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The Best Wire Connectors for Connecting a Solid & Stranded Wire

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best wire connectors

If you still use a wire nut to splice your power cables, then it’s high time you learned about the lever wire connector. This is a new and easy way of splicing cables, where the wire connectors will let you safely and securely combine electrical wires in two easy steps.

You’ll also learn how to find the best wire connectors that will fit your needs. The twelve items below are the best electrical connectors I’ve previously used. You’ll also get to see the pros and cons of each wire connector under each review.

But before that, here are the three main things you should consider when looking at wire connectors.

  • Compliance With Product Safety Standards: One of the first things you should look for in a wire connector is its compliance with product safety standards. These items are designed to work with high voltages—as such, they should withstand the power and heat coursing through them. So to ensure the safety of your project, the connector brand you choose should have complied with and is certified by multiple product safety organizations.
  • Types of Connectors: There are different types of connectors available in the marketplace. There are tube-type connectors for connecting two wires only. You can also find T-tap connectors for connecting three wires. And if you’re wiring a lighting system, you can find connectors that can attach more than three wires.
  • Needed Tools: Each connector brand requires a different toolset. Most wire connectors require heat guns, while some crimp on wire connectors needs a crimper. There are also several toolless wire connectors that can be installed without any tools at all.

Now, to help you look for the right connectors, here are the twelve best brands and models I’ve used in my projects. You should also check out the buying guide after the reviews.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

HTCELLE Connectors


Number of connectors 75 pcs
Connector type Twist
AWG Rating 24-12

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

ELECFUN Connectors


Number of connectors 200 pcs
Connector type Crimp
AWG Rating 22-10

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

TICONN Connectors


Number of connectors 240 pcs
Connector type T-tap
AWG Rating 22-12

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Best Wire Connector Reviews

1. HTCELLE Lever Wire Connectors

The HTCELLE Lever Wire Connectors is a great choice to use for anyone new to DIY projects. It’s easy to use and install and doesn’t require any tools. It allows you to connect two or more wires with a push. It’s also highly reusable, perfect for making temporary wire connections.

The high-quality spring clips and copper conductor connectors provide a firm grip, ensuring a reliable electrical connection. You could also see if the connector properly connects with your wire because of its transparent cover.

But best of all, this connector accepts almost any kind of wire. We can use solid core electrical wires and fine-stranded cables, as long as they’re 12 to 24 AWG. That means one can use this for almost any kind of wiring application.

Plus, the connector can resist corrosion and aging, ensuring its long lifespan in operation. I used this pack to connect wires a year ago, and I’ve seen no problems so far.

However, I do recommend stripping your wire a bit more when using this option. The wire will be secure in the connector this way.
  • No tools needed to use this connector for attaching two or more wires
  • Highly reusable and creative connector that allows temporary connections
  • High-quality spring clip and copper connector ensure good electrical conduction
  • Transparent cover gives clear sight to the connector for visual checking
  • Compatible with both stranded wires and solid cables from 12 to 24 AWG
  • Withstands corrosion and aging
  • The wire should be stripped more than normal
The HTCELLEconnector is excellent for temporary applications due to its reusability. It’s also perfect for new DIYers due to its toolless design. This is the ideal connector for use all around our house.

2. ELECFUN Splice Crimp Connector

Whenever I need to connect cables in tight spaces, I think of this crimp connector. It’s perfect for use in vehicular applications, like when I used it for my automotive wire terminal. It features high-quality brass and PVC tubing, ensuring that our connected wire won’t get disconnected, even if subjected to a vehicle’s constant vibration.

The ELECFUN Splice Crimp Connector comes in three bright colors. This allows us to use the connector colors to identify different wires quickly. It also has a wire stop design so everyone could insert a wire at just the right length. With the help of this stopper, I won’t have to worry about my wire splice being unbalanced.

