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The Best Floor Cord Covers

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best floor cord covers

Having long, flowing, and dangling cords around your home is not only an eyesore and annoying to deal with, but it is also dangerous if left unattended. Unmanaged floor cables can trip unsuspecting guests, detach cord connections, and wear out the protective insulation of the wires themselves.

Thus, as responsible homeowners, it is in the best of our interests to keep our own abode’s cords to be well managed and organized.

But with the number of cable cord covers available in the market, knowing which among them is the best floor cord cover can be an arduous task. Several key factors must be considered, such as the sturdiness of the cord covers, their ability to blend seamlessly into the background, and the flexibility of their covers.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

C2G CDI-5 Cord Protector


Length 5 ft
Width 2.5″
Material Rubber

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

D-Line Floor Cord Cover


Length 6 ft
Width 2.37″
Material PVC

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Cordinate Floor Cord Cover


Length 6 ft
Width 2.5″
Material PVC

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Best Floor Cord Cover Reviews

1. C2G CDI-5 Cord Protector

This sleek cord protector is made of rubber – an ideal material to use for floor wire covers. Its color can fit seamlessly into the backdrop, as the color choices are diverse, including black, brown, ivory, and gray.

This cover promotes ease in installation. In truth, you can use scissors or knives to tailor its length. Likewise, it also comes with a pre-installed sticky adhesive tape at its underbelly to provide buyers with a hassle-free fitting application.

Moreover, you shouldn’t have trouble inserting your appliances’ cables into the cover itself. Regarding its dimensions, this over floor cord cover is 2.5 inches in width, with a 0.5-inch cord opening, and a height of 0.45 inches. Simply speaking, the cord cover can accommodate almost all standard household wires.

This floor cover is also compatible with Roomba vacuum cleaners, so the cord protector shouldn’t hamper the robot device’s cleaning operations.

Now, what I like about this product is that it’s capable of heavy usage. It could support heavy appliances, a testament to how the manufacturers certified the product for industrial use.

However, I’m not particularly fond of the product’s flexibility. But given the sturdiness of this cord protector, I presuppose that’s its main drawback — its non-malleability.
  • A sleek cord protector comes in black, brown, ivory, and gray
  • Comes with a pre-installed sticky adhesive tape
  • Can be tailored using scissorso knives
  • Standard cord dimensions easily fits through the cord protector
  • Compatible with Roomba vacuum cleaners
  • Handles heavy appliances, ideal for industrial use
  • Not impressive flexibility
All in all, these cable covers for floors are worth every penny. Their sturdiness, toughness, and firmness makes them an excellent choice for people looking for an affordable yet resilient floor cover.

2. D-Line Floor Cord Cover

With a high-quality build, this power cord floor cover can prevent the outdoor environment from damaging and wearing away the cable insulation. I whole-heartedly recommend this product if you’re looking for a reliable cable protector.

D-Line’s floor cord cover is made from PVC – a synthetic plastic polymer material that is tough and solid. Likewise, this cord cover aptly gets the job done, mitigating the risks of tripping and tugging the wires in busy places such as offices. Moreover, I like this cable protector because it has a non-slip base, securing the cord and the cover from moving.

Additionally, the product is flexible and malleable, courtesy of the PVC material used in manufacturing this floor cover. Certainly, you shouldn’t have any trouble installing and placing the cover itself on the ground.

Furthermore, if you’re concerned about the aesthetic of the cord cover, then don’t fret! The cable protector itself has a lowkey-build, capable of perfectly blending with its surroundings. Plus, the cord cover also comes in multiple colors: grey, beige, and black. With that, you can conceal those pesky cords lying around your home.

However, my only qualm with this cord protector is that it can only hold a limited number of cables. But aside from that, this product is top-notch when it comes to its build quality and flexibility.
  • Strong and robust cord made of PVC
  • Mitigates damage to the cords tripping and tugging
  • Has a non-slip base, securing the cord and the cover from moving
  • Flexible and easily malleable
  • The cable protector itself has a lowkey-build with multiple color variants
  • Can only hold a limited number of cables
All things considered, this cable protector is a great product that could perform its duty diligently. I recommend this product to people looking for a sleek and top-of-the-line extension cord floor cover.

