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Galvin Conducts Naperville Smart Grid Initiative Case Study

Over the next three years, the city of Naperville, IL, will be implementing the Naperville Smart Grid Initiative to complete the next phase of its electric grid transformation. This new and improved smart grid will empower residents and businesses to directly monitor their energy usage and adjust their consumption accordingly, thus driving down Naperville’s cost of purchasing energy on the wholesale market.

In support of this effort, the Galvin Electricity Initiative conducted a case study to demonstrate how community-based smart grid projects like the Naperville Smart Grid Initiative maximize efficiency and reliability — and meet many of the Initiative’s criteria for Perfect Power. The Initiative focused on the smart distribution system that Naperville has systematically built over the past 15 years, the electric utility foresight in developing an innovative plan and its commitment to continuous improvement and high reliability while reducing the cost of energy to residential and business customers.

“The Naperville Smart Grid Initiative serves as a model for upgrading and automating the electricity distribution system to meet consumer needs, achieve dramatic improvements in reliability and lower operations and maintenance costs,” said John Kelly, deputy director of the Galvin Electricity Initiative. “Naperville’s achievements over the past 15 years demonstrate what’s possible in electric power system transformation. They prove you can raise quality and dramatically improve reliability at lower costs.”

See background information about the Naperville Smart Grid Initiative.

Download a PDF of the full case study, or click on the links below to navigate it by section.

Naperville Smart Grid Initiative Case Study

The Naperville Smart Grid Initiative Too Many Outages Who Pays?
The Community Advantage A New Partner: U.S. Department of Energy Innovation and Outcomes

The Galvin Electricity Initiative would like to thank all of those that participated in interviews for the purpose of this case study:

Naperville Mayor A. George Pradel
Allan Poole, PE, Public Utilities Director
Olga Geynisman, PE, Electrical Engineering and Technical Manager
Cyrus Ashrafi, PE, Senior Electrical Engineer
Mark Curran, PE, Assistant Public Utilities Director
Daniel Gacek, PE, Senior Electrical Engineer
Kevin O’Grady, Senior Electrical Engineer