This crimp connector has a wide range of applications. We can use it in our home, in our car, and even on our boat! It complies with RoHS and UL-Standards, giving me peace of mind. I’m assured that this crimp connector has passed multiple product safety tests.

However, as the name suggests, you must have a crimper to use this crimp connector. It’s required so that you can lock this securely on your connections, especially if you’re using stranded wires. It’s recommended that you have crimping tools on hand before choosing this connector.
  • High-quality brass and PVC tubing provides strong hold and great connection
  • Easy to identify the size we need with its three different colors
  • With wire stop design, which allows users to insert the wires at just the right length
  • Wide application range, can use in automotive or home project applications
  • Complies with RoHS and UL Standards, meaning it passed product safety tests
  • Crimping tool required to use these electronic wire connectors
I highly recommend these automotive crimp connectors for connecting wires. As long as I have a crimper, I’m guaranteed to have a clean splice that can fit almost anywhere.

3. TICONN T Tap Wire Connectors

For tapping into wires without cutting, stripping, and soldering cables, buyers can use the TICONN T Tap Wire Connectors. This connector allows us to have accessible wire taps to quickly and effortlessly install electrical lines.

All we need is to locate a suitable cable for tapping into, and that’s it! Anyone can install this with one click. Once done, users now have a wire tap connection they can quickly and easily connect and disconnect to.

The premium quality flexible copper barrel inside the connector provides an excellent wire contact when tapped. In addition, it has a high-temperature resistant plastic body, which can withstand up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. This means one can install this in electronic systems that require high-temperature resistance.

One big thing I like about this product is its wide range of options. I can choose between one, 120, 360, and even 480 electrical connectors kits, each with three different sizes. That means everyone can order what they only require, thus lessening waste and excess. Furthermore, the seller offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty.

You should note, though, that the quick disconnects terminal can be a bit loose at times. If you install this on a wire subject to constant vibration, it might disconnect and cause you to lose connection.
  • Taps into any wire easily for quick and safe installation
  • Uses a premium copper barrel for excellent contact
  • High-temperature resistance can withstand up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in different volumes—each kit also contains three different sizes
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty
  • Quick disconnects terminal can be loose, not suitable for wires subject to vibration
For those who have a wire tapping project, I highly recommend this Ticonn T-tap wire connector. It’s easy and safe to install, allowing users to tap into existing lines quickly. Just remember not to install it in a shaky environment.

4. Kuject Solder Seal Wire Connectors

The Kuject Solder Seal Wire Connectors has always been an excellent marine-grade product. It has a solder ring that provides a reliable connection once melted. Simultaneously, the hot melt adhesive will give a waterproof finish and is the reason for its marine-grade rating.

This connector is transparent, allowing me a clear sight of the connected wire. I can also see the solder ring, so I’m sure that the solder ring is wholly melted when I’m installing the wire connector. Its transparency also allows me to have a clean look among my spliced wires.

Buyers will find various sizes inside the package, making it usable for wire gauges ranging from 10 to 26 AWG. Furthermore, each size comes with its own color code. This allows us to identify the tube we need just by looking at the color, thus saving time during installation.

The only downside of this electrical connector is that the solder ring can be hard to melt. You’ll need a high-temp heat gun to get a good seal and connection. You also should not use alternative tools like a lighter or a hairdryer because they could melt the tubing before the solder ring even begins to warm up.
  • Solder ring provides a reliable connection when melted
  • Hot melt adhesive ensures water resistance once installed
  • Transparent tube gives us a clear sight for checking the link inside
  • Multiple wire size options allow us to use it with cables from 10 up to 26 AWG
  • Color coded tubing to recognize tubing size easily
  • Hot heat gun required to melt solder ring during installation
This solder seal connector is perfect for those who work on electrical wiring. It gives DIYers a solid connection with a waterproof finish. However, you need a hot heat gun to install this.

5. Amlits Waterproof Wire Connector

For people who have many electrical wiring jobs, especially those requiring connecting and splicing wires, the Amlits Waterproof Connector is worth considering. It comes in at 200 pieces, with options for more, making it enough for multiple wire connection projects.

