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How Many Amps Does a Traeger Grill Use? – Answered

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how many amps does a traeger grill use

A Traeger grill is an excellent choice for quick and convenient cooking. However, before you purchase one, you should know how many amps does a Traeger grill use to determine whether your electrical supply is compatible with your chosen model.

In general, the amp draw of Traeger grills varies among units. This is because each model has a specific wattage rating, which could result in an amperage of 8 amps up to 15 amps on average.

How Much Power Does a Traeger Use?


Traeger grills are a good investment for barbecue lovers. If you are considering purchasing this equipment, it is important that you have an idea of its power requirements for safe operation. This way, you’ll know whether your existing power supply is adequate or whether you need to select another grill.

In general, the Traeger amp draw is mostly determined by its model and size. For example, a small to medium-sized Traeger grill may use 8 to 15 amps of power. At the same time, larger sizes with higher wattage ratings may draw more than 20 amps.

Below is some information regarding Traeger grill wattage, amperage, and voltage, as well as its types and a list of Traeger grill models to help you better grasp this device’s power ratings.

Amps, Watts, and Volts of a Traeger Grill


1. Amps

Like any other electrical equipment in your house, a Traeger grill’s current draw is determined by the wattage rating. This means that a Traeger unit with a higher wattage will often draw more current.

2. Watts

Traeger models may have varying wattage ratings. As previously said, the wattage rating is often responsible for it drawing a large quantity of electricity. To find out how many watts does a Traeger grill use, check the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

In addition, the list of some Traeger models below can provide a sense of some units’ wattage ratings.

3. Volts

A Traeger grill usually does not require a higher voltage to operate. Typically, a standard household 110V outlet is enough to run any Treager models, including the Timberline ones, which usually come at higher wattage ratings.

Types Of Traeger Grill and Their Wattage

Grill Type Watts Ratings Notes
AC Grills Up to 300 watts Watt ratings usually drop to 45 to 100 watts when the device reaches the set temperature.
D2 Grills Up to 110 watts The same as AC grills, its wattage rating drops when it reaches the set temperature. It usually plummets to 20W based on its fan and auger usage. Its ignitors draw 80W.
Timberline Grills With Induction Cooktop Up to 1,756 watts  
W/out Induction Cooktop Up to 95 watts  
Induction Cooktop Only Up to 1,410 watts Expect the current draw of 8 to 15 amps while using it in a standard 120v household outlet.

Traeger Grill Models

Traeger Model Voltage Rating (v) Wattage Rating (watts) Amperage Rating (amps)
Traeger Lil’ Tex Elite 22 110v 200 watts 6.8 amps
Traeger Pro Series 34 110v 280 watts 8.5 amps
Traeger Bronson 20 110v 360 watts 9.8 amps
Traeger Century 22 110v 360 watts 9.9 amps
Traeger Renegade Pro 110v 430 watts 11.6 amps
Traeger Lone Star 20 110v 480 watts 12.2 amps
Traeger Pro Series 22 110v 480 watts 12.5 amps
Traeger Timberline 1300 110v 780 watts 13.5 amps
Traeger Select Elite 22 110v 1,050 watts 15.2 amps
Traeger Katanabec 22 110v 1,300 watts 17.5 amps
Traeger Grills BAC382 34 110v 1,680 watts 20.8 amps

Electrical Requirements for Traeger Grill


A Traeger grill differs from a traditional smoker as it requires electricity to operate. This electricity is used by components such as thermostats, fans, drills, and other devices. As a result, understanding the Traeger power requirements is essential for smooth functioning.

As previously stated, most Traeger units run on 110V AC 60 Hz power. In this situation, if you wish to utilize a battery as your power source, you may need to use an inverter with a suitable rating for your equipment. Traeger sells a 400W inverter that converts DC to AC power for camping needs.

At the same time, if you have dual voltage wiring, you may need to utilize an electrical converter to power the grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Traeger Grills Work?

A Traeger grill generates heat by burning wood pellets, which are then used for cooking the meal. It includes a control feature that lets you manage the heat temperature based on the heat required to cook the food. Moreover, it has a fan that helps circulate the heat within the grill for even and steady cooking.

Do Traeger Grills Use A Lot Of Electricity?

If you’re wondering how much electricity does a Traeger use, the answer is minimal. Even though this machine has several electronic components, it only requires a little power after startup.

What Size Inverter Do I Need To Run A Traeger?

Generally, the size of the inverter you need depends on how many watts does a pellet grill use. However, in most cases, a minimum of 300 watts inverter is sufficient to run some low-power rating Traeger grills.

How Much Amp Does a Traeger Pro 575 Use?

Traeger Pro 575 amps are unclear, but it uses 300W and 100 or 240V AC. You can plug it into a 15A outlet and it should work fine.

However, when the grill reaches its temperature settings and becomes stable, its watt usage will decrease to 50W, which also results in a decrease of the amp draw.


Understanding how many amps does a Traeger grill use is critical for the electrical safety of its circuit. This way, you may establish a secure electrical connection that offers enough power for the machine to work properly.

Keep in mind that Traeger grills generally require a 110V power supply. You can always seek professional assistance if you are unsure about your setup, such as using an inverter or a step-up converter. Troubleshooting a Traeger grill should be done following the brand instructions.

Furthermore, refer to the following article to calculate the ideal breaker’s amperage for your appliances, such as:

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