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Introduction to Policy Reform

Whether you are a legislator, business leader, community leader, regulator, utility, or consumer, we all have a stake in making the electricity grid smarter. But the plain fact is that the electricity business is terrifically complex, and governed by a variety of laws and regulations.

By its nature, the electricity sector is an extraordinarily capital- and technology-intensive, politically constrained enterprise where even the best-intended proposition can get picked apart. As a result, relatively little progress has been made in the absence of coherent leadership, despite the risks posed by an inefficient, insecure, and unreliable grid.

Still, some forward-thinking, progressive states have been pushing for change, having identified key areas where policy and regulatory changes must be enacted. These key areas are identified via the navigation system to the left.

Here, you will find resources that can introduce you to the key protocols for comprehensive electricity reform.

Suggested reading on the Galvin Electricity Initiative's policy priorities:

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