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The Best 1000 Watt Ballasts

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best 1000 watt ballast

 It may be ironic to know how a global pandemic has drifted our minds to productive horticulture opportunities rather than exposing ourselves to dangers outside our homes.

Indoor garden setups have suddenly become a thing that the market for grow lights rose. The spike in purchasing these items is because the sunlight adaptable to plants is limited to more than just a couple of hours per day, possibly leaving their growth to chance. Now, this is where the best 1000 watt ballast will do wonders as we induce artificial light to sustain life in your at-home nurseries and gardens.

Ballasts regulate the flow of current to your lamps, thus ensures voltage sufficiency to them. Read along as I share my expertise on these things and help you in picking the best one for your pot babies.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

VIVOSUN Digital Ballast


Volts Range 120/240 V
Cord Length 8 ft
Frequency 50/60 Hz

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

iPower GLBL ST1000D


Volts Range 120/240 V
Cord Length 8 ft
Frequency 47~63 Hz

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

TOPHORT Electronic Ballast


Volts Range 120/240 V
Cord Length 8 ft
Frequency 50/60 Hz

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Best 1000 Watt Ballast Reviews

1. VIVOSUN 1000W Dimmable Digital Ballast

I am always attracted to anything that goes brighter than expected. Just like the VIVOSUN 1000 watt Dimmable Digital Ballast, which gives out 10% more lumens, I am sure your greenhouse will never suffer dimness. More than that, this item also has two other dimming options to choose from: 600W, 750W.

Apart from its brightness gauge, I also felt secured upon finding out that it has four protection systems. For instance, the built-in internal fan will prevent overheating. Also, the end-of-bulb-life protection will notify us if the lamp can no longer light up.

The short circuit protection will shuts your light off in case of excessive currents. And the ignition failure protection allows enough current to flow before making a complete start-up.

Lights of a higher wattage usually consume energy more. Yet, I have seen how my bills went surprisingly lower than my expected payable because of my grow lights. Big thanks to this 1000w dimmable ballast since it showcases a soft start and slow light start-up feature preventing electricity fluctuation.

The package also comes with an 8-feet long 120V power cord, so its compatibility with the lamp and ballast was not a problem for me.

Be vigilant with checking your item as some have manufacturing issues where power markings happened to be misleading. In my case, I just had to contact the supplier for a repair, and they’re working accurately now.
  • 10% more lumens for brighter illumination, plus a dimming gauge option
  • An internal fan to keep the ballast cool while operating
  • End-of-bulb-life protection as a replacement notification
  • Short-circuit protection against sudden electric surges
  • Ignition failure protection for a safer start-up
  • Energy efficiency because of the slow start feature
  • 8-feet 120V power cord included
  • Power markings can sometimes be inaccurate
I like the fact that it’s consumer-friendly by the safety it has, and I can always be sure that I am consuming energy efficiently. There were issues with the wattage guide, but overall, this is a good one.

2. iPower GLBL ST1000D 1000 Watt Electronic Ballast

Growing plants in an aqueous environment is a different thing for a 1000w HPS ballast. The iPower GLBL ST1000D 1000 Watt Electronic Ballast is designed to complement hydroponic horticulture wherein crops grow with the help of mineral nutrient solutions in a solvent.

Plants do chemical processes like food and oxygen production at different sunlight levels. iPower provides three dimming levels at 50%, 75%, and 100%, so you will not have a hard time adjusting your lamp’s brightness.

Ballast flexibility can be a consideration for owners of indoor gardens because grow lights can either be High-pressure Sodium or Metal Halide bulbs. Also, this product is compatible with both HPS and MH bulbs through microchip programming. Hence, ith doesn’t require much effort, unlike those that demand manual transitions, or those which cannot be adjusted at all.

This item also comes with a cooling fan to keep the ballast temperature within an acceptable range. I am glad about its graduating fin casing that also helps maintain a low operating temperature, so the entire piece doesn’t cause harm off a hot surface.

I see innovation and technology in this product. I like its modernity and convenience of usage because this is a digital and more updated version of old ballasts.

However, I would advise you to contact for help regarding ballasts compatible with residential or agricultural setups.
  • Perfect choice for hydroponic horticulture
  • 3-level dimming options to choose from
  • Easy compatibility with both HPS and MH bulbs through microchip programming
  • Temperature regulation through a fan and a graduating fin casing
  • Digital and modern-oriented ballast
  • Have to make sure it is compatible with residential or agricultural setups
With the innovation displayed on this ballast, I am confident that this would last longer. Plus, I think this is a tailored fit for my greenhouse.

3. TOPHORT 1000W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast

I once had an apollo ballast that served me for quite a long time. But I had to replace it at the end of its useful life, so I bargained with the TOPHORT 1000W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast, and it didn’t disappoint me on top of its affordable price.