This package contains butt connectors. But if I need more, I also have the option to use ring, spade, and quick male and female disconnect terminals. The manufacturer also includes differently-sized terminals and connectors. This gives me the freedom to mix and match connectors and terminals as I need.

Furthermore, this item comes with a reliable storage box. It allows me to stay organized every time I use it with my project or store extra connectors.

What I like best about this item is that the terminal and connector are made of premium copper. It ensures excellent conductivity, allowing me to have an efficient electrical circuit.

However, the installation process of the terminals can be a bit tricky. The sizes of the connectors are smaller than expected. I was able to make things work, but it’s easy to see how some users might have trouble using this set from Amlits.
  • Has 200 pieces of different connectors
  • Option for multiple types of electrical connectors for various applications
  • Waterproof connector can be used for splicing wire exposed to the elements
  • Comes with a reliable storage box that enables us to stay organized every time
  • Premium copper ensures excellent electrical conductivity
  • Connectors are small and may be hard to work with
Overall, this item is recommended if one has multiple projects. It has enough electrical terminal connectors to supply all our small projects, or even one big one.

6. Qibaok Heat Shrink Wire Connectors

This Qibaok heat shrink wire connector kit has a 3:1 shrink ratio, providing a secure connection with high-quality sealing. Furthermore, you can activate the tube using a low-temperature heat gun or even a lighter after crimping the wire in your application.

The copper barrel provides a firm grip after crimping correctly to the wire. At the same time, the flexible finish offers a steady and excellent connection performance. It means I can bend my connected wire without worrying that it will loosen, especially in some narrow electrical wiring systems.

One further advantage this item offers is its compliance with international electrical product safety standards. It conforms to RoHS, ISO9001:2008, SGS, and CE standards, giving me peace of mind that this translucent heat shrink tubing is safe for residential and commercial use.

It also uses different color codes for its wire range, with the suitable AWG imprinted on the body. This ensures that I can quickly check the proper tubing size when installing. Once owners are familiar with the color codes, they’ll no longer have to check the imprints manually to see if they have the correct one.

However, it seems Qibaok could improve its product delivery. One customer reported receiving a container with a broken cover. Fortunately, the connectors inside were unaffected.
  • High shrink ratio of 3:1 provides a high-quality seal
  • Can be installed using a low-temperature heat gun or lighter
  • Strong copper barrel gives durable hold to the wire when crimped
  • High elasticity tubing keeps a steady and outstanding performance even when bent
  • Complies with many international electrical product safety standards
  • Color coding for easy work with wide array of gauges
  • The container may be damaged during delivery
This product is one of the best wiring connectors kit that offers a secure connection. Furthermore, its compliance with international safety electrical standards will assure shoppers that this product is safe to use.

7. Sopoby Heat Shrink Solder Connectors

The Sopoby heat shrink tube connector is an excellent choice when I work with high voltage electrical systems. It’s perfect for both low voltage and high voltage applications, with a maximum rating of up to 600 volts.

The dual wall design provides a corrosion-resistant finish and improves water resistant performance. It also allows me to use this device indoors or outdoors, even if the wire is exposed to the elements.

Its 2:1 shrink ratio ensures our cable remains flexible after application. The package also comes in different sizes: 10 pcs for 10 to 12 AWG, 40 pcs for 14 to 16 AWG, 40 pcs for 18 to 22 AWG, and 30 pcs for 24 to 26 AWG.

Furthermore, the tips and guidelines attached to the box’s lid are a tremendous help, especially for first-time users of the solder connector. It is also convenient to install since we only need a heat gun to apply it.

