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The Best DVI Cables

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best dvi cable

Sometimes, when we try to duplicate videos to wider screens, we compromise their quality. So, we use the appropriate tools to give ourselves the best viewing experience.

Before the emergence of wireless image amplification and screen mirroring was the reign of cabled connections between monitors and computers. These links involve the best DVI cable that transmits analog and digital video signals from different sources to an array of output devices.

This cable shows improved resolutions as compared to VGA cords. As you read further, you will go over different choices that might suit your needs. Prepare to enlarge your video games and see fine details of your favorite movies.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Amazon Basics Cable


Length 6 ft
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Frequency 60Hz

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Benfei Adapter


Length 6 ft
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Frequency 60 Hz

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Rankie Cable


Length 6 ft
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Frequency 60 Hz

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Best DVI Cable Reviews

1. Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI Cable

Ideal for device-to-HDTV, home theaters, and many more set-ups, the Amazon Basics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable can make your binge-watching worthwhile. All you need to do is plug in the HDMI adapter to your Mac or PC and the DVI to the projector. Note that you cannot use these adapters interchangeably.

This product comes with an additional layer of protection and cut resistance. There’s a PVC jacket that wraps the entire cable body. So, whether watching my favorite series or playing my all-time PlayStation games, I feel confident that my cord can withstand bending and stretching.

By using AmazonBasics, your texts will appear to be of high quality, and your videos in high resolutions. This feature is possible since this cable meets the HDMI standards and supports a 21:9 video aspect ratio. That way, I get to maximize whatever input I play onto my screens.

Apart from the quality and durability, I love how this cable brings affordability to my entertainment system. It doesn’t have to cost me much because the price is reasonable. I got the value of my money when I opted for this cable.

However, I wish this cable came with audio data transmission, given that one end is an HDMI adapter. Nevertheless, I still have other options to make my games’ audio work. The rest works just fine.
  • Fits different HDMI to DVI cable set-ups
  • Comes with a PVC jacket for additional protection
  • Meets HDMI standards with 21:9 aspect ratio for high-quality display
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Unable to transmit audio signals
I like how this high quality DVI cable looks sleek and modern compared to my old media cables. As long as my devices have appropriate slots for this type of accessories, I shouldn’t be worried about anything.

2. Benfei DisplayPort to DVI Adapter

Say goodbye to endless searching for converters and cable accessories with the Benfei DisplayPort to DVI Adapter. You don’t have to worry about what type of devices will fit as this cable offers universal compatibility. So, as long as you have a DisplayPort slot in your output device and a DVI on the other end, nothing can go wrong.

This Benfei model comes with a built-in advanced IC chip responsible for converting DP signals to DVI. Also, this DVI cord comes with quality shielding to prevent interference. These features are essential in improving data transmission and preventing interruptions during signal transfers.

A latch design is present on the DP adapter for easy plugging and unplugging. All you have to do is to press the release button on the DisplayPort end and pull the adapter out. I never have trouble working with this cable because it’s easy to use.

I like that this brand offers an 18-month warranty to protect every purchase of their items. So, whenever issues with cables occur, customer service is readily accessible, and you get the necessary solutions to these problems.

I wish this cable was a bi-directional one so I can interchange sources. Nevertheless, it works well, and it compliments my gaming and movie lifestyle.
  • DisplayPort to DVI cable that works with a wide range of devices
  • Comes with an advanced chip for better signal and data movement
  • Quality shielding to prevent interruptions
  • Latch design for convenient plugging and unplugging
  • 18-month warranty for customer service support after purchase
  • Not a bi-directional cable
Benfei gives me the convenience I’m looking for in a DisplayPort to DVI cable. I love how it efficiently transfers video signals, and it’s easy to use. I can be confident about sharing this with my friends.

3. Rankie DVI to DVI Cable

If you are into digital flat-panel displays when playing your favorite games, consider using the Rankie DVI to DVI Cable. With a high-speed data transmission rate of up to 9.9 Gigabits per second, you get to experience fewer lags with your display.

This product has a dual-link feature that doubles the power of transmission by increasing the speed of signals. It supports a 1920 x 1080 resolution, so you can watch your videos in full HD.

Rankie comes with a ferrite core, which eliminates EM interference. This material is responsible for spoiling disruptions to the data moving from the source to the other end. With this, I get to see detailed views of videos and graphics and make adjustments whenever necessary.

