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The Best Extension Cord Reels

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best extension cord reel

It is essential to have the best extension cord reel in our house. This gives us the freedom to plug in as many appliances as we need and use them anywhere we need to. An extension cord will give you the flexibility to use your electrical equipment as you see fit.

However, you can’t just purchase any retractable electric cord reel. Because these extension cords work with electricity, you must consider several factors for your safety and usability.

  • Length: You should know how long of an extension you need when choosing an extension. If it’s too short, then it will be unusable. A long one might be too bulky to store, and it’s not going to be an efficient use of your space and resources.
  • Capacity: If you’re going to run heavy-duty appliances, like pumps or drills, via an extension cord, you need to have an equally robust extension cable. If the power draw of your equipment plugged into the extension is greater than its capacity, it could overload and cause a short circuit.
  • Use: You also have to consider how you’re going to use the extension cord. Are you going to let it lay on the floor, run it along the wall, or hang it from the ceiling? Some of the options are specifically designed to be either floor, wall, or ceiling mount extension cord reel.

So, to help you find the proper extension cord that fits your needs, here is the list of the extension cords that I’ve previously used or are currently using. I also included a short buyer’s guide to let you make the best decision for your use case.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Iron Forge Cable


Length 30 ft
No. of Outlets 3
Specs 10A, 125V, 1250W

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<strong>Top 2</strong>



Length 25 ft
No. of Outlets 4
Specs 13A, 125V, 1625W

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Woods 4907


Length 25 ft
No. of Outlets 4
Specs 13A, 125V, 1500W

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Best Extension Cord Reel Reviews

1. Iron Forge Cable IFC-163CR30-A Extension Cord

This Iron Forge Extension Cord has an automatic retraction feature, making it more efficient to use. It comes with a mounting bracket, allowing you to attach this extension cord to your garage ceiling or DIY area. This will let you have a long extension readily available without taking up space on your floor.

The vinyl cover on the cord keeps it safe against moisture, abrasion, and UV rays. Furthermore, it has reinforced blades that hold plugs tight and prevent prongs from bending or breaking. These features make the product durable for repeated use while protecting the devices plugged into it.

One of the things I like best about this is the breaker switch. If ever I get a short or overvoltage, the built-in breaker will trip and prevent damage to my electronics.

My only gripe about this is its locking mechanism won’t hold the wire at an intermediate length. This isn’t an issue if you’re mounting the reel on a wall or if you have a regular-height garage. You will need a step ladder for a tall ceiling.
  • Automatically retractable, making it efficient to store and use
  • Mounting bracket to easily attaches to your ceiling, wall, or anywhere you want
  • Reinforced blades protect plugged prongs from bending or breaking
  • Vinyl cover that protects cords against moisture, abrasion, and UV ray light
  • Comes with a built-in breaker switch to protect plugged electronics
  • Locking mechanism won’t hold the wire at an intermediate length
The mounting bracket makes this extension cord an efficient and space-saving solution for garages and other spaces. That plus the built-in breaker switch, and you have one of the best extension cords in the market.

2. DEWENWILS HCRB25A Extension Cord Reel

The DEWENWILS Extension Cord Reel features a 13-amp circuit breaker. This protects your devices and appliances from short circuits and overloads, thus giving you an extra layer of protection. It also has a lit rocker switch that tells you if the cord is electrified. It also allows you to turn off all plugged devices at once in an emergency.

The four built-in grounded outlets will let you use multiple machines without having to unplug your other devices. This is especially useful if you use various equipment in your DIY craft. Its grounded outlets also ensure that all items plugged into it have that safety margin, avoiding any untoward incident.

It has a compact design and weight of 3.12 lbs make it more convenient and easy to carry if you need to bring it to your job site. The triangular grip crank handle also makes it more comfortable to rewind the cord to keep it organized and ready for your next job.

I just feel that its length is lacking. At only 25 feet long, it might be too short for some applications. If you don’t need to use this extension in large spaces or want to use it indoors only, it shouldn’t be an issue.
  • 13-amp circuit breaker protects plugged devices against short circuit and overloads
  • Lighted ON/OFF manual rocker switch for additional safety
  • Four grounded outlets allow you to use multiple devices at the same time
  • Compact design and light, 3.12-lb weight make it easy to carry
  • Triangular grip crank handle makes cord winding easy
  • 25-foot extension cord length might be too short for some applications
I recommend this Dewenwills extension cord if you need to use multiple devices in your DIY’s craft. It has a built-in 13 amp circuit breaker and four grounded outlets, which let you keep various plugged devices safe.

