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The Best VGA Cables

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best vga cable

Streaming a film or watching your favorite series is one of the best ways to keep your eyes off work and stress. But doesn’t it sound more exciting to share a bowl of popcorn with your friends and family while doing it? Now you’re probably thinking of ways to amplify your video display for everyone to enjoy it.

Video Graphics Array cables work as a link between workstations and an output medium. They support efficient video signal transmission and magnify images with the use of monitors. With the best VGA cable, syncing your computer and television will be within your reach.

These cables come in different types and purposes. Learn more as I share ideal options and pieces of advice in selecting the one that suits your needs most.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Benfei Cable


Length 6 ft
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Frequency 60Hz

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Rankie Cable


Length 6 ft
Resolution 1920 x 1200
Frequency 60Hz

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

AmazonBasics Cable


Length 10 ft
Resolution 1920 x 1200
Frequency 60 Hz

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Best VGA Cable Reviews

1. Benfei Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA Cable

Coming with an anti-wear feature, the Benfei Gold-Plated HDMI to VGA Cable will keep your display on peak quality over a long time. This characteristic is essential for fighting deterioration caused by usage. Also, it helps your cable stabilize under operating conditions.

Benfei provides additional protection against oxidation. That way, your VGA cord doesn’t run out of electrons, and you get metal degradation resistance in all your conductors. What’s more, the brand provides an 18-month warranty, so you can reach out to customer service when there’s a problem.

Gold-plated connectors improve the stability of signal movements in my cable. This aspect helped me get out the best of my old VGA projector. I have never seen shaky and interrupted displays while using this cord. Also, it has a good grip on both ends, which is another plus.

Unlike other cables that leave you with no options when heating occurs, this product comes with a fast-heat dissipation solution to solve the problem. Thus, I don’t have to worry about overheating and the damages it can cause my devices.

However, I wish the product could also transmit audio since it comes with an HDMI input slot. In my case, I had to install a mini sound system to make my movie marathon a good one. Plus, I can’t interchange either end since the cable isn’t bi-directional.
  • Anti-wear feature that fights against deterioration
  • Resistance to oxidation
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty
  • Gold-plated connectors for optimum signal passage
  • Has good grip on both ends
  • Overrides heating through heat dissipation
  • Unable to transmit audio signals
  • Works on a single-direction operation only
Even though this product is imperfect in some aspects, the operation is still seamless. It’s not hard to use and maintain, and it doesn’t create any visual mess.

2. Rankie VGA to VGA Cable

Linking your computer to your monitors from a 6-foot distance is easy with this Rankie cable. With a 15-pin VGA port, full HD resolutions on your movies are possible. Not only is this cord long enough to connect your media devices, but it also works for either LED or LCD monitors.

Rankie comes with a strain relief technology that prevents permanent bending of the entire cord. That way, the cables get relieved from stress. I like this feature because the conductors become less susceptible to breakage and possible malfunction.

Connection feels more secure because of its grip treads, which allow the users to plug and unplug without slipping their hands off. It also comes with a pair of finger-tightened screws to hold both ends firmly. So, there’s no way your VGA cables would slide off your media ports.

The connectors come gold-plated to reduce tarnishing. Plus, the conductors are of 100% bare copper. Copper is a universal atom vehicle, which allows free movements of electrons within the conductor. Therefore, signal transmission is efficient, and interruptions remain at the minimum level.

On the downside, some customers have experienced delayed shipping. This issue is not present in most reviews, though, so it’s not a huge problem.
  • 6-foot cable with full HD LED/LCD capacity
  • Comes with strain relief feature that fights permanent bending
  • Secured connection with grip handles and tightening screws
  • Has gold-plated connectors
  • Optimum conductivity with a full copper composition
  • Some customers experienced delayed shipping
I believe this cable meets the minimum requirements of a VGA cable for computer. It’s easy to manage and doesn’t mess up with the rest of my wires. Plus, I can say this is an affordable choice to make.

3. AmazonBasics VGA to VGA Cable

The AmazonBasics VGA to VGA PC Computer Monitor Cable offers a high-quality and reliable connection, whether at work or home. With a set of 15 VGA pins on both ends, video signals come out clear. So, even if you’re playing games or binge-watching, you can always be sure about optimum displays.

This product comes with a foil shield and dual ferrite cores to minimize radio and electromagnetic interference. That way, electron leakage is limited, and performance remains at a superior level, thanks to standard engineering that lowers the noise and disturbance of magnetic fields between conductors.

