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The Best Heat Shrink Tubings to Protect Your Wiring

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best heat shrink tubing

I’ve tried to achieve a tidy connection and a well-organized electrical system using electrical tapes and cable ties. However, I find that these are not enough to accomplish the neatness I want. Then I found the Best Heat Shrink Tubing that suits my needs and standards.

At first, I thought that this tubing would be merely used to cover and organize my wiring. But eventually, I realized there’s more to it than that. This is because I came across a heat shrink tubing with sealant, which is a marine-grade product for use underwater. The adhesive included in the heat shrink tubing is designed to melt consistently and provide a waterproof finish.

Now, these are some of the most important considerations I have when choosing a heat shrink tubing:

  • Length and Diameter: When I choose a heat shrink tubing, I must ensure that it will fit the cables I’m working with. I also prefer longer heat shrink tubing because it’s easier to cut them down to size than work with something too short.
  • Quantity: It depends on the project I’m working on, but I prefer to have at least 10% more heat shrink tubing than I expect I would use. That way, even if I make mistakes or lose a couple, I won’t have a problem.
  • Brand: Although buying branded heat shrink tubing isn’t at the top of my considerations, I prefer to stick to brands that I’ve previously worked with and have proven to be effective and long-lasting.

There are other features that I look for, which I’ll discuss later. But for now, these are the top three details I look into.

To share my experience and help you discover the right choice for yourself, I’m listing 12 heat shrink tubings I used before. I will walk through what I liked about each and also touch on some issues that I encountered.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Eventronic Heat Shrink Tubing


Material PP Plastic
No. of Items 560
Ratio 2:1

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Ginsco Heat Shrink Tubing


Material Polyolefin
No. of Items 580
Ratio 2:1

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Milapeak Heat Shrink Tubing


Material Plastic
No. of Items 270
Ratio 3:1

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Best Heat Shrink Tubing Reviews

1. Eventronic Heat Shrink Tubing

Sometimes, it is confusing to work with electrical wiring, especially in cars, where there are numerous cable sizes. The Eventronic Heat Shrink is perfect for that kind of job. This heat shrink tubing provides a durable and flexible solution for many sizes and types of electrical wiring. It’s also flame retardant, so it adds a level of protection to your electrical system.

This heat shrink tubing kit contains 12 different sizes, so I’m sure there’s an option available, no matter what cable I’m splicing. It also comes in different colors, allowing me to select the right-sized tubing at a glance.

Despite being durable, the heat shrink tubing is easy to cut. Using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife, you can customize it to your preferred length.

Furthermore, it quickly shrinks, responding to temperatures as low as 70 degrees Celcius. It means you don’t have to have a high-powered heat gun to activate it.

One thing that I don’t like about this heat shrink tubing is that it doesn’t have an internal adhesive. That means I cannot use this for cables that are environmentally exposed. But for all other applications, it will do the job.
  • Perfect for car wiring; flame-retardant and flexible
  • Comes in 12 different sizes, allowing us to work on most cables
  • Different colors for spotting the right size
  • Easily customizable length with a pair of scissors or a knife
  • Can be activated with temperatures as low as 70 degrees Celcius
  • No internal adhesive, so not designed to withstand environmental exposure
This is a good option for those who work on multiple projects. Its numerous sizes, different colors, and customizable length make it perfect for that.

2. Ginsco Heat Shrink Tubing

One of the things I look for in the best heat shrink tubing is reliability. That’s why I like the Ginsco Heat Shrink Tubing. Because wherever I install them, they don’t loosen. So, even if I put them in my car’s engine bay, they wouldn’t melt and break, even if they’re exposed to scorching temperatures.

The sizes included in the package cover many wire gauges, making it perfect for most electrical wires. It is also made from a quick melt material, so you don’t need any special tool to heat it. You could even use a lighter as a heat source to set it – just ensure that you’re a distance away to prevent scorching and damaging the heat shrink.

The colored shrink tubes also come with some transparents ones, which are suitable for bundling multiple wires for neatness. This allows you to see the cables inside the bundle while keeping it clean-looking.

The manufacturer also included a plastic case with dividers to give users easy access and transport while keeping its contents organized.

However, this product isn’t waterproof. This is because it lacks an internal glue or adhesive seal. I highly suggest using this product for splicing wires inside engines. But, if you need waterproof tubing, I would recommend getting marine-grade heat shrink tubes instead.
  • Reliable and wouldn’t melt amid high engine-bay temperatures
  • Can work with cables of many gauges
  • Quick melt material doesn’t require special tools for installation
  • Included clear color tubing for easy identification while bundling cables
  • Comes in an easy access and transport case with dividers
  • No glue or adhesive means it’s not waterproof
This heat shrink tubing is an excellent choice for high-temperature applications, like engine bays. It doesn’t loosen even if exposed to heat for prolonged periods.

