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The Best Auto Reset Circuit Breakers

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best auto reset circuit breaker

It is wise to have the best auto reset circuit breaker in your automotive wiring system. If you have this device, you won’t have to worry about the blown fuses caused by short circuits and overloading.

When a fuse blows, you will have to replace it so that you can safely use your vehicle again. However, with a 24 volt or 12 volt auto reset circuit breaker, the circuit will automatically cut off to protect your system without destroying the breaker.

And as soon as you fix the problem, the auto circuit breaker will reset all by itself – no external intervention is required.

To give you some idea about resettable circuit breaker 12 volt and 24 volt options, I have reviewed the 8 auto reset circuit breakers that I frequently use. I have personally used these items on my vehicles or projects, and I have had no problems with any of them.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Fastronix Auto Reset Circuit Breaker


No. of Poles 1
Voltage 12 V
Current 20 A

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Ampper Auto Reset Circuit Breaker


No. of Poles 1
Voltage 24 V
Current 20 A

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

GLOSO Auto Reset Circuit Breakers


No. of Poles 1
Voltage 14 V
Current 15 A

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Best Auto Reset Circuit Breaker Reviews

1. Fastronix Solutions Auto Reset Circuit Breaker

The Fastronix circuit breaker is a great choice for people who are looking for an auto reset circuit breaker 12v option. It has thermal detection features that automatically trips when current overloading occurs and resets after a short period.

You can easily attach your cable lug to the #10-32 studs, which allow you to stack cable terminals up to ½ inch of thickness. More than that, it has a flexible red cover that helps prevent corrosion and eliminate trips due to water. It also lets you select up to six entry and exit points for your corresponding set-up needs or wants.

Furthermore, the circuit breaker housing is made of plastic that makes it durable and rustproof. It also has a grey-colored housing, which gives it a look that fits with my other devices. The two mounting holes also allow me to mount the device in any orientation based on my needs.

Despite its flexible cover and plastic housing, this device is not advisable for use and installation on vehicles frequently exposed to wet environments, like yachts and speedboats. The terminal stud may become rusty, which can cause a fault in your electrical system.
  • Thermal automatic reset feature gives excellent protection from overloads
  • #10-32 studs to easily attach cable terminals
  • Flexible red cover prevents corrosion and eliminates electrical faults
  • Design allows for six entry and exit points
  • Rust Proof durable plastic housing in a nice grey color
  • Two mounting holes allow installation in any orientation
  • Not advisable for use on aquatic vehicles
I highly recommend this Fastronix auto reset circuit breaker, especially for buyers who want excellent protection for their 12v automotive system. It keeps our fuses and other device safes when overloading occurs.

2. Ampper Auto Reset Circuit Breaker

I was looking for an automotive resettable circuit breaker to protect my 12v battery and multiple devices. Luckily, I came across this Ampper model. The package includes two pieces, making it a great value option if I need to install breakers on different circuits.

It is also flexible, meaning you can use it on different vehicles – from cars and trucks to tractors, boats, and other electromechanical equipment.

This self resetting circuit breaker is available in multiple amps, letting shoppers choose the current capacity they need. This lets us use it in various applications – from light loads like indicator lights to heavy loads like radio transmitters, headlights, and GPS systems.

This item can also work and last in a wide range of operating temperatures — from minus 10 degrees up to 60 degrees Celsius.

More than that, this device has an easy installation guide that is two color-coded connection studs. The silver stud connects to your input, while the bronze stud connects to the output.

The purpose of the device cover is to protect itself from short circuits and corrosion. However, its body cover also limits the size of the wire you can install in this circuit breaker. If it’s too large, the lid will not close tightly, and the internal parts may be exposed to the elements.
  • Two-pack item gives excellent value for installation on different circuits
  • Can be used on a wide range of vehicles – from cars and trucks to boats
  • Available in multiple varieties of amp that fit our needs
  • Operates from -10 degrees up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Two-color studs for indicating connections
  • Anti-corrosion cover that protects against short circuits
  • The cover won’t close tightly if you install wires larger than designated
This product is perfect for anyone who needs to install multiple auto reset circuit breakers in a vehicle to protect its electrical system. Its connection indicators let us install the device quickly and easily.

