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What Breakers Are Compatible With Eaton?

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

what breakers are compatible with eaton

Eaton’s circuit breakers are a favorite among many, thanks to the quality protection they provide. But you’re probably wondering if you can mix other circuit breaker setups with ones from this brand. If so, what breakers are compatible with Eaton?

Eaton circuit breakers aren’t compatible with every breaker brand on the market. But you may swap models like Square D breakers and those from some other companies with Eaton’s units without encountering issues.

Understanding Eaton’s line of circuit breakers can help you make an informed purchasing decision. So continue reading to gain additional insight into this brand’s products.

What Circuit Breakers Are Interchangeable With Eaton?

Eaton breaker compatibility is quite extensive as you can interchange circuit breakers from this company with those from other brands like:

Circuit breaker installers may consult a compatibility chart to reduce the risks of potential hazards that might otherwise come from putting in the wrong model.

Source: Eaton

What Are the Different Types of Eaton Breakers?


Eaton classified breakers generally fall under four different types, which are:

1. Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs)

MCCBs deviate from standard circuit breakers by merging current- and temperature-sensing features. With these characteristics, MCCBs, particularly those from Eaton, can help protect from issues like:

2. Low-Voltage Air Circuit Breakers

It’s important to note that MCCBs can also fall under the low-voltage circuit breaker type. These low-voltage models often have voltage ratings to be at 600 volts or lower.

As its name implies, these circuit breakers can protect a low-voltage environment with their pairs of contacts. Buyers should also be aware of the different models under this type, such as:

  • Plain break
  • Magnetic blowout
  • Air chute

3. Medium-Voltage Air Circuit Breakers

Unlike low-voltage air circuit breakers, medium-voltage variants can handle voltage ratings higher than 600 volts. In general, installers can use Eaton’s medium-voltage air breakers for applications like:

  • Generators
  • Motors
  • Feeder circuits
  • Distribution lines

4. Residential Circuit Breakers

Eaton compatible breakers used in a residential setting can be practical options for different applications. For instance, installers can use these models in an Eaton panel as arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI) or ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI).

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Eaton’s AFCIs function by protecting electronic devices from arc faults, which may occur during events like thunderstorms or trees crashing into power lines. GFCIs, especially from Eaton, help protect human life as these models prevent circuits from grounding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eaton a Good Circuit Breaker Brand?

Eaton’s circuit breakers can be excellent choices if installed properly. Some possible benefits that you can experience with these models are:

1. Over 100 Years Of Expertise

The company began with Joseph Eaton in 1911. Since then, his company expanded its expertise to supply customers with different products, including ducting solutions, electric vehicle charging, and electrical circuit protection (e.g., circuit breakers).

2. Different Circuit Breakers

The different types of circuit breakers from Eaton are usable in different applications, such as:

  • Industrial establishments
  • Commercial facilities
  • Manufacturing departments
  • Residences
  • Transportation services

3. Various Options

Interested buyers have a myriad of choices to select from Eaton’s circuit breaker line. For example, the company has circuit breakers with voltage ratings from 120 to 240 volts. Also, this brand has breakers with different frame types like BAB and BRD.

Are Eaton Breakers The Same As Cutler-Hammer?

Cutler Hammer and Eaton circuit breakers, along with other products from both brands, are compatible. Eaton also assures its customers that part numbers didn’t change throughout the company’s transition to this brand name.

Are Siemens Breakers Listed For Eaton Panels?

As mentioned previously, Eaton and Siemens breakers are swappable. Siemens’ compatibility chart confirms this reality. It also verifies that users can install this brand’s circuit breakers to panels from other companies like:

What Happens If You Use The Wrong Breaker?

If you install the wrong breaker brand, the warranty of your panel and the breaker itself may be nullified. Moreover, the safety of your home is not guaranteed, as breakers are only tested with certain breaker boxes.

What Is the Difference Between Eaton Br And Cl Breakers?

Eaton CL breakers typically include unique models like variants with remote control features. On the other hand, the brand’s BR line of breakers isn’t under any classifications. So CL breakers generally have better compatibility than BRs.


Remember, knowing what breakers are compatible with Eaton can help prevent issues like fires. Only use Eaton breakers with other circuit breakers from brands like Murray and Square D.

It can be a good idea to consult your panel’s specifications before finalizing your purchasing decision. If you’re not in a hurry, take the time to analyze the manufacturer’s manual, so you can have peace of mind with your electrical setup.

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