This DVI cable has gold-plated connectors, which promote optimal conductivity between the male adapters. Gold is also a steady barrier against chemicals and environmental penetrations that might cause corrosion to the cable’s components. So, other than quality connection, I also get to make sure that my devices are safe.

However, I had a little trouble with the pins on one adapter. At first, I thought I failed to align the cord to the port, but it turned out that the cable had bent pins. So, I used pliers to solve the problem.
  • Speedy transmission rate of 9.9 Gbits, ideal for DFPs
  • Dual-link feature for higher resolutions
  • Comes with a ferrite core to limit EM interruptions
  • Gold-plated connectors for optimum connection and additional safety
  • Some pins had to be realigned
I am glad about having this cable at home. My games are always at their best quality, and the motions are smooth. Also, I find it safe for my gadgets because of its physical attributes.

4. Amazon Basics DVI to DVI Cable

Whether using a CRT display or an HDTV, as long as they are DVI-equipped, nothing can go wrong with the Amazon Basics DVI to DVI Monitor Adapter Cable. Featuring male adapters on both ends, this cable allows you to connect your LCD monitors and projectors to computers with DVI connections. You only have to plug them into their respective ports, and your games are ready.

I find this product easy to use and maintain because it has a flexible body. It can fit in tight spaces, making things hassle-free for me, no matter the set-up. On top of its minimalist design, it comes with dual ferrites to help prevent signal loss. That way, you can be sure that your connections remain stable regardless of the bending.

This product comes with gold-plated connections to optimize signal clarity. These metals are vital in accommodating an ample number of data from the source to the output end. They are also corrosion-resistant elements that add a level of durability to the cable.

I love that Amazon Basics provides customer support services after every purchase. It offers a year of warranty so you can reach out to your supplier in case you encounter problems with your item. Also, the package arrived in a box, clear enough to say that they have proper handling.

On the downside, I thought this was a dual-link cable. But when I tried to use this for a 144Hz set-up, the screen had to refresh every 10 seconds. Nevertheless, it works for a lower frequency display.
  • Comes with dual male adapters compatible with an array of devices
  • Flexible cable with ferrites for steady signal
  • Features gold-plated connectors for optimum connection and durability
  • Backed up with a 1-year warranty
  • Packed properly in a box
  • Not a DVI cable for 144Hz frequency rate
All in all, the Amazon Basics cable is reliable within a given parameter. For me, it meets the basic requirements of a DVI cable. It’s durable, and it works on my computer-projector set-up well.

5. Cable Matters DVI to DVI Cable

Coming with a combination of gold-plated connectors and 28 AWG copper conductors, the Cable Matters DVI to DVI Cable with Ferrites will give you superb performance. Its foil and braid shielding help reduce noise. So, you get to reduce static issues and worry less about the signal transmission.

Installation is a breeze for this cable since it comes with an easy-grip surface technology for seamless plugging and unplugging. And to further enhance connections, a pair of finger-tightened screws are present on both ends.

This product comes with an adequate level of safety through its PVC jacket. This material is known to be durable for a wide array of applications, including this cable. Also, this cord comes with sufficient wire insulation to limit possible electrical hazards. With these, I can be sure that my computers are protected and are viable for any usage.

Besides, the Cable Matters DVI comes with a molded strain relief attribute in its body. This feature helps the cable come back to its original form free of stretching and bending after a series of motions. Thus, my DVI cable can be resistant to wear-and-tear no matter the pulling and winding.

I had problems with my first purchase, though. The display kept dropping to a white plain screen every 10 seconds, but I was sure I was using a dual-link cable. So, I contacted the supplier, and they claimed it to be defective upon shipping. A replacement followed afterward.
  • Quality conductors, connectors, and shielding
  • Easy installation with easy-grip surface and finger-tightened screws
  • Made with durable PVC and adequate wire insulation
  • Comes with molded strain relief body
  • Defective items may be sent by mistake.
After the first cable I bought, never have I experienced the same issue again. Things are working well, and the display connects in an instant. Also, it complements my PC-projector combo.

6. UGREEN DVI-D Digital Video Cable

Connect your DVI-oriented computers to different monitors using the UGREEN DVI-D 24+1 Dual Link Male to Male Digital Video Cable. With a DVI interface, this cable will surely fit your video, gaming, and movie set-ups. Not only that, but you can also go for better resolutions because this product is a dual-link cord.

