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The Best Cat 8 Ethernet Cables for Gaming, Streaming & Other Uses

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best cat 8 ethernet cable

The advent of more advanced technologies these past few years called for faster data communications. To mitigate this, networking engineers have tirelessly sought to upgrade the CAT series of cables. Improvements based on Cat 5s, Cat 6s, and Cat 7s gave way to constructing the Cat 8 cords.

However, the current market is now saturated with multiple cable products. Due to this, I’ve decided to curate this list of the best Cat 8 ethernet cable currently available in shops and markets.

Before heading on, several factors must first be taken into consideration before buying a Cat 8 cable:

  • Data Transference Rate: The overall transference rate of a cable presents its performance in connecting one device to another. Generally, Cat 8 cables can support a data transmittance rate of 40 Gbps at a bandwidth rate of 20 GHz.
  • Length: Cable length also plays a key role when it comes to network cables. You see, longer cables tend to have a drop-off in speed performance above 25 ft., that is, without any signal boosters installed with the product. In this case, I recommend a Cat 8 cable within the realm of 10 ft – 15 ft.
  • Compatibility: This is another critical factor in having a highly compatible network cable. As a short guide, the rating of universally compatible cat 7 cables are TIA/EIA 568-B.2, ETL, and RoHS standards-compliant.

Do remember, however, that these three factors only scrape the surface of Cat 8 cable specifications. For this reason, I implore that you read more below to deepen your knowledge regarding this type of networking cable.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Dacrown Ethernet Cable


Length 1.5-150ft
Speed 40Gbps
Bandwitdh 2000Mhz

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

DbillionDa Ethernet Cable


Length 3-150ft
Speed 40Gbps
Bandwitdh 2000Mhz

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

ZOSION Ethernet Cable


Length 10ft
Speed 40Gbps
Bandwitdh 2000Mhz

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Best Cat 8 Ethernet Cable Reviews

1. Dacrown Shielded Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

I stumbled upon this spectacular and reliable Cat 8 cable while looking for a replacement network cord for my household. And from my albeit short experience of using this cable, I have to say that this is among the best network cables.

This SFTP-certified Cat 8 cable can transmit internet and data signals at a frequency rate of 2000 MHz (or two gigahertz) at speeds up to 40 Gbps. I cannot understate this production specification function alone, mainly because of the cord’s efficiency in connection and transmittance speeds.

I also enjoyed Dacrown’s universal compatibility with a variety of electronic devices. For instance, this network cable can connect to gaming consoles, desktops, smart TVs, and even server mainframes without any let-downs. It’s also backward-compatible, meaning that we can click this cable to the previous generation ports for Cat 5 and 6 cables.

A critical function piquing my attention is the product’s durable yet modern design. In detail, the Cat 8 network line is made with UV-resistant PVC material that protects the interior filament of the cable from environmental damage.

Additionally, it’s also well-shielded against any signal interference. And its interior core’s protected by aluminum foiling, reinforced by yet another shielding material made of woven mesh. Due to this unique build, I didn’t experience any signal interference nor lagging while using the product.

That being said, I did notice that the product’s connector clasp is brittle. Thus, I have to be careful when connecting and disconnecting this cable to devices — as I run the risk of breaking the clasp.
  • Transmits data up to 2 GHz of the frequency with speeds up to 40 Gbps
  • Universally compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Backward-compatible with the previous generation port models
  • A unique PVC material encompasses the outside jacket
  • Aluminum foiling shielded core against signal interferences
  • The connector clasp feels a bit brittle
All things considered, this is a capable and commendable Cat 8 cable that is an excellent addition everywhere — whether it be for office, industrial, or home usage.

2. DbillionDa Heavy Duty Cat 8 Cable

Based on my experience as a networks engineer, I have to say that DbillionDa’s Cat 8 cable is a premier cord that can effectively get the job done. This Cat 8 networking cable is as reliable as they come.