3. GLOSO E37 Auto Reset Circuit Breakers

The Gloso E37 has a type 1 auto-reset feature, which means that the circuit breaker will keep cycling on and off until the electrical problem has been resolved. This device can be used anywhere within a temperature from -40 degrees up to 125 degrees Celsius.

Its thermoplastic body is UL-Rated 940V0 standard, meaning it has passed multiple flammability tests for plastic materials.

It also comes in a color-coded housing that helps one identify the amp rating of the device with a glance. This will give you an idea of its capacity based on the color of its housing, ensuring you install the correct breaker without having to squint and read the designed amperage printed on the body.

What I like best about this device is its effortless installation because of its plugin feature. It has 5.2mm wide blades that fit in typical ATO/ATC type fuse blocks – no need to cut wires and splice cables.

The only downside to this is that it is more expensive than regular ATO/ATC fuse blocks. However, this is worth the investment as you won’t need to purchase replacement fuses in the future, should you face electrical problems.
  • Type 1 auto reset circuit breaker protects your electrical system
  • Storage temperature rating from -40 degrees Celcius up to 125 degrees Celsius
  • UL-Rated 94V0 standard thermoplastic body
  • Color-coded cover to quickly identify the amp ratings
  • Plugin feature with 5.2mm wide blades for effortless installation
  • More expensive than regular ATO/ATC type fuse blocks
The Gloso E37 is an excellent choice for me, as I don’t want to cut and splice cables to install an auto reset circuit breaker. The color-coded features of this device will also give users ease of use.

4. RKURCK  Auto Reset Circuit Breaker

When looking for a heavy-duty circuit breaker for a 12v electrical system, buyers can consider this 40 amp RKURCK type 1 auto reset circuit breaker. You can use it in heavy-use electrical systems like RVs, trucks, marine boats, or ship electrical control.

This device has a push-to-reset operation that disconnects when there are electrical faults. It will reset on its own, giving me the convenience I need.

It has a metal cabinet housing that helps it become more durable and less breakable. The metal mounting bracket also gives me peace of mind because it cannot be detached easily from its mounting point. This guarantees that this auto reset circuit breaker is reliable in terms of durability and stability.

The good thing about this product is the dust-proof and splash-proof red boot cover. It protects the device from the elements common to automotive applications, which can cause short circuits.

However, the cover itself is pretty stiff and tight. It might break or split if you pull it too hard. That’s why I recommend pulling it gently to ensure it won’t get damaged.
  • Widely used in heavy-duty electrical, marine boat, and truck applications
  • Push to reset operation that works when there’s a fault
  • Metal cabinet housing cover for better protection of device itself
  • Metal mounting bracket mounts securely and cannot be detached easily
  • Red circuit breaker boot cover protects it from the elements
  • The rubber cover is quite stiff and tight and may split if you pull it too hard
I highly recommend this 40 amp RKURCK type 1 auto reset circuit breaker when adding protection to an electrical system. It also has a great feature that every good circuit breaker has.

5. Gloaso Auto Reset Circuit Breakers

My neighbor was looking for the best auto reset circuit breaker for both 12v and 24v direct currents, and I recommended this Glaoso 50 amp circuit breaker. It has heavy-duty thermal automatic reset features that activate and trip when it detects overloads.

This device conforms to SAE JGG3 and SAE J1171 standards, which means it passes the ignition protection level test. It also means that this device can be placed near a fuel tank because of its resistance to combustion.

Its versatility is also noteworthy, as I can use it in RVs, trucks, motorbikes, and more. This makes it handy to have in my tool box.

The breaker’s body and cover are made of plastic, which makes the device water-resistant. However, the stud bolt itself is not water-resistant, so frequent checking and cleaning of the terminal may extend the device’s life span.