What’s more, the brand provides oxygen-free copper conductors to improve signal transfer. This type of copper runs cool compared to other conductors. It’s resistant to short circuits, durable, and has a little chance of corrosion. I find this feature relevant since I am particular about lags and the quality of displays.

And while other cables only allow a duplicate display, UGREEN makes extended screens possible for you. I like this aspect because I prefer to work on two screens for efficiency. That way, I don’t have to change tabs every time and get lost halfway.

This product comes with triple shielding to minimize crosstalk, errors, and to enhance speed. These layers include braid, alum-foil, and polyethylene foam. With these, signals go straight from the source to the output with limited interruption.

On the downside, some customers reported that the cable stopped working after a short period of use. In these cases of defective products, the manufacturer does send out replacements.
  • Dual link cable that allows for high-resolution videos
  • Comes with oxygen-free copper conductors for better signal transfer
  • Accommodates extended and duplicate displays
  • With triple shielding to minimize conductor interference
  • Cool, durable, and resistant to short circuits and corrosion
  • Some cases of defective products being sent
All in all, UGREEN DVI cable is a good pick for many consumers. The connections are good, and the extended display helps me a lot. I believe this is the best dual link DVI cable.

7. BlueRigger DVI to DVI Cable

Known for its exemplary craftsmanship, the BlueRigger DVI to DVI Cable is durable from the output to the receiving end. This product comes with male to male adapters made with three layers of PVC. These include PVC moldings, jackets, and inner shieldings. With them, I can be confident about hot plugging and unplugging my DVI cord.

With cinemas engaging in 3D modes, I believe this cable will remain relevant. Other than a widescreen and cinema-grade ratio, the BlueRigger can also cater to 3-dimensional displays. That means that even with high-end devices, this DVI cord can deliver optimum viewing behind 3D lenses.

Another thing that makes me feel more sure about this product is its compliance with the DDWG. The Digital Display Working Group has established standards for DVI cables. This cord, being compliant, is what makes this a reliable option for DVI to DVI set-ups.

Never shall I be worried about damages I don’t cause since this product has a limited lifetime backup from the supplier. So, when I face issues with this cable, I can reach out to their personnel and immediately seek assistance.

Ferrite cores might not have a direct effect on the devices’ picture quality. But I believe it would have been better to have these with this DVI. Other than that, I don’t have any complaints about this product.
  • Comes with triple-layer PVC for extra durability
  • Accommodates 3D displays, widescreen, and cinema-grade ratio
  • DDWG compliant for DVI cable standards
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Doesn’t come with ferrite cores
Overall, I am sure this cable has a top-tier quality. From the materials used, cost, and up to its compatibility, I believe this is something reliable.

8. DELL 1.83m DVI/DVI Cable

If you are looking for a replacement for your DVI cables, I would recommend the DELL 1.83m DVI/DVI Cable. I used to run an old PC and a digital flat panel. The time came when I needed to upgrade my computer’s performance and memory. I bought a new graphics card with a DVI connector on it, tried this cable, and I have seen improvements in my display since then.

Physically, this is a strong DVI cord. It’s thin but not flimsy, and it tolerates a reasonable amount of bending without having to compromise signal frequency. Also, I love its color that complements any surface, and it’s not even bulky or heavy at all.

At first, I felt skeptical about buying this product because of its much lower price compared to what other retail stores offered. But when I received this item, I immediately tested it, and it did not disappoint me. Plus, I was also able to save time strolling somewhere else looking for the ideal cable.

What I like more about this product is its length. With a 1.83m long body, this cable can route my table’s corners to my monitors. So, I don’t have to seek extensions or relocate my devices to keep up with my cable’s length. It’s easy to install and convenient to use.

However, I find the screws a bit short. I hope they were long enough to reach the depth of the ports. Nevertheless, both adapters are a snug fit, and they don’t seem to fall out even without screws.
  • Thin DVI cable that’s strong and sturdy
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Lengthy enough to route tables
  • Tolerates a reasonable amount of bending without compromising signal
  • Not heavy or bulky, with color that complements any surface
  • Screws are a bit short
Dell gives me a minimalist approach with my PC-to-DFP display. It’s durable; it fits my intended use, and it gives me value for my money. If you are looking for a basic yet quality DVI cord, you might as well consider this one.