Right off the bat, I noticed that this product is heavily shielded with high-quality materials. Also, the cable’s filament cores are assembled with four foiled and shielded twisted pairs. This means that the interior copper wires are effectively protected against any sort of signal interference.

Another critical feature is the cable’s excellent exterior jacketing — providing superb protection against damage. Notably, the Cat 8 cord is made with an upgraded PVC material to prevent corrosion and dew from entering the filament cores. I like that the cable can also be buried underground, as it’s waterproof and durable enough to withstand environmental elements.

Aside from that, I also tested the overall speed capacity of this cable. I found that this Cat 8 cord can support data transmission speeds of up to 40 Gbps, with an outstanding frequency bandwidth of up to 2 GHz.

It’s also capable of connecting to various devices due to the inherent universally compatible RJ 45 connector tips of the product. Whether it be for printers, computers, laptops, smart TVs, or even AI tech products, this cable can seamlessly connect to them.

However, my only qualm is that the cord’s challenging to take out of its packaging. It’s toughly wrapped around a thick and hard plastic covering that makes it a hassle to remove from its box.
  • The cable’s perfectly shielded, preventing signal interference
  • Excellent exterior jacketing protects the line from damage
  • Buried for underground use
  • Supports up to 40 Gbps of internet speed at a bandwidth rate of 2000 MHz
  • The RJ 45 connector tips make the cable universally-compatible
  • The packaging is too tough and difficult to handle
I absolutely adore how reliable this cable is. I never experienced any downtime while I was using this Cat 8 product.

3. Zosion RJ45 Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Admittedly, this is among the reliable Cat 8 ethernet cables. Not only is it seamlessly aesthetic, but it also provides consistent signal transmission performance.

Zosion’s Cat 8 cable can capably and consistently support high-speed data transmission rates. In particular, this specific cord can support up to 2 GHz of frequency bandwidth, with up to 40 Gbps of data speed rates. In this case, I like how dependable this network cord is in terms of data speed capability.

Upon further inquiry, I discovered that this cable comprises four pairs of premium 26 American Wire Gauge (AWG) copper filament cores. This, in turn, is conducive to signal transmission, improving the overall data transference capability.

In addition, this Cat 8 cable is effectively shielded against exterior interference. Notably, the ethernet network cord filament is lined with high-grade aluminum material that prevents crosstalk and other types of signal interference.

The packaging also didn’t disappoint for this one. Remarkably, the product packaging comes with free wire cable ties to hold cables in place. Moreover, the packaging is well-detailed and safely stored.

However, the rubber moldings of the connector tip seem brittle to me. Nonetheless, this is a minor issue, as the tip can still sturdily hold connections without any problems.
  • Supports high-speed data transmission
  • Premium copper filament comprise the core of the cable product
  • Shielding is effectively designed, preventing interference from disrupting signal transmissions
  • The packaging comes with additional freebies
  • The rubber part of the connector tip feels brittle
All in all, I’m heavily satisfied with the way this cable holds itself in terms of performance. Its functionality and durability cannot be understated, per my own experience with the product.

4. Smolink 10ft. Flat Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Interestingly enough, I stumbled upon this good ethernet cable while looking for a replacement for my old Cat 5 console cable. I’m delighted with how this specific network cord performs compared to its competitors.

First of all, I love how Smolink provides its consumers with a wide range of length offerings. In my case, this helped me pick the exact length needed for my home installation. Notably, the product offers various length options (3, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 50, 75, and 100 ft).

I can also seamlessly stream HD shows, clips, and movies without any buffering, thanks to the cable’s commendable speed rating performance. The cable can support up to a maximum of 40 gigabytes of data transmission speed without any letdowns. Likewise, this 25 BASE-T network line can also support up to 20 gigahertz of bandwidth rate.

Also, this cable comes built with premium and high-quality materials. For instance, the filament cores of this cord are constructed with specially made oxygen-free copper cables capable of excellently conducting signals. Plus, the contact pins of this cord are coated with 50 microns of gold, aiding in the transmission process.

This cord is uniquely designed with a “flat-noodle” silhouette that prevents incessant tangling and other cord-related issues. This specific cord design also improves the overall installation experience of its users.