However, even if it’s easy to install, its sealing process takes time compared to other electrical connectors. Your hand may get tired quickly, especially if you are using a heavy heat gun. It’s best to use this connector on a flat surface so you can rest your arm from time to time.
  • Can withstand up to 600 volts, making it suitable for high-voltage applications
  • Dual wall design prevents corrosion and improves waterproof performance
  • 2:1 shrink ratio
  • Comes in different sizes for cables with varying AWG sizes
  • With tips and a complete guide attached to the container lid
  • Only requires a heat gun for installation
  • Solder ring sealing process can take too long compared to other connectors
For electrical professionals working on high voltage electrical systems, this solder connector is an excellent choice. It has a maximum operating voltage of 600 volts, which I can use in many projects, especially those which require a lot of power.

8. TICONN Heat Shrink Wire Connectors

The TICONN Heat Shrink Connectors are perfect for outdoor wiring. Its double-walled design, 3:1 shrink ratio, and heat-activated seal make it ideal for any application. This connector is suitable for marine-type vehicles and even for underground applications.

I can do many things with this package as it includes four different terminal studs and five connectors in one kit. More than that, it has an operating temperature of -65 up to 255 degrees Fahrenheit. This means I can install it in places exposed to temperature extremes, like a car’s engine bay.

This wire connector has thick copper barrels that ensure a firm grip and provide less heat with a high current flow of electricity. Meanwhile, its translucent heat shrink tubing shrinks quickly using a mini heat gun. It starts to melt at around 176 degrees Fahrenheit. With these great features, I can do many jobs in a small amount of time with less fatigue in my hands.

Nonetheless, I notice that the latches of its convenient clear carrying case are flimsy. They can easily break or loosen, so you need to be extra careful when opening it. This is to prevent the locks from deteriorating.
  • Double-walled design with 3:1 shrink ratio
  • Connector can be installed underground or in marine-type vehicles
  • Includes different types of terminal studs and connectors
  • Wide operating range from -65 up to 255 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thick internal copper barrel ensures a firm grip and less heat
  • Shrink tubing shrinks quickly at 176 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Storage box latches can break easily; care must be taken when opening and closing
This product is best for outdoor applications. I can install these electrical connectors anywhere, even underground or in any marine-type vehicle I have.

9. Nilight Quick Splice Wire Terminals

As their name suggests, the Nilight Quick Splice Wire Terminals allow users to wire splice terminals in an instant. One can even install this safely without having to cut a source cable. This is due to its self-stripping capability, where you don’t need to remove the wire insulation before installing this T-tap Connector.

The connector has a thick tinned copper core that ensures proper grip and locks on the source wire. It also provides maximum electrical conductivity, ensuring I don’t get a short circuit in the future. Furthermore, its high-quality locking mechanism offers a secure lock, no matter what our application is.

Just like any other connector, this T-tap wire terminal comes with color-coded features. I can quickly identify my needed pair just by looking at its color. Moreover, the package is equally divided into the same quantity of 20 pieces for each cable gauge. One box is enough for my numerous projects that come in different wire sizes.

One major drawback of this item is it’s not a marine-grade product. It’s not advisable for applications exposed to water and other wet environments. It is better to use a connector with a heat-activated gel or adhesive inside for such settings. This ensures that water will not ingress in your splice, causing a short circuit.
  • Quick and safe no-strip installation
  • Connectors come with a thick tinned copper internal core for maximum conductivity
  • High-quality locking mechanism ensures secure lock after wire installation
  • Color-coded tap allows for easy identification of connector pair
  • Equally divided versatile kit of 20 per size is perfect for numerous wiring projects
  • Not marine-grade, not recommended for any application associated with water
Generally, this quick splice wire terminal kit is highly recommended for those who want to avoid wire stripping. However, it may not fit your needs if you’re looking for a marine-grade product.

10. Brightfour Wire Connectors

If I need a heavy-duty way of connecting wires, the Brightfour Wire Connectors will be my go-to. This wire connector uses high-quality plastic with thicker walls and offers a permanent connection. It provides a solid and reliable splice while remaining effortless for the installer.