No matter the resolution you want, this cable will still show off. Supporting SVGA, XGA, UXGA, WUXGA, and Full HD resolutions, this AmazonBasics product will accommodate different output levels. I love this flexibility because my movies never have to go through rough moments before I could enjoy them.

One thing that makes me feel more comfortable about buying this product is its customer support after the receipt date. With its 3-meter VGA to VGA cord comes a 1-year warranty that assures its buyers of consistent performance and durability.

However, I found the tightening screws slightly difficult to use. They have no place to accommodate a screwdriver, only nubs, which are really hard to turn. Everything else works fine, though.
  • Optimum visual display, whether you’re playing games or binge-watching
  • Minimal radio and electromagnetic interference
  • Supports a wide array of resolutions
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Tightening screws are slightly difficult to use
This product works well with my office set-up. I get to conduct meetings and presentations without inconvenience. Its flexibility is also a definite plus for me.

4. Cable Matters VGA Cable

If you are into bare copper conductors with individual wire insulations, you can never go wrong with the Cable Matters VGA Cable with Ferrites. These insulators are vital in keeping single wires from making contact with each other. That way, my screens exhibit no mixed signals, and the frequency happens to be just at the right amount.

This cable comes wrapped in polyvinyl chloride for improved durability and protection. And because PVC has good resistance against abrasion, users prefer cables jacketed with this material. It also contains good tensile strength to fight against extreme bending.

Users might have to identify the output or input end with other products, but not with this one, as this VGA cord is bi-directional. That means I get to use either port as the receiving end or otherwise.

Routing your media through the sides of your room isn’t a problem at all. With a 25-foot length, you won’t have to worry about laptops messing up your views of the widescreen. All you need to do is to place your PCs on the side or anywhere that doesn’t cause viewing interruption, mount your cable, and you’re good to go.

What I feel needs improvement is the delivery package. My cables came in a padded envelope, which is flimsy, in my opinion. It would be better if the brand used something more sturdy.
  • Bare copper conductors
  • Comes with separate wire insulators to reduce noise
  • Wrapped in PVC for better durability and protection
  • Bi-directional cable that allows either port to be used as the input or output end
  • Lengthy enough to run along walls or corners
  • Delivery package should be more sturdy
This Cable Matters model is an ideal pick for users who make long-term entertainment room set-ups. I like it because it’s easy to use and maintain. Also, it saved me from moving my gadgets every time.

5. UGREEN HD15 Male to Male Cable

Quality is what the UGREEN HD15 Male to Male Video Coaxial Monitor Cable gives its customers. Through its 15-pin ports, you can experience a smooth movement of images and characters, whether in a video game or a movie. Avoid pixelated motion pictures with the help of this cord.

Signal transmission is secure because of its triple-layered shields that do not only guard its components but prevent leakage as well. These protections include PVC, foil, and braid shielding over the copper conductors. So, I feel confident every time I use my visual media devices since I know how reliable my cables are.

This cable also comes with ferrite cores to safeguard against EMI and RFI. These cores are resistant to high current, which allows low current losses on many frequencies. Thus, my devices are free from unwanted intrusion and possible malfunction.

No matter what your device is, know that this cable is compatible in almost all instances. So, even with TVs, monitors, computers, and projectors, you get the best of this PC VGA cable. This feature alone makes it worth my money.

On the downside, it takes a little effort to secure the screws. I don’t consider this to be a major drawback, though, because it still takes me little time to have the cable set up for use.
  • 15-pin ports on both ends for top-notch display
  • Triple-layered protection for a more reliable connection
  • Comes with ferrite cores to guard against interferences
  • Compatible with a wide array of devices
  • Screws are not easy to secure
All in all, UGREEN VGA cable is a good pick for many consumers. With it, I no longer have to worry about connection issues, plus I appreciate my investments in upgrading my entertainment gadgets.

6. Benfei DisplayPort to VGA Cable

If you are having a hard time searching for the cable that would fit your gaming PC, the Benfei DisplayPort to VGA Cable is the best one for you. With a high FPS gameplay, you will experience quality graphics within your reach.

Working on different tasks became easy for me because this comes with an Extended Mode of display that helps me do multi-tasking, especially at work. That way, I don’t have to transfer tabs every time, and I can work on one monitor and open news on the other one.