Still, I don’t appreciate the plastic cap — the ones that come with the product –covering the connector tips of this cable. It’s difficult to remove, which I evidently had trouble with.
  • Comes with a wide range of length offering
  • Can transmit data signals over quickly at a rate of 40 Gbps and 20 GHz
  • Oxygen-free copper cable cores for conducting signals well
  • Gold-coated contact pin for better transmission
  • The unique flat design allows for easier installation and upkeep
  • Connector plastic caps are difficult to remove
Considering all of these, this is a reliable and excellent Cat 8 cable that can get the job done adequately.

5. Orbam High Speed Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

The Cat 8 ethernet cable speed of this product is leaps and bounds better compared to its competitors.

I truth, this cable product can manage to transmit signals up to 40 Gbps at tremendous bandwidth frequencies of 20 GHz. I’ve rigorously tested this product, and I have to say, it can consistently support the speed rates mentioned above.

The product also incorporates a flat design that can easily be worked around tight and narrow spaces. In my case, I managed to install this cord under the counter of my computer table without any issues. It’s also malleable and easy to contort to certain angles.

Meanwhile, its interior filaments are made of 26 AWG copper cores that are twisted with one another. An aluminum shielding then encompasses the entirety of the copper cables, protecting it from any signal interferences. This shielding feature also prevents crosstalk and related networking problems.

The connector is RJ 45 that is reinforced with a unique gold plating feature. Notably, this feature ups the ante of its durability while also aiding the cable’s overall performance and connectivity stability.

However, my only issue is that the product lacks any length options. Instead, the cable only comes in six feet length offerings.
  • Can consistently support speeds of 40 Gbps at a 20 GHz bandwidth rate
  • The flat silhouette of the product makes the cable easier to manage
  • 26 AWG copper cores comprise the filaments of the cable
  • Features high-quality aluminum housing
  • The RJ 45 connector tips are made of gold technology
  • The cable only offers one length option
That being said, I do think that this is the most capable cat 8 ethernet cable for streaming. The feature that comes with the product makes it a worthwhile purchase overall.

6. Vabogu Professional Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Vabogu’s Cat 8 network cable didn’t just impress me; it also left me an impression that this is a reliable cable for almost every situation.

My experience with this ethernet cable is smooth and straightforward. This Cat 8 LAN ethernet cord is a massive upgrade from my old Cat 6 line that I have at home. It’s superior in every aspect related to data transmission speed. Mainly, this model can support a 40 Gbps transmittance rate at a 20 GHz bandwidth.

The jacketing of the product piqued my attention. To detail, the exterior covering features a UV-resistant jacket made of PVC material. Likewise, it’s rated to be waterproof, wrinkle-proof, and even resistant to corrosion.

Additionally, the product is as aesthetic as they come. Its low-profile build prevents the cable from being an eyesore. The sleek black colorway of the cord effectively camouflages the product in plain view.

It’s also suitable for a variety of technologies. The product’s specific RJ 45 connector is capable of supporting universal compatibility to a lot of devices. In particular, this cat 8 cable can connect to smart TVs, desktops, laptops, and even AI smart products.

However, I noticed that the longer-length offerings of this cable don’t come with any sort of signal amplifier. As data speeds tend to drop off at lengths of up to 25 ft without any amplifying device, this may be an issue.
  • Supports up to 40 gigabytes of data speed at a 20 gigahertz bandwidth rate
  • A UV-resistant PVC jacket: waterproof, wrinkle-proof & corrosion resistant
  • The cable’s build can easily be concealed from plain view
  • Universally compatible: smart TVs, desktops, laptops
  • The product’s longer-length cables don’t come with signal amplifying features
I highly recommend this product as it can get the job done regardless of its environment. The jacketing of the product proves to be a durable feature that prevents the cable from degradation.

7. Kasimo Cat 8 Network Cable

As an avid cable enthusiast, this distinct cable is among the better cable models available in the market. I sought to test this cable line, given the widespread spate of reviews regarding this specific model.

