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The Best Remote Battery Disconnect Switches

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best remote battery disconnect switch

Owning a car is a dream-come-true for many. It gives them a sense of fulfillment and privilege to explore the world. But wouldn’t it be disturbing to know that your batteries can drain quickly in the middle of your trip?

While this issue has raised many concerns, especially from first-time users, the electronics industry came up with the idea of creating the best remote battery disconnect switch. Unlike circuit breakers and load centers, these devices do not spoil electrical arcs.

Disconnect switches promote the preservation of your battery life by preventing excessive draining. Also, it gives you protection against electrical fires and theft when the unit is not in use. Learn more as we dig into the best pieces to help you achieve the adventure of your dreams.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

E-Kylin Master Kill System


Remote Distance 160ft
Voltage 12V
Rated Current 100A

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

KTNNKG Battery Disconnect Switch


Remote Distance 160ft
Voltage 12V
Rated Current 180A

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

WATERWICH Battery Disconnect Switch


Remote Distance 160ft
Voltage 12V
Rated Current 180A

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Best Remote Battery Disconnect Switch Reviews

1. E-Kylin 12V Master Kill System

The E-Kylin 12V Master Kill System prevents excessive power drain and features anti-theft protection for all users. I could extend my battery’s life up to 3 times more because of the Remote Control Electromagnetic Battery Switch Disconnect. I get to move the trigger from inside the car with just the press of a button.

Installation went easy for me because this product comes with manuals. This one is my first disconnect switch, and I never had a hard time understanding what’s written in the instructions. Also, I was able to understand the parts I work with, so troubleshooting would be quick for me.

The package arrived as a complete set, so I didn’t have to purchase additional battery cables or ground wires. I had all the pieces of equipment I needed. Plus, I have received an ample amount of wire in case I mess up during the installation process.

An Electromagnetic Solenoid Valve Terminal makes this automatic battery cutoff switch easy and efficient to use because they open and close through electromagnetic signals.

Unlike mechanical and gas valves, solenoids are much cheaper and more durable. These valves come in plastic, copper, and stainless steel materials that can withstand different environments.

Switching your batteries on/off will get you at closer proximity of 50 meters, unlike other remote disconnect switch controls, which send signals to as far as 120 meters. Also, be sure to check your car hood space before purchase because this item doesn’t fit with some cars without enough provisions.
  • Extends battery life by up to 3 times more
  • Battery disconnect switch installs easily
  • Comes with manuals
  • Complete package and eliminates the need for additional cables
  • Electromagnetic Solenoid Valve for efficient control of automation equipment
  • Shorter remote distance
  • Requires under-hood provisions for some installations
Overall, I am glad that I didn’t have to buy car batteries frequently, unlike before. I was also able to do solutions to my car’s issues on my own. The manuals look like experts teaching me how to do things accurately.

2. KTNNKG Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

With a 50-100M remote distance, switching your car battery on/off is possible with the KTNNKG Remote Battery Disconnect Switch. So, even coming from a distance, I can be sure to keep my batteries off when my car is not in use. Also, the remote comes in a handy form that can hang with keychains.

Apart from its scrub option, this package also lets you shut off your batteries manually through a remote relay switch wired directly to the car battery kill switch. Switching my batteries on and off became easy and more convenient since then.

The remote control battery disconnect switch comes with a silver contact finish. This kind of metal is capable of withstanding arcing from the high influx current. Good conductivity is also an advantage of silver contacts as compared to gold with a lower one due to higher resistance. That way, I get to save by using silver-infused devices.

KTNNKG was also worthy of a solution for me as it resolved my problem with my car key. I had trouble removing the key from the ignition, and I never got the chance to seek assistance from my dealer. So I used this remote battery shut off switch to disconnect the battery temporarily. The key unlocks, and I think this bargain paid off.

To add, I didn’t have a hard time installing this device. Clearly, I can say that this remote control battery kill switch came in as advertised, and my battery drain issues have gone.

I needed to add a ground wire during installation, but that didn’t cost me that much. Also, silver metals are highly susceptible to tarnishing, so I would advise to keep it clean and free from corrosive substances.
  • Comes with scrub remote control for a distant switch on/off
  • Manual switch wired directly
  • Silver contact finish for better conductivity
  • Good disconnect switch for car ignition issues
  • Easy to install, and works as advertised
  • Seeks to add a ground wire
  • Silver contacts prone to corrosion
I believe this product does its work satisfyingly to me. I am no longer having issues with my battery. Also, this is a user-friendly device.

3. WATERWICH Battery Disconnect Switch

Remote operations for the WATERWICH 12V Wireless Remote Control Battery Disconnect Switch gives me an easy job turning my batteries on and off. I don’t have to lift the hood every time to move the trigger because this feature is accessible in my hands already. I find it less hassle, and it adds a leap of convenience.

Flexibility is a thing for this product as it works with Yachts, RVs, Small trucks, Agricultural vehicles, and more. As a user, I can choose between universal 12V and 24V DC input power systems. Thus, making this a disconnect switch to your batteries is a safe and reliable choice.

Figures show how durable and efficient this remote battery cutoff switch is. Its operating temperature goes around -25° as a minimum and 80° at maximum.

A 180A rated current is considerably high, which means it’s a heavy duty battery disconnect switch and a compatible one with a 12V system. Also, the car battery disconnect switch remote receiver standby current is low at 0.0085A.

Using this switch has solved my problems with power leakages. After seeing two of my batteries drained in just two weeks, I knew something was not right. So, I resorted to using this device to disconnect the battery and check for current leakages. I was able to determine the cause of the draining, and that’s how I started doing the repairs.

