Introduction to the Galvin Electricity Initiative

The Galvin Electricity Initiative lead a campaign to transform our nation’s power system into one that truly meets our needs for reliable, efficient, clean electricity service. The imperfect quality of power service today robs each American household of thousands of dollars a year, and the transformation of service quality to 21st century digital standards is critical to resolving the serious economic and environmental threats facing our nation. The Initiative resolved these threats by shifting to a new industry paradigm that is consumer-centric and driven by entrepreneurial innovation and smart technology.

In 2012, The Galvin Electricity Initiative culminated in the Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER), the dricing force behind the vision to transform the way power systems are regulated, designed and operated. PEER provides a learning system to help energy stakeholders build the capacity to innovate and drive system transformation.

Suggested reading for more information about Bob Galvin’s vision and the Galvin Electricity Initiative:

  • The Essence of the Galvin Electricity Initiative
    This fact sheet details the background of the Initiative, the challenges facing our electricity grid, and the Initiative’s vision of the opportunities ahead of us.
  • Bob Galvin’s Recipe for Transforming the Electricity Sector
    This fact sheet details Bob Galvin’s vision for the future of the electricity sector, focusing on the thinking and philosophy that drives the Initiative’s work.
  • Power to the People: Electricity Consumer Principles
    This fact sheet is a foundational document for the Initiative, reflecting our belief that reforms to the electricity sector should focus on empowering consumers.