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The Best Heat Guns for Electronics

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best heat gun for electronics

As non-tech-savvy, we are going through managing wires and printed circuit boards can be exhausting. Hairdryers have not enough power to give the desired intensity, while torches or direct flames are too much.

On the other hand, the best heat gun for electronics can save the day. Cooperating with the user’s needs, they’re not complicated tools to use. So if you ever felt the need to heat something without lighting it on fire, you should acquire one.

Finding the best ones in the market should have the following features:

  • Power: Heat guns, of course, use energy to create heat and to create heat, it needs to meet a high wattage requirement. Porter-Cable PC1500HG Heat Gun, for example, consumes 1500 watts which is what you want for a smoldering performance.
  • Temperature Adjustments: Usual models have 2 or 3 fixed temperature settings. Temperature adjustments enable the user to have precise heat that should match the applying material. You would want to have the dual-temperature adjustment, but the temperature dial can provide more heat accuracy.
  • Accessories and Attachments: The different types of nozzles, scraping tools, electronic tools that go along with the heat gun itself can treat the user with a more effortless experience. You should get the one that provides the most helping tools like Toolour 858D Soldering Hot Air.

Although these features are essential to learning, there are more tips in the “buying guide” section to follow before buying your heat gun. A wide variety of choices with their respective specifications were also listed here, so stay sharp as you remove your hesitations away after reading this techy-friendly article.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

 SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W


Power 1800 W
Temp Range 122 – 1202°F
Cord Length 5.25 ft

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Wagner Spraytech 2417344


Power 1200 W
Temp Range 750 – 1000°F
Cord Length 6ft

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Chandler Tool CTHG-B


Power 300 W
Temp Range 392 – 572°F
Cord Length 5 ft

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Best Heat Gun for Electronics Reviews

1. SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W

Unlike any other dual-temperature heat guns, this product gave importance to providing a variable temp control. At a max temperature setting, it’ll take just a few seconds to achieve extreme heat. Although I use this for certain heavy-duty circumstances, there’s an overload protector to avoid damage in the circuits or the heat gun itself.

I think it is practical for garage use and a must-have for the toolbox. It can shrink PVC wraps on wires and speed up the job of bending plastic pipes. The kit contains four nozzle attachments that make this precision heat gun hit only the necessary parts of my working area.

The handle is scientifically ergonomic because of its shape that authorizes free movement for a long duration of use, preventing strain injuries. It is pleasant to use because it has a balanced weight even though it’s big.

It is an advantage on my part because it’s a pretty inexpensive purchase for a basic model. Others can’t even provide the bare minimum, yet they’re still pricey. It can reach up to 1202˚ F, safety features, and adjustable temperature, so it is gainful.

However, I’m not that comfortable with the turn dial having no heat indicator to say how hot the heat gun is already. Aside from that, I can still achieve my desired effects.
  • Dual-temperature reaching 1202˚ F with a variable thermal control
  • Heats up just within a few seconds
  • Prevents damage with its overload protector
  • Four available nozzle attachments provide precision
  • Scientific ergonomic for its handle and weight distribution
  • The turn dial doesn’t have a temperature reading
All in all, this is an excellent discovery for people like me who hope for quality heat guns that prioritize safety measures. It is very reliable, knowing that it won’t overload while using it daily.

2. Wagner Spraytech 2417344 Heat Gun

The Wagner Spraytech heat gun is ideal for house and garage project maintenance. The two temperature settings, which are 750˚ F and 1000˚ F, allowed me to use it on different surfaces depending on how hot the material demands.

There are three nozzles to choose from depending on the use. If I need to apply a small section, I use the concentrator. If I’m onto broad areas, I use a flare nozzle, and in case of protecting delicate surfaces from burning, there’s an edge protector.

What’s likable about this design is that it has a heavy-duty and non-corrosive nozzle. It is also lightweight, so even if I’m working on something for a long time, it won’t be strenuous.

