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What Size Breaker for 10,000 Watt Heater? Find Out the Answer

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

what size breaker for 10,000 watt heater

The weather’s cold or maybe winter’s fast approaching. Whatever the case, the chilly climate has motivated you to buy a heater for your home. The issue is that you have no idea which breaker size for the heater is best.

What size breaker for 10,000 Watt heater? – this is a question that must be answered before you start installing and operating the heater you got from the store.

For the sake of brevity, the appropriate size breaker for a 10k-W heater is 50 amperes with a #6 American Wire Gauge copper cord connecting it to the breaker itself.

The Size Wire for 10000 Watt Heater

As stated above, the proper wire size, adhering to the American Wire Gauge, is determined to be a #6 copper wire. The specific wire gauge was selected because it follows the ascribed current-carrying capability dictated by the National Electric Code.

To select the proper wire gauge, there are several things that must be taken into consideration. For instance, the type of insulation and wire insulation coloring are among the common factors when it comes to selecting wire sizes.

In addition, in our case, other things that must be considered when selecting the proper size wire for our heater are the following: type of wire material and its core wire flexibility.

The type of material that must be used for the 10,000 W heater is recommended to be pure copper. This is because copper is an excellent conductor of electricity. Given that heaters are intensive consumers of electricity, copper is noted to be the most effective type of material for such appliances.

Flexibility is also a key factor. To briefly explain, the rigidity and flexibility of your selected wire depend on where you intend to place the heater. Likewise, the overall blueprint and outline of your home should decide the bendability of the wire you’ll use for your heater.

Properly Sizing a Heater Breaker

For our case, the recommended breaker size is about 50 amperes up to 60 amperes. This is because 10,000 Watt-rated heaters often run on 240 V.

As for the breaker type, homeowners are implored to install 2-pole breakers due to the sheer amount of electricity that would flow through the breaker itself.


Determining what size breaker for 10,000 Watt heater is difficult for homeowners not knowledgeable in electricity. Without any prior experience in handling electrical tasks, homeowners will indeed find it hard to know the appropriate circuit protection for 10,000 W heaters,  but if you also own a 4000-watt heater then you should read this article to choose the most suitable breaker. Moreover, please take a look at our guide on how to calculate the ideal breaker amps for electric tankless water heater.

It is for this exact reason that I wrote this short article. I can only hope that I explained everything clearly in this guide. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask away in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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