3. Milapeak Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

This heat shrink tubing is perfect for electrical systems with polarity. Since it comes in two colors, you can keep a consistent shade (red for positive, black for negative) to identify which cable line connects to which terminal.

This heat shrink is corrosion-resistant, giving protection from liquids, oils, and other chemicals. It also complies with UL and RoHS standards, ensuring that it will withstand the usual wear-and-tear and keep us safe.

Furthermore, this dual-wall adhesive lined heat shrink tubing provides inner and outer protection. So even if the outer layer gets damaged, your system is still protected from exposure.

Beyond that, the 3:1 shrink ratio allows me to use this heat shrink with significantly smaller cables. This also allows it to have a better grip, preventing it from slipping off our wires in the long run.

The only downside I see in this package is that it comes with a limited number of the largest heat shrink tubing. This could be an issue if you’re working with thick electrical cables. You should consider how much heat shrink you need for large lines before making a choice.
  • Comes in black and red for consistent colors when splicing positive/negative cables
  • Corrosion-resistant tubing protects your wires from most chemicals
  • Complies with UL and RoHS standards
  • Dual wall provides an extra layer of protection
  • 3:1 shrink ratio allows the use of heat shrink with significantly smaller wires
  • Only has a limited number of heat shrink tubings for thick wires
This heat shrink tubing is perfect for electrical systems with polarity. All sizes come in black and red, allowing us to maintain consistent color-coding over different wires.

4. Preciva Heat Shrink Tubing

When I’m working on various projects requiring multiple cable splices, Preciva is an excellent choice. One pack contains 750 pcs of assorted quality tubing. This provides exceptional value at an affordable price.

The polyolefin material used for this heat shrink makes it safe and non-toxic, even when heated. It’s also an effective flame retardant, adding safety to our electrical system. So, even if I suffer a short, I’m sure that my heat shrink tubing will withstand the high temperatures generated in my system.

Additionally, this product comes in five different colors. That way, I can use these tubings to label wires effectively. I can even use the larger heat shrinks for bundling cables for neatness.

All of these heat shrink tubings come inside a plastic box with individual dividers. That way, you can immediately see how much you have left. It also lets you keep your heat shrinks properly organized, allowing you to quickly choose the right one while working.

The one downside I noticed with this product is that some of the small tubings are pretty thin. I fear they can be easily ripped or might get damaged if they are overheated.
  • One pack contains 750 heat shrink tubings for value at an affordable price
  • Polyolefin material is safe and non-toxic, even when heated
  • Heat shrink tubing is an effective flame retardant, adding safety to electrical system
  • Comes in five different colors for labeling cables
  • Organized in a plastic box with dividers
  • Small heat shrink tubings are thin and might get damaged easily
I highly recommend this heat shrink tubing pack for those who work on multiple projects. The 750 assorted pieces of tubing let us have secure cable splices without spending a lot.

5. Innhom Heat Shrink Tubing

It can be challenging to maneuver and install cables, especially if you’ve spliced several sections of wire. Usually, heat shrink tubing isn’t flexible when installed, so running it through tight spaces could be problematic. Fortunately, the Ingham Heat Shrink Tubing is designed to be soft and pliable. So even if I’ve spliced my line, it will remain easy to install.

But aside from being flexible, this heat shrink secures tightly onto my cable, providing long-lasting insulation. Its anti-aging feature also lets it stay supple over time. This allows our wiring to remain pliable, so we won’t have any problems changing its position in the future.

Furthermore, the material used for the heat shrink is dioxin-free. So I’m safe from toxins, especially during installation. It also conforms to multiple safety standards, like UL, CSA, RoHS, and Sony-SS-00259. This ensures that it will perform through the years, providing excellent insulation and protection for the splices I’ve made.

One issue that might come up with this is that it’s only available in one color. You cannot use this to label wires. However, if you’re not particular about color and prefer a durable, pliable heat shrink tubing, go for this option.
  • Soft and pliable tubing allows our wire to stay flexible, even after installation
  • Secure tightly on cables, providing long-lasting insulation
  • Anti-aging feature lets heat shrink tubing stay supple over time
  • Dioxin-free and doesn’t produce toxins, especially during installation
  • Conforms to multiple safety standards like UL, CSA, RoHS, and Sony-SS-00259
  • Available only in black, not suitable for labeling
For those who don’t need color shrink tubing, this is an excellent choice. Its flexible design will help users with cable management and installation.

