The Best Diagonal Cutters

best diagonal cutters

Whether you’re a general contractor, professional handyman, or DIY enthusiast, a good pair of diagonal cutters is a crucial part of your toolkit. Unlike scissors, which cut by shearing, diagonal cutters work by indenting and …

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The Best Wire Strippers

best wire stripper

Many people think that stripping wires is such a mundane job that a good wire stripping tool is just a luxury. However, if you’re a professional electrician working with miles upon miles of wiring, having …

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The Best Cable Raceways

best cable raceways

Building a home, an office space, or room addition is an achievement for many. Coupled with these improvements is the extension of utilities to make them fully operative. Having the desire to execute these kinds …

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The Best Wire Cutters

best wire cutters

A wire cutter is an essential tool for workers who are constantly exposed to cables and cords. Now, wire cutters can strip, crimp, modify, and cut lines, depending on the job and what needs to …

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The Best Cord Hiders

best cord hider

Nobody wants a spaghetti mess of cords and cables around the house. As a professional, high-end appliance installer, I’ve seen how a beautiful, luxurious room’s ambiance is upset by haphazardly-placed power lines. More than the …

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