3. Cordinate Floor Cord Cover

I love the safety detail designs of the Cordinate’s cord strip cover. For instance, the manufacturers construct the cord cover with a tapered structure.

Constructed with PVC material, this low-profile cable cover is durable and sturdy. Built with resilient substances, you can expect the best from this cord protector. Plus, its seamless design and sturdiness of the cord cover combine the aesthetic and functionality into one product.

Additionally, the cord protector also comes with a free underbelly double-sided tape. While we’re at it, let me tell you that installing this product is also a breeze. I don’t expect that you’ll have any trouble fitting this cord protector into any position.

To let it uncurl, just settle the cord cover in hot water, making the rubber material flexible and easily malleable.

The product offers two length offerings: a 6 feet and 10 feet long cord protector. Just in case you find the length of the cord cover to be too long, cut it for a better fit. Likewise, its underbelly comes with a pre-slit. So you could seamlessly install the cover on top of the wires without disconnecting them.

With that being said, there’s one feature lacking with this product. It’s that we should not use the cord protector under a rug carpet.
  • Constructed with a tapered structure
  • The cable cover is durable and sturdy
  • Combines the aesthetic and functionality into one product
  • Comes with a double-sided tape
  • Flexible and malleable after settled in hot water
  • Comes with a pre-slit
  • Should not be used under a rug carpet
All in all, this cable cover is one of the best in the market, the versatility and upside it provides make it a worthy bang for the buck product.

4. Wiremold Floor Cord Management

You can opt for this floor cable cover to correctly and tidily hide unwanted scattered wires around your house.

As most home accidents are often attributed to wires and cables, having a trusty cord cover like Wiremold’s floor cord management kit can help prevent untoward accidents and mishaps. Due to its pressure sensitivity, this product can be installed on various surfaces without peeling off too soon.

Moreover, the sleek and elegant design of this cord cover can blend onto different floors. You can pick either the black, brown, ivory or grey colorway, such color options make this product perfect for households with a natural flooring palette. Additionally, the smooth design allows it to blend and conform to any flooring surface seamlessly.

You can easily manage your cords and wires with this versatile floor cover. With a cord dimension of 2.5 inches large, 7 inches high, and 0.45 inches wide—the floor protector could accommodate several standard cables.

However, you may find the installation process of this rubber protector to be quite handy. As the product is made with tough and durable rubber, flexing and flattening it may require some effort. Indeed, the toughness of the rubber proves how effective the product is in keeping your cables safe.

  • Tidily hide unwanted scattered wires
  • Compatible with various flooring surfaces
  • Creates an even, flat, and trip-free surface
  • Comes in black, brown, ivory, or grey for natural flooring palette
  • Can accommodate several standard cables
  • Might require strength to flexing and flattening it while installing
Overall, this is an excellent floor cord cover for your offices, houses, or factories. Considerably elegant, this cord cover is alluring for buyers seeking aesthetic products.

5. X-Protector Overfloor Cord Protector

The high-quality floor cable concealer from X-Protector doesn’t disappoint. It is a five-star worthy product when it comes to excellent functions and brand service.

The materials used in manufacturing this cord cover is BPA-free silicone. The upside for silicone material is that it doesn’t curl that much compared to rubber. Because of this, installing the cord cover won’t be much of a drag. You don’t need to submerge the cord cover under hot water for it to straighten out.

Furthermore, the product comes with a pre-applied sticky adhesive. Thus, applying and installing this cover won’t be a hassle. In case you need to segment the cover across the floor, you can simply customize its length, which measures 5 feet.

Additionally, this product is perfect for any surface. You shouldn’t face any trouble applying this cord cover to uneven floorings, as the sticky adhesive tape and rigid material used in constructing the product allows it to be versatile.