Installation doesn’t require any software, but you need to secure your connections on both ends. This aspect is possible through the latches in the DisplayPort and the screws on the male VGA adapter. All you have to do is press the button on one end and rotate the screws on the VGA end when plugging the adapters in and out.

This cable also possesses top-grade durability. It has oxidation-resistant properties, heat dissipation, and wear protection. These factors prevent the deterioration of the cable’s components and promote the preservation of the entire cord. That way, I don’t only get to maintain my pieces of equipment, but I also add extra safety to my electronics.

However, I have experienced issues with the display port, as many customers did. After months of not removing the adapter, it failed to detach easily. I had to get some pliers and pressed the pins to get it out.
  • Perfect cable for gaming purposes
  • Features Extended Mode for a wider screen workstation
  • Installation requires no software
  • Latching tabs and screws for a secure connection
  • High durability for safety and preservation
  • Display port tends to get stuck when plugged in for a long time
Benfei DisplayPort is a reliable VGA monitor cable for me. I get the best comprehensive solutions to work and gaming. Plus, it’s durable and safe to use.

7. SHD VGA to VGA Monitor Cable

If your goal is to set up an entertainment system with convenience, let me recommend the SHD VGA to VGA HD15 Monitor Cable. This 3-foot VGA to VGA cable comes with what you need from installation to usage. What you have to do is to plug the male adapters into their respective ports and play.

This VGA cable for monitor ensures a high-quality run of images and motion because of its copper conductors. These pieces of metal come with an anti-oxidation feature. Therefore, the chances of disturbances during display are relatively low and are controllable.

Having a conventional gadget doesn’t have to be a problem for you. Knowing that some old computers cannot accommodate HDMI cables, this cord can be the best option for you. It works with devices like TVs, PSPs, PCs, and other LED and LCD monitors. So, having a laptop with only a VGA port is not an issue at all.

For a cable that’s currently being taken over by the rise of HDMIs, I am glad to know about the guarantee it has. It comes with a 1-year warranty to serve its customers even after the date of purchase. I felt some assurance buying this product since I don’t do well with troubleshooting electrical connections.

On the other hand, the cost to return this product is a little high, almost the same as the cost of the cable itself. It is something to keep in mind before purchasing.
  • Convenient installation and usage
  • Anti-oxidation copper conductors
  • Works with a wide array of devices, even with the old ones
  • Comes with a warranty of 1 year
  • The cost to return the product is a little high
With this cable, I can flash my games to big screens in an instant. It compliments my devices, and the quality is good enough for its price. I believe this will fit the needs of most gamers.

8. DTECH Monitor VGA Cable

The first thing that got me into the DTECH Ultra Thin Flat Type Computer Monitor VGA Cable is its thin wires. I find this 0.08-inch cable unique in terms of design. It fits almost everywhere, whether behind a cabinet or under a carpet. I also get to save space in my cable storage, and it’s easy to hide, unlike other rounded VGA cords.

Placing your devices at a distance is not a problem at all. With the cable’s operating distance of 8 meters, you will be able to connect your laptop to your projector, even if the latter is far away.

Made with gold-plated connectors and 100% bare copper conductors, this DTECH model possesses quality engineering. It comes with an RGB coax and 6-sync lines to ensure a complete layout of signals from the source to the monitor. Also, foil and copper shields help reduce interference.

This cable is also an affordable one on top of its commendable design, length, and internal build. Not only do I get to buy an extra long VGA cable, but I can see the value of my money as well. This aspect is one huge advantage for me as a college instructor.

I think it would have been better if the manufacturer had put these flat VGA cables through some quality inspections. The first pack I bought had some uneven spaces among the pins. I couldn’t plug one end in the port, so I returned it. The other packs I got were fine, though.
  • Thin cable that fits in all locations and helps to save space
  • Easy to hide
  • Lengthy VGA monitor cord at 25 feet
  • Quality engineering to ensure adequate signal transmission
  • Foil and copper shields to reduce interference
  • Affordable product fit for a classroom set-up
  • Some adapters contain awkward spacing among pins
DTECH gives me the convenience I need. This high quality VGA cable allows me to control my presentations from a distance. And it’s been working for more than a semester now.

9. C&E Standard Male to Male Cable

Designed to provide quality safety assurance, the C&E Standard 15-Pin VGA Male to VGA Male Cable will erase your worries about starting a fire at home or your office. This RoHS-compliant product comes with strain-relief connectors for enhanced durability. That way, the chances of tearing and open circuits are reduced.