I love how this Cat 8 network cable is designed. It features a multi-layer of various premium materials that complements the overall performance of the line. The exterior features a durable PVC jacket. Meanwhile, the interior is modeled with copper twisted pairs reinforced by aluminum foil.

I noticed that the copper cores of this cable are also thicker compared to their counterparts. Notably, the Cat 8 cord features 26 AWG filaments thicker and more durable than slimmer cable types.

Applicability isn’t an issue for this product, as it can connect to a wide range of devices without any problems whatsoever. Moreso, I even think that this is a suitable ethernet cable for PS5 consoles. In general, I had no issues connecting this cable to my computer, printer, smart TV, and even my Wi-Fi router.

My only qualm is that the cable feels restricted in terms of length. You see, this product only comes in 1 ft length offerings.
  • Comes with various premium-grade materials for an upgraded performance
  • High-quality PVC jacket protects the cord from its environment
  • Copper wires features foiling material
  • Features a thicker wire gauge which is more durable and tougher
  • Can connect to various devices
  • Only features one length offering
This is a dependable cable that can be a great addition in terms of connectivity and LAN stability. The line’s capable of performing at such commendable levels that I was amazed by it.

8. DEEGO High Speed Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

With all the Cat 8 cables that I’ve tested, I can confidently say that DEEGO’s network line is among the fastest ethernet cable available in the market.

This cable product comes with five distinct length options (6 ft, 50ft, ft, 75 ft, 100 ft, 150 ft.) that buyers can select from. The choices provided by the manufacturer allow those looking to buy a Cat 8 cable a chance to scour and identify the best length option for them.

Also, the RJ 45 connector installed with the product allows it to be compatible even for devices made explicitly for Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 7 cords.

A 30 AWG oxygen-free copper filament consists of the cable’s interior core. This feature is what allows the line to conduct and transmit data signals seamlessly. Hence, this cable can consistently support a data transmission rate of 40 Gbps at a bandwidth rate of 20 GHz.

From appearance alone, I noticed that the jacketing of this product are made of top-notch materials. Notably, the cable’s exterior is tough yet flexible PVC that can withstand rain, intense sunlight, dampness, and even cold environments.

The manufacturer designed the filament cores with a coating such as aluminum foil to prevent interference from disrupting its transmission. Surprisingly, this cable effectively reduces the incidence of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

However, the cable tends to tangle and twist if it’s not laid down properly. Hence, I recommend that you use the clips provided by the manufacturer to prevent the cord’s accidental tangling issue.
  • Cable offers various length options
  • The product’s connector is seamlessly compatible with a ton of devices
  • Features 30 AWG of oxygen-free copper for its filament
  • Reliably supports a 40 Gbps and 20 GHz transmission and bandwidth rate
  • Durable PVC material protects the product from damage
  • Properly shielded against interference
  • Has the tendency to tangle and curl when left unchecked
I’m honestly quite impressed with how this cable managed to satisfy all my connection needs with all of these in mind.

9. Jadaol 2000 MHz Cat 8 Ethernet Network Cable

This Cat 8 network cable piqued my attention while scouring for possible wires for my home improvement project.

I like how the manufacturer employed a unique flat silhouette design for the product. Notably, this specific design allowed me to install this ethernet cable much easier and effortlessly. I even think that this cable can be easily run through walls and beneath tight spaces.

The RJ 45 connector that the product features allow the cable to be universally compatible with other various devices. Moreso, it’s even backward compatible with even previous generation connector outlets designed for older cable types.

The interior core of the cable is made up of four 30 AWG shielded twisted pairs of premium copper. Hence, the line can manage to support up to a maximum data and bandwidth speed of 40 Gbps and 20 GHz, respectively.

Uniquely enough, the manufacturer designed the product with a dual-shielding feature. This, in turn, prevents any interference and crosstalk that may hamper the cable’s overall performance.

