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What Size Breaker for Lincoln 225 ARC Welder? Here’s the Answer!

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

what size breaker for lincoln 225 arc welder

The Lincoln 225 Arc Welder is known for its versatility and performance; it ensures a smooth AC arc. Thus, it allows us to weld various materials, including stainless steel, carbon, and low alloy.

It certainly has many features that DIY weekend warriors and professionals look for. This particular welder would require a 60A breaker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We will also talk about the Lincoln AC225 on 30 amp breaker, what size breaker is for Lincoln 225 Arc Welder, and general stick welder wire size. Read on below to know more!

Choosing Between 50A vs 60A Breaker?


Well, we’ve all been there before, the manufacturer has some basic requirements for their product, but you, as a savvy consumer, would want to save on a few extra dollars, right?

For that, I should say that the manufacturer has its products designed with reliability in mind. Based on my research, the manufacturer discretely recommends a 60A breaker for a specific model of the AC225. The K1290 model has an Input Current at Rated output to 63A.

This is true when the welder is pulling its max power, which would not create an issue in the case of the DIY warrior. Still, to the professionals, welding thick materials would create a problem.


Hence, some users of the arc welder took to the forums to recommend a higher amp breaker to prevent tripping. I should also note that before anything else, measure the voltage coming out of your wires. The AC225 is rated at 230 and 220 volts depending on the specific model.

If you would ask if there would be a significant difference between the 50amp breaker and the 60amp one, it is sometimes insignificant depending on the use case for both breakers.

But to err on the side of caution, I would recommend going for the higher-rated breaker. Also, going with a higher-rated breaker ensures that the wiring would not be an issue. As a general rule, the breakers and the wires should match their ratings. This is to prevent the wirings from overheating due to the large power draw of the welder.

Generally, stick welder breaker size is around 50-60A breaker rating, but in this case, the manufacturer specifications dictate that a 60A breaker would be best for the AC 225 Arc Welder. This is according to their latest product manual found on their site.

Why Do We Care About GFCI?


You may have heard of the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI before. This is a safety device that is a fast-acting circuit breaker, serving as a safety device to turn off power in case of a ground fault.

GCI is recommended for using high voltage electrical appliances, but in our use case, the GFCI would not be of high value since the AC 225 Arc Welder would be wired with grounding in the arc welder itself. Thus, it will save you the cost of purchasing a GFCI convenience outlet.

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What About Us Still Using the 30A’s?


Well, in this case, those whose house wiring is using 30A breakers, be warned. The Lincoln AC