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How Many Amps is 2000 Watts? – A Calculation Guide

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how many amps is 2000 watts

The question “How many amps is 2000 watts?” produces different answers. You have to account for different voltages (12V, 110V/120V, 220V/240V, etc.) and follow specific formulas for AC or DC circuits and single-phase and three-phase systems.

In a DC circuit that’s 240V, you can calculate the amperage with the formula:

\text{A} = \frac{\text{W}}{\text{V}}

in this case, 2000W gives us 8.3A. In a 120V circuit, it’s 16.6A, and for a 110V one, the result is 18.18A.

In a single-phase AC circuit, the formula is:

\text{A} = \frac{\text{W}}{\text{pf} \times \text{V}}

while for a three-phase one, it’s:

\text{A} = \frac{\text{W}}{1.73 \times \text{pf} \times \text{V}}

Here’s How Many (Various) Amps There Are in 2000 Watts


How many watts equal 1 amp or how many watts per amp is typically present in a circuit? If it’s at 240 volts, then it’s 240W, while at 120 volts, it’s 120W (following the formula: W = A x V). We can’t get an exact amperage value if we’re in the dark with regard to wattage, and vice versa.

Assuming you have a DC circuit or an AC one where the power factor is always 1, then here’s a list of the different values for 2000 watts to amps, following the formula I mentioned previously:

  • 2,000W at 12V is 166.7A.
  • 2,000W at 24V is 83.3A.
  • 2,000W at 120V pulls 16.67A.
  • 2,000W at 220V draws 9.09A.
  • 2,000W at 240V amounts to 8.33A.

If you happen to encounter lower or higher wattages, feel free to use the same formula, such as in the following:

  • 200 watts at 120V pulls 1.66A
  • 1000 watts to amps 240V gives you 4.16A.
  • 1200 watts at 220V is 5.4A.
  • 1800 watts at 240V equals 7.5A.
  • 3000 watts to amps at 240V will draw 12.5A.
Furthermore, the tool can be used to determine the amperage quickly.

These answers apply to a similarly related question like, “How many amps to run 2000 watts?” You may take these values as they are if you’re calculating amperage in a generator.

If you’re figuring out current loads for an inverter, though, you may need to add 10% or more to these calculated amperage values, depending on how efficient your inverter is.

Calculating Amperage in an AC Circuit


Now that we know what 2000 watts = amps in a DC circuit, let’s tackle a more advanced area: AC circuits. When calculating for amperages in these circuits, don’t forget to be mindful of the exact power factor and a number of phases you’re dealing with.

For single-phase systems, as shown in the formula for it, we need to first multiply the power factor by the voltage. Let’s assume the power factor is 0.7, which is typical for a single-phase motor system, and the motor is on a 240V circuit.

Our calculation will be:

\frac{2,000 \text{W}}{0.7 \times 240 \text{V}} = 11.9\text{A}

That’s quite a difference from the 8.3A in a circuit that doesn’t need to mind the power factor, right? Want to know more about its significance? If yes, then take the time to watch this video:

For three-phase systems, we need to add another constant to the equation, which is 1.73 or √3. Assuming the same device setup as above, we just have to make a few modifications as follows:

\frac{2,000 \text{W}}{1.73 \times 0.7 \times 240 \text{V}} = 6.88\text{A}

Feel free to adjust the power factor and voltage values in these formulas to match them with your present requirements.


How many amps does a 2000 watt car amp draw?

Look at the voltage again. It could be anywhere between 12.6V to 14.4V. As long as you know the exact voltage of the car battery, you’ll be able to make quick calculations.

Assuming it’s a 14.4V battery, then 2,000W divided by 14.4V is equal to 138.88 watts. If it’s 12.6V, then it’s around 159A.

Is 1500 watts equal to 15 amps?

The only way for this to be the case is if you’re working on a 100V circuit or you have certain power factor values in a given 110V, 120V, or 240V AC circuit.

  • 1,500W divided by 100V is 15A, after all.
  • The same goes if you have a 240V circuit and the power factor is 0.416.
    \frac{1500 \text{W}}{0.416 \times 240 \text{V}} = 15.002\text{A}

It’s not exactly 15A for standard circuits, in short. If you happen to be calculating 1,500 watt to amp 220V or even a standard 120V circuit, then the amperages will be 6.8A and 12.5A, respectively.


I hope that by answering, “How many amps is 2000 watts?” you’ve understood that 1 amp = watts conversion tables and basic formulas like A = W / V are only parts of the equation.

You also need to take into account the influence of power factors and amount of phases in AC circuits to answer this seemingly simple question. Keep all these formulas and facts in mind, so you won’t be confused by differing results.

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