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The Best Electrical Boxes

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best electrical boxes

Several kinds of electrical boxes are available in the market. Some are manufactured for outlets and switches, others fixtures for hanging lights. Some are strategically designed for weatherproof installations and for outdoors.

Whether you’re installing bricks or concrete, it’s crucial to find the best electrical boxes to meet your home’s specific needs. If you plan to DIY some installations, I have several great recommendations you’ll find worth your time checking out. You need to be familiar with several vital factors, including types, installation, features, and more.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Southwire MSB1G


Material PVC
Size 3.39 x 2.24 x 3.82 inch
Volume 18.5 cu in

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

LeMotech 151170


Material ABS
Size 5.9 x 4.3 x 2.8 inch

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Carlon B114R-UPC


Material PVC
Size 5 x 3 x 3 inch
Volume 14 cu in

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Best Electrical Box Reviews

1. Madison Electric Boxes MSB1G Adjustable

Madison electrical products are strategically designed with the electricians in mind. This electric box comes in adjustable depth to meet various home electrical needs. It’s guaranteed durable, built from solid materials with unmatched versatility to perfectly fit any drywall thickness, be it wood or metal surface.

Notably, these sturdy PVC electrical boxes come with large wiring capacity suitable for multiple electrical and wiring requirements.

It features a heavy-duty 42-pound interior and patented mounting screw, which allows the smart box to be profoundly adjusted and penetrate various studs. This long screw enables you to mount it on your preferred space as it offers stability and safety.

I like this junction box because of its machine threaded with non-metallic cable clamp holes right into aesthetics. The slots are properly labeled to help you identify which space is ideal for various wiring sizes.

For your peace of mind, this electric box is UL listed, which passes all safety standards for electric supplies and devices for your next home project.

Some setbacks worth noting are the drive screws require extra pressure to mount them in due to resistance. Plus, the cable clamps hose prose a challenge to remove the wires in case you misplace them when putting in.
  • Adjustable depth to correctly mount on any wall thickness
  • Comes in sturdy PVC boxes for large wiring capacity
  • 42lbs patented heavy-duty mounting screw for safety and stability
  • Non-metallic and threaded cable clamp holes with labeled size
  • UL listed and pass for safety standards
  • Drive screw requires pressure to mount
  • Challenge to remove wires on cable holes
These electrical boxes have been tried, tested, and a top-rated choice from various professionals and non-expert electricians. It’s ideal for your next home project, whether on wood or metal, and mounts securely on any wall thickness.

2. LeMotech Electrical Junction Box

First of all, this Lemotech junction box has a guaranteed IP65 water-resistant exterior. Thus, it can ensure that your wirings are protected from any moist intrusion that can threaten electrical security.

Aside from water, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your outdoor electrical boxes have no creepy-crawling intruders nesting inside the electrical enclosure. Since it’s ideal to use both for indoors and outdoors, it’s also weatherproof and can withstand severe weather conditions if you plan to place it out.

The product’s inner size measures 5.87 inches long, 4.25 inches wide and 2.56 inches high, offering a spacious interior to accommodate multiple wirings.

You can use it as an outdoor lighting navigational power pack or a junction box for your smart TV or home network cables and wires. It serves its purpose correctly as a multi-functional enclosure for any wire, outlets, plugs, extensions, and other electrical wiring system requirements.

The pre-cut screw openings are ideal for your next home project to help you quickly fix it on a specific location you intend to secure it with. These openings come with rubber cap grommets to make sure no moisture will invade your wirings regardless of any elements present in the area.

If you wonder about its longevity, LeMotech manufactures enclosures for electrical systems with high-quality ABS materials.

One drawback about these remodeling electrical boxes is it’s lead screw inclusions. They are smaller than you’ll expect them and prone to getting misplaced or lost during installations. Best to keep watch of these items, especially if you’ll be working alone with your electric system.
  • IP65 Water-resistant and weatherproof exterior
  • Spacious interior can accommodate all wirings
  • Multi-functional and easy to install and use a junction box
  • With pre-cut openings that come with rubber cap grommets
  • High-quality and durable ABS materials for guaranteed longevity
  • Small lead screws that can be misplaced or lost easily during installation
For outdoor electrical extension, redo’s or remodelling, this junction box is a must-have. With its features and benefits that are suitable for outdoor use, it’s a relief to get one that does the job right.