However, I noticed that the package perks of the product lack additional installation clips for longer cable length offerings. In my case, I ordered a 75 ft cable, but I had only received 20 clips for i
  • Cable’s flat design allows for a more seamless installation experience
  • Universally compatible and can even be used for previous generation devices
  • 30 AWG of pure copper consists of the interior filament core of the cable
  • Can support up to 40 Gbps and 20 GHz of data transference and bandwidth rate
  • Dual-shielding prevents signal and crosstalk interference
  • The package lacks additional installation mount clips
All in all, I highly praise this cable for its stable performance and uncompromising quality. The Cat 8 cable speed of this product is unparalleled by its competitors.

10. BIFALE 75 ft. Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

My line of work as a networks engineer exposes me to a wide range of cables, chief among them, Cat 8 cord lines. I came upon this product while looking for a suitable cable for my then ongoing server routing project.

The first thing that caught my attention was the nifty color options of this cable. Mainly, this cable comes in two colors: black and yellow. The black cable color is sleek and low profile, making it easier to fit in the background without an eyesore. Meanwhile, the yellow color option is the perfect option for more industrial and professional spaces.

Another critical feature that I like about this product is its durable halogen jacketing. The exterior material that protects this cable is highly rated, as its low smoke and zero feature make it resistant to corrosion. And unlike other protective layerings, the halogen material is low-toxic.

The contact pins of this cable are RJ 45 that are reinforced with gold micron technology. Remarkably, 50 microns of gold are embedded in the connector pins of the line, which then reduces the incidence of signal loss.

26 AWG Oxygen-free copper then allows the product to support data transference speeds of 40 Gbps at a 20 GHz bandwidth rate. To prevent interference from affecting its performance, the interior core is shielded by Mylar-backed aluminum material.

That being said, my only qualm with the product is that it tends to kink easily. The cord tangle then tends to be challenging to manage if left unchecked.
  • Comes in two color variations
  • Halogen jacketing material covers the protective layer of the product
  • RJ 45 connector is reinforced with gold micron reduces signal loss
  • High-quality copper material effectively conducts high rate of data and bandwidth transference
  • Heavily shielded against interference
  • It easily kinks, and if ignored, can be challenging to untangle
All in all, I’m delighted with my experience with the product. This is a top-notch cable that is an excellent addition to every household and workspace.

11. Deegotech Modern Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

I have to say that this is a hyper-performing Cat 8 cable that can aptly get the job done. I decided to try this cable out, given the amount of praise I’ve heard from this network cord.

First off, the cable can support up to 40 Gbps of data transmission speeds at a staggering bandwidth rate of 20 GHz, within the range of capacity of top Cat 8 network cables.

It also features gold-plated RJ 45 connectors that are highly compatible with a vast expanse of tech devices. Mainly, it’s universally compatible with devices such as smart TVs, desktops, laptops, printers, and internet modems.

The cable then also comes with premium copper material for its filament core. The selected material enhances the conductivity of the line when it comes to transferring data from one device to another.

The interior core is aptly dual-shielded with interference-resistant material to prevent crosstalk, electromagnetic and radio signal disturbances to protect it from interference.

Though I wished the manufacturer provided more installation pins with the product. You see, I’ve bought a longer cable model from the shop, and they only provided me with about 15 pins.
  • Consistently support data transmissions speeds within the realm of Cat 8 network cords
  • RJ 45 connectors make the cable highly compatible with other devices
  • The cables filament core is made of high-quality copper material
  • Dual-shielding protects the filament from all types of signal interferences
  • Provided installation pins don’t correspond to the length of the cable bought
Overall, this is a bang-for-the-buck product given its excellent performance specifications. In my case, I managed to make the most out of the product, as I decidedly tested it for personal and even professional use.

12. TBMax High Speed Cat 8 Ethernet Cable

Lastly on this list is this highly capable TBMax Cat 8 networking line. This product is a handy cable line that is an excellent connection tool for professional workers and gamers alike.