On the other hand, I found the lack of a color variety option a bit disappointing. It comes with only a black and transparent colorway. Nevertheless, this little oversight didn’t dissuade me from including this all-rounder cord cover in the list of the best floor cord covers available.
  • BPA-free silicone doesn’t curl
  • No need to submerge the cord cover under hot water to straighten out
  • Comes with pre-applied sticky adhesive
  • Applying and installing this cover won’t be a hassle
  • Cord cover can easily be customized
  • Perfect for any surfaces
  • Comes with only a black and transparent colorway
For the most part, this affordable and flexible cord cover is commendable for its capability to withstand the external environment. I wholly recommend this product as it’s worth your expense.

6. Yecaye Floor Cable Cover

If you’re looking for an affordable and durable cable cover for floors, check out this cord protector from Yecaye. They are solid protectors that provide a safer and neater space for your houses and offices.

This floor cord cover uses a PVC material for its construction, shielding inner content from external hazards. Also, this durable cover can be reused multiple times.

Employing a three-pronged style cable cover, it can house multiple standard household cords. Due to the low-profile design of the cable protector, safety is guaranteed. This cord concealer helps reduce the risk of tripping on scattered wires.

And with round eyelets, inserting cords wouldn’t be a hassle. Also, the cord cover’s packaged as five separate pieces, instead of the usual rolled packaging, this stark difference in packaging is what separates this durable cord protector from other second-rated cable covers.

However, the only drawback is that you would need to disconnect the wires installed by this product. Aside from that, the rest of the floor cord cover’s offering is sound and practical.
  • PVC construction for protection against external hazards
  • Reusable product with excellent durability
  • Features three-pronged style cable cover to house standard household cords
  • Reduces the risk of tripping on scattered wires
  • Packs as five separate pieces for quick installation
  • Needs to disconnect the wires installed by this product
At this price point, this wire cover is ideal to install around your houses to protect wires and improve your living and working space.

7. Electriduct D-2 Rubber Duct Cord Cover

A notable wire cover included in this list, Electriduct’s rubber floor cable protector, is another product that piqued my interest.

This product comes with varying segmented lengths of 10 feet, 20 feet, 15 feet, etc. The manufacturer’s decision to produce several length options for the product is commendable, as applying and installing floor cord covers is often on a case by case basis.

Moreover, I love that the product allows for universal installation without the need to disconnect cords. With pre-made wire slits, you shouldn’t have any difficulty positioning this cord cover over connected wires.

Besides, the floor cable protector is made with high-quality rubber, protecting the cords and wires. With such attention to detail to the material used, you can expect top-notch wire security and safety.

However, the only thing that I noticed about this product is some discolorations on the cord protector. When asked, the manufacturers stated that rubber materials are often subjected to multiple processes that create a “bloom” effect on the rubber. Nevertheless, they assured me that the discolorations would fade in due time.
  • Comes with varying segmented lengths
  • Allows for universal installation without disconnecting cords
  • Made with pre-cut wire slits
  • Made with high-quality rubber
  • Top-notch wire security and safety
  • Some discolorations along the cord protector
All in all, this cord protector is a great product that can take care of your cords and wires in a harsh environment.

8. Protech Heavy Duty Cable Protector

This wire cover for floors is among the best there is in the market. Made with attention to detail, this floor cord cover ensures that your cords will be safely and properly stored and out of harm’s way.

What I love about this cord protector is its high-quality PVC material. This sturdy product can withstand forces that would otherwise destroy and disconnect linked cables. Likewise, this cord cover is also effective in creating smooth, trip-free zones, thanks to the sleek and streamlined design of the product.

Notably, its large and deep channels can store up to five standard power wires or then ethernet cords. Its three tracks are made of different sizes yet sufficient for a huge electric system in offices and factories.

Furthermore, installation is a breeze with this product since it is easy to unroll and lay flat. The product doesn’t need to be submerged in hot water to be straightened out, you do not need to suffer from headaches because of the plastic smell often found in cheap products.

You’re constrained to the color design of bright yellow streaks running across the cord cover’s main black color, this specific design is for high-visibility. Other than that, there are not many color options for this product.
  • Withstands forces that might otherwise destroy and disconnect linked cables
  • Comes with large and deep channels to store multiple cords
  • Useful in creating smooth and trip-free zones
  • Easy to unroll and lay flat without submerging in hot water
  • No plastic smell when unpacked
  • Lacks any other colorway
Despite the lack of other color options, I recommend this product to people looking for a practical and functional cord cover.