3. Woods 4907 Extension Cord Reel

For those who are on a tight budget but still need an extension cord, the Woods 4907 is a good option. It is one of the most affordable extension cords in the market, but it still provides the same safety as more expensive options. This extension cord also comes with four grounded plugs, making it fit for all your devices.

The extension cord sports a high-impact case, capable of withstanding rugged use. It’s also sturdy enough to withstand accidental damages, like being dropped from a table. The case itself features a cord clip for holding the protruding cable and plug when it’s retracted.

Despite its low price, the Woods 4907 still maintains high standards. It’s both UL and cUL listed, meaning it was tested and has passed both US and Canadian safety standards. It can also handle up to 1,500 watts of power, so it will handle most residential and commercial applications.

However, although its winding operation is smooth and the cord is only 25 feet long, the three small plastic pegs for retracting the cable can be difficult to use. It would have been better if they included a freewheel winding grip instead for more ergonomic use.
  • One of the most affordable extension cords in the market
  • High impact durable case withstands rugged use and extends life span
  • Convenient cord clip at the back makes the extension cable more organized
  • UL and cUL Listed product
  • Can handle up to 1,500 watts of power
  • No winding grip makes retracting the cable a bit difficult
The Woods 4907 extension cord’s low price doesn’t compromise on features and benefits, making it one of the best value options out there.

4. Masterplug OMA601114G4SL-US Cord Reel

The Masterplug is one of the longest available options, with its 60-foot cable. This allows you to use your devices almost anywhere in your house, making it the last cord reel you’ll need in your home.

Its simple design and durable construction keep it stable when used and protect the cord when in storage or transport. The two-tone ergonomic handle also makes it easy to carry around, so you don’t need to use two hands to transport it. It also features an integrated cord guide on the base, reducing cable tangles and speeding up your winding.

Furthermore, the high visibility color of the cord ensures that it’s easily seen on the ground. This helps prevent accidental tripping, thus avoiding incidents from happening while you’re working.

One word of caution, though. The cord reel may be long enough for your outdoor use, but it is not water-resistant. I do not recommend using this in your yard or any other space prone to getting wet. Keep it dry and avoid getting it in contact with liquids to prevent serious physical injury.
  • 60-ft long extension cord
  • Durable drum construction provides reliable protection and a sturdy base
  • Two-tone ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry
  • Integrated cord guide reduces tangles and speeds up cable retraction
  • High visibility cable color ensures the cord is easily seen in the work area
  • Not water-resistant, not applicable for use in wet and damp spaces
I highly recommend the Masterplug extension cord if you need power in a large area. Its bright color also makes it highly visible, thus protecting against accidents and incidents.

5. ReelWorks CR625201S3A Extension Cord Reel

The ReelWorks heavy-duty extension cord is best for users who use power-hungry devices. Its cable is made from 12 gauge wire, which allows it to have a maximum capacity of 1,875 watts. The wire jacket is also made from durable thermoplastic material, which can withstand harsh temperatures.

It also has a spring-driver retraction mechanism, which you can secure with a latch to secure the cord at your desired length. The company also included a cord adjuster lock, which stops the power line from retracting into the case at your predetermined length. These features make it perfect for mounting the extension on a high ceiling.

The best thing I like about this is its long 65-foot length. This would allow the extension cord to cover a space larger than 13,000 square feet! That’s more than enough for it to reach anywhere inside my home or even my entire shop.

One thing that some might find troubling, though, is that it’s one of the most expensive models available on the market. Although the price is worth it in features and build quality, it might be too much for those on a budget. Nevertheless, if you want to invest in your equipment, then go for this option.
  • 12 gauge wire size allows you to use up to 1,875 watts of power
  • Cord is protected with a thermoplastic jacket for higher temperature capacity
  • Spring-driven retraction mechanism with latch secures the power line at any length
  • Cable adjuster lock lets the extension lead at your desired length
  • Extra-long length can cover more than 13,000 square feet of space
  • One of the priciest options on the market
This is the best option for those who need a high-capacity extension cord and are willing to invest in their gear. Although it’s an expensive option, its features and build quality makes it worth the price.

6. CopperPeak B08MWTPRFC Power Cord Reel

The CopperPeak Retractable Power Cord is an excellent option to keep your space clean and free from cable clutter. This retractable extension cord can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, saving space while ensuring that it’s always within your reach.