I particularly like how the cable’s sleek and streamlined silhouette is fittingly designed. It employs a flat design, which I utilized by running this line below my table’s molding. The product also comes in two color variations: black and white. Overall, this is a good product for consumers who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing cable.

In terms of performance, the cable doesn’t let down. The cable supports an interconnection bandwidth speed of 2000 MHz at a maximum of 4000 Gbs. I thoroughly tested this cable to genuinely check if it can attain this level of speed without any letdowns.

The compatibility of this cable is also unparalleled. I tested the product, and I can say that this cable can connect to various gaming consoles, smart TVs, desktops, laptops, routers, and even modems.

In terms of exterior protection, the product is jacketed by a durable PVC material that can capably withstand straining damage. In fact, the cord product still works despite accidentally tripping on the cable while I was installing it — a testament to its durability.

However, I noticed that the cable I received is a few inches shorter than its prescribed length.
  • Designed in a way that effectively silhouettes the cable
  • Offers two color offerings: black and white
  • Performance is a non-issue for this product
  • Highly compatible with various gadgets
  • Protected by a tough and durable PVC material
  • Cable’s a tad bit shorter than its described specified length
All things considered, I like how dependable and competent this Cat 8 product is in terms of performance and consistency.

What to Look for When Buying Cat 8 Ethernet Cables


Now, several factors must be critically judged before buying an ethernet cable. But before that, you must first identify your specific needs to taper down the particular Cat 8 cable for your need.

Nonetheless, here are the important factors that consumers must take note of before heading off to buy a Cat 8 cable:

  • Shielding

Interference for such sensitive devices as Cat 8 network cables can be disastrous in terms of performance output. Hence, shielding is a key factor that consumers must take into consideration when buying a cable.

In this case, I recommend that the cable you get is lined with aluminum foil that’s intertwined with filament cords. This specific set-up aptly prevents crosstalk and radio interference from seeping into the cable.

  • Color

Though the color of a cable doesn’t really affect its overall performance, it is still nice to consider the color variation of the product you’re about to get — whether it fits the theme of the room you’re about to install it in.

  • External Jacket

The best jacketing material is one that is robust and durable yet flexible enough. In this case, some of the most prolific external jacketing materials are PVCs. They’re the most recommended jacket as they offer a fine balance between toughness and flexibility.

  • Connector Type

While most of the Cat 8 cables now incorporate an RJ 45 connector module in their products, it’s still important to thoroughly check if the selected cable of your choice does carry an RJ 45 connecting tip.

The reason being: RJ 45s are the best connectors in the market. They’re highly expendable and compatible with a wide swath of devices and gadgets.

Also, since the cat 8 cable prices vary, depending on the signal and material quality. Make sure you pick a suitable one that fits your budget.

Who Makes the Best Cat 8 Ethernet Cables


Ultimately, the brand of ethernet cable does dictate a product’s overall quality and performance. In this regard, I hold Glanics cat 8 ethernet cable in high regard, as they produce some of the best cables available in the market. In the UK, the best products include Jadaol and Orbam.

How Far Can You Run Cat 8 Cable

Cat 8 cables can run for indefinite lengths, given that they’re installed with signal booster technology. However, not all products choose to integrate this feature. In this case, I recommend that you choose a cable length that’s between 15 ft – 50 ft, as longer cables that don’t have signal boosters tend to have signal disparity issues.

Does Cat 8 Lower Ping

Yes, they do! When comparing Cat 7 vs Cat 8, or even Cat 6 vs Cat 8, there is a noticeable disparity between the signal ping of devices. To expound: Cat 8 cords can support higher data transference rates, which is the sole reason why Cat 8 networking cables are capable of lowering ping.

The answer to the question “what is the best ethernet cable for gaming” is quite simply Cat 8 product cords.


Cat 8 network cables are tricky products to shop for. They are very complicated as they all feature unique selling points that regular consumers may not be aware of. Hence, this is the reason why I wrote this list of the best cat 8 ethernet cables available in the market.

As the last word, do take note of all the information I’ve imparted in this article. Cat 8 networking cords are beneficial in various tasks.

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