3. Carlon B114R-UPC Lamson Products Number

The B114R-UPC by Carlon is a highly recommended and best-rated product for your home project due to its convenience and easy installation features. Regardless if you’re an expert or a newbie on fixing wires and cables in your home, this one is a sure lifesaver. With its spacious interior, you can quickly secure dangling cables in one place.

It comes with four mounting screws on the lower left and upper right with tightening ears that can lay flat once you start securing them through your walls. You can fit it with any drywall thickness by taking note of its measurement. If it feels tighter, don’t force the boxes to work, instead, adjust the hole to secure its fitting.

In case you are installing into the wood, you can modify it by removing the clamp wings and screws and connect the box in place using a direct mounting screw procedure.

What I like about this product is it enables you to modify them to meet your strict requirements. It’s highly compatible with any wall, including drywall, wood, and even old constructions. All materials used when manufacturing this electrical box is made from high-end materials to ensure product durability and longevity.

One thing worth noting for everyone is checking the clamp wings if they are all complete. You may encounter one missing attachment, which can be a challenge for you to fit on your wall unless you use them on wood and screw them directly.
  • Offers an easy installation process
  • Provides a spacious electric box for cables or wires
  • Mounting screw with clamps to secure on any drywall thickness
  • Allows modification for any wall types or old constructions
  • Guaranteed high-quality and durable for the longevity of use
  • Requires checking in case any attachment is not included in the package
If you’re looking for an electrical box that works perfectly, fits into your wall, and is securely tight and incredibly spacious, this one is an excellent buy for it’s value.

4. Hubbell Raco 127 Octagon Box

What should you expect from a drawn steel junction box? In truth, the Hubbell Raco box is highly recommended for home renovations and improvements regarding fixing electrical system wiring. Whether you plan to improve the attic or redo the garage, this product is a perfect fit for wall and ceiling fixtures.

I like how you can instantly install it in the area where you want to add an outlet or extend your electric input. With straightforward installation using the standard screw head combination, your work will finish in a few flicks. If you plan to use a slotted or Phillips screw head, you’ll have a smooth and seamless result.

When it comes to reliability, this junction box will surely stand the test of time. Since it’s made with heavy-duty materials, it’s durability is guaranteed together with a sturdy result. Metal junction boxes are top-rated materials for home repairs and renovations and a favourite for most professional electricians.

On the side note, this junction box is not ideal to use if you plan to install ceiling fans. The junction box is intended for wall or ceiling lights and other electrical extensions or links alone. It won’t hold-up with ceiling fans.
  • Ideal for wall and ceiling fixtures
  • Offers convenience through easy installation
  • Standard screw head combination for a quick cover
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty, sturdy, and durable steel
  • Not suitable to support ceiling fans
Overall, this box is right to what it’s made of, and it can simplify your workloads for your next home project. Though it’s not intended to hold up your ceiling fans, it’s best for wall and ceiling links or if you plan to extend or fix your attic or garage electrical system.

5. Madison Electric Boxes MSB2G Adjustable

One of the many reasons I love this electrical box is it’s unmatched and outstanding stability both with new and old work constructions. For for information, old work constructions are walls that already have studs and sheetrock that are hidden. At the same time, new work constructions are those with exposed studs or sheetrock in them.

This box is an ideal wall sconce electrical box due to its versatility and multi-functional features. You can install it on almost any wall; whether you plan to place it on a wood or metal stud, it fits perfectly to your preference.

For optimum convenience and seamless wiring installations, the cable openings are carefully labeled. It includes wire clamps to secure your junction box into the drywall intended when installing.

Furthermore, the set comes with two 42lb long mounting screws that help ensure your electrical box in place regardless of how thick your walls are. Whether you need to place it in a wood or metal stud, this mounting screw offers an excellent grip to keep your enclosure in its place.