However, a couple of battery cables need to be purchased separately to make things work. Good idea that the same store sells those wires.
  • Convenient and hassle-free switch on/off with the use of a remote
  • Flexible device that works in a wide array of vehicles
  • Durable and efficient wireless remote battery disconnect switch
  • Helps identify battery issues
  • Lacks battery cables
This product resembles convenience and flexibility wrapped up in one package. I find it significant that I can use this device with different motors so that calibration wouldn’t be hard at all. This item is a must-have for many.

4. Painless 30204 Remote Master Disconnect

Using the Painless Performance 30204 Remote Master Disconnect Kit, I was able to keep my car secured.

All I had to do was to run the wire through this disconnect switch and hide the toggle button under my seat for quick access. Thus, there was no way someone could have stolen my car. Take note that you can also decide on a different switch location for you.

The body of this device is durable enough to contain a high current draw. So, in case there’ll be fluctuations in my car’s electrical switch system, damages won’t occur. Also, the rest of the things placed under the hood will remain safe.

Compatibility remains top-notch for this product because it offers a universal application feature. That way, users of this remote battery isolator switch can be confident that this device will work well with their automobiles. This disconnect switch doesn’t go with a specific vehicle type alone, it fits any location, so I find it user-friendly.

Painless’ relay carries up to 250 amps continuously to keep the voltage drop at a low level. The continuous duty feature is vital for the coil to be left undamaged even if it remains energized. This remote battery disconnect kit also applies with high amperage alternators to provide enough power without depleting the battery.

The only downside I have seen in this product is its manuals. I don’t think the instructions can help all first-time users and car owners. Better seek professional help during installation and maintenance.
  • Mobile toggle switch for protection against theft
  • Durable enough to contain high current draw
  • Offers a universal vehicle application
  • 250 amp continuous duty solenoid
  • Manuals can be hard to comprehend for some
I have not seen this item in the market for quite some time. But I am glad that this product has served me well. My batteries work efficiently, and my car remains secured in many aspects.

5. QIACHIP Remote Control Battery Switch Disconnect

If you are looking for a well-built disconnect switch, then the QIACHIP Car Remote Control Battery Switch Disconnect is the right one for you. With high-quality materials, this product can resist and prevent heat from reaching the entire car system. Also, it can withstand a high current, making it secure and efficient to use.

Voltage is considerably low for this car remote battery disconnect switch as it comes with a 12V universal power system. Thus working with this device is also working under safety. Plus, it can also work with a wide array of set-ups like trucks, RVs, recreational boats, and city cars.

Installation was easy for me because it wasn’t my first time using a battery disconnect switch. What made things more convenient is that the package comes with positive connection cables for a faster operation. I didn’t have to cut the original wire or replace it to make things work gracefully.

And while several switches burn out in a few weeks, Qiachip assures its buyers that their products work as presented. Furthermore, they offer a 12-month warranty to give me the certainty to use their device for a long time. The package also comes with a lifetime support guarantee.

I think they have missed putting battery cables in their packages. The same goes for the manuals. Nevertheless, the supplier is responsive, and they even sent me a couple of wires compatible with my car.
  • Sturdy disconnect switch to resist heat and contain high current
  • Comes with a universal 12V power system
  • Can work with a wide array of vehicles
  • More convenient installation with the help of positive connection cables
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty and lifetime product support
  • Does not come with battery cables and manuals
Buying this product gave me an easy job of securing my batteries from draining. Also, I get to work less with extra wires and other complicated procedures. I like the fact that it’s well-built and I get support from the supplier.

What to Look for When Buying a Remote Battery Disconnect Switch

Using a remote operated battery disconnect switch is a giant leap for you and your car. But before heading to the store and pick a battery disconnect switch Autozone makes, consider the following factors to ensure you get the value of your money.

  • Layout and design

Your battery disconnect switch should be big or small enough to fit your batteries. It needs to have an extra layer of protection against short circuits, power imbalance, and other potential damages to your car’s electronics. Also, your device should be able to contain external elements like dirt and water. The higher the Ingress Protection ratings of these switches, the better.

  • Manner of installation

Users have to choose between top post models that mount just above the batteries, and side post models, which require a mounting plate to install. The installation process may vary in terms of difficulty and the type of device. Be sure to pick what’s convenient and efficient for you.

  • Amperage rating

The wireless remote control battery disconnect switch’s use varies in the type of vehicle and power output. It’s best to check your automobile’s amperage rating to know the one you should be using. Safety is significant in this aspect because your disconnect switch should be able to run high-power batteries over a long time without causing short circuits. That way, you are also protecting your battery.

How to Setup and Use

Using a battery disconnect switch is as simple as moving toggle buttons mounted in your car or pressing buttons in the remote control when switching from a distance. Below are the steps on how to set-up a remote battery kill switch.

  • Unscrew the negative cable connected to your battery.
  • Attach the battery switch to the negative battery terminal. Be sure to keep it tight.
  • Grab the negative wire and screw it on the battery disconnect switch.
  • To pair the remote, you only need to press the pairing button for a couple of seconds and wait for indications stated on the product’s manual.

Always take note of the instructions handed by your suppliers since not all disconnect switches are the same for all vehicle types.


Your car’s safety relies on the measures you practice. The best remote battery disconnect switch will not only assist you in keeping your batteries on/off, but it will offer you several advantages economically and practically.

Be sure to know the parameters your disconnect switch suppliers have set. Remember not to settle for whatever is pleasing, but opt for the one that suits your needs.

Say goodbye to excessive battery drains and potential theft, and go for the long rides you have always wanted. Drop your inquiries in the comment section, and we’ll be glad to talk to you.

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