9. Eapele Cable Protector Cord Cover

This floor cord cover from Eapele caught my attention while I was searching for the best floor cable protector.

This product is available for heavy and outdoor use due to its PVC material. For instance, the thick rubber can handle stupendous physical loads. The cord protector can handle being rolled over by cars and other heavy machinery.

You will also find it easy to tailor the length of this cord cover using a knife or scissors. Once it lays flat and fits perfectly into the intended space, it will not curl or roll. This feature results in neat and tidy arrangements of wires for a prolonged time.

With its deep and large channels, you can route at least five standard-sized cables along the length of the cable cover. Plus, three yellow streaks running the cable cover length to ensure high-visibility.

Though, I did notice that the product’s length option pales in comparison to other products in this list. With only a 4 feet and 6.5 feet option, the consumers are limited to only two choices. Regardless, the cable protector can easily be modified, as the product is pliable and flexible.
  • Made for heavy-use and outdoor use
  • Strong material for handling stupendous physical loads
  • Easy to tailor, and stays put without curling
  • Comes with deep and large channels to hold 5 standard-sized cables
  • Yellow streaks ensures high-visibility
  • Consumers are limited to only two length choices
Taking these into consideration, this cable protector is perfect for all uses. I recommend this product for those looking for a tough cord protector without compromising the number of cables that can fit through the product.

10. Stageek Floor Cord Protector

If you’re looking for yet another heavy-duty floor wire cover, you’re in luck. Stageek’s floor cable cover is an excellent product that gets the job done.

Durable and sturdy, this is how I would describe this product. Built with PVC material, this floor cable protector is perfect for setting-up smooth and trip-free zones around your property.

For instance, the captivating safety color of yellow streaks accentuates the visibility of the cord cover. Also, the product features a non-slip texture to prevent the whole set from sliding.

As it is made with PVC material instead, unfurling and setting this cord protector is easy. While you may still need to use some amount of heat to set it down, installing this wire cover shouldn’t be much of a hassle than rubber floor cable protectors.

Likewise, the cable protector can be set-up virtually everywhere, as it is made with durable and strong materials. Whether you plan on using it in a gym, workplace, or even your home, this product is sure to take care of your wires and cords against damage.

However, the product sometimes does not lay flat as intended, don’t fret if this happens to you. Instead, you can let the cable protector simmer down in heat to relax the cord cover again.
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Perfect for setting-up smooth and trip-free zones around your property
  • Yellow streaks accentuate the visibility of the cord cover
  • Unfurling and setting this cord protector is a breeze
  • Can be set-up on various floors
  • The product sometimes does not lay flat
With that being said, this product still remains as one of the top-rated floor cord covers that aptly performs a great job in doing its intended purpose—keeping your cords safe.

11. AGPTEK Floor Cable Cover

AGPTEK’s cable cover is among the best there is in the market. If you’re looking for a product that can help you in your floor cable management, then this cable protector is for you.

As expected, this low-profile, sleek, yet rigid cable protector is constructed out of PVC material. This cover is odorless, unlike some rubber cable protectors that carry a slight tinge of factory smell.

Most importantly, it proves to be safe and non-toxic, posing no hazard when used around the house with small kids.

Moreover, the cord protector is highly visible, thanks to the safety colors applied to the product. In truth, such bright yellow streaks aid in creating a safer trip-free zone around your property.

As it is also made from PVC material, setting and installing this product will be hassle-free. Unlike its rubber counterparts, this cord protector can be quickly settled down and installed.

Additionally, the dimensions of the product itself are accommodating of any cords. Coming in at 6.5 feet long and with a width of 3.27 inches, any reasonable standard-sized cables are sure to fit through.