The mounting bracket can swivel up to 180-degrees, making it easy for you to pull the cord. It also has an LED light in the triple-tap outlet, allowing you to confirm visually if it is powered or not. These features make using this extension cord reel effortless and straightforward.

Aside from ease of use, it also has a 13-amp circuit breaker. It automatically cuts power should an overload occur, thus protecting your circuit. The thermoplastic material used for the retractable case and the cord jacket makes it resistant to high temperature while maintaining oil and water resistance. This makes the CopperPeak a tough cord reel.

My only concern is that it doesn’t have a physical ON and OFF switch. The power switch will have been a convenient feature if I don’t want to unplug all my machines on the extension cord but just want to cut the power. Unplugging it physically can be a chore, mainly because it’s plugged into is placed relatively high.
  • Wall mounted extension cord reel saves space and keeps it always within reach
  • 180-degree swivel bracket makes it easy to operate and pull the cord
  • LED light on the triple-tap outlet lets me visually confirm the cable is powered
  • 13-amp max current rating circuit breaker protects the circuit from overloading
  • Thermoplastic case and cord cover are high heat, oil and water-resistant
  • It has no ON/OFF switch
This is a highly recommended extension cord for workshops and garages. Its heavy-duty cable jacket protects the powerline, while the 180-degree swivel bracket makes it easy and straightforward to use.

7. SuperHandy GUR021 Retractable Extension Cord

The SuperHandy Retractable Extension Cord is recommended for those who work on many projects and have no time to take extra care of extension cords. Its hard-impact polypropylene protective case makes it durable enough to withstand rough use.

The power line is made of premium commercial SJTOW material, specifically designed for indoor, outdoor, and even industrial applications. And despite being flexible, it can withstand extreme temperature changes, from -58 degrees up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

The SuperHandy Extension cord is EL, cETLus, and Intertek GS listed, approved, and certified to prove its durability. These ensure that the cable reel will perform as expected. Furthermore, it is available in both US and UK plug types, so you can choose the suitable option for your home and devices—no extra adapter needed.

My only concern with this is that it can only handle up to 125 volts. It’s not designed for use with 220-volt outlets, so I can’t use it with the heavier equipment I have in my shop. Nevertheless, for general home and commercial use, this is a long-lasting solution.
  • Hard-impact polypropylene case makes it durable enough to withstand rough use
  • SJTOW cables can be used for indoor, outdoor, and even industrial applications
  • Flexible but tough cable can withstand wide range of temperatures
  • Listed, approved, and certified with EL, cETLus, and Intertek to guarantee durability
  • Available in US and UK plug types
  • Not applicable for use in 220-volt outlets
This is one of the toughest extension cord options on the market. If you need something you can use and forget, this cord reel is up to the job. Just remember to never plug it into a 220-volt outlet as it doesn’t support that voltage.

8. Link2Home EM-EL-275E Extension Cord Reel

The Link2Home is one of the best extension cord reel you need if you have modern electronics in your workshop. This is because it comes with two 2.4A fast-charging USB ports, along with three power outlets. So even if you don’t have a power brick with you in your space, you can quickly charge your tablet or smartphone while working on your projects.

The extension reel utilizes a 16AWG cable, so you can use it among your equipment without worry that it will overload. The outlets themselves are also grounded, so you’re safe should any electrical fault happen to your machines plugged in the reel.

For additional safety, it also has a built-in circuit breaker with a thermal reset button. It also has a power switch and light indicator, allowing you to see if the extension is powered and turn it off without unplugging it from the outlet.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that its rewind handle isn’t easy to use. You have to twist your wrist or forearm to retract the cable, which can be tiring and difficult, especially if you have the line extended all the way. I think a winding handle would have been a better solution, even though it will make the reel a bit bulkier.
  • Includes two USB port with 2.4A fast-charging
  • 16AWG power line can support multiple power-hungry appliances
  • Grounded power outlets keep you safe from any electrical faults
  • Built-in circuit breaker with a thermal reset button for additional safety
  • Power switch with light indicator
  • Twisting cable rewind can be more difficult to use than a winding handle
If you have electronic devices among your tools, this is a good option for an extension cord. You can ditch your power bricks with the built-in USB charging ports on this product.

9. Flexzilla FZ8140503 Extension Cord Reel

If your workspace design and aesthetics are essential, then the Flexzilla Extension Cord Reel would fit your needs. It has a futuristic design with a bright green color to match. The triple tap even comes in a green transparent case with an LED light to show if it’s powered.