Since it is made of high-quality and durable PVC materials, you’ll expect it to last for years without worrying about replacing it again.

Notably, Madison electrical products are UL listed to pass safety standards for residential and commercial renovations and construction.

One setback worth noting so you can manage your expectations is that the cable opening may be tighter for several wire sizes. You may find a bit of a challenge if you insert wirings on the wrong hole instead of the designated entrance.
  • Excellent and unmatched adjustability
  • Multi-functional and versatile, ideal for metal and wood stud
  • Cable openings are labeled for seamless installation
  • Wire clamps included with step down wiring opening
  • 42lb Longer mounting screw included
  • UL listed and durable and high-quality PVC materials
  • The cable opening may be tighter for several wire sizes
With safety standards and electricians in mind, this electrical enclosure is a sure value for your next home project. Every feature is beneficial and matches all requirements needed during redo or home improvements.

6. Lamson B120R Carlon PVC Outlet

The Lamson B120R Carlon PVC Outlet is one of those junction boxes that are highly effective and practical to use. It’s crafted well to make sure your home projects, old or new works is conveniently easy.

It’s manufactured to perfectly fit any drywall thickness. You can outline the box on your desired drywall station or replace the current electrical box because it is broken or needs modification. If you want to add a circuit for your newly purchased devices or extension outlets on the garage or attic, this is a great product to start.

I appreciated how this box is spacious and deep enough to accommodate wirings in one place. The drywall gripper arms are intelligently included on the design to secure the electrical box in place through your drywall.

Best of all, its thermoplastic materials are safe and durable for long-lasting use. For protection, the best plastic electrical boxes should be made of materials that won’t conduct electricity.

Still, to avoid drywall flippers from breaking or malfunctioning is to prevent over-tightening the screws when you install them. Over tightening can damage the threaded portion, thus resulting in breakage or loose screws.
  • Specifically designed to fit any drywall thickness
  • Multi-functional, deep, and spacious boxes ideal for plugs and switches
  • Drywall clamp/gripper arms secure the box in place
  • Guaranteed durable and safe made with thermoplastic materials
  • Drywall flipper tabs will break if over tighten screws in
Overall, this is an excellent product for any home projects, plug, or switch repairs and extensions. It’s guaranteed durable and reliable, with the effortless installation procedure.

7. Hubbell Bell 5320-0 Single Outlets

This Hubbell Bell electrical box comes with a powder-coat finished making it scratch-proof and weatherproof, an excellent choice for home electrical system repair, redo, or renovations.

The product secures your outlet and wirings against humidity and other elements that affect the longevity and safety of your home electrical system. Regardless of the season or how often weather changes in your area, you’ll never have to worry about electric failure issues.

It’s multi-functional, thanks to the eight securing options that you can adjust based on your specific requirements with the detachable lugs of the outlet box.

And the outlet is certified by NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) for safe use. It can also accept all standard threaded conduit and fittings.

Remarkably, this electrical switch box is made of premium die-cast aluminum. This material is lightweight yet strong enough to handle high-temperature operation. Plus, with a one-year limited warranty, which only a few electrical equipment offer, you will know it is a high-quality enclosure worth investing with.

The brand’s thoughtful manner also shows in the detailed instructions for installation written in multiple languages.

However, you may find the box shallow to accommodate the wirings inside. If you are using large size cables for your next installations, you may find your wirings compress in a tight space. Nonetheless, if you’re using smaller lines, then it can work well.
  • Powder-coat weather-proof and scratch-proof outlet box
  • Made of lightweight yet highly durable premium die-cast aluminum
  • Multi-functional eight mounting options that come with removable lugs
  • NEMA compliance internal thread hubs
  • One year product warranty
  • Comes with detailed multilingual installation manuals
  • Not too deep to accommodate large wirings in
Nonetheless, it’s a decent electrical enclosure for your next home project. The weatherproof, heat-resistance and mounting options can simplify your next home project.

