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An Electric Revolution, Chapter Ten: What You Can Do

What You Can Do To Join The Electric Revolution

  1. CHAMPION THE REVOLUTION. Share the link for An Electric Revolution with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The more they understand and advocate for change, the closer we will get to system transformation. 
  2. BECOME A FRIEND OF THE GALVIN ELECTRICITY INITIATIVE. Head to our "Connect to Galvin" section to stay updated on revolutionary news. Join our e-mail listfollow us on Twitter at @PerfectPower and "like" us on Facebook
  3. PRESSURE YOUR POLICY MAKERS TO LEAD THE REVOLUTION. Whether it’s an election year or not, your opinion — and vote — matters to candidates in your community, county, state legislature and U.S. Congress. Let them know by phone, e-mail and/or face-to-face meeting that they need to join the Revolution to gain your support. Look up your elected representatives and their contact information at
  4. HOLD YOUR UTILITY SERVICE PROVIDER ACCOUNTABLE. Learn how to read and understand your electricity bill. Ask your utility how they are helping to modernize the grid and request energy efficiency programs that can help you conserve and save you money. 
  5. PREPARE YOUR HOME AND BUSINESS FOR THE REVOLUTION. Make sure your home is ready to plug into the modernized grid. Choose energy-efficient materials and appliances for home and work. Check out EnergyStar and the Environmental Defense Fund for ideas, as well as your local electronics and appliance retailers. 

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