This connector is small and compact, allowing me to place it practically anywhere. It’s perfect for projects that only require a low voltage — like LED electrical work, and a clean look. The small form factor of this connector will help users hide their wires. At the same time, its transparent surface will help me with the visual inspection of my wire.

Furthermore, customers have the option to choose between I-type and T-type electrical connectors. Everyone can choose between one or the other, or a mix of both connectors, depending on their need. This way, we could purchase what we need only. We don’t have to end up with unused connectors if we don’t need a T-type or I-type connector.

However, due to its premium features, it’s also much more expensive than other inline wire connectors. Nevertheless, the additional amount I pay for this item is well worth the features it gives.
  • High-quality connectors provide a solid connection
  • Provides an effortless application when connecting wires
  • Compact size allows for wire placement almost anywhere
  • Good for low voltage & setups that need to look clean
  • Transparent surface great for wire inspection
  • Available in I-type, T-type, or a mix of both types of connectors
  • More expensive than other inline wire connectors
I highly recommend considering this Brightfour wire connector. It’s convenient to use and will not loosen easily. It’s perfect for connecting both large and small wires. For anyone who can afford the extra expense, this connector is worth it.

11. HELPLEX Compact Splicing Connectors

I was finding wiring nut tools for my home electrical wiring project when my friend recommended this Helplex splicing connector. I can use this connector in my lighting, electrical, or even in-home outlet wiring as long as it is in the size of 24 up to 12 AWG.

Users don’t have to worry about the ideal length to strip their wire with this option. This connector comes with a measurement on its side, so we know exactly how much to strip.

It also has two accessible test slots—one in front and the other under its lock. You can use this slot to check the current wire rating without having to disassemble the electrical connectors.

Its transparent cover has an excellent build quality and gives a clear view of its conductor. It also gives me a high level of protection, knowing my wire is connected correctly with this connector.

In addition to this handy design, this connector can be operated at up to a 185-degree Fahrenheit ambient temperature. This makes it ideal for use in our home’s electrical junction box.

This splicing connector is designed for home electrical wiring but is not applicable for outdoor use. The test slots are open, so water can get through them and may cause a short circuit.
  • Extensive wire application range allows us to use it for 24 to 12 AWG lines
  • With indications on the side to show the wire strip length needed
  • With two accessible test slots for checking voltage
  • Completely clear housing provides a clear view of conductors
  • Can operate in up to a 185-degree Fahrenheit ambient temperature
  • Not applicable in outdoor application
To those who are still using electrical tape or wire nuts in their home electrical wiring, check out and try this splicing connector. This will give users an accessible wire connection with a high level of protection.

12. AIRIC Heat Shrink Wire Butt Connectors

This electronic connector is best for use in auto wiring terminals, especially in an RV. These weatherproof car wire connectors allow me to use them at temperatures from -49 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the heat-activated lining inside helps it become waterproof after melting.

The tubing is made from polyolefin material, making these wire butt connectors highly shrinkable. It also allows me to use a lighter or even a low-temperature heat blow to activate the heat shrink tubing. Nevertheless, it’s still better to use a hot heat gun to set this connector.

AIRIC also uses a premium copper core as a connector inside. This core provides a great flow of electricity while reducing heat generation. It also features a wire stop structure inside, helping us insert our cables at just the proper distance.

The only thing I don’t like about this waterproof auto wire connectors package is the limited number of tubings for 12 to 10 AWG cables. Each pack only contains ten connectors for this range, which may not be enough for large projects. However, if users are working on wires without mechanical damage or only deal with car electrical wires, this should be enough for their needs.
  • Heat and cold resistant, from -49 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Heat-activated adhesive lining makes it waterproof
  • Tubing is made of polyolefin material, making it highly shrinkable
  • Premium copper core fixes the wire firmly and provides a great flow of electricity
  • Doesn’t generate much heat
  • Wire stop structure provides proper insertion of both wire ends for better connection
  • Limited number of yellow butt connectors for 12 to 10 AWG wires
All in all, these heat shrink connectors are the best automotive wire connectors I’ve used. They provide a great connection and a weatherproof finish, ensuring our wires and cables are safe even when exposed to water.