9. Rankie DisplayPort to DVI Cable

Connect your PCs and laptops to different display media using the Rankie DisplayPort (DP) to DVI Cable. This cord is responsible for transmitting visual signals from a DP-equipped device to DVI-oriented projectors and monitors. Moreover, this DVI cable supports a full HD resolution no matter the display, so you could enjoy playing games or binge-watching anytime.

I have tried using two of these cables for my workstation at home. I plugged them both from my laptop down to two additional screens, and the whole set-up worked satisfyingly. Not only that, I feel amazed that this product accommodates duplicate and extended displays. So, I get to maximize my devices and do efficient work.

Rankie comes with the necessary parts for a secured connection. On the DVI end is a pair of screws, and there’s a latch lock on the DP. These are essential for mounting the adapters to their respective ports. And to enhance the link between the cable and my devices, gold-plated connectors are present on both sides.

Performance is top-tier for this cable. I have been using this for months already, but the quality has always been consistent since day 1. My images and videos look clear and detailed, and by far, I have not experienced interferences because adequate shielding does the job.

I had issues with the moldings on the DisplayPort, though. The PVC jacket was a little too thick and wide that plugging another identical adapter is nearly impossible. So, I bought a different brand with a thinner jacket to fit in my graphics card slot right beside Rankie’s.
  • DisplayPort to DVI cable that supports a Full HD resolution
  • Works with multiple screens and allows mirror and extended displays
  • Comes with screws, latch, and gold-plated connectors
  • Consistent quality image
  • DP moldings are a bit thick
Thanks to this cable, I am happy about being able to work efficiently. It works with all my devices, and the display remains top-notch. I believe this one fits the majority of users.

10. UGREEN DVI-I to VGA Cable

Ideal for 1080P resolution outputs, the UGREEN DVI-I to VGA Cable offers optimal image quality from your DVI devices to VGA monitors. This single-way cable converts signals from a 24+5 DVI to a VGA-equipped display device.

Luxurious as it may seem, this cable comes with 24K gold-plated connectors. Most cable users prefer the ones with gold links over copper because the former doesn’t tarnish. And you know what happens next once the connectors begin to decay. So, I think this is a salient advantage of this type of connector.

I like this product because it’s durable. It comes with a sturdy PVC covering, triple-layered shielding, and foil and braid combinations. Other than that, I can also see that signals move from the input to my projectors very well. And the whole set-up works perfectly for me.

I seldom give reviews about the packaging and delivery, and this is one instance. In some of my previous purchases, the parcels come with their boxes warped or sometimes opened. But with UGREEN, my DVI cable arrived even a little early, and they seem to handle their items carefully, so no damaged items came at my doorsteps.

On the downside, I have seen that some of the pins were a bit off. No wonder it took me quite some time plugging the DVI. Nevertheless, I think it’s only a quality assurance issue. The entire thing works.
  • 24+5 DVI to VGA cable that supports 1080P displays
  • Comes with 24K gold connectors
  • Durable DVI cord that transfers signals well
  • Reliable packaging and delivery
  • Some pins were a bit off
Overall, this product is a good one, from the materials used, compatibility, and handling. Just make sure this DVI variation is what you need.

11. BlueRigger HDMI to DVI Cable

The first thing I love about the BlueRigger HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable is its wide-angle display. With a 21:9 aspect ratio, my videos started to look like cinema-grade ones, and they give me theater feels. So, I don’t have to plunge into movie houses every time I watch my favorite movies.

Gaming became more thrilling since I felt as if I were the main character. This feature is possible because of this cable’s 3D technology. Thus, as long as your devices support 3D, then nothing can stop you from gaming at an upscale level. You only need to plug your devices, put those lenses on, and start playing.

Unlike other cables, this one by BlueRigger will always give you options. Other than the fact that it’s compatible with various devices, it’s also a bi-directional cable. So, you get plenty of device combinations as long as they accommodate DVIs and HDMI adapters.

This brand also assures its customers of reliability in all aspects as it comes with a lifetime warranty. That is why I prefer BlueRigger most of the time because I get what I pay for, and their customer service is remarkable. Whenever I get product issues, I can always reach out to them.

