such quality industry companies, who like the Galvin Electricity Initiative, are committed to shifting the global energy and electricity model for the 21st century,” said Yeager. “The PPSoA program will hold projects in the industry to a standard of high quality and accountability, where the focus will shift from technology for technology’s sake to measurable system performance outcomes.”

The program already has some traction—Austin’s Pecan Street project affirmed its support for the PPSoA in its February RFI on the Customer Side of the Meter, which cites the program as offering a clear set of metrics for achieving Pecan Street’s consumer-focused core principles.

To learn more about PPSoA criteria and performance metrics, visit

The Galvin Electricity Initiative was launched by former Motorola CEO Robert W. Galvin to transform our electric power system into one that is reliable, efficient, secure, clean and meets the needs of 21st century consumers. In 2011, the Initiative continues to spark a migration toward a consumer-driven electric power system that is based on quality leadership. The goal is to promote grid modernization through policy reform and the development of Perfect Power smart microgrids that place top priority on serving consumers and businesses with reliable, high-quality, clean power.