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How Many Amps is a Lawn Mower Battery? (Answered)

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how many amps is a lawn mower battery

The battery is a crucial component in ensuring optimal lawn mower performance. But have you ever wondered how many amps is a lawn mower battery needs to keep things running smoothly?

Typically, it’s rated 10 Ah to 40 Ah or 10 – 40 amps of current per hour. However, this rating may be hard to determine due to various factors that need to be considered.

Thankfully, this guide is here to provide you with all the information about lawn mower battery amperage, whether you’re a seasoned lawn care expert or a first-time homeowner.

Understanding Lawn Mower Battery


Typically, a lawn mower battery is rated based on its voltage and amps. Understanding these ratings is crucial when choosing the right battery for your lawn mower.

So, how many amps does a lawn mower battery have?

Amps refer to the amount of current that a battery can provide per hour to power your lawn mower unit. In general, the higher the amp rating, the more current it can provide at any given time before recharging.

  • Amps per hour

Most lawn mower batteries range from 10 Ah to 40 Ah, meaning they can provide 1 amp of power for up to 40 hours of use or produce 40 amps in an hour.

This rating is essential when selecting a lawn mower battery that will suit your needs.

  • Volts

On the other hand, regarding how many volts a lawn mower battery has, it typically uses 6 volts up to 12 volts of power supply.

This rating usually comes for most small lawn mowers up to standard-sized lawn mowers. However, some larger lawn mower units may require up to 24 volts.

  • Watts

In addition, some electric lawnmowers also have a power rating in watts. The wattage of a lawn mower battery may vary depending on the mower type.

For instance, rotary mowers typically use around 900 – 1500 watts, while cylinder-type mowers have an average of 300 watts.

Factors Affects to Amps of a Lawn Mower Battery


1. Type of Lawn Mower Battery

Different battery types could have different amp ratings or varying charges they can hold. For example, a lithium battery often performs more efficiently than a lead acid battery in terms of usable charge.

2. Size and Voltage of Battery

Most lawn mowers’ power is determined by the size and voltage of their batteries. Usually, ratings with higher amp hours and voltage provide more power than those with lower ratings.

3. Age of Battery

The battery’s capacity to deliver amps also depends on its age. The battery’s capability to retain amps declines with age, and it might not be able to supply the same current rating as a brand-new battery.

4. Condition of Battery

The amp rating of many lawn mower batteries decreases as a result of overcharging or undercharging. As a result, it becomes less able to generate the high cold cranking amps needed to start and run a lawn mower.

Tips to Charge a Lawn Mower Battery and Time to Charge


To preserve their longevity and optimum performance, lawn mower batteries need to be periodically charged. Here are some recommendations to help you efficiently and effectively charge your lead-acid or lithium lawn mower batteries.

1. Best Time to Charge a 6- or 12-Volt Lawn Mower Battery

Generally, the best time to charge any battery is when its charge becomes low or empty. However, here are some instances of charging a lawn mower battery.

  • Ahead of the spring season
  • Upon storing the mower for a long time
  • Before you start and after mowing

2. Before Charging Lawn Mower Battery

Here’s what you should do before charging to ensure safety and efficiency.

  • Inspect the battery to determine whether it needs to be charged or replaced.
  • Clean the battery, especially the terminals, for a much better charging connection.
  • For a safe charging procedure, use the 2-amp trickle charging method.
  • Read the charger’s instructions to learn how to charge a battery properly.
  • Put on safety gear before charging the battery.

Some Common Lawn Mower Battery Sizes


Utilizing a correct battery is essential for the lawn mower’s performance and safety. In this case, below is a lawn mower battery size chart that includes a list of the most popular lawn mower batteries and all the relevant details about a lawn mower battery.

Check your lawn mower’s manual and see the chart to determine the correct battery replacement for your specific model.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long to Charge Lawn Mower Battery 2 Amp?

Charging lawn mower battery at a 2-amp charger may take longer or shorter time depending on the battery’s Ah rating and current charge level.


A battery with a larger Ah rating and a lower current charge level will often take longer to charge. Therefore, charging it at a rate of 6 amp or 10 amps lets you finish the charging process more quickly.

How Many Amps Does a Riding Lawn Mower Battery Have?

Riding lawn mowers like tractor lawn mowers typically require a battery with a higher amp rating. Typically, riding lawn mower batteries might have a rating of 300 – 500 amps for 3 – 5 seconds.

This is due to its huge engine and additional electrical components necessitating a greater tractor battery specification.

Finding a tractor battery size chart to confirm your required battery or speaking with a specialist is advised if you seek a battery replacement.

How is a Lawn Mower Battery Different from Car Battery?

While cars and lawnmowers use the same 12 volts of battery, they have some differences. One major difference between a lawn mower battery and with car battery is its size and cold crank amp rating or CCA.

Due to the smaller size engine, it does not require the highest CCA lawn mower battery, unlike a car battery.

What is a U1 Battery?

This battery is a standard-size battery that is commonly used for small vehicles such as lawnmowers. It typically has a 12 volts rating and an amp rating of up to 35 amps.


In conclusion, understanding how many amps is a lawn mower battery, as well as other ratings, is essential for its overall performance. Typically, having a high amp rating is much better and may provide optimal performance to a lawn mower.

However, having higher amps to start a lawn mower is not really required, especially for a standard-size lawn mower. Therefore, checking the battery specification for your lawn mower model is vital to ensure you are using the correct battery.

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