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What Breakers Are Compatible With GE Panel? (Answered)

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

what breakers are compatible with ge panel

Breaker boxes, including those from GE or General Electric, are found in many homes nowadays. GE is one of the most reputable and largest manufacturers of panel boards and circuit breakers.

If you have an electrical box from this brand, it is good to know what breakers are compatible with GE panel. This way, you can safely use other brands of circuit protectors in case GE breakers are not available at your nearest store.

What Is the Compatible Circuit Breaker for GE Panel?


Generally speaking, panels and circuit breakers from the same brand should go together. In other words, if you have a GE electrical box, it is also good to use a GE circuit breaker.

However, when the latter becomes obsolete or old, there’s a chance that it may be unavailable where you live. In this case, you may consider looking for GE compatible breakers as a replacement.

GE circuit breaker cross reference for obsolete and other brand units is possible. However, you need to consider many things such as classification, type, construction, and specification to find the right replacement.

Typically, UL-classified breakers have the same construction and can be used interchangeably. You only need to know if your box can support these units.

For the breaker type, you need to be specific about whether you need a GFCI, AFCI, combination AFCI, or Dual Function Circuit Interrupter. Lastly, consider your needed circuit breaker ratings, which refer to the current and voltage capacity, short circuit capacity, and more.

Read now a quick comparison between AFCI vs GFCI here and the safest method to fix short circuits.

Are GE and Westinghouse Breakers Compatible in One Electrical Box?

Yes, using these brands interchangeably in one electrical panel is possible, as long as they have the same qualifications like amperage rating, as said above.

Are Siemens and GE Breakers Interchangeable?


Will Siemens breaker fit GE panel? The answer is also yes. GE and Siemens circuit breakers are commonly known as a good match and interchangeable.

However, just be mindful about your needed circuit breaker rating when utilizing either of these brands to replace the other. Consider the classifications recommended by the panel manufacturer.

Are GE and Eaton Breakers Interchangeable?

Some Eaton and GE breakers are interchangeable, but you have to check their model numbers. Each GE breaker model with a specific amp and voltage rating has an equivalent model in the Eaton brand.

For example, the following Eaton Cutler-Hammer Series breakers are interchangeable with the following GE breakers:

  Amp Rating Eaton Cutler-Hammer Series

CL Type Breakers

General Electronics (GE)
1-Pole 120/240 VAC 10,000 AIC 15 CL115 THQ1115
20 CL120 THQ1120
25 CL125 THQ1125
30 CL130 THQ1130
35 CL135 THQ1135
40 CL140 THQ1140
45 CL145 THQ1145
50 CL150 THQ1150
2-Pole 120/240 VAC 10,000 AIC 15 CL215 THQ1215
20 CL220 THQ1220
25 CL225 THQ1225
30 CL230 THQ1230
40 CL240 THQ1240
45 CL245 THQ1245
50 CL250 THQ1250
1-Pole 120 VAC 10,000 AIC GFCI 15 CL115GF THQL1115GF1
20 CL120GF THQL1120GF1
30 CL130GF THQL1130GF1

How to Know What Circuit Breaker Fit in Your Panel?

There are many ways to identify which circuit breaker can fit perfectly to your panel, as well as GE breaker compatibility. One of them is to look for the label inside your electrical panel.

However, suppose the label is not readable since it is too old. In that case, I highly suggest looking for a GE circuit breaker compatibility chart online to see the compatible replacement for your unit.

Also, you can call a professional electrician and ask which brand and type of breaker is interchangeable with your GE unit.

Always remember that considering other brands of CBs is only good when your needed unit is unavailable. It is not ideal to consider other manufacturers just because they’re cheaper than the one required for your panel.

Using inappropriate circuit interrupters for a specific brand of panel may result in an electrical problem. The breaker might fail to do its duty during electrical faults. When this happens, the panel manufacturer may not cover your warranty.

This video by Circuit Breaker Wholesale will also give you clarification about circuit breaker interchangeability.


It would be helpful to know what breakers are compatible with GE panel. Having this knowledge enables you to choose a replacement when a breaker gets damaged or is no longer in production.

Did you find this article helpful? Does it resolve your issue with GE panel compatibility? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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