What to Look for When Buying Wire Connectors


Whenever I am looking to buy any tool, I usually look at the brand first. However, when it comes to the best wire connector, the brand is not that important. As long as a connector meets all the criteria you need, it would do.

Here are the things to consider when purchasing wire connectors:

  • Compliance or Certification in Product Safety Standards

Because wire connectors deal with electricity, it’s essential to have safe and durable products. The only way to know this is to check if it complies with standards from various certifying bodies, like NEC and UL.

  • Types of Connectors

There are numerous connectors available on the market. That’s why you should know what you need first before making a choice. There are butt connectors, wire tap connectors, T-tap connectors, splice connectors, and heat shrink connectors.

You can look at your current system to determine your needs. Is it for automotive applications? Or for your home? Do you need to install it permanently? Does it have to be waterproof? If you’re unsure, it’s best to consult a licensed electrician to get the best advice.

  • Tools Needed

Some connectors require a crimper to install, while some use a heat gun. Some connectors require both tools to ensure a proper connection, while some don’t need tools at all. That’s why it’s essential that you first determine what you need before embarking on an installation project.

If you have complete tools as a DIY professional, you might not need to consider this. But if you are a beginner who lacks tools, you should check the required tools of a product. Some connectors even required specialized tools for proper installation.

  • Material Used as Connector Inside

This refers to the core material the connector uses to conduct electricity. Is it made from copper or premium brass? Is there a solder ring that provides a good connection once set? It is crucial you know this material to ensure an excellent electrical flow in your system.

  • Sizes Included in the Package

You should know this because not all packages provide the same number of connectors. Some items come with a limited number of connectors for thicker wires, limiting their usability for projects that require large AWG cables.

Furthermore, if you’re working on multiple projects at a time, it’s great to have more connectors so you don’t run out while you’re in the middle of an installation.

How Do You Connect Three Wires Together


In the usual way of connecting two or more wires, you could use wire nuts. However, it is much easier to use a three-wire connector.

You can use a three-conductor splice connector, where you just need to strip the wire end and insert it into the connector. Alternatively, you can use a T-tap wire connector where you simply put the wire in and lock its cover.

Are Push-in Wire Connectors Better than Wire Nuts

Both the push-in wire connector and the wire nut provide an excellent connection. These connect the wire by ensuring a good connection between the two separate cables. However, these differ in application.

Wire nuts require proper wire stripping and splicing technique to ensure a good connection. On the other hand, push-in wire connectors are easier to install.

Push-in wire connector types require no tools at all. Some other wire crimp connectors need a heat gun, a crimper, or both. Nevertheless, the primary advantage of wire connectors over wire nuts is their ease of installation. But as long as appropriately installed, both would provide a safe and reliable connection.

Are All Wire Connectors Insulated

No, not all connectors are insulated. There is also a non-insulated wire connector and terminal type, mainly used for wiring lines not in danger of short circuits when touching.

These non-insulated connectors and terminals are also less expensive if you compare them to the insulated terminal. However, using an insulated wire connector is much safer than a non-insulated wire connector. It has tubing covering the barrel opening, which makes it safer even though it touches some other wires.

Do All Types of Wire Work With Every Connector

Most wire connectors can support any wire, but some wire connectors are not recommended for use with fine-stranded wires. Some crimp-type connectors can connect this type of wire, but it may loosen its hold over time, especially if the wire moves or vibrates.


Using insulated wire connectors is the easier and faster way of connecting a wire nowadays. There is an appropriate wire connector for connecting a solid wire, a stranded wire, or both.

If you want to find the best wire connectors for your application, you should look at your system. If you’re unsure, you can look at the criteria I have or ask a licensed electrician about your specific plan.

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