Other than its reasonable price, I like this product because it responds quickly. I don’t have to wait for some idle time when I plug both ends into their ports. Efficiency wise, I believe this is a good pick for anyone.

This product comes with grip treads for easy plug-ins and out. Also, it comes with finger-tightened screws for a secure connection, no matter the set-up. These factors are beneficial to me, especially when I binge-watch with friends and my cables become susceptible to pulling and other motions.

Even with the conventional style of connecting computers to monitors, this cable doesn’t go behind high-end video amplifying cords. C&E supports many resolution levels for both LCD and LED devices. Say it’s old, but it works just fine.

I am worried about my videos dropping from full HD to a lower resolution. At first, I thought it was because of my internet connection, but I don’t think so since I have tried to play offline videos, but the same thing happened.
  • RoHS-certified with strain-relief connectors
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Short response time
  • Comes with grip treads and screws for a secure connection
  • Works with a wide array of video resolutions for LED and LCD devices
  • Some videos drop to a lower resolution
I believe this VGA video cable satisfies the need of most people who want to watch movies on big screens. The installation and usage are consistently efficient, and it comes at a reasonable price as well.

10. Benfei VGA to VGA Cable

Whether editing a video or doing a slide presentation, the Benfei VGA Cable with Ferrites assures you of quality performance. Getting into the smallest details in your motion pictures is possible because this cord supports top-tier LED and LCD resolutions. Be sure to get the best of your clips using this product.

Compatibility is a factor in a piece of equipment like this VGA to VGA connector. With this, Benfei ensures that no matter your device, as long as it has a VGA port, everything will work out fine. I like this feature, especially since I have different gadgets at home. I can make use of them freely and without worry about damaging them.

This cable is durable as well. It comes with tinned copper wires for protection against corrosion. And to guard against bending and potential cuts, this product has a flexible PVC jacket on the outside and layers of aluminum foil and braids inside. That way, I feel confident that my cord can endure rough handling.

One more benefit I have experienced with this cable is its guarantee. Unlike others that extend service support for around 1-3 years only, Benfei makes sure that their products stay longer and consistent by offering a lifetime warranty.

However, some of the screws are hard to mount. They can be annoying to use if you move the cable often. Nevertheless, the whole thing works well.
  • Detail-centered VGA display cable that supports top-tier resolutions
  • Compatible with all VGA devices
  • Durable cord made with quality materials
  • Manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty
  • Some screws are hard to mount
Thanks to this cable, I am happy about how my videos come out on the bigger screen. It fits all of my projects, and I feel like I’ve hit a reliable piece of equipment. I won’t hesitate to share this with my friends.

11. Cable Matters VGA Cable

Ideal for double-screen outputs, the Cable Matters 12 Inch VGA Splitter Cable will let you enjoy movies on one monitor with your family watching using another screen. This feature is possible through connecting one end to the source and the split VGA adapters to two viewing devices. These connectors are compatible with all VGA-port devices, making two more duplicates of your motion pictures.

One of my concerns before buying this product is the kind of display. Since I was using two monitors off the source, I thought I needed to compromise the quality. I plugged the adapters in, tried maximizing to full HD, and things worked out great. Plus, there were no downtimes during the show.

Reliability is a significant factor here because I get to involve several devices at once. This VGA cord comes with a heavy-duty splitter adapter to support the load of two output VGAs. Also, this cable is up for frequent usage, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. I am confident this product can withstand heavy use over a long time.

And while some users consider this pack of adapters costly, I believe this is just right for its grade. I get to maximize my display on both monitors, and I can play videos without hassle. I think the price is reasonable, and it gives me the value of my investment.

I was hoping to see an ‘extend’ feature in this HD VGA cable. All this time, I was dealing with duplicate screens with no chances of making a monitor extension.
  • Perfect for duplicate screen viewing
  • Supports full HD on both monitors
  • Reliable cable with a heavy-duty splitter adapter
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Reasonable price worthy of an investment
  • Does not come with a screen extension feature
This product made me skeptical at some point, but overall, this is a good one. I feel like this is a tailored fit for my needs. Apart from that, I can see it lasting longer than other cables.

