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What Circuit Breakers Are Compatible With Bryant? – Answered

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

what circuit breakers are compatible with bryant

Do you want to know what circuit breakers are compatible with Bryant?

Finding a replacement for an old Bryant circuit breaker is not an easy task as this type of device is obsolete. However, you can purchase a similar CB from another manufacturer.

In fact, Eaton Cutler-Hammer is the brand most compatible with Bryant breakers. The following are explanations for why this is the case.

Bryant Circuit Breakers Compatible Replacements

Bryant electrical breakers are no longer available in the market, but Eaton Cutler-hammer breakers make for good substitutes, especially if you use load centers from Bryant.

Since they are officially linked, Eaton or Cutler-hammer breakers can be Bryant circuit breaker cross reference. Bryant used to be a subsidiary of Whitewesting until Cutler-hammer (now Eton) purchased Whitewesting.

However, not all Eaton breakers work as a Bryant breaker replacement. The Eaton or Cutler-Hammer BR series should be the go-to line for homeowners with this need.

In addition, I have also created a Bryant circuit breaker compatibility table so you can easily find a suitable breaker to replace your old one.

Bryant Eaton Siemens GE
TB15 BR1515 QT1515 THQP1515
TB20 BR2020 QT2020 THQP2020
TB30 BR3030 QT3030 THQP3030
TB40 BR4040 QT4040 THQP4040
TB50 BR5050 QT5050 THQP5050
TB60 BR6060 QT6060 THQP6060
TB125 BR125 QT125 THQL125
TB175 BR175 QT175 THQL175
TB225 BR225 QT225 THQL225

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Can Circuit Breakers Possibly Mix and Match


Even if several brands of circuit breakers fit your breaker panels, you shouldn’t install them in your panel. They may look very similar in appearance, but they probably have several differences like the mounting process, the busbar connection, and more.

All panels and circuit breakers are only perfectly suitable when they come from the same brand.

Even if you can fit another company’s breaker on your panel, its grips may loosen over time. This may cause trouble in your electrical system. It is necessary to replace a circuit breaker in your panel with the same brand to prevent any electrical malfunction.

However, using the same brand still poses another problem: obsolete parts. That said, don’t panic if you face this problem; you don’t need to replace your entire electrical system right away.

Upgrading your electrical system will most definitely cost you a lot of money. You can consult with a professional to determine the most trusted-recommended circuit breaker brand to fit your old load center perfectly.

Moreover, look at your old circuit breaker and see if it is specified as a UL-classified product. Many UL breakers are interchangeable and tested and approved for use with different panels.

Another good thing for a UL-listed breaker is that it was tested under extreme conditions. It ensures that the design meets or exceeds safety standards.

Watch this video made by Circuit Breaker Wholesale. It will provide you with information on why circuit breakers aren’t interchangeable.

How to Know When You Need a Replacement for Your Circuit Breakers

Old circuit breakers do not necessarily need replacement unless they become troublesome. Frequent checking of your circuit breaker will help determine if you need a replacement for your unit. Consider replacing your circuit breaker if you see the following signs of damage.

1. Burn on Circuit Breaker Itself

If you notice a physical burn on your circuit breaker or even a burnt odor from your panel, you should contact a professional electrician. It indicates a problem with your panel that must be addressed immediately.

2. Physical Damage

Aside from the scorch mark on your breaker, you can look out for visible cracks or broken parts around your circuit breaker that can be formed during the installation or repair process.

3. Breaker Won’t Stay On After Reset

Multiple surges that come into your home will often reset your circuit breaker several times. This is a possible cause of breaker damage. Too many resets of a circuit breaker may weaken its switch, causing it to trip even if your house did not experience a surge.

4. Breaker is Wrongly Sized

Another reason for the frequent tripping of your circuit breaker is that the device loads are too much for it. However, it does not mean that your circuit breaker is damaged.

Most of the time, you only need to upgrade your circuit. You can call a professional electrician to determine whether your circuit breaker is damaged or only needs to get an upgrade.


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