8. Thomas And Betts B225R-UPC Switch Outlet

I like how this Thomas And Betts electrical box provides convenience when you install it in your drywall. It offers secure and permanent outlet installation for your garage, attic, ceiling light junction box, or redoing an old plug or switch.

This old work electrical box is intended for constructions with hidden studs and sheetrock. Whether you have ½ inches or ¾ inches sheetrock, you don’t need to install it to a bracket or stud to secure its place. It will entirely stay in place and won’t slide or move when you the grip ears are positioned.

These electrical enclosures are made of high-quality PVC materials for longevity and durability. This switched outlet is guaranteed sturdy and perfectly fits your wall space based on your required measurements.

Its dimension is 2.75 inches deep and 3.125 inches wide, an ideal size for mounting two receptacles. Also, the box is 4 inches high; you can measure your project and make sure this one provides the right size.

It’s a pretty straightforward product that enables you to fix, redo, repair, or remodel your home with the right materials.

One drawback I can see with this product is that it only has two drywall clamps for you to secure your outlet. That means if your drywall thickness is not proportional, you may find it a challenge to work on the outlet constructions. It will be a challenge to tighten and secure down the wall plate grip into your wall as it will have loose corners.
  • Ideal for old work construction with hidden studs and sheetrock
  • Made of high-quality PVC materials for durability
  • Measures 2.75-inch deep and 3.125-inch wide, ideal for two receptacles
  • Secure straightforward and reliable
  • Drywall clips secure only on two corners.
This outlet enclosure is best suitable for old work constructions, and one should take note of whether your home project is of new work or old work. This will help you weigh your options easily and find the best and most convenient ways to meet your needs.

9. Hubbell-Raco 683 Two-Device Switch Box

The Hubbell Raco is known for its multi-functional electrical boxes, which serve their purpose perfectly. As expected, this electrical wall box package comes with a spare box, a switch box, and a drawn, provides easy installation procedure both for experts and competent electricians.

The pre-galvanized metal construction ensures that the device can withstand severe weather changes and exposure throughout the year. It’s also UL listed, which makes it top-rated steel electrical boxes for your next renovation, repair, or redo. Products that are UL listed have passed safety standards and ensure the excellent quality you can rely on.

Regarding the product specifications, it is 4 inches square and runs 2.125 inches deep, measuring a capacity of 30.3 cubic inches. Furthermore, it is designed to accept a 3.2 inches deep wall.

The product includes cable knockouts that are partially stamped in your junction box, which services switches and outlets. Whether you’ll need ¾ inches or ¼ inches knockout, this enclosure offers what your home project requires. It’s an affordable metal enclosure that is compatible with every wiring device you are working with.

One thing worth remarking is that this electrical box does not have any mounting options for your drywalls. There are no clamps to help you secure your electrical boxes in place. If you have plans to build a new outlet or switch on your drywall, you may find it a bit challenging to work with this enclosure.
  • Durable and heavy-duty pre-galvanized metal constructions
  • Guaranteed UL listed for safety standards
  • Accepts to use for a 3.2 inches deep wall
  • It includes 3/4″ (6 pieces) and 1/4″ (11 pieces) cable knockouts
  • Cost-efficient and compatible with various home wiring equipment
  • No mounting options for drywalls
This electrical enclosure is highly recommended for it’s convenience and straightforward approach when fixing your electrical home system.

10. Sealproof Exterior Electrical Outlet Box

The Seal Proof Rectangular Outlet Box is ideal both for indoor and outdoor use due to the powder coat finished making it weather-resistant. If you’ll be using an electrical enclosure that’s made of metal, this one is a perfect item to meet your home project requirements.

In detail, the electrical box is made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum. Such a robust construction can withstand high heat and significant pressure without getting damaged too soon.

It offers excellent free-standing installations, which result in the better structural integrity of your redo’s, repair, and remodeling needs. On purchasing this product, you will have in hand mounting lugs, self-threading ground screws, and of course, closure plugs.

Such a full package promotes breezy and straightforward installation. Hence, you’ll never have to second-guess whether it will require you to purchase another screw to fit your electrical and wall needs and requirements.