The extension cord has a 5-foot lead-in cord, so I can install it in tall places, like the wall or center ceiling. It also sports a 50-foot long extension cable, allowing me to use it even in areas far from the original outlet.

Aside from looking like it’s from the future, the cord cable is flexible and can resist low temperatures, oil, and even water. This allows me to freely use it in both indoor and outdoor settings. Because of these features, I expect this extension cord to last long while remaining an essential part of my clean workspace look.

The only drawback of this product is it has no instructions and doesn’t come with mounting materials. Although it is not a problem for a professional like me, others who are not used to DIY projects might have difficulty mounting this cord reel.
  • Futuristic design with bright green color
  • LED light on the triple tap allows you to see if the cord reel is powered
  • 5-foot lead-in cord allows convenient use when installed along tall surfaces
  • 50-foot long cable will enable you to have power even in distant areas
  • Flexible cord cable resists low temperature, oil, and water
  • Mounting hardware and instructions not included
This extension has a great design and is perfect if you want to maintain a specific workplace aesthetic. However, make sure that you have an extra nut and bolt around if you’re going to mount it on your wall or ceiling.

10. Link2Home EM-EL-600E Cord Reel Extension

This Link2Home EM-EL-600E has four outlets with the ground, allowing me to use multiple devices if needed. The cord management guide will let you quickly retract the power line without it getting tangled on the way back. It also has a cord locking system to keep the power plug in place and secured during storage and transportation.

It also comes in two bright colors: orange and yellow. Both options allow the plug to be seen clearly.

It also has a built-in circuit breaker, which will keep you, your equipment, and your circuit safe from shorts circuits or overloading. Resetting the system is also simple, with a single push of the red button below the rocker switch.

It may be suitable for multiple devices but always remember that this extension cord has only a 10 amp max current rating capacity. Overloading may occur if you plug heavy machinery into the extension cord. Otherwise, the 10-amp capacity is more than enough for home use.
  • Four outlets with ground allow using multiple devices at once
  • Cable management guide allows for quick and easy cord retraction
  • Cord locking system keeps the line secure and in-place during transport and storage
  • Available in two bright, high-visibility colors
  • Built-in circuit breaker protects you while remaining easy to reset
  • Extension cord only has a 10-amp capacity
All in all, the Link2Home Cord Reel Extension should be enough for most residential applications.

11. Designers Edge E315 Extension Cord Reel

If you need an extension cord reel for indoor use, the Designers Edge E315 would definitely do the job. Although it’s not as long as other options, its heavy-duty polymeric cord jacket and heavy-duty plastic case will make it durable enough to withstand most use cases.

The high visibility yellow housing and bright yellow cord with a black stripe lining are also a big help for preventing accidents. At the same time, the vertical hook allows me to hang the extension and keep my workspace clean.

Additionally, it’s ETL recognized and certified in both US and Canada, meaning it conforms to safety standards passed in both countries. Both its plug and outlets also feature a grounding pin, ensuring that any appliance I plug into it will remain grounded.

Although this is a heavy duty extension cord reel, its length is only 20 feet. It might be too short for some applications.
  • Heavy-duty polymeric cord and plastic housing suitable for indoor use
  • High visibility yellow housing and cord with black stripe lining
  • Vertical hook keep the workspace organized
  • Recognize and certified by ETL
  • Grounding pins for both plug and outlets ensure safe operation
  • Limited 20-foot length might not be enough for some purpose
If the 20-foot length of this extension cable is enough for your application, then this is an excellent value option. It’s a perfect indoor or home use retractable cord.

12. AlphaWorks B07ZS3FP1X Alexa Extension Cord

This is one of the most advanced extension cords out there. Not only does it transfer power, but it’s a smart cord reel. It can work with Alexa, Google Home, Smart Life App, IFTTT, and WiFi/Voice Control.

It has advanced Slow Retraction Technology (SRT), which provides a smooth and consistent cable retraction speed. Furthermore, this extension cord can be used on a 240-volt outlet. I can plug high-rated appliances like an oven, range, or even your water heater.

Some other advanced features of this extension cord are its built-in timer, which I can use to schedule power to my devices. But what I like most about this product is the voice control feature.

