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What Breakers are Compatible with Square D Homeline?

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

What Breakers are Compatible with Square D Homeline

Are you looking forward to changing your home’s breaker panel? Is it looking a tad bit worn-out, perhaps damaged or is it showing signs of disfigurement? Or maybe you want your breaker panel to look aesthetic and stylish for your home.

Whatever the reason may be, you must know the compatibility of the already-installed circuit breakers before changing the panel itself.

In this case, I want you to be aware of what breakers are compatible with Square D Homeline. Knowing this information alone could save you a significant amount of money that could instead be better spent on upgrading your receptacles and outlets.

In short, Square D compatible breakers are Siemens, Cutler Hammer, Eaton, GE Breaker, Murray, Westinghouse, and Home Fitline.

Square D Homeline Compatible Breakers


Knowing Square D Homeline breaker compatibility should be the first priority before proceeding to do your breaker panel renovations.

For easier reading, I took the liberty to create this Square D breaker compatibility chart for your perusal. Don’t hesitate to refer to this chart every once in a while if you’re unsure of the Square D replacement breakers’ compatibilities.

Square D Compatibility Table
Siemens Compatible
Cutler Hammer Compatible
Eaton Compatible
GE Breaker Compatible
Murray Compatible
Westinghouse Compatible
Home Fitline Compatible
QO Incompatible
Challenger Incompatible with QO breakers
Bryant Depends (is interchangeable with Murray and GE Breakers)

The reason why Bryant’s compatibility is inconclusive is that their circuit breakers are apparently similar to Murray and GE Breakers. As I stated above, these aforementioned brands can be interchanged with Square D panel breakers.

With that, I somewhat surmise that Bryant could be compatible with Square D, though I haven’t personally tried it myself, so take this information with a grain of salt.

Guide to Finding Breakers Compatible with Square D


Perhaps you’re looking to buy a circuit breaker that isn’t from the brands above. If that’s the case, then I also took the liberty to establish this guide so that you could check if the breaker you have in mind is also compatible with Square D.

But before that, let me preface by saying that everything that you need to know regarding the panel itself could be found behind its door.

There, you can see the specific brands and types of circuit breakers that your panel accepts.

I recommend that you follow the directions stated within the panel’s instructions. This is to ensure your circuitry’s integrity and that all will work fine.

However, if for some reason your panel doesn’t come with any label or instruction, then I recommend procuring a copy of the breaker that you’re looking to replace.

With that out of the way, take the following considerations into mind:

1. The Breaker Must Be Similar To The Original Design

Before proceeding, check if the breaker you’re looking to buy has the same physical dimensions as the old circuit breaker. See if you can insert the new breaker into the panel’s slot without any difficulty.

Also, see if the breaker shares the same mounting style as the prior circuit breaker. If not, then you cannot mount the breaker to the panel’s slot, regardless of whether it has the same size or not.

2. The Breaker Must Share the Same Operational Features

If you’re seeking to replace your AFCI and GFCI breakers, then their replacement should also be AFCI and GFCI, accordingly.

You cannot just switch breakers recklessly without taking into consideration their specific roles.

For instance, GFCI breakers are intentionally made to deal with wet locations, so you cannot just simply replace them with any type of breaker that isn’t made to handle wet areas.

3. The Breaker’s Rating

The replacement breaker should be able to handle the load and electrical traffic that the old circuit breaker is capable of regulating. In short, the breaker should have the right amperage rating.

Moving on, if you still have no idea whether a breaker is compatible with your panel, acquire the services of an expert electrician who could identify compatible breakers for your breaker box.

Are Homeline and QO Breakers Interchangeable?

From the get-go, let me clarify that Homeline and Square D QO breakers are explicitly NOT interchangeable. Both of the breakers fulfill specific features, hence they cannot be exchanged in the panel’s slots.

The reason being is that the design of QO and Homeline breakers are vastly different. The buss connections of the two are not the same (aluminum vs copper), and the QO has Visi-Trip indicators (which the Homeline lacks).


There are multiple compatible breakers with Square D Homeline panels. I have listed them in this article to help you should you decide to renovate your electrical panel.

While breakers more or less fulfill the same task, there are instrumental compatibilities that should be taken into consideration so that your home’s electrical safety isn’t compromised.

I can only hope that I have answered the question of what breakers are compatible with Square D Homeline in an effective manner.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts should you have any more questions.

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