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Real-Time in Real Life: Testimonials

  • Many prominent newspapers and magazines have picked up on the benefits of real-time pricing programs and run with stories outlining the potential benefits for customers. The Chicago Sun-Times reported on the savings enjoyed by Terry Baublis from ComEd’s real-time pricing program, noting his electricity bills were “down 28 percent from the same period a year ago,” and includes some of his pointers on how to take advantage of the program. The New York Times notes similar results for ComEd customer John Kieken of Manhattan, Illinois, reporting savings of $900 over 14 months. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance profiles ComEd customers the Marynowskis, who report savings of almost $250 in one year, and further report ComEd’s statement that “customers enjoy average savings of 9% a year, and 95% of customers save something.”
  • Google Groups has an active Residential Real-Time Pricing discussion group for ComEd customers in Illinois. At the time of this writing, the group has over 100 members. While this group requires a free membership to post content, anyone can browse the messages posted on the website. These posts provide extensive, first-hand accounts with the program, including reports on savings, tips on electricity usage and scheduling, as well as more in-depth discussions on technology and energy.
  • Michael Kennedy is the Director of the Office for Science Outreach and Public Engagement, a department of the Office of Research at Northwestern University. Kennedy writes about his experiences with real-time pricing as a part of the One Book blog, administered by Northwestern’s science outreach e-magazine Science in Society. His monthly updates provide insights on his experiences with the program, including the savings he has experienced (an average of 15% at the time of this writing), suggestions for taking advantage of the information ComEd provides, and his thoughts on real-time pricing in general.