Another drawback I see with this circuit breaker is the wire access hole in the cover. You might have to trim if you’re using a larger wire. However, it won’t be an issue if you are using a ten gauge or smaller cable.
  • Universal use for both 12v and 24V DC
  • Heavy-duty breaker with thermal automatic reset feature
  • Conforms to SAE JGG3 and SAE J1171 standards for ignition protection level
  • Can work with many vehicles, such as RVs, trucks, and motorbikes
  • Plastic body and cover make the device water-resistant
  • The terminals are not water-resistant
  • Wire access hole in the cover is a bit small – for 10 gauge wire or smaller only
I highly recommend this device for installing an auto reset circuit breaker near engines and other high heat areas. It passes the ignition level standards that SAE JGG3 and SAE J1171 require.

6. Bussmann CB181F-80 Circuit Breaker

For those who need high amp circuit breakers, the Bussman CB181F-80 will surely fit their needs. It has an 80-amp current rating with excellent performance stability. This high amp circuit breaker is perfectly fit for and typically used in auxiliary and other accessories for our trucks, RVs, buses, or other marine vehicles.

Its sealed housing makes it waterproof and protects it from any liquid that can damage the breaker. What’s more, the device meets SAE J1171 criteria regarding ignition protection, which makes it safer to use. It also utilizes a SEMS nut, which provides excellent grip to the cable lug, avoiding loosening over time.

Another good thing about this product is its flush-mount design. You can install it on any surface near your appliances while keeping the wires organized. This design makes it a discrete installation, making sure that your electrical system remains neat.

One significant drawback of this item is that it’s substantially more expensive than other options in the market. Nevertheless, its unique features and low-profile design make it an excellent choice for our automotive electrical system.
  • 80-amp current rating for more significant needs
  • For use in auxiliary gadgets and accessories in trucks, RVs, and more
  • Sealed housing makes the device waterproof
  • Meets SAE J1171 ignition protection standards
  • SEMS nuts give a secure, long-lasting mount that doesn’t loosen over time
  • Low-profile, flush-mount design makes it an excellent choice for clean mounting
  • Substantially more expensive than other options in the market
For those who want excellent protection in an automotive electrical system and for whom money is not an issue, the Bussman CB181F-80 is definitely a nice choice. Its outstanding features and design make it a premium product.

7. GLOSO Auto Reset Circuit Breaker

This auto reset circuit breaker has a fast reset of 30-36 seconds at room temperature. This device is also available in different amp ratings, so buyers can choose the right amp they need in their installation.

It has a wide temperature operating range, allowing it to work from -40 degrees up to 85 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, you can safely store it from -40 up to 125 degrees Celsius. It assures users that their spare breakers can work and be stored even at the most extreme temperatures.

In terms of testing, this breaker meets SAEJ553 and SAEJ1171 standards. This gives me peace of mind that it will work as advertised.

Plus, its grey thermoplastic housing is certified under the UL-Rated 94V0 standard, which means it is durable enough to withstand multiple flammability tests. Its clean design also gives you a neat look at your electrical system after installation.

However, this is not the same blade size that fits in a typical ATO/ATC socket. It would be best if you bought a MAXI blade fuse holder for this device.
  • Fast reset of 30-36 seconds in room temperature
  • Multiple selections of current rating that let users satisfy their needs
  • Flexible operating temperature from -40 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius
  • Can be stored in temperatures from -40 up to 125 degrees Celsius
  • Conforms to SAEJ553 and SAEJ1171 standards
  • UL-Rated 94V0 durable grey thermoplastic housing adds a clean look
  • It has a larger blade size that doesn’t fit common ATO/ATC sockets
I highly recommend this Gloso maxi blade circuit breaker for anyone who wants a cool and neat look at their vehicle’s electrical system. Its fast reset feature also minimizes downtime for our electrical system.

8. Bussmann CBC-20B Auto Reset Circuit Breaker

For those on a budget and need protection for their vehicular electrical system, this one is worth considering. This CBC-20B heavy-duty 12v auto reset circuit breaker has an affordable price and great features. Its type 1 automatic reset feature is quickly activated when it detects an overloading current and will keep on cutting off the power until the fault is corrected.