While some thousand watt ballast tends to be noisy when operating, this one by Tophort is one of the exceptions. I am amazed that it can still perform stably with a low sound.

More than a stable performance, this unit also operates at a temperature range of -20°C ⁓ 50°C, so it doesn’t heat up beyond tolerable hotness. I like this because it’s one of my considerations that I don’t get my ballast burnt out despite its frequent usage.

In a Tophort ballast review and the advertisements, I have seen how fast grow lights can start-up using this ballast. But I didn’t feel confident, not until I had this and made my lamp light up in around 3 minutes only. There is no power surges, not even a form of hazard because this is undoubtedly fast and safe to use.

However, I am concerned about having to get up every morning to plug it off since it doesn’t come with a timer. Purchasing additional timing accessories can do the work anyway.
  • Perfect replacement for old and worn-out units at an affordable price
  • Low noise and stable performance
  • Low operating temperature
  • Fast and safe lamp ignition
  • Doesn’t go with a timer
Despite having to watch out for its plugin and off schedule, I am still glad about how my plants grow under artificial light. The entire system is adaptable to my in-house garden.

4. Phantom PHB2010 II 1000W Digital Ballast

The best 1000 watt digital ballast should not be loud when operating, or consume more energy. Take the Phantom PHB2010 II 1000W Digital Ballast, for example, it offers a silent, energy-efficient, and reliable performance on top of a lightweight body.

Setting up this ballast did not give me a hard time because of its 32 MHz microprocessor, which can run the entire process smoothly. This efficiency is possible due to the Smart Alert Technology allowing a consistent circuit to the whole lighting system.

Furthermore, the hot-restrike programming will protect the lamp and ballast when there is a power outage shutting it down unexpectedly. After that, the ballast will not attempt to restart the hot bulb for the next 15 minutes. Such a function secures a stable electricity supply before starting.

Apart from its efficient performance, the ballast also offers our brightness level options. So I could adjust my lamps according to specific needs. These levels consist of 60%, 75%, 100%, and the super boost, so you wouldn’t have a hard time brewing the right amount of artificial light to induce in your garden.

On the other side, I am looking forward to more ballasts of flexible capacities. This product operates with single-ended lamps only.
  • Silent, energy-efficient, reliable, and lightweight
  • Smart Alert Technology to foster 32MHz processing
  • Hot-restrike programming as protection against unexpected shutdowns
  • Four-level brightness levels available
  • Allows single-ended bulb operations only
Despite that, I am quite impressed with how it has been performing. My plantation is doing well. And I couldn’t wait for the better versions of this item.

5. Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast

If you want a dimmable ballast with controllable strength, light-spread, and brightness level, then I would recommend the Quantum 1000W Digital Ballast. With a competitively higher lumen output than magnetic ballasts, this unit promotes a higher lumination level to my plants.

With my experience using different brands digital ballast 1000w, I consider this item as one among the few with a stable performance. With a 99% power factor, I have never seen it fail without any reason, plus it is 15% cooler than other digital ballasts.

On top of that, this ballast is also able to withstand extreme atmospheric environments of a growing surrounding. The atmosphere’s constantly changing, but I have proven this to be reliable over time.

This product comes with a 208V-configurable set up on top of its 120V and 240V capacity requiring no extra wirings. Electrician’s assistance, however, is advised. Also, I can use it with a generator in case of blackouts.

There were instances where I needed to light up my garden 24 hours a day. So, I had to be sure that the ballast could withstand prolonged operation. I used a lighting controller and flip boxes to plot my lamps’ lighting schedules without having to burn them out. The result was great, and I believe the combination of this ballast and the flip box was perfect.

Although its fan sound is not that loud and annoying, I expect a quieter operation from this ballast.
  • Has controllable light-strength and light-spread
  • Stable performance with 99% power factor
  • Able to function effectively under different conditions
  • Configurable 208V setup
  • Can consistently work with a generator
  • Jives well with flip boxes and lighting controllers
  • There can be a fan noise
Overall, I like this one because it’s flexible and not sensitive to minor environmental changes. The quality of performance is still there regardless of the power source and climate of the area.

6. Hydrofarm SGO100C Convertible Ballast

The first thing I like about the Hydrofarm SGO100C Convertible Ballast is its compact design that essentially aims to save space. Furthermore, this product is switchable between MH and HPS bulbs, so you will not have to purchase one ballast for MH and another for an HPS bulb.

Safety should always be a priority, especially when dealing with electricity where you have to protect yourself and your belongings from possible damage. Fortunately, Hydrofarm makes sure that their product is insusceptible to short circuits. The brand adopts a water-resistant seal to protect the ballast against misting and sprays.

Moreover, this item also features a lock and seal plug system with recessed contacts to make sure no part of our body makes electrical contact. With a circular, prong pattern, the passage of current becomes definite when it achieves a seal.