The only issue I encountered with this cord is that its outlets can be loose with some plugs. Some of the appliances I plugged in could be removed easily. However, I fixed this by using an adapter that fights tightly.
  • Advanced technology smart plug designed for all DIY or professional application
  • With advanced Slow Retraction Technology (SRT)
  • It can be used in up to 240 volts outlets
  • Built-in timer function
  • Voice control using smart WiFi that connected to your smartphone
  • The socket connector is a bit loose for some plug which can easily fall
This device supports some heavy equipment and appliances that require a 240 volts current rating.

What to Look for When Buying Extension Cord Reels


While I do have some brand preferences when purchasing anything, I still look at a couple of metrics to ensure I’m getting the best deal. This holds true whether I’m buying a car or an extension cord reel. So these are the things I look for in an extension cord reel whenever I’m making a choice.


You need to know how long of an extension cord you need before you make a purchase. If you can’t find something that fits your needs, it’s better to get a longer-length reel than a shorter one.


I also have to consider what I intend to plug into the extension cord. For most home uses, a 10-amp capacity is more than enough for most purposes. But if you want to use high-power appliances, a higher amp capacity might be required.

To help you compute the watt or amp requirement, remember this formula: Watt capacity = Amp x Voltage. So if you intend to plug a 120-volt, 1,000-watt appliance on your extension reel, it must have at least a 9-amp power capacity (1,000 watts/120 volts).

Casing and Wire Jacket Material

If I’m going to use the extension reel in a construction site or in a garage, I prefer a cable reel that comes with a heavy-duty case and jacket. This makes the extension less prone to damage, ensuring that it will last longer for my use.

Number of Plugs

I also consider the number of plugs when choosing an extension cord. First, I decide how many devices I intend to plug into the extension cord, and then I ensure that I have an extra one or two outlets available. This ensures that I have an available outlet should I add more tools in the future.


This is one of the essential features that I look for in an extension cord. A switch would allow me to switch off the entire cord reel without unplugging it from the wall outlet. I find this helpful, especially when I only intend to take a short break and do not wish to unplug all my tools yet.

Mounting and Auto-Retraction

It depends on the case, but I like to buy extension cord reels with an auto-retract feature plus an optional mount. That way, should I choose to install it on my ceiling or wall, I have the option to do so.

Which is Better, 12 Gauge or 14 Gauge Extension Cord Reel


To quickly address this question, the 12 gauge extension cord is better than the 14 one. The simple explanation for this is 12 gauge is thicker than 14 gauge wire size, and the wider wire size will have higher capacity and longevity. This is especially important if you want to run machines with a 10 to 15-amp current draw on your extension.

The 14 gauge wire size is a good fit in an extension up to 50 feet long, while the 12 gauge wire size is suitable for a 50 to 100-foot long extension. So it is acceptable to have an extension cord reel 100 ft 12 gauge wire size.

However, some manufacturers make a 12/3 extension cord reel, but this is only suitable for light uses. Don’t plug heavy appliances on this extension cord.

How Do You Make a Retractable Extension Cord Reel

If you want to make a 20 amp retractable extension cord reel, you must have an ordinary cord reel, and you must be willing to put it in some DIY. First, drill a 1-inch hole at its center. Ensure that you don’t damage the center clip for cable when you’re doing this.

Once done, wire the male end of the extension cord through the side hole you just made. Choose the appropriate length so that you can reach the outlet easily without having a too-long cable from the reel to the wall.

After you pick the right length, clip the base cord with an ordinary cord reel to the center clip, then wind the rest of the extension cord to the reel. You can then unwind your retractable base on your needed length while keeping it organized.

If you’re the type who gets uncomfortable when your cords are tangled. Don’t worry, we’ve created a list of the top-tier cord straps, which I’m confident you’ll like. Also don’t forget to read our article on reliable cable ties to organize your cords, wires, and other things quickly and efficiently.

Are Outdoor Extension Cord Reels Safe in the Rain

As a professional, I have never encountered a waterproof extension cord. However, in my experience, some 220v retractable extension cord reel is water-resistant, so you can use that under a light drizzle. However, to be safe, avoid getting your extension cords wet.

Other extension cords like the Goodyear extension cord reel and Harbor Freight extension cord reel can be found in the marketplace with splashing-resistant features.


It is essential to have the best retractable cord reel for use in your workshop or garage. It helps you extend your tools’ range and allows you to use your multiple devices in one outlet.

Whether you need an extension cord reel 200 ft or 20 ft, you should consider the current rating of the tools you want to use and your outlet voltage when finding the best extension cord reel. It is vital because not all extension cords can be used for both 120 and 240-volt outlets.

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