6. Milapeak Heat Shrink Tubing

This is an excellent choice because of its varied applications. It can protect soldered connections, cover cable splices, and even be used to repair home line connections. This heat shrink tubing is versatile, and I can use it for both home appliances and small electronics.

The material used for the heat shrink itself is pretty tough. It can withstand vibration, making it a good candidate for use in automobiles, radio, GPS systems, and other devices. It also lets you have a clean connection, minimizing the chance of dust and other small debris entering your cable splices.

One more thing I like about this is that it’s safe and eco-friendly. So even if I heat it, I know it won’t release toxins that can harm me or my environment. It’s also tough enough to withstand temperatures from -55 up to 125 degrees Celcius.

All the heat shrink tubings are 40 mm or 1.57 inches long. This is adequate for cables that aren’t long, but may be too short for other wires. It would’ve been better if the company provided a longer tubing of around 80 mm, which can be cut to size when needed.
  • Can be used for protecting soldered connections, cover splices, and more
  • Withstands vibration, making it a good candidate for automobile application
  • Protects your connections against dust and debris
  • Safe and eco-friendly with no hazardous substances released during installation
  • Can withstand temperature from -55 up to 125 degrees Celcius
  • 40 mm length can be too short for some cables
This is an excellent choice for automotive and other heavy-duty applications. Its ability to withstand an extreme temperature range, plus its vibration resistance, means it will last.

7. XHF Waterproof Heat Shrink Tubing

For anyone who needs shrink tubing with varying lengths, the XHF Waterproof Heat Shrink Tubing is the way to go. This item is available in different lengths and diameters. Buyers have a choice from 4 ft up to 82 ft in length and thickness from 2.4 mm up to 50 mm.

This product has a shrink ratio of 3:1, but the company also offers other ratios, should shoppers need it. The minimum 4-ft length is also more than enough for most applications.

The best thing about this product is its waterproof feature. Its interior is lined with an adhesive, which will activate when heated. It’s also rated for marine applications so that I can install it in boats, house exteriors, and other environmentally exposed areas.

Additionally, it’s also corrosion and temperature-resistant. So even if it’s exposed to oil, gas, and other chemicals, it will be able to withstand that and avoid damage.

This product is excellent for large wire bundles or any other extensive application. However, it is too much if you only need a short length. It would have been great if the seller offered this.
  • Availability in a variety of sizes and length, so I can choose based on my need
  • Comes in a 3:1 shrink ratio with other ratios available
  • Minimum 4-ft length is more than enough for most applications
  • Waterproof features allow users to install it in boats, house exteriors, and other areas
  • Corrosion and temperature resistance lets it avoid damage if exposed to chemicals
  • Too long if you only need a short length
This is suitable for large applications, like multiple wire splices, extra insulation on cables, or protecting old wires.

8. Wirefy Heat Shrink Tubing

The Wirefy Heat Shrink Tubing contains various thicknesses, making it useful for the most commonly used cables. It also provides long-term protection because the material the manufacturer used, cross-linked polyolefin, is tougher than what is used in other competitors.

Additionally, the outer surface of this tubing is thick and durable, protecting our cables from abrasion, peeling, and even denting. It also has an internal environmental seal, preventing moisture and debris from entering our lines. These features make this heat shrink tubing the perfect solution for wires that are exposed to the elements.

It also has an improved temperature resistance, meaning it won’t loosen or weaken when exposed to heat after installation. This makes it perfect for interior and exterior installations, like near engine bays and hot light sources. So, no matter how long my vehicle’s life will be, I’m confident that the heat shrink tubing I have installed will not fail in the long run.

Although the product is of excellent quality, its number of tubes with large sizes is very small. But other than that, I have no complaints.
  • Contains various thicknesses, making it useful for the most commonly used cables
  • Cross-linked polyolefin provides longevity
  • Thick and durable outer surface prevents abrasion, peeling, and denting
  • Environmental seal prevents moisture and debris from entering our lines
  • Improved temperature resistance means it won’t loosen or weaken when heated
  • Few tubes with large sizes
This kit is perfect for heavy-duty applications, especially those which are exposed to the elements and heat. It only has a small number of big tubes, though, so it’s not suitable for projects with many thick wires.