On the downside, the HDMI plug feels slightly loose in the socket. The connection works fine, though, so I don’t consider it a big problem. Overall, the cable works as advertised.
  • HDMI plug is a bit loose in the socket
I believe this is the best DVI cable for gaming. I get to binge-watch and play my favorite games on a different level. So, if you’re looking forward to improving your gaming and entertainment set-ups, consider picking this DVI cable.

12. Benfei DVI-D to DVI-D Cable

If you are looking for a cord you can round the corners of your room or tables with, then the Benfei DVI-D to DVI-D Dual Link Cable is what you most likely need. With a soft and flexible environmental PVC jacket, you will never have a hard time connecting to your display-amplifying devices.

This cable supports a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes it a dual-link DVI cord. This aspect is helpful, especially when your applications are bandwidth-hungry. With it, data transmission is faster than a single-link cable. Thus, this product is also perfect for conference rooms and home configurations.

If you’re worried about your old adapters tearing off, plugging and unplugging doesn’t have to be a burden at all. This product features a molded strain relief technology so that your cable is not only durable, but it also secures connections. Grip treads and tightened screws are also present on both ends of this cord.

And while some cables fail to retain balance in terms of shielding, connectivity, and conductivity, Benfei makes it right for me. With a combination of 24K gold connectors and bare copper conductors, this cord is less prone to corrosion and tarnishing. Plus, the interference and the noise in data transmission are virtually non-existent.

However, I think the screws need improvement. They’re not easy to turn, although they stay put quite well once fully attached. Other than that, I don’t have any complaints about this product.
  • Comes with a soft and flexible PVC jacket
  • Dual-link cable that supports a 120Hz refresh rate
  • Comes with molded strain relief technology for durability and secure connection
  • Grip treads and screws for a secure connection
  • Good shielding, connectivity, and conductivity
  • The screws needs improvement
Benfei is a reliable cable for me. It’s durable; it fits my set-up, and it keeps data transmission uninterrupted. I believe my friends will also opt for this product.

What to Look for When Buying DVI Cables


Seeing your games and videos on monitors is always fun and exciting. But maybe not if you feel unsure about what accessories to use. Consider the tips below before heading to the store to buy your DVI cables.


Some users fail to check this aspect, thinking all DVI cords have the same characteristic and pin count. So, always check whether you need a DVI-I, DVI-A, or DVI-D cable.

Type of Adapter

Check for the ports of the devices you want to link. You might be purchasing a DVI-to-DVI cable for a DVI-to-VGA set-up. All compatible combinations are present in the market.


Some devices can be peculiar in terms of compatibility with accessories. So, check your laptops to see whether or not they’ll accept the cable brand you want.


A sleek cord looks nice, but a durable one is better. Pick the cable that matches your degree of usage. That way, you also get to preserve your media devices.


A quality product can be expensive. Decide how much you’re willing to spend on a cable; it’ll help narrow down your choices.


This aspect is essential for users who are less engaged with technology. Always seek assistance from your supplier’s customer service until you can solve cable issues on your own.

What DVI Cable Do I Need for 144Hz


Not all DVI cables support a 144Hz refresh rate. To reach this level of bandwidth, you will need a dual link DVI cable. That way, your data will load faster compared to using single-link cords.

Does DVI Cable Quality Matter/ Are All DVI Cables the Same

While a lot of aspects need consideration before making a choice, you should always emphasize quality. You might see all the features you want from a DVI cable, but that doesn’t mean it’ll serve you in the long run. To be sure about a product’s quality, you need to check factors like its build, brand, durability, and sustainability.

DVI cables have variations in terms of the number of pins, connectors, and other aspects. Also, look at their brands since some are more reputable than others.

Where Can I Buy a DVI Cable

Different digital-oriented stores and even computer centers are now offering these cords, making these products easily accessible for purchase. Furthermore, there are online platforms where you can avail of these products. But remember to buy from reliable sources.


Your screen-enlargement goals should always focus on your necessity. To avail of the best DVI cable, you need to spend ample time researching and checking for compatibility.

Always look at the factors I have shared above, and keep in mind things you should never compromise. Give your devices the upgrade they deserve, and not what you think is cheap or enough.

Allow yourself to indulge in your favorite movies and video games with better viewing quality. Have you already decided? Tell us more in the comments section. Happy day ahead!

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