12. DTECH 5 Feet Cable

The first thing I noticed with the DTECH 5 Feet Cable is its design. I love its all-black scheme because it looks clean and sleek. On top of that, I can see it is a durable cable with nickel-plated connectors, which are corrosion-resistant. And its outer covering looks sturdy and built for heavy usage.

This DTECH product comes with bare copper conductors for sufficient signal transmission. This kind of material fosters an ample number of free electrons necessary for data transfer. That means cables with copper conductors can maximize information from the source.

In addition, the manufacturer made this model with foil and braid shielding, which helps reduce noise and cross-talk. The result is a reliable connection that’s suitable for gaming, editing, and watching videos. Its support for Full HD resolution doesn’t hurt, either.

This cable comes with appropriate shielding to suppress electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences. That way, there’ll be no interruptions whenever you’re playing your favorite games or watching a series.

On the downside, I think this cable is a bit thick. Sometimes, it was hard for me to bend it to where I wanted it to go. It would be better if the cord were more flexible.
  • Clean black design with corrosion-resistant nickel connectors
  • Sturdy outer cover
  • Comes with copper conductors for sufficient signal transfer
  • Suppresses electromagnetic and radio frequency interferences
  • Foil-and-braid shielding to reduce noise and cross-talk
  • Supports full HD resolution, good for gaming, editing, and watching videos
  • Cord could be more flexible
Despite that, I believe this VGA cable fits just right for a video-amplifying setting. It looks sleek, easy to use, and I get the best visuals with this cable.

What to Look for When Buying VGA Cables


While it’s easy to decide whether or not you need a VGA cable, you should consider the following factors before buying one to give your video streaming an ideal upgrade.

  • Variant

There are two types of VGA cords, and they differ in terms of video resolutions. If you’re good with 640 x 480, pick the VGA. But if you want a higher resolution like 800 x 600, I would suggest choosing the SVGA.

  • Connector Genders

Be sure to know the available ports you have on both your computers and monitors. You don’t want to buy a pair of male adaptors for a male-ported device.

  • Adapter Type

Most cables come with VGA ports on both sides, but they might not be what you need. Some have VGA adapters on one side and an HDMI on the other end. Plus, other VGA cables can be mistakenly perceived as a DVI cable. Nevertheless, they are all available in the market.

  • Brands

Some devices prefer a specific brand in terms of accessories. So, always check for their compatibility with computers and projectors to pick the correct items.

  • Durability

Choose the one that can withstand bending and even stretching in some cases. Also, look for the ones made with quality materials, as specified on their boxes.

  • Noise Suppression

This aspect lies in the shielding of your conductors. The better the shielding, the less interruption to your motion display.

  • Warranty

Always check for the warranty of the items you buy. You might exit the store happy about your cable working well but then it fails to perform the moment you reach home.

Is There a Difference in VGA Cables


VGA cords were present in almost all establishments before modern connectors came in. Today, these cables are still in use and are relevant enough to co-exist with other devices in the market. These accessories only differ in supported resolutions, gender, adapter combination, kinds of connectors and conductors, shielding, and materials used.

Is a VGA Cable Better than HDMI


The most salient distinguishing factor between a VGA and an HDMI cable is that the former can transmit video signals only while the latter can handle both video and audio. VGA cables were known universally in earlier years. HDMIs, later on, took over their share in the multimedia industry.

With VGA cords being less costly, people these days would still prefer HDMIs because they are light and can produce high definition digital audio-visual data. Also, note that VGA to HDMI and HDMI to VGA signal transmissions are possible, but the former will not improve output quality, and the latter can lower it.

Does It Matter What VGA Cable I Use

You have to remember that the cable you are using might not be what you need. The kind of VGA cable you should use is dependent on the following considerations.

  • Set-up

The VGA you use should work in your setting. Whether at your home, office, entertainment room, or in other applications, the cord you pick must be compatible in all instances.

  • Brand

Some devices might be preferential in terms of cables they would accommodate. So, choose only the ones allowed by your device.

  • Quality

Some VGA cables can meet the bare minimum, but not all can go beyond it.


Giving your entertainment system a boost should not be a brainer at all. All you need to consider is your necessity, the VGA cable’s compatibility, and the quality of display you want to achieve.

Always check the figures and the range of usage before investing in this accessory. You might have seen the best VGA cable before you knew about the tips I have shared with you.

Drop a comment below to begin a friendly conversation. Enjoy playing and binge-watching on big screens. Have a great day!

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