An added factor to my purchasing decision is this ballast’s certification from the Canadian Standards Association. The CSA independently tests and certifies products over a globally recognized set of standards, ensuring that they meet safety and performance standards.

This ballast works with single-ended bulbs only, which is a gray area for me. I am looking forward to seeing versions of this item compatible with double-ended bulbs too.
  • A compact design to save space in your RV
  • Convertible ballast between running MH and HPS bulbs
  • Water-resistant body seal against moisture and liquids
  • Lock and seal plug system for a safe plugin
  • CSA safety and performance certified
  • Can only work with single-ended bulbs
Generally, I am confident that this ballast will perform efficiently, given its international citation and unique features. Also, it displays safety features, which makes it user-friendly.

7. Solis Tek Matrix LCD DE 1000W Digital Ballast

Convenience makes SolisTek Matrix LCD DE 1000W Digital Ballast a cut above many ballasts in the market.

Dimming and multi-wattage capacity features are usual with voltage regulators, but not all of them have the single-remote access Solistek gives me. With the remote, boosting and dimming functions synchronize with all Solis Tek Ballasts through its Grow-Sync Technology. Such a feature comes in handy especially when you have multiple ballasts.

You might wonder why there are times when an ignition could not occur. This issue is because of a loose connection between electrical conductors. Senses-Smart Technology ensures a complete and proper connection before the start and ignition of your ballast. So, a successful onset means a correct ignition between your connectors.

The grow light ballast also features a custom grow-cycle programming. It creates an in-ballast timer if you want to schedule light-ups and shutdowns of your lamps. That way, your plants will adapt to the lighting cycle you induce and perform chemical processes they need for growth and survival.

Safety-wise, Solistek allows a microsecond delay during start-ups to prevent power surges. This feature is available through its Smart-Ignition program that does power cycling to prevent rapid current flow and possible short circuits.

At some point, I didn’t feel comfortable with the noise it makes. So, I shielded its wires for other consumer-grade products not to be affected.
  • Convenience of grow light controls accessible in just one remote
  • Senses-Smart Technology that signals ignition
  • Custom grow-cycle programming for a rhythmic light-up of garden
  • Smart-Ignition program for start-up delays to avoid short circuits
  • Can be a bit noisy at times
In my experience with this ballast, I have seen so many improvements in the crops. I enjoy the convenience and ease the unit brings.

8. Master Green 902519 Grow Light Ballast

If you need the best DE ballast with a supercharge mode, then the Master Green 902519 Grow Light Ballast can be an excellent choice. With a high-frequency 105Hz microprocessing technology optimized for operating 1000W DE HPS bulbs, it will surely strike the dimming and boosting of your lamps with virtually no flicker.

Using the best ballast means using the best bulbs on it. The Master Green ballast has a lamp cord receptacle specifically created for Sun System brand reflectors. For your information, Sun System is America’s #1 brand of horticultural lighting fixtures. Hence, you can be confident about using this ballast for long.

This item also comes with a 6.5 feet Convertible Smart Volt Dual Ferrite power cord that allows you to switch between 120V and 240V operations. I have so much convenience using this ballast because of its detachable plugs. Hence, I would not have to get separate 120V and 240V power cords.

Everything from body and frame components to radiator enclosures made from aluminum extrusions. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it the perfect metal for ballasts. Master Green brings you an extruded aluminum lightweight body that is mobile and durable.

Also, it has active cooling and soft-start features that help your ballast prevent overheating and burnout. Still, it is among the higher-priced options.
  • Perfect DE ballast with a speedy 105Hz microprocessing technology
  • Comes with a lamp cord receptacle specifically for Sun System lights
  • Light extruded aluminum body with active cooling and a soft-start feature
  • Convertible Smart Volt Dual Ferrite power cord with interchangeable plugs
  • Not a budget-friendly option
I love how this ballast has specifically catered my needs up to the bulbs I should be using. On top of that, this is easy to use and serves me convenience.

9. VIVOSUN 1000 Watt Dimmable Electronic Digital Ballast

If you are looking for a low-priced 1000 watt ballast qualified to be in the UL listing, check out the VIVOSUN Digital Ballast. Its Underwriter Laboratories certification convinced me to purchase it.

If you are not sure which should be the power voltage for your indoor garden, this Vivosun ballast can help. In truth, it can work at both 120V and 240V with 50Hz/60Hz power supplies.

I usually prepare for a ballast replacement in anticipation of my ballasts’ permanent shutdown. To my surprise, this item has served me 15% longer than expected.

Overheating is a common issue with a 1000 watt grow light ballast. With an internal fan-cooled operation, this product emits 25% less heat than my previous ballast. I believe it causes lesser harm and reduces the chances of damaging my lamps.

