The Best Digital Ballasts

best digital ballasts

Historically, plant production has been dependent on the wildly variable climate and the local environment. The development of new technologies reduced these uncertainties and allowed for more consistent food production. One such technology is the …

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The Best 1000 Watt Ballasts

best 1000 watt ballast

 It may be ironic to know how a global pandemic has drifted our minds to productive horticulture opportunities rather than exposing ourselves to dangers outside our homes. Indoor garden setups have suddenly become a thing …

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The Best HID Ballasts

best HID ballast

When driving at night, I like to have bright headlights that can pierce through the darkness. I want to see the road ahead as far as possible, especially during inclement weather. For this reason, I …

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How Long Does a Ballast Last?

How Long Does a Ballast Last

As an experienced lighting technician, I’ve always received questions “How Long Does a Ballast Last”. Indeed, those are fundamental questions since there are many things to consider when buying the right ballast. Knowing how long …

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