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How to Hang Extension Cords on Wall? (4 Easy Ways)

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how to hang extension cords on wall

Have you ever experienced trouble finding your extension cord when you need it? To avoid this incident, you should store your cable properly.

There are many ways to do so. You can put it in the cabinet or in a bag, but the best way is to hang it on the wall. This way, you can access it more easily whenever you need it.

If you want to learn how to hang extension cords on wall properly, you can follow any of the following guides below.

Ways to Hang Extension Cords on Wall


1. Use a Wall Mount Cord Hanger

One of the easiest tricks is to use an extension cord wall mount hanger. The good thing about this tool is that it is very easy to purchase and available in many places, including the nearest hardware shop in your area.


Furthermore, a cord hanger is sold in different sizes. This way, you can freely choose the set that suits your needs.

Plus, if you are a DIY enthusiast and love making different things, you can create your own extension cord wall hanger. This way, you can save money since you only need to use scraps that can be available in your working area.

Interesting right? Here’s the extension cord organizer DIY guide.

What to Prepare

  • 5-inch screws
  • 25-inch diameter PVC conduit tube
  • PVC tube cutter or a saw
  • A small piece of ½-inch plywood
  • 2 ½ inch hole saw and small size drill bit
  • Sandpaper
  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver

Step 1. Cut the PVC Tube and Make a Circular Shape of Wood

Using your PVC tube cutter or saw, cut a 2.5-inch PVC tube. This tube piece will serve as a holder on which the cord hangs.

Next, using your power drill with a hole saw tip, make a circular shape of wood in ½-inch plywood. This piece will serve as the stopper, so the cord does not fall off while hanging.

Step 2. Clean the Edge of the Circular Wood Piece and Assemble the Cord Hanger

  • It might be best to clean the edge of the round wood with sandpaper for a better finish.
  • Also, drill a small hole in the center of the wood so the screw can pass through when it is installed.
  • You can now assemble your DIY cord hanger.

To assemble your work, put the 5-inch screw into the hole in the center of the wood. Next, place the PVC tube against the wood and screw the whole setup tightly to the wall.

Your DIY cord hanger is ready to use, and you can put any of your cords on it. You can also make multiple pieces of this tool if you have numerous extension cords in your house.

2. Use a Cord Holder

A cord holder is best to use after properly coiling your extension cord. It can secure extension cord to wall, preventing it from becoming tangled while hanging.

  • Typically, a cord holder has a Velcro feature, making it easy to wrap around any cord.
  • Furthermore, it is often equipped with a metal ring, which is purposely made to work with any nail or hook in the wall.

3. Use a Cord Reel Organizer


Using a cord reel will also allow you to store your extension cable on the wall easily, given that this tool has a hole on the side.

Moreover, it will also make it easy for you to coil your wire without creating tangles.

4. Use a Pegboard Organizer


A pegboard organizer is mainly used to hang various tools for DIY or other professional projects.

You can also use this organizer to store your existing extension cord.

A cable strap, in addition to pegboard and pegboard hooks, may be required to secure the coil of your electrical cords. If you do not have a cord strap, a string is the best alternative, but never use tape, since it can leave an adhesive and make your wire sticky and dirty.

The only issue with this method is that the cables may take up too much space on your pegboard and appear awkward.



Can You Put Extension Cords Together?

Combining two or more extension cords together is an electrical hazard. It can cause them to generate more heat, overload, or experience voltage drop.

When this happens, you run the risk of electrical fires, or it can cause damage to the device connected to your cords.

How Do You Hang Extension Cords From the Ceiling?

Hanging extension cord from the ceiling is also a good idea to eliminate clutter in a room. You’ll need a retractable extension cord reel with brackets for a ceiling mount.

Can You Put an Extension Cord Behind a Wall?

Running extension cord along wall is highly prohibited, even if you use a heavy-duty one. This cable type typically generates heat, which can be a potential hazard, especially if hidden.

As a result, you should keep cords against the wall and as visible as possible. This way, you can immediately see what is happening with them, primarily when electrical problems occur.

How Do I Organize My House Extension Cords?

Organizing an extension cord for storage is to hang it on the wall using the different methods above. However, another option is to use extension cord wall clips.

They are great if you want to run your extension cord alongside your wall to power up devices. Furthermore, these clips come with adhesive and are easy to install.


Knowing how to hang extension cords on wall will give you easy access to them. Moreover, it can also help to reduce tangles and extend your cord’s life even more.

Moreover, hanging cables on walls doesn’t need to be expensive. With the help of some cheap tools and materials, together with your creativity, you can make your own organizer.

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