If there is something we have to be careful about, it’s when RFI splatters. There’s nothing much to worry about as long as the entire noise remains in the ballast case.
  • Operates under 120V and 240V with 50Hz/60Hz power supply
  • UL listed for ensured quality
  • Offers 15% longer service life
  • Ensures 25% less heat-up for safety
  • Radio frequency interference with certain appliances
I believe this ballast is a good fit for my indoor garden. Shielding prevents noise from reaching antennas and resolves RFIs. Other than that, I have seen my lamps preserved.

10. Sunlight Supply Sun System 1 Electronic Ballast

The Sunlight Supply Sun System Ballast works at <10% harmonic distortion to light up your garden with little and bearable noise. Furthermore, this is indicative of a proportionate size of the capacitor and the ballast.

An internal built-in circuit breaker ensures that electrical malfunctions do not get to reach the rest of your appliances. So, whatever problems your ballast may encounter, abnormal currents will not mess up with other electricity-powered fixtures near you. I believe this safety feature is one of the factors that made this ballast certified by the CSA.

Sun System 1 suggests the usage of 1000w DE MH and HPS bulbs and 1100w Hyper Arc SE bulbs. Hyper Arc emits the ideal temperature for the flowering and fruiting phase of your crops.

This item features a hot restrike function that protects the lamp and the ballast. Through this, the ballast reignites the light once it has cooled down. In cases of power interruptions or failed ignitions, the ballast spends a minute before attempting to restart the bulbs. Your lamps will then learn from the sequence of events based on the above mentioned situations.

The only downside I have seen in this product is its limited capability to light up bulbs as its receptacles only complement those that are suggested by Sun System only.
  • Close to silent operation at <10% harmonic distortion
  • Has an internal circuit breaker to prevent splatter of unusual currents
  • Perfect for 1000w DE and 1100w Hyper Arc SE bulbs
  • Hot restrike function for safe reignition after cool down
  • Limited bulb compatibility

If you want a ballast and a lamp that makes no complements other than the ones they assign with, then this is a perfect combination for you. I know this is safe, silent, and reliable

What to Look for When Buying Digital Ballasts


Different 1000 watt digital ballast reviews suggest practices when choosing a ballast. If you are looking for it but unsure of the characteristics to look at, consider the following important notes that may lead you to the best one:

  • Bulb safety – To preserve your bulbs, select the ballast with ignition voltage control and regulate current flow.
  • Versatility – Your ballast must be able to withstand different conditions and locations. It also has to work with either MH or HPS bulbs, DE and SE ones. And it’s expected to run bulbs of different wattage.
  • Durability – A quality ballast shows little to zero effect on your lamps’ performance in cases of voltage fluctuations. You have to consider the kind of materials used for its casing, and even its internals.
  • Dimming – Crops do not grow on the same level of sunlight. So, your ballast has to have different dimming levels for you to switch on whenever necessary.
  • RFI Protection – Wire shielding is essential for your ballast to protect electronic devices and radios from signals within frequencies coming from it.
  • Temperature – Ballasts get hot, but not too hot that you can’t touch it. You need to pick the one that causes no overheating, otherwise, your greenhouse will burn out, or your plants will lose excessive amounts of
  • Noise – Little sounds coming off its cooling fan is bearable, but not the one that becomes annoying.

What is the Best 1000w Digital Ballast

The best 1000w digital ballast I can confidently recommend is the SolisTek Matrix LCD DE 1000W Dimmable Digital Ballast. Given its advanced technologies that ensure a secured connection and ignition, cycled light-ups, and synchronized ballast action, I am sure everything you need with ballasts is in this package.

How Many Amps Does a 1000 Watt Ballast Use

Ballasts use different levels of electrical current depending on the voltage and the lamp’s wattage. For 1000w ballasts, you need to have 8.33A at 120V and 4.17A at 240V electromotive force. Be sure to keep these figures in proportion or consult an expert to avoid lapses with your artificial light system.

Can You Use a 600-Watt Bulb In a 1000 Watt Ballast

People dim down their ballast for several reasons, like cutting costs and adjusting light levels based on their crops’ needs. You can run a 600w bulb in the best 1000w ballast, granting that your dim level points at 600w as well. Running a bulb and a ballast of unequal wattages is not without effect. Chances are, you might shorten the life of either your bulb, your ballast, or both, or you might cause electrical fluctuations within your area. Yes, it is possible, but not advised.


With lighting being a significant factor in indoor gardens, we should never neglect to observe the best practices. Otherwise, our pot babies will all wither and die. Selecting the best 1000 watt ballast can get you confusing over a lot of choices in the market. So, always look after the growth of your plants and the safety of your electricals in general.

Be excited to see your crops grow and enjoy cultivating your greenhouses. Feel free to open your inquiries up in the comments section. Happy planting!

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