Whether you’re planning to extend your electrical system far into the attic, fix your garage, or add an electrical box for wall light fixture, this enclosure perfectly fits your requirements. As this metal box is 2 inches deep, fitting multiple wirings in for safety and security.

One drawback you may want to consider is that this box does not come with a hole. You may need to drill a few openings to meet your needs. However, if you’re into customizing your stuff, this shouldn’t be a significant fuzz.
  • Durable weather-resistant powder-coat finished metal electrical box
  • Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum withstanding high heat and pressure
  • Spacious 2″ depth to fit multiple wirings in for safety and security
  • Comes with mounting lugs, self-threading screws & closure plugs.
  • Flexible and versatile box for DIYers and licensed electricians
  • Requires drilling holes on the wall
Overall, from quality and reliability, this product is among the best metal electrical boxes. Whether you’re looking for a big box, it’s a competitive item with guaranteed convenience and easy installation options for anyone.

What to Look for When Buying Electrical Boxes


Electrical enclosures must be reliable, durable, and heavy-duty as it is responsible for the overall power system of your home for your device and appliances to function correctly. Before installing or replacing your new or old work light box, there are several vital factors that you need to consider checking, including your electrical junction box code to ensure you’ll get what your system needs.

Installation or Assembly Type

The type of installations your home needs is essential for you to find the best product for your needs. There are primarily two types of structures for most electrical enclosures: old works and new works. Identify which one you need, and from there, you’ll easily find the perfect item.

Gangs, Drawback, and Volume

When checking for an electrical enclosure, you need to identify the following requirements: gangs, the amount of gang per box determine the width, amount of devices that can fit in like dimmers, switches, and outlets.

Setback determines the distance from your wall surface to the station of your box. It’s vital to consider this factor, especially if you’ll install your box into a thick wall or tile coverings.

Lastly, the box volume is the amount of space where you’ll fit wiring and conductors. This is determined by cubic inches. Make sure that you’ll invest with a box that exceeds or similar to the overall volume of the items you’ll place inside.

Product Materials

The materials used to manufacture electrical enclosures will determine its durability. Most junction boxes are made of cast aluminum, metal or steel, fiberglass, or PVC. The material type for your enclosure is based on the environment you’ll plan to place it in. For outdoor installations, it is best to use weatherproof items for safety and security.

Types of Junction Boxes

Identifying the electrical junction box types you’ll use is vital; since there are different variations, it’s best to learn each one to help you decide on the best deals. Whether you’ll go for square, portable, switch, ceiling, weatherproof, or floor boxes, all come with the perfect variations to meet individual home requirements and preferences.

Keep in mind that if you use residential electrical boxes or planning to upgrade your home circuit system, you need to invest in heavy-duty, durable containers. These enclosures house all your house wire connections are responsible for providing electric supply to your devices and home appliances.

What Are the Different Types of Electric Boxes

There are various types of electrical boxes available in the market right now. All of which come in multiple features to meet individual projects and needs. Here’s a complete list of the different types of enclosures you’ll encounter.

  • Plastic and Metal Boxes

Generally, most electrical enclosures are made with either plastic or metal. Metal enclosures are made of steel, while plastics are either fiberglass or PVCs. Between plastic vs metal electrical boxes, your choices will be based on the details mentioned above. For outdoor use, it’s best to work with waterproof material for guaranteed safety and protection.

  • Standard Rectangular

If you’ll be working with outlet receptacles or single-light fixtures, go for one-gang or single-gang boxes.

  • Round Pan

Pancake types of boxes come either with 1/2 inches or 3/4 inches depth interior—ideal for wall-mount or ceiling light fixtures.

  • 1, 2, 3, or 4-Gang

These boxes work by holding home electrical outlets and switches. However, these are large enough to fit a couple to four devices in one. They come either with old work or new work designs and have built-in grippers to secure the box in place.

  • Octagon and Round

These types of boxes come between 1 1/2 to 3″ depth and ideal box for wall and light fixtures. It offers a spacious interior for your wirings

  • 4″ Square Box

Square types of enclosure have standard measurements of 1 1/4″ to 2 1/8″. They are used for multiple conductors in various directions and typically used as junction boxes and for walls or ceiling to support light home switches and fixtures.

