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Can You Plug a Smart Plug Into a Power Strip? Is It Safe?

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

can you plug a smart plug into a power strip

Smart plugs are convenient ways to pair smart technology with existing devices at home. They enable you to control these devices with your smartphone anytime you want remotely. However, a lot of smart plugs are so big that they block two outlets, so people want to plug them into a power strip.

Are smart plugs safe to use this way? Can you plug a smart plug into a power strip? Generally, this setup is fine as long as the current flowing to the smart plug does not exceed its rating.

What is a Smart Plug?


A smart plug is an outlet adapter with Wi-Fi connection capabilities that enables you to turn on or off the appliances connected to it. You simply have to connect the smart plug to your Wi-Fi and follow instructions to sync the smart plug to the companion app.

There are many cool smart plug uses. Because the accessory is controllable by a companion app, you can remotely schedule the running of devices to save electricity.

Common uses for smart plugs include automating machines like turning on coffee makers in the morning and lights and lamps in the evening. They can also be used to shut down appliances that might be dangerous when left unattended, like flat irons and curlers.

Some smart plugs can even track the energy consumption of an appliance and display the info to you. One of the best uses for Amazon smart plug with energy monitoring is tracking the electrical demand of appliances like refrigerators.

Is It Safe to Use Smart Plugs With Power Strips?


Of course, smart plugs are not perfect and have some issues of their own. These include the need for a companion app, choosing the right compatible appliance for the plug, and problems with WiFi connectivity.

One of the most common issues with smart plugs though, is their size. Smart plugs tend to be bulky and can block another adjacent socket. They also commonly have one socket only and are difficult to use if you have multiple devices to control in one location.

An option for boosting their convenience is to make smart plugs work with power strips.

Yes, it is safe to use a smart plug with a power strip as long as you know the limits of both items. Both smart plugs and power strips have their own current ratings to tell you the maximum loads they can handle.

Exceeding these limits will trigger their own built-in safety measures (if any). These features include circuit breakers and auto-off functions.

Why Would You Want to Plug a Smart Plug Into a Power Strip?


Because smart plugs tend to be bulky, some people plug a smart plug into an extension cord or a power strip. The plug will be distant from the home receptacle and not block the adjacent outlet.

If you plug a smart plug into a surge protector, extension cord, or power strip, we advise that you do not run a device that exceeds the current limit of the portable cord. Generally, these appliances use continuous loads like refrigerators or other large current-drawing devices like heaters.

Can I Plug a Power Strip Into a Smart Plug?


Yes, you can. If you have multiple devices to link to a smart plug, you can connect a power strip to a smart plug. However, you have to remember not to exceed the current limit of both accessories.

How Much Electricity Can a Smart Plug Support?


Generally, manufacturers specify how much current or power can a smart plug handle.

A lot of smart plugs are rated for 15 amps of current, so it’s best to check the requirement of your appliance to match it with the correct socket. However, appliances are mostly rated in watts, so you may need to convert the amperage to wattage using the formula:

\text{power (watts)} = \text{current (amps)} \times \text{voltage (volts)}

Here is a list of some common smart plugs and their electrical ratings, as well as their maximum wattage if they’re rated at 120 volts:

Smart plug Maximum Current rating in amperes Maximum power rating at 120 volts in watts (computed or documented)
WeMo smart plug 15 1800
TP-Link Kasa smart plug EP10 15 1800
Ring outdoor smart plug 15 1875
Wyze smart plug 15 1800
Amazon smart plug (aka the Alexa smart plug) 15 1800
Leviton Decora smart plug 15 1800 (general purpose) / 1500 for incandescent
Emporia smart plug 10 (continuous loads) / 15 (max load for 1 hr/day) 1200 / 1800
GE Cync smart plug 15 1800
HBN heavy duty smart plug 15 1875

Risks of Over-wattage


As we mentioned before, overloading may be a risk if we put smart plugs into a power bar or power strip or vice versa.

However, these devices have their own built-in overcurrent protection such as switch offs and circuit breakers. When overloading happens, these safety measures will trigger, preventing any further damage.

Are There Any Alternatives?


The best alternative to this situation is a smart power strip. How do smart power strips work? Well, they function like if you plug a power strip or plug an extension cord into an Amazon smart plug: they have the technology of both. In fact, some even have surge protection.

However, always check the maximum current or amperage that the strip can handle. Also, don’t plug high-powered devices into it as this may be a fire risk.


Can you plug a smart plug into a power strip? Definitely, you can. It’s safe as long as you do not exceed either object’s current or power ratings. But, even then, their built-in protection will trigger in case of overloading.

Using smart plugs with power strips, or even better yet, smart power strips, will make it easier for you to start building your smart home and making everything convenient. These are simple ways to connect your not-so-smart devices to your mobile phone and operate them with a touch of a button.

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