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Can You Plug a Coffee Maker Into a Power Strip? – Answered

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

can you plug a coffee maker into a power strip

You’re a proud owner of a new coffee maker. But the wall outlet to power the appliance is farther than expected. Now, you wonder, “Can you plug a coffee maker into a power strip?”

Small coffee makers typically won’t encounter problems when plugged into a power strip. However, it’s not advisable to plug large coffee machines into extension cords because of the bigger power requirement.

Take note that proper preventive measures should be in place regardless of the size of the coffee maker you’re using. Continue reading this post to learn about proper coffee pot usage, along with other relevant information about the subject matter.

Why You Shouldn’t Plug a Coffee Maker Into a Power Strip?


Whether you can use coffee makers with power strips depends on the requirements of the coffee maker. For instance, it should be reasonably safe to plug a Keurig into a power strip. But avoid plugging a large coffee machine into an extension cord.

Be wary, as many modern coffee makers need at least 750 watts to function. On the other hand, various power strips, particularly cheap models, can only handle up to 500 watts.

What Happens if You Plug a Coffee Maker Into a Power Strip?


The result of plugging a coffee maker power cord into a power strip will likely be an overload or a short circuit, considering some coffee machines can use more than 1,300 watts. One way to alleviate this concern is by using a high wattage power strip.

Alternatively, using a low power coffee maker can also be a good solution. Brands like Cuisinart have models that only need about 450 watts to operate.

But it’s still important to look at the product’s electrical requirements before plugging it into an outlet. For example, looking at the Nespresso machine wattage should tell you that this appliance may use 1,200 to 1,600 watts of power.

So if you’re using a Nespresso coffee machine, it’s ideal to plug it directly into a wall outlet instead of using a power strip.

Safety Tips for Using Coffee Makers


Following proper safety protocols while using coffee makers, particularly if you’re pairing them with power strips, can help you avoid different hazards. Some practical tips to follow are:

1. Avoid Using Multiple Power Strips

You might also wonder, “Is it safe to use more than one power strip for a coffee maker?” The short answer to that question is no.

Although daisy-chaining power strips is a possibility, it’s not an ideal setup for powering electronic devices. For starters, it violates guidelines imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Take note that daisy-chaining extension cords might cause overheating and fire.

2. Route The Power Strip Properly


If you want to plug a coffee maker into an extension cord, ensure that the power strip’s cord doesn’t go under furniture, carpets, or rugs. The wire can become hot during use, or the insulation may wear off due to people stepping on it.

3. Check The Integrity Of The Power Strip

Inspect if the power strip is safe to use for your coffee maker or other appliances before plugging it into a wall outlet. Do not use loose, burnt, or melted wires.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Plug A Coffee Maker Into An Extension Cord?

As mentioned previously, you can plug a coffee maker into a power strip if you practice care during use. Make sure to check the electrical rating of both the coffee machine and extension cord to avoid hazards like a house fire.

Does Coffee Maker Need Surge Protector?

It’s okay to plug a coffee maker into a surge protector as long as the former has the right wattage to support the appliance’s power requirements. The surge protector helps prevent potential harm to the coffee machine if an unexpected power spike occurs.

Can You Run A Coffee Maker In A Car?


Most residential and commercial coffee makers have power requirements that exceed the electricity a car can offer. However, that doesn’t mean an automotive coffee maker doesn’t exist.

12V coffee machines are ideal for enjoying your favorite blend while you’re in a vehicle. Certain models even have rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to worry about having a wall outlet or power strip to use them.

Can You Plug A One-Cup Coffee Maker Into A Power Strip?

Generally, it’s possible to plug a coffee pot into a power strip, especially if it doesn’t require a lot of energy to run. An example is a one-cup Keurig coffee-making machine. Just don’t use other appliances on the same strip.

Can You Plug An Espresso Machine Into A Power Strip?

It’s wise to use a dedicated espresso machine outlet without using a power strip. Trusted coffee machine brands would typically place this warning in the product’s packaging or owner’s manual to let users know about potential hazards.


After reading this post, you should now know the answer to your initial question, “Can you plug a coffee maker into a power strip?” Remember to check the owner’s manual before attempting to plug the appliance into an extension cord.

If you’re going to use a power strip because the wall outlet is quite far, ensure that the cord can handle the requirements of the coffee machine. Also, be mindful of the placement of the extension cord so that it won’t create additional issues.

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