9. Young4us Heat Shrink Tubing

I love that I can install this heat shrink with a mini heat gun or even just a torch. It also comes in different thicknesses, so buyers can order the correct size they need. There’s also a 6-color option if I need to label my cables uniquely.

When working with DC systems, polarity is always a consideration when wiring. This is why the Young4us Heat Shrink Tubing is an excellent choice for such applications. The red and black colors it comes in lets users quickly identify the correct polarity of the wire they’re working on.

The Young4us tubing also has a thick adhesive layer inside. Our cables are therefore sealed inside, protecting them from things like grease and acids. It is also impressive because the tubing has a 600-volt current rating. I can use this product to insulate high-current terminals like those found in home electrical systems.

There’s no question this product is an excellent choice, but its 4-ft length is a bit too long for most applications. I wish the manufacturer included shorter options, so I can order the size that I need. Nevertheless, I can keep the extra length for use in the future or give it away to my neighbors.
  • Comes in red and black colors, perfect for identifying positive and negative terminals
  • Can be installed using a mini heat gun or torch
  • Available in different thicknesses and an additional six-color option
  • Contains a thick adhesive layer, which safely seals our cables inside
  • Rated up to a 600-volt current, safe for use in most home electrical systems
  • Four-foot length is too long for some applications
The high-voltage rating, adhesive sealing, and different thicknesses make this cable perfect for almost any application – from our homes to our automobiles.

10. MCIGICM Heat Shrink Tubing

I used this heat shrink tubing when I was replacing all the electrical wiring terminals in my vehicles. I found it helpful because the number of tubings allowed me to secure my cables without ordering a second pack.

The bright colors in the package were convenient for labeling my cables. It’s also great that each size comes in all four colors, allowing me to have consistency in my circuit. Furthermore, the material the maker used is non-toxic. It does not emit any hazardous smoke or smell when heated.

Its exterior is made with irradiation cross-linked polyolefin, making it durable enough to withstand exposure to chemicals and even resist bites from pests and animals.

Installation is also quick and easy, as I only need to heat it from 70 to 110 degrees Celcius, and it will shrink.

I just wish that this product came with its own storage box instead of resealable plastic bags. Although I can keep these in my toolbox, it would’ve been better and neater if the company delivered it in a custom box that fit the shrink tubings exactly.
  • Sufficient number of tubings means you get an adequate number for most projects
  • Brightly colored tubings let you label cables
  • Non-toxic material for tubing doesn’t emit any hazardous smoke or smell
  • Made from irradiation cross-linked polyolefin for durability
  • Shrinks at 70 to 110 degrees Celcius
  • No storage box included when ordered; only comes in resealable plastic bags
This is a good option if I need to secure large and thick cables. It’s also safe to use while remaining durable. While it doesn’t come with its own storage box, it is an excellent choice for a refill.

11. Purple-Fox Heat Shrink Tubing

This Purple-Fox heat shrink tubing is excellent for color-coded wires. Its clear color allows me to use this tubing in any application without worrying about the original cable’s color being covered. It also allows users to check if the connected terminals retain their secure connection anytime.

Furthermore, the tubing has a flame-retardant adhesive that provides oilproof sealing after installation. It means I can freely use this product in hot and oily engine bays. The tubing itself is double-walled so that it will resist abrasion and other kinds of damage.

You can also quickly identify the size you need. This is because of the heat shrink tubing size chart in the lid, which allows users to easily match the correct tube size for each wire thickness. This saves us effort and also prevents waste by eliminating trial-and-error fitting.

Despite all these features, I cannot recommend this item if you need to label your cables. This is suitable only for those circuits which have already been marked or do not need labels. Nevertheless, this is a good option for those who desire a neat and clean shrink tubing installation.
  • Clear tubing allows users to see the color of the cables underneath
  • Transparent design lets you check the connection in your cable splice
  • Flame-retardant adhesive provides oilproof sealing after installation
  • Double-walled tubing resists abrasion and other kinds of damage well
  • Chart on the box allows quick size identification
  • Not suitable for labeling wires due to lack of color
For electrical wirings that don’t need labeling, this product is a good solution for protecting cables. Its clear color will let us see the cable’s color while checking the wire’s internal connection.

12. 3M FP-301 Heat Shrink Tubing

3M is one of the most popular brands when it comes to adhesives and other similar supplies. Thus, I’m assured that this heat shrink tubing is made with high-quality materials and longevity in mind.

This product also offers protection and relieves strain on wire joints, terminals, and connections. So I can expect my cables to last longer when it’s protected with this tubing. Furthermore, this flame retardant insulation is rated for up to 600v. Users can expect this heat shrink tubing to withstand a power surge without problems.

