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How Many Amps is 3500 Watts? – Ampere Calculator

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how many amps is 3500 watts

A solid understanding of electrical ratings is crucial, especially when dealing with high-load appliances. For example, you may want to know how many amps is 3500 watts, so you can determine how much power your circuit needs or draws.

Basically, if you convert 3500 watts to amps 120v, you can get 29.2 amps. However, this result may be different, depending on the voltage rating.

How Many Amps Do 3500 Watts Have?


In general, to get the amperage rating in terms of wattage, you need to consider the voltage rating of the circuit. This is because the power rating depends not only on the watts but also on the voltage.

As a result, to know the amperage rating of 3500 watts, you should know how many volts is 3500 watts using first. Then you can use the formula given below.

Convert At Different Volts

When converting watts to amps at different voltages, there are a few things you might need to consider that may affect the conversion formula.

First is the power factor, which reflects how efficiently electricity is used. In general, a low power factor may increase the amperage required to deliver power.

Another thing you might also consider is the phases of the electrical system. It is good to understand that direct current may differ from a single-phase and three-phase AC system.

Suppose you want to convert 3500 watts to amps in different phases of a 120V electrical system with a power factor of 1; the result will be the following:

\text{DC} – 3500~\text{watts} = 29.16~\text{amps}

\text{AC Single Phase} – 3500~\text{watts} = 29.16~\text{amps}

\text{AC Three Phase (Line to Line Voltage)} – 3500~\text{watts} = 16.83~\text{amps}

\text{AC Three Phase (Line to Neutral Voltage)} – 3500~\text{watts} = 9.72~\text{amps}

If you have other circuits, you can check the table below and see if there is a wattage that you want to convert to amps..

Power Rating (Watts) Current Rating (Amps)
Current Rating (Amps) AC Single Phase (Power Factor – 0.5)
120V 240V 120V 240V
1,000 Watts 8.33 4.16 16.66 8.33
1,500 Watts 12.5 6.25 25 12.5
2,000 Watts 16.66 8.33 33.33 16.66
2,500 Watts 20.83 10.41 41.66 20.83
3,000 Watts 25 12.5 50 25
3,500 Watts 29.16 14.58 58.33 29.16

How to Calculate Watts to Amps


When it comes to calculating the current rating from watts, different equations might apply. In this case, below are the formulas you can use for various electrical systems.

DC: \begin{equation}
\text{Amps} = \frac{\text{Watts}}{\text{Volts}}

AC Single-Phase: \begin{equation}
\text{Amps} = \frac{\text{Watts}}{\text{PF} \times \text{Volts}}

AC Three-Phase, Line-to-Line Voltage: \begin{equation}
\text{Amps} = \frac{\text{Watts}}{\sqrt{3} \times \text{PF} \times \text{V}}

AC Three-Phase, Line to Neutral Voltage: \begin{equation}
\text{Amps} = \frac{\text{Watts}}{3 \times \text{PF} \times \text{V}}

For example, you may want to convert 3500 watt to amp 220V for a DC electrical connection. Using the formula above, here’s how you can do the calculation:

3500 watts divided by 220V; you will get 15.91 amps.

So basically, this equation also states that 1 amp = watts of 220 at 220V. This means knowing how many watts per amp depends on the circuit’s voltage.

Aside from this calculation, you can also easily get the amp rating using an online watts to amps calculator. Just simply input the watts and voltage into the calculator, and you will immediately see the result.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Power Does a 3500 Watt Generator Have?

Usually, a generator that has 3500 watts can supply a load of up to 28 amps for 120V outputs or up to 14 amps at 240 volts. This rating is enough to power most medium-size household electronics.

How Many Amps Does a 3500 Watt Water Heater Draw?

A water heater that has a rating of 3500 watts is a device that typically uses a 240 volts output. As a result, it can draw an average of 14.5 amps. Additionally, considering the 80% rule in breaker sizing, this device will safely run with a minimum of a 20-amp breaker.

How Many Amps is 3500 Watts at 208 Volts?

Using the formula above, 3500 watts at a 208V output is 16.8 amps in a DC connection. Depending on the power factor, the result may differ in other electrical system phases.


In conclusion, knowing how many amps is 3500 watts is as important as being aware of your appliance’s ratings. As a result, the formula given above might be helpful when converting different loads to amps in various phases of electrical connections.

It’s important to note that the amperage depends on the circuit’s voltage, and different voltages will result in different amperage ratings for the same wattage. Furthermore, factors such as the power efficiency are also important when converting watts to amps.

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