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Is a Buzzing Outlet Dangerous? – Things You Must Know

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

is a buzzing outlet dangerous

In a household electrical system, many problems might occur at any time. One of the most prevalent issues is a buzzing sound coming from an outlet. In this scenario, you may wonder, “is a buzzing outlet dangerous?”

A buzzing sound or any noise coming from the outlet could indicate a problem with the circuit. This issue should not be overlooked, since it could lead to a larger problem.

Is It Normal to Hear Electricity After Plugging in a Device?


Have you ever experienced an electrical outlet making noise right after you plug in a device? Well, if you’ve already experienced it, it would be best not to use your outlet until you call a professional for an inspection.

An electrical buzzing sound in wall might indicate something wrong with the circuit. This sound may come from the outlet or its electrical wiring, which should not be ignored.

We might not know the level of danger of an electrical outlet buzzing. Therefore, it is essential that you know the right thing to do when it occurs in your home. In this case, here are the things you should remember.

Things to Do When You Hear Electrical Box Making Noise

1. Turn Off the Main Source of Power


If you hear an outlet buzzing loudly, immediately switch off the electricity by flipping the breaker. In this scenario, knowing which breaker is connected to that circuit in your electrical panel is ideal.

  • Note: Should a buzzing outlet cause a fire, you must immediately contact the nearest emergency services. Also, remember that throwing water is not an excellent way to deal with fire of this nature, as it may result in electrocution. Use a class C fire extinguisher if you have one.

2. Unplug All Connected Appliances


Once the electrical connection of the circuit has been disconnected, unplug any associated equipment. If you notice that the outlet buzzing nothing plugged in, you may keep the breaker off until proper checking and repair are performed.

3. Call a Professional


Lastly, calling a professional electrician to diagnose and fix a buzzing electrical outlet would be ideal for the safety of the circuit. Doing DIY work on home electricals is not recommended, especially if you only know a little about it.

What Causes this Problem?

1. Loose Electrical Connections


One of the most common causes of electrical box buzzing sounds is loose connections. This is because wire tends to loosen over time due to various causes, such as possible expanding and shrinking of the conductors due to weather changes.

2. Improper Electrical Installation


Poor installation is another probable source of the standard or GFCI outlet buzzing sound. In this case, the connection could be reversed, which would explain the loud noise. This can happen if the electrician was not focused while doing their job.

3. Damaged Circuit Breakers


A faulty circuit breaker could be the source of a buzzing sound in an outlet or wall. A breaker box buzzing every few minutes could also indicate overloads. As a result, replacing it with a new and functional one is required.

How to Know if You Need to Call an Electrician ASAP?


Is a buzzing outlet an emergency? Yes. However, aside from that, here are some more indications that you might need to call a professional.

  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping or fuse blowing may indicate faulty circuits that require professional intervention.
  • Flickering of lights commonly means that you need to replace them or address another problem with the wiring.
  • Obviously, if a socket or switch is not operating properly, it must be checked and repaired.
  • Warm outlets are another sign that the circuit isn’t working properly. Check to determine if the outlet is rated for the circuit or replace it right away if you see any damage.
  • Rusty terminals and outdated electrical panels

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Outlet Cause a Fire if Nothing is Plugged in?

Yes, an outlet can start a fire even if nothing is plugged into it. In this instance, it is best to regularly inspect all of your home’s outlets and electrical connections to prevent problems that could lead to a fire (such as worn-out wirings).

How to Fix A Buzzing Outlet?

Static noise from electrical outlet can be readily addressed by simply replacing it. However, only a licensed specialist with extensive knowledge of home electricals may perform the work. With this approach, you can rest assured that all tasks are completed correctly.


Is a buzzing outlet dangerous? Generally, yes, but it won’t cause serious damage if you get the issue solved quickly.

Having a plan in place for what to do if a socket or circuit breaker buzzes when turned on is beneficial. Using the above approach can assist you in preventing the malfunctioning equipment from causing electrical fires.

Additionally, checking Reddit will also assist you in finding a solution to numerous types of electrical problems.

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