However, I did notice that this cable cover doesn’t come with a pre-applied adhesive tape.
  • Sleek, yet tough cable protector is made of PVC material
  • Odorless, safe, and non-toxic cable cover
  • Highly visible with yellow lines
  • Can be easily settled down and installed
  • Its dimensions are accommodating of multiple cors
  • Doesn’t come with a pre-applied adhesive tape
This is a cable protector that you can trust. It is of excellent use, from securing your cords from damage to creating trip-free safe zones around your property.

12. Cable Raceways Floor Cord Protector

Closing this list is a vintage and beautiful cord protector from Tenkful. This decorous floor cable concealer is guaranteed to be among the most elegant available in the market.

Now, what I love about this product is its refined and sophisticated color design. Employing a wood-like colorway, this cable protector offers three wood grain color options: cherry, snow-white, and regular wood pigments. Essentially, this cable protector is a perfect choice for indoor, office-type properties.

Also, its tough and durable PVC construction can offer ultimate production. Plus, unlike a rubber floor cable protector, this product can be easily laid down and installed. Moreover, It’s capable of withstanding load forces up to 120 pounds, proof of how incredibly sturdy this cable protector is.

I also like that this product has three separate length options. Providing with a diverse range of length offerings, you can choose from small, medium, and large, depending on your needs.

However, my only qualm with this product is that inserting wires and cables into the protector can take some time. Essential, you must first pry open the underside of the concealer before you can place the wires in place.
  • Has a refined and sophisticated color design
  • Perfect for indoor, office-type properties
  • Made from tough and durable PVC material
  • Capable of withstanding load forces up to 120 pounds
  • Has three separate length options
  • Inserting wires and cables into the protector takes some time
Overall, this is a great product that can confidently safeguard your wires and covers from damage.

What to Look for When Buying Floor Cord Covers


Consider these essential points before buying a floor cord cover for your property. Picking the utmost appropriate cable protection for your home will significantly aid your abode’s safety and management.


This is one of the essential components you should consider when buying a floor cord cover. Essentially, a flexible cord protector allows for pliability and angled installations.

Cord Capacity

Yet another critical factor to consider. Before buying a cord protector, carefully deliberate first on what cords will be installed with a cover and whatnot. Likewise, properly identifying the cord’s width and length will prevent you from making mistakes in the installation process.

Material Used

You should know if the product is made of PVC, Silicone, or rubbe. In detail, certain materials react differently to varying environmental factors (temperature, aridness, wetness).


While colors may often be relegated to aesthetic purposes, considering the color of the cord you’ll buy is important. For instance, cord covers installed for industrial use must be painted with colors that are reflectable and highly visible.

In contrast, cable covers that will be used for homes must conform to the design philosophy and fit in with the features of the property. Thus, choosing the right pattern and color of the covers is the answer to how to hide electrical cords on hardwood floors.

How Do You Cover Electrical Cords on Floor


Covering electrical cords can be an arduous task if you don’t have a single clue as to what you’re doing.

Moving on, covering electrical cords can be done by availing a floor cord protector—a tool that conceals, hides, and protects cords from damage and wear. To cover them, you must carefully refer to the installation guide that comes along with the product.

Make sure to see the underside of your electrical cord floor covers to check whether they come with a pre-slit or not. Moreover, do also check whether the cord allows for easy installation or not.

How Do I Prevent People from Tripping on Electrical Cords

Haphazardly scattered cables, wires, and cords are utterly dangerous, as people can trip on them. The elderly, children and unsuspecting persons can fall victim to cords lying around, creating an accident. To mitigate this trip-related accident risk, install a cord cover/protector and cable raceways.

Where Can I Buy Floor Cord Covers

You can buy floor cord covers at almost every store. However, just because you can buy them virtually anywhere doesn’t mean that you buy the first cord you see. For instance, you can buy some of the most trusted cord cover brands at Home Depot and Walmart.


Picking the best floor cord cover for your property can be a daunting undertaking. By and large, with this guide, I hope that you’d figure out what’s the appropriate and right product for your home and property.

For the most part, do always remember that dangling and haphazardly scattered wires are a trip hazard and must be mitigated. To alleviate this risk, buy and install the right floor cord cover for your building.

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