Notably, when I need two hands to operate, there’s an integrated stand for safety. This product is ideal when we need to handle work without help. Besides, any errors on the kit will be covered for 2 years after the purchase, giving me peace of mind when trying it for the first time.

On the flip side, I have trouble getting the power cord off the heat gun itself. It is a bother because I can’t put it back in the box freely, but it doesn’t affect its overall performance.
  • Different temp (750˚ F, 1000˚ F) settings allow other heating surfaces
  • There are individual nozzles for surface compatibility
  • Heavy-duty but lightweight design
  • Corrosive-resistant nozzle for more prolonged use
  • Allows hands-free operation because of the stand
  • Covers 2-year warranty for the machine errors
  • The power cord doesn’t detach from the heat gun easily
Overall, this is an electronic heat gun that can solder materials precisely because of the three special detachable nozzles. It is a product that gets the job done quickly for an affordable price.

3. Chandler Tool CTHG-B Heat Gun

This tool contains what I was looking for: a small-sized heat gun. It has the power of a regular “gun-style” heater but without the gun shape aspect. It produces hot air, but it doesn’t get too hot to hold.

The compact size makes it sturdy. The body is nothing to get worried about because it is insulated. The stand and the nozzle safety shield also protect me from getting myself hurt or unintentionally burn off surfaces.

Furthermore, we can hold and utilize the device with ease due to its lightweight and well-balanced design. It causes minimal hand fatigue to me, compared to other products.

Notably, this heat gun for shrink tubing doesn’t create holes or damage the tube even though the heat is immense. The fan installed in this machine does not make a loud noise, so my workplace is not stressful. The power cord is extra long so that I can drag it across the room freely.

Its quality is certified by the Underwriters Laboratories, proving it a well-made and safe product for use.

However, there’s a little bit of smoke it emits after a long work session. I expect that to happen, though, because high-speeding it for hours strains the product. Other than that, it doesn’t show any signs of hazards.
  • Powers up just like the “gun-style” heat guns
  • Sturdy and insulated body for safekeeping
  • Lightweight and well-balanced for easy use
  • Does not damage the plastic when used for shrink wrappings
  • No loud noise that creates a stressful working environment
  • Extra-long cord for free-roaming in a workspace
  • A UL-certified heat gun for high-quality assurance
  • Hardcore usage may result in effusing of smoke
To summarize, this heat gun is an excellent investment for its lightness, sturdiness, multifunctionality, and not cheaply-made components.

4. Wagner Spraytech 0503038 Heat Gun

Small heat guns aren’t usually fit for versatile use. This product, on the other hand, has features that are fit for numerous applications. To my surprise, hobbies like crafting and workshops won’t make this heat gun have issues like overheating or melting after long-period usage.

The high and low-temperature settings are available despite the size. In detail, its low temperature reaches 450°F, while the dual high temp is up to 680°F.

I always look out for how much watts I need to use on a particular surface, but either way, it heats up fast, even at its lowest temp.

The angled design provides an excellent fit and feels on the palm of my hands every time I’m working on a project. I can use it in either pen grip, palm grip, or hands-free position. For hands-free, there’s a retractable metal stand to hold the heat gun in an upright position.

It has been a worth-it small heat gun for electronics so far for hard-to-reach exteriors. The narrow nozzle enables it to concentrate on tight spaces or small, focused heat utilizations. I’m satisfied with how much abuse it can take.

This heat gun has been pricier than other heat tools, but the additional cost is acceptable for its experience. Cheaper versions might not give the same effect as this heat gun.
  • For different hobbies because of the dual-temp settings (from 450°F to 680°F)
  • Rapidly heats up even at a low-setting
  • Pen grip, palm grip, or hands-free with retractable metal stand to hold it
  • Helpful for reaching tight spaces
  • Takes an amount of abuse but still works fine
  • Pricey compared to cheap heat guns
As far as I can tell, it was a worth-it purchase that performs as an excellent tool for projects that demand heat. Few heat spurts on the desired area can do the trick without a hassle.

