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What Breakers Are Compatible With Murray? Here’s the Answer!

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

what breakers are compatible with murray

Has your main electrical panel run out of functioning circuit breakers? Are you planning a multiple-breaker replacement for the long haul? Worry less because we’ve got the answer for what breakers are compatible with Murray.

The best breaker for the Murray breaker panel is, of course, Murray circuit breakers. However, with this brand phasing out of the market, you need to know other available products out there.

In this article, you’ll learn vital factors, such as breaker sizes essential for prolonging your main panel life.

Brand Murray Panel Compatibility
Siemens Compatible
Square D Compatible
Eaton/Cutler-Hammer Some models compatible
GE Some models compatible
Air Circuit Breakers Some models compatible
Bryant Not recommended
Westinghouse Not recommended
Challenger Not recommended
Home Fitline Not compatible

The Best CB Brand for Your Electrical Main


You can find numerous breakers in the market that possess Murray circuit breaker compatibility. There are similarities between brands that let you interchange the breaker safely without worrying about an arc fault in your electrical main.

So, now, what product manufacturer do you think will do the job? Of course, it’s the leading brand, Siemens.

Since Murray is a sub-brand of Siemens, most of their components are very similar. Their substitution letter states that Murray panel products made after January 2002 are available for use with Siemens CBs. These CBs have UL listing for usage with the aforementioned Murray panels.

The panels include Rock Solid Load Centers, Murray Meter Combo Load Centers, and EQ Small Circuit Load Centers.

Note that only Murray products from 2002 onwards were cross-listed with Siemens. For other Murray brand load centers made before that specific year, kindly check the wiring diagram placed inside your panel door for the approved breaker types made explicitly for that panel.

Are There Other Murray Compatible Brands?


The answer is yes; Murray load centers have compatible products other than Siemens, although they’re not cross-listed with Murray panels. There are three breaker brands I can recommend that will work. However, remember to check your local code before installation.

1. Eaton/Cutler-Hammer Circuit Breakers

Source: Eaton

Eaton/Cutler-Hammer Circuit Breakers are known for their capability to control current for a long time. They are physically interchangeable with Murray and other brands but remember to check your local code to see if it’s legal to install.

2. Square D Circuit Breakers

Next is the Square D Circuit Breakers. This one hits close to home due to the same mechanics as its Murray counterpart. It’s a brand that I trust for its sturdy design, easy installation, and reliable function. Plus, an indication flag feature lets you identify a breaker trip. Square Ds are indeed very safe electrical components.

3. Air Circuit Breakers

These breakers are quite different from their Murray equivalent. Their safety mechanism operates in arc-extinguishing mediums at specific atmospheric pressures.


These breakers are suitable for controlling excess current, though contractors only use this type of breaker for low voltage use (not exceeding 450 Volts).

4. Other Breakers

Not all breakers that fit in your panel are legitimate and trusted. The three products, as mentioned earlier, can replace Murray. But for others, always check if they’re within the UL listing, or better yet, purchase Murray’s legal breaker substitute, Siemens.



What is a Murray Electrical Panel?

Murray has been a trusted brand since 1899 that delivered high-quality performance when it comes to electrical solutions. They have provided user-friendly products that were easy to install, such as switches, disconnects, circuit breakers, and panel boards.

The Murray panel is a classic— that’s why many own a breaker box of its kind. Since the release of circuit breakers in the market, electrical panels replaced outdated fuse boxes, and this brand is very innovative, being one of the best panel upgrades available.

Murray’s load center is made to handle extreme circumstances with its hard shell patterned for enhanced durability, trimmed tabs for direct CB mounting, a transfer mechanism switch for power interruption, and a main breaker.

They revolutionized the game of breakers by being one of the first to appear in the market with a thermal-magnetic feature, allowing heat and magnetic mechanisms to control the surplus current whenever a fault occurs.

That remarkable quality made Murray the best early brand for homeowners for a long time. However, even though the properties stated were all good, Murray circuit breakers were phased out in 2019 under the Siemens Company.

What's the Best Number of Breakers for Murray?

A Murray circuit breaker classifies firsthand as a single-pole thermal-magnetic breaker—meaning, they have a bimetal switch and an electromagnet—two alternate switching mechanisms. Because of this structure, many owners exceed their breaker limits.

Failures among Murray breakers aren’t uncommon. They are usually caused by too much flow of current, leaving the bimetal exposed to extreme heat. Over time, the metal strips weaken under the effects of electrical currents, making the breaker less likely to trip.

Although Murray products are not for sale anymore, they made their main panel compatible with different breaker types: Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, Special Application, Duplex, Triplex, and Quadplex Plug-in breakers.

It always depends on your needs and the load center you use. If you’re worried about breaker sizes, always ensure that you comply with NEC regulations and your main breaker panel’s maximum continuous load capacity.

Whether you’re using other CB brands or Murray breakers compatible with Murray load centers, pay attention to the latter’s specifications. Rock Solid Load Centers have an ampere capacity of 100A-225A, with 12 to 60 circuits possible.

However, the same company’s Generator Ready, Riser, and 400-Amp Load Centers do not have the same specs.

There is what you call “maximum amps per stab” allowed by the manufacturer, so it is best if you refer to the Murray Electrical Products catalog page for more load center and circuit breaker information.


Searching for what breakers are compatible with Murray is not a big problem if you know the suitable device for your main electrical panel. You can replace Murray CBs with Air, Square D, and Cutler-Hammer Circuit Breakers.

However, for optimal use of the original Murray Load Centers, the best breaker brand substitute is Siemens. Not only is Siemens known for their quality products, but they are also the UL-listed brand for Murray.

It is a worth-it brand and the most guaranteed product you can use within your electrical code.

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