  • Ceiling Fan Rated Box

Ceiling fan electrical junction box sizes vary per home and individual requirements. This should be UL-Listed and must have remarked as ideal for ceiling fans. Ceiling fan enclosures require specific tightening to withstand dynamic loads from rotating fans.

Should I Use Plastic or Metal Electrical Boxes


Your electrical enclosures serve as the workhorse for remodels and repairs, which enable transition points for the home electrical system. Light switches, ceiling fans or lights, transitions, and outlets are several items installed in these boxes.

Checking the market, you may get overwhelmed with various types, shapes, and sizes available. But among those variations come metal and plastic as the most commonly used and installed for both residential and commercial spaces.

To give you a clear overview of which one to choose between metal vs plastic outlet box, you need to determine several factors, including installation requirements.

Metal Electrical Enclosures

When it comes to a higher security level: melting incapability, fireproof, heavy-duty, and durable, these are top-rated for wiring applications. For DIYers, they may find metal boxes to be a challenge compared to plastic ones. If you are looking for an easy assembly and installation between plastic vs metal junction box, the first is recommended as the metal box for hand safety.

Metal boxes are highly recommended for metal-sheathed wirings and steel electrical conduit into or out of your enclosure. It’s also best used with outdoor exposed installations. They are best used for NM and Romex cables with extra precautions for proper grounding.

Plastic Electrical Enclosures

PVC electrical boxes are becoming standard materials when it comes to electrical enclosures and ideal for DIYers. They are straightforward, affordable, and lightweight. Precut holes are conveniently easy to work on with your home projects. While PVCs may meltdown with higher temperatures, they don’t conduct electricity. Most PVC boxes are built-in with clamps for your cables.

They are highly recommended and applicable for NM and Romex cables but will still be based on your personal preference. Plastic enclosures are ideal for a home redo, repair, and quick renovations. High-end plastic boxes come with pre-installed screws to quickly fix them on studs.

Should Electrical Boxes Be Flush with Drywall

As a competent DIYer or even licensed electrician, whether remodeling or doing a quick fixing for your home, you may find yourself fixing your electrical box. These materials enable your electrical devices and lightings to shine once the overall process is finished.

Electrical enclosures must be mounted not over a quarter inch or 6mm from your drywall surface, it’s not just about designs but also about increasing security and preventing electrical fires.

Electrical enclosures are strategically designed to securely contain your home wirings for things, including light switches and outlets. This item varies in size and shape but generally are single or double-gang hookups.

According to NEC (National Electrical Code), Article 314.20, all electrical enclosures that you’ll install on your ceilings and walls must meet safety standards. For surfaces that are made of non-combustible compounds, gypsum, plaster, or concrete must be placed on the outer (forward) edge of the enclosure which is not over 1/4 inch.

In case your wall is made up of combustible elements like a wood panel, the edge or corner of your electrical box should be flush in ultimately unto the ceiling or wall surface. In addition, you can also refer to the types of conduit and conduit benders to assist in your electrical system installation.

It’s an essential factor to flush your electrical boxes into the drywall to prevent faulty electrical installations that can cause house fires which generates billions of losses and damages of property and deaths per year.

Strict enforcement and rigid standards for electrical standards are crucial with electrical codes. When your electrical enclosure is properly flushed through the drywall, it minimizes wall substrate; this alleviates electrical fire risks.

It’s vital to follow this precaution mostly if your wall materials are made of flammable components like wood panels, synthetic materials, including faux-tile adhesive labels applied on drywall surfaces.


Finding the best electrical boxes for your home renovation or redo is vital. The right material, type, and size can increase security while eliminating the risk associated with house fires due to short circuit problems.

The list aforementioned provides you with better choices among the top-rated and most recommended products used by licensed electricians and competent DIYers. With the vital factors when buying an electrical enclosure, you’ll skip second-guessing and find the perfect fit in no time.

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