The great thing about this 3M heat shrink tubing is its operating temperature of -55 up to 135 degrees Celcius. From the cold of winter to the heat of summer, I’m sure that it will withstand all environmental changes.

It has a 2:1 shrink ratio, making it easy to install and retain wire flexibility. Furthermore, the polyolefin material used in the shrink tubing protects against moisture and prevents interior water build-up due to humidity.

However, due to its safety features, quality, and popular brand, this product is pretty expensive compared to other products on the market. But for those whose budget is not an issue, I definitely recommend this item.
  • Made by one of the most reputable companies on the market
  • Offers protection and relieves strain on wire joins, terminals, and connections
  • Flame retardant and is rated for up to 600v
  • Can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -55 up to 135 degrees C
  • 2:1 shrink ration retains wire flexibility when installed
  • Moisture-resistant polyolefin
  • It is expensive for a heat shrink tubing
This heat shrink by 3M is an excellent option. It has an excellent temperature rating, and I can use it to protect my wiring.

What to Look for When Buying Heat Shrink Tubing


I have considered many things when I purchase this heat shrink tubing. Some of these are:

Length and diameter of the tube

Are the heat shrink tube sizes enough to cover my terminals? It is essential to know the needed length for your terminals since you purchase this tubing to protect your wiring.

Shrinkage ratio

Does the shrink diameter fit the wire thickness I need to cover, or is it flexible enough so I can still bend the wire after installation? There are three shrink ratios in the market: 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1.

I think it is safe to choose the 3:1, which means it shrinks up to 1/3 of its original size and can fit a few dimensions of wires. Although it’s not as thick as the 4:1 shrink ratio tubing, it retains some flexibility to help with installation.

Pieces and colors per size

Does the package have enough pieces and colors for all my needs? I consider this when working on multiple installations, especially when I need to label my cables. Sometimes, when the circuit I’m working on has been wholly marked already, color isn’t as important. That makes me free to choose either transparent or black heat shrink tubings.

Features, including operating temperature

Does the product have the required safety features for your installation? Is it ready for indoor and outdoor applications or for internal structures only?

Heat shrink tubings protect electrical systems, so if they’re not rated to withstand the environment the cables will be in, it could cause issues in the future. Therefore, I prefer tubings with multiple safety features, like waterproofing, oil-proofing, corrosion resistance, and more, when installing in exposed areas.


Are the tubings produced by top-quality heat shrink tube manufacturers? It is an advantage to use heat shrink tubing manufacturers USA. This is because I know they conform to minimum standards set in the US, giving me peace of mind. This can be pricier than other options, though, so I also take my budget into consideration.

How Do You Choose Heat Shrink Tubing


I choose a heat shrink tubing based on my needs. If I need to install tubing in a water pump connection or my boat, I will select marine-grade tubing with water-resistant features.

For electrical work on my RV, I prefer heavy-duty tubing that can withstand prolonged vibration. I also like tubings with different colors and sizes, so I can easily label my circuits.

Also, some tubings have an extended length of up to 4 ft. Brands like XHF, Young4us, Raychem heat shrink tubing, and Tyco heat shrink provide these long tubings, allowing me to create custom lengths that fit my needs exactly.

At What Temperature Does Heat Shrink Tubing Shrink

From experience, most heat shrink tubing starts responding at a temperature of 70 degrees Celcius and will shrink fully at around 120 to 125 degrees Celcius.

How Do You Shrink Heat Shrink Tubing Without a Heat Gun

When I was just starting, I didn’t have tools like heat guns and other heating equipment. So when I needed to work with heat shrinks, I used a torch lighter or a high-powered hair blower. This isn’t particularly efficient, though.

I once tried using a blow torch set at a distance, but I over-melted my tubing. If you’re not going to use heat shrinks a lot, my tools above will do the job. But if you plan to use heat shrinks over multiple projects, a heat gun would be an excellent investment.

Is Heat Shrink Tubing Waterproof

Not all heat shrink tubings are waterproof. Although they do keep out moisture when activated, there are specifically designed marine-grade heat shrinks which you can order. These items have a layer of adhesive inside the tubing which will melt and seal the cable all around.


A heat shrink tubing is an excellent solution for keeping your terminals and wire connections protected. It can prevent short circuits caused by exposed terminals or water. Using this item also provides a neat circuit and well-organized wiring.

Finding the Best Heat Shrink Tubing that suits your needs and standards is easy. Just read through the guide above, figure out your applications, and choose what works best for you.

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