5. Homidic MF300 Mini Heat Gun

Getting the desirable heat for specific materials can be pretty tricky. It is good to have a heat gun scorching hot, but all of that heat will go to waste if it is too much. This portable heat gun, however, has a moderate warmth for light-purpose heating.

An inexpensive heat gun for electronics like this made it easy for me to direct on a specified area without harming other parts. For example, the faulty screen of my tablet always needs maintenance, so the right amount of heat from this tool won’t accidentally worsen its situation. Plug it, turn it on, and heat it; it gets the job done.

I’m grateful that this comes in with a long cord of 6,65 feet that’s very extensive in the cooking area.

Internal heating is prominent to this product, but the vents help release heat so that the heat itself won’t wear down delicate parts inside.

Also, the nozzle gets hot as expected, but the metal stand and plastic protector assists the work. Thus, the product life of this fun is extended. Other features such as the construction of stainless steel and ABS plastic result in excellent durability.

The only downside I’ve observed was the overheating after a ten-minute simultaneous use. It cools quickly, though, after giving it enough time to rest. Then, the product is ready to go again after lowering its temperature.
  • Moderate warmth for purposive heating
  • Focuses on one spot and harmless to other surface areas
  • Using mechanics is easy that swiftly does the job
  • Extensive cord (6.56 feet) for further reach
  • Includes safety features to avoid burning and fire hazards
  • Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic for durability
  • Using it continuously without rest causes overheat
As a whole, this heat gun has a general- purpose for the house. The soldering strength can fix parts of a device without worsening the electronics by accidentally burning them.

6. ZeopoCase 0W3 Mini Heat Gun

In case of traveling and emergency purposes, a mini heat gun works best. It is convenient to bring along this kind of heat gun due to its small and pen-like shape. The lightweight and simple structure are perfect for portability and outdoors.

I am amazed by how this product reaches hundreds of degrees seconds after I turn it on. It’s been a while since I’ve started using this for a laptop repair job, and it smolders all small circuits nicely.

It is a single-temperature heat gun that has a maximum heat of 390˚F. It has limitations, considering that it is a “mini” heat gun, but it still works effectively, just like the other brands out there.

It doesn’t slip on my hand because of the non-skid pattern on the handle. Other than that, it has a replaceable plastic tip that serves as a protection from accidents like getting my skin burned by the metal funnel inside.

One thing I don’t like about this product is the duration of time it takes to cool down until I can use it again. It gets too hot sometimes but giving it a rest will fix the problem for sure.
  • Travel-friendly heat gun that’s convenient for outdoor purposes
  • Gets to its maximum temperature (390˚F) rapidly
  • Non-skid design on the handle for safe holding
  • A replaceable plastic tip that protects skin from the scorching
  • Takes time to cool down before using it again
Altogether, this handy product is easy to bring wherever I need it. It doesn’t take time to learn how to use this, allowing itself to sit on my hand safely—a straightforward design for necessities.

7. ABUNRO MF300 Portable Hot Gun

This product is another type of small version heat gun that can transport anywhere and heats DIY projects instantly. It is part of the group of mini heat guns that has a dual setting to expand its versatility.

There’s a unique feature that separates this device from the rest. Whenever there’s an abnormal rise of heat due to continuous use, installed temperature control in the settings automatically shuts off the current. This attribute is a big help to avoid dangerous situations such as combustion and melting.

Besides, its temperature supports the dual-mode from 392°F to 572°F. This range of temperatures suffices embossing, PVC wrapping, clay drying, and more tasks.

Nevertheless, I’ve been using this as my electronics heat gun for a while now. It is not practical to spend much money on a bit of heat gun service, so this has been very conventional on my part. It heats thoroughly the substance that I wish to manipulate at a 3 to 5-centimeter distance and 45-degree titling.

This material is ABS plastic, so the heat from the inside does not transfer to my hands. On the flip side, the heat dissipates safely through the heat sink and subsequently cools in under a minute.

