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How to Convert a Plug in Light to Hardwire? – 4 Steps

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how to convert a plug in light to hardwire

One way to avoid the tangling cord of your old plug-in lighting is to convert it to a hardwire. This is an excellent solution, especially if you regularly use this fixture or want it to be installed permanently.

In this article, I will provide a guide that will walk you through all steps on how to convert a plug in light to hardwire safely and effectively.

Step-by-step Tutorial on Converting a Plug-in Light to Hardwire


What to Prepare

To change a plug-in light to hardwired, you will need to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • A plug-in light fixture that you need to convert to hardwire
  • Existing light fixture connection
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire stripper and wire cutter
  • Wire nuts
  • Folding ladder

Step 1. Turn Off the Power Source


When converting plug to direct wire, the first step is to turn off the circuit’s power source where you want to install the fixture. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of your work.

If you’re unsure which circuit to turn off, you can flip the main breaker in your utility box to ensure that all power is shut off. This will prevent any accidental electrocution or damage to your electrical system while you work on the fixture.

Step 2. Remove the Plug


Now that your circuit is ready for work, you can remove the existing light fixture plug to free the wires. Then you can start working on it.

Cut off the plug part of the plug-in light fixture using your wire cutter. In this instance, having a folding ladder may also help you get the job done.

Step 3. Strip and Connect the Wires

how to convert a plug in light to hardwire

Also, you may want to measure and remove a few inches of insulation to make installing the light easier. Typically, the hot wire will be the one with a smooth surface and may have writing on it, while the neutral wire will have a ribbed texture and no writing.

If you convert 2 prong plug to hardwire, you only need to connect the hot and neutral wires to the corresponding hot and neutral wires in your preferred circuit. Twist the wires together and use wire nuts to secure the connections.

However, if you convert 3 prong plug to hardwire, it will also have a ground wire that needs to be connected. You can connect the ground wire to the metal mounting bracket for the ground connection.

Step 4. Mount the Light Fixture


Once you have connected the wires properly, you can securely install the full lighting fixture and test it. Install the bulbs, turn on the main breaker, and switch on the lighting. And you’re done! You have successfully converted a plug-in light to hardwired lighting.

Note: As you can see in the guide, I use a multi-light ceiling fixture. However, you can also use any hardwire pendant light cord kit to convert other types of plug-in lighting in your home.

Additionally, this guide can also be used to convert plug-in wall sconces to hardwires. However, if you don’t have an available circuit for this installation, you may need to install a new circuit for your wall sconce electrical connection.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Does Hardwired Mean in Lighting?

In lighting, “hardwired” refers to installing a lighting fixture directly into the electrical wiring of a building. It differs from a plug-in installation, where the fixture is simply plugged into an electrical outlet.

Is it Safe to Convert a Plug-in Light Fixture to Hardwire?

Technically, it is safe to hardwire a light with a plug. As long as you insert the wires to the correct terminals securely, there should be no problem.

How to Convert Plug-In Led Light to Hardwire?

If you want to convert into a hardwire a plug-in light that comes with LEDs, the same method above can be used.

All you need to do is cut the plug, strip the wires, and connect it to your existing lighting circuit. Below is a video on how to convert plug-in shop light to hardwire.


Knowing how to convert a plug-in light to hardwire can provide a much safer electrical connection in your home. Moreover, it offers flexibility regarding control as you may use a switch instead of unplugging the device to turn off your lamps.

Overall, it is an ideal solution to convert plug sockets to hardwire lighting for anyone wanting a more permanent lighting system.

However, you may require at least basic knowledge of house electricals to do this task. If you are unfamiliar with DIY tasks, hiring a licensed electrician to perform the conversion for you is highly recommended.

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