It has a 20 amp current rating for a 14v direct current system, which allows it to be used for larger vehicles like trucks, RVs, boats, and more. This device also meets the SAE J553 standard, ensuring that it will meet and exceed expectations and prevent untimely failures.

The crosswise metal mounting bracket also lets me mount the breaker in my preferred position. It also allows me to easily detach and move the unit if I only want to temporarily install it.

The only drawback this unit has is that it has no cover included. The terminal studs are exposed to dirt, liquid, and other elements, which may cause a short circuit. I highly recommend creating your own cover for it or installing it in your vehicle’s interior.
  • One of the most affordable auto reset circuit breakers in the market
  • Type 1 automatic reset activates when an overloading current is detected
  • Heavy-duty 20 amp with 14v direct current for various applications
  • Meets the SAE J553 standards, ensuring it will meet performance requirements
  • Crosswise metal housing bracket lets me mount the breaker in any position
  • Easy to remove
  • It has no cover, and the terminal studs are exposed to dirt and damage
This one is the most affordable auto reset circuit breaker on the market, in my opinion. It is excellent for those on a budget but still want extra protection for their automotive electrical system.

What to Look for When Buying Auto Reset Circuit Breakers


When I purchase an auto reset circuit breaker, I always consider models like the Bussmann circuit breaker with auto reset. However, I sometimes try other options, especially when my preferred product isn’t available. So, to help us choose, these are the things I also consider when buying an auto reset circuit breaker.

Load capacity

You should know the amps needed for your current automotive electrical system. The load capacity of your breaker should not be lower than this. Keep in mind that current breakers should not have to withstand over 80% of their current rating.

Suppose you do need a higher capacity than available. In that case, you can install a 30 amp auto reset circuit breaker and a 20 amp auto reset circuit breaker in series on your RV or other electrical systems with a higher direct current rating.

Direct current rating

If you have a 24v DC system, you cannot use a circuit breaker designed for a 12v DC system. It wouldn’t have the capacity to handle the increased current, and this can cause it to trip even if your system has no fault.

Safety features

Features like a housing cover and a sealed base are essential for keeping the unit safe and free from damage, especially if it gets exposed to water and other elements.

Installation process

I prefer using auto circuit breakers that are easy to install. Whether you’re a professional or a novice DIY-er, having an easy installation process that doesn’t require you to cut and splice wires or to study the auto reset circuit breaker wiring diagram entirely is a big plus.

Panel types also affect the type of breaker you can use. Different mounting plates will accommodate different kinds of breakers.


For peace of mind, users can choose circuit breakers that are UL-tested. UL listing certifies that the breaker is accurately calibrated and will perform well.

How Does Auto Reset Circuit Breaker Work


Generally, it works almost the same as your auto reset circuit breaker 120v in your house.

An auto reset circuit breaker has a connecting plate composed of two thermally sensitive metals. One of the plates will contract when it reaches a designated temperature, cutting off the current. It will restore the connection as soon as it cools down but will keep on tripping until the fault is corrected.

If the fault has been corrected, but the breaker still trips, the problem may be the short circuit. The hot wire might be in contact with the neutral wire. You need to check your wiring to troubleshoot and see where the problem might be.

Are Auto Reset Circuit Breakers Safe

Yes! The auto reset circuit breaker is user-friendly and safe. It’s an excellent option to protect your electrical system. This device also saves you money in the long run by not having to buy a fuse replacement every time you encounter an electrical fault.

An RV auto reset circuit breaker installation is like investing in an automatic reset circuit breaker for home. It will give you peace of mind, knowing your expensive electrical equipment installed in your RV is protected from faults.


Having an excellent investment in an automotive electrical system, like a Bussman shortstop circuit breaker, is a wise choice. It will keep your fuses and the electrical system free from current overloading and short circuit. At the same time, it will also let you save money because you don’t need to buy a replacement for your fuses every time you encounter an electrical fault.

The bottom line is you should find the best auto reset circuit breaker and add extra protection to your automotive electrical system.

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