This product is perfect for quick drying and shrinks wrappings, but the heat power seems a bit lacking. I’m hoping for hotter emissions so I can melt solders from joints too.
  • Transportable for heating anywhere
  • Versatile use because of the 2-temp settings (392°F to 572°F)
  • Unique safety feature that shuts off power when overheating
  • Made with heat-resistant ABS plastic
  • Easy use at 3 to 5-centimeter distance and 45-degree titling
  • Heat dissipation is convenient for the hands.
  • Melting solders can be a problem for the power
To summarize, the service of this heat gun is a guarantee for non-fancy heating executions. I love that the reasonable price matches its plainness and manageability.

8. NEX 6T11 Hot Air Gun

Do-It-Yourself projects can be stressful sometimes. This small heating machine has a light mass plus a bright white color to reduce the tension when working on a deadline. I was so satisfied with how quickly I finished my job within 6-8 minutes of work time.

Bulb voltage of 110V will make this up and running. It covers shrinking bands without damaging the content of the package. It doesn’t get super-hot, unlike heat guns that burn. So whenever there’s a need for house-to-house maintenance, this product can handle it.

I like this because the heat I want is enough to dry whatever product I am using swiftly. The high temperature in these dual settings is hotter than usual brands, which almost reached a high temperature (390°F) mark. It is made of ABS plastic exterior that doesn’t absorb heat from the stainless steel interior.

Facing the actual risk of melting electronics is not a problem, so it’s good as a heat gun for electronics repair. Also, the fan of this heat cannon does not make the same loud noise as the typical hair blowers.

On the flip side, I can only complain about how short the power cord was (39 inches). It doesn’t affect the overall performance, but for wide spaces, it cuts fast.
  • Lightweight and bright white color for a less stressful environment
  • Covers shrink wrappings and electronics repair
  • The highest temperature (390°F) can’t damage contents
  • Consumes less bulb voltage (110V)
  • Less disturbing loud noise for optimal use
  • Higher temperature (390°F) than usual pen-grip heat guns
  • Short-reach power cord (39 inches) for wide spaces
Overall, this portable mini hut gun is a lifesaving tool for my DIY business and workshops—the highest temperature speed for a vital matter like metals and the lowest for elaborated tasks.

9. Toolour 858D Soldering Hot Air Rework

Hot-air workstations are great for extreme work on soldering and desoldering electronic components. This one has the complete instruments for my job on repairing and maintenance of printed circuit working boards. Compared to other heat guns I’ve bought, this one provides the precision needed for electronics complexities.

I can manage the heat at eight different speeds. As a technician, I love tools like integrated circuits extractor, anti-static tweezers, desoldering pump, wire plier, and a screwdriver. There are also three narrow-sized air nozzles that I’ve used to change the charger port of a gaming gadget with a tiny circuit board.

There’s a temperature memory installed in the machine to go back to the temperature I’ve left off easily, plus the LED screen displays the station’s work state. The heat on the nozzle automatically disperses even if I did not turn off the black box power source.

Surface Mounted Device or SMD components are usually hot-sensitive, but this soldering heat gun blows soft air that avoids damage. I think the fan inside is a brushless motor which explains the mild air and less vibrating noise.

However, the instruction manual is somehow hard to understand though it is not a big deal. The hot air station itself is pretty self-explanatory enough, so it was still manageable without the manual.
  • Comes along with complete materials for complex electronics
  • Eight different temperature speed settings
  • Narrow-sized nozzles for tight airflow
  • Temp memory and LED display for keeping work state condition
  • Heat automatically disappears
  • Blows hot soft air, so the heat is not aggravating
  • Minor problem on understanding the construction manual
Altogether I must say that this heat gun for cellphone repair is a valuable combo station for steady or fast-paced working.

10. Genesis GHG1500A Heat Gun Kit

Typical weekends are the days I spent most of the time doing Printed Circuit Board jobs in the house. I’m usually using the mini heat guns as a heat-and-go tool, but this “gun style” heat gun fan bursts out strong.

Its motor has a power of 12.5 amplitude that can alternate the maximum difference of its dual electrical current settings. The minimal heat (750 watts) can speed up gradually into its topmost heat (1500 watts).

The three nozzle connectors are impressive to use. It is a heat gun for desoldering with the help of the deflector nozzle. Air reduction nozzle focuses on complicated SMD components. I use the reflector nozzle to prevent other electrical wires from heating up when doing shrink tube wraps.

A pound for the weight is pretty light (1lb) as a heat gun for phone repairs. It is not too straining when fixing printers throughout the summer or scraping laptop parts in cold weather. I can approve the durability, too, for almost three years of operations.

Nonetheless, I think this heat gun would be better if they put a built-in stand, so I can keep the nozzle away from burning my table even after use. It gets scorching for a while, so it becomes a problem for storage.
  • Helps fix complicated PCBs
  • 5-amp motor that jumps from two different temperature settings
  • Nozzle connectors work well in desoldering
  • Great price for the available items
  • Suitable for phone repairs despite the massive size
  • Pretty light (1 lb) compared to its size
  • It can’t stand in an upright position
On top of all, weekend chores can be satisfying because of the ultra-heat this heater emits. This heat gun improves electronic problems in a brief moment.

11. DeWALT D26960K Heat Gun

The characteristics of a hot air rework station are compact with this hand-held heat gun. The LCD indicators display upon the back, so it won’t be hard to align the temperature dial to the current temperature of the heat gun.

It lets me adjust the temperature freely within a 50-degree discrete increase. I found the digital thermoregulator very neat, and I see that it prevents most heat gun accidents like burning because it has a protection from overloading.

After occasionally scrolling on Reddit, I found mine and saw that it has complete nozzle attachments and different shapes of scrapers.

Because of the comfy handle, it does not slip from my hand even after several hours of use. The power cord doesn’t appear cheap, and even after the times pulling, it doesn’t get separated away from its housing. It is also stable and keeps its balance when positioned vertically on a tabletop.

Anyhow, I’ve had hesitations before placing an order on this because it is not cheap for a heat gun. This tool is the priciest product on this list so far, but it is a durable heat tool to bring anywhere, so it is well worth the money.
  • Hot-air rework station plus heat gun all in one
  • LCD digital heat regulator allows adjustments within 50°
  • Protects from heat overloading
  • With all the proper attachments, it gets the job done
  • Comfort grip handle for several hours of use
  • The cord is not from cheap materials, so no tearing off problems
  • A bit high-priced compared to other heat guns
In summary, it is a worthwhile high-end product for all the features stated above. In addition to detail, the hardshell case is an excellent attribute that gathers the components and the heat gun in one vessel.

12. PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG Heat Gun

For expert technical services, this heat gun tool delivers high- heat from its 1500-watt power source. There are two combined ways to manage the airflow and fan speed: the turn dial and the 3-way click adjuster.

The temperature turn dial works for adapting different fan speeds on its respective dual-temperature settings. In a fan setting, one, the lowest, has a range of 120-900 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the fan setting two allows the highest temperature range of 130˚F to 1150˚F.

Because the heat is overpowering, it is highly recommended to use the lowest speed from the 2-speed selector. The lowest fan speed (120˚F-900˚F) is enough for several electronic purposes. The polyolefin tubing activates at the heat of 195˚F, so I expect that other plastics can bend at low-speed temperature as well.

I like how long the power cord (6 feet) was for added flexibility around the room. Seeing that it has a rugged texture and solid build, this is a gadget that won’t stop working once it hits the ground. To prevent that from happening, though, I use its hanging hook for storage.

However, I was hoping for nozzle attachments to come along with this apparatus, but I need to buy them separately. Once that’s taken care of, this product can be a good heat gun for soldering also.
  • 1500-watt power high heat (1150 ˚F)
  • The lowest fan speed setting (120˚F-900˚F) is enough for wide use
  • Easily modify circuits in low temp settings
  • Evaporates moistures from any exteriors
  • Long cord (6 feet) to drag free across the room
  • Rugged build that has durability
  • Lacking nozzle attachments for the price
All in all, this product’s heat is guaranteed to do ductile electronics or complicated matters like metal pipes. Again, I would use this with an open window, though plastic with strong-scent chemicals can seriously harm oneself.

What to Look for When Buying Heat Gun for Electronics


Heat guns are simple, easiest to operate, and the cheapest power tools to have around. However, as stated earlier, power, temperature adjustments, and accessories are essential points to consider when buying one. Therefore, it will help keep an eye on these elements, but the best heat guns for electronics should have this extension list to help your heat gun search.

  • Safe to Use

Heating tools are prone to hazards. A lousy heat gun could cause fire, melting, or a short circuit. It is best if you look at the interior quality. Does it have a residual heat indicator? Does it have an automatic thermal cut-out? Is the power cord strong enough to handle the wattage the machine needs?

The heat gun you want should be able to protect you from the heat it possesses. The exterior look won’t matter if it’ll break down on your hands while using it. Choose the ones that could handle loads of heat, shutdowns automatically when overloaded, and indicate the heat residues left in the heat gun.

  • User-Friendly

Ergonomically speaking, a heat gun working in the electronics industry should have everyday use and practical qualifications. A professional or service provider won’t rest his tool in his toolbox for the entirety. Expect that you’ll bring this everywhere, so the heating tool should also be prepared to go anywhere.

It should be versatile to use. When working hands-free, it should be able to stand upright, maintaining its balance. After using it you don’t know where to put it? It should have its container, case, or hanging loop for organized self-keeping.

  • Nozzle Quality

Nozzles play a vital role in heat guns. Most of the heat radiates on the tip, so expect that it will experience a tremendous amount of stress. In addition, it should be made of solid metal so it won’t melt or deform. The same goes with the nozzle attachments. Besides the material quality, the nozzles that come along with the heat gun should have plenty of use.

  • Convertible Airflow

Just like temperature control, airflow adjustments have a speed dial indicating how fast the fan spins. Airflow can be a problem when heating tight spaces, or there are materials nearby that may get in the way of the heat. The heat gun should be convertible in this aspect so that other areas covered won’t inflict damage.

How Hot Does an Electronic Heat Gun Can Get


Usually, heat guns start around 90˚F (32˚C) as the lowest and tops around 1100˚F (593˚C). It depends on the heat gun variety, but high-end models can reach1400˚F (700˚C). However, general use heat guns have a sufficient heat of 750˚F (399 ˚C).

Can I Use a DIY Heat Gun for Electronics

With the proper nozzle attachments, yes, you can use a DIY heat gun for electronics. Electronic works require a narrow nozzle to focus on a specified area, so make sure to use it or else other units will be damaged. The maximum heat of a DIY heat gun can be enough for soldering and desoldering printed circuit board components.

Are Electronic Heat Guns Dangerous

Even though a heat gun seems harmless for the flameless heat it produces, this high-temperature material could still cause fire on flammable materials, crack or melt glasses, and even burn injuries if directed to the skin. Therefore, it is advisable to take precautions, use proper outlets, and keep this tool away from children.

Do Heat Guns for Electronics Have Temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Each heat gun model has its ways of providing temperature readings. Some may use a single mode of temperature, either Celsius or Fahrenheit only. But there are some heat gun models where they put both of these modes for you to choose. So look out for your preferred temperature approach and select the product that will fit in.


Heat guns, for sure, are complicated tools to buy, adjust, and familiarize. When choosing the best heat gun for electronics, you should consider the optimum requirements that the brand offers. Now that you’ve finished reading this article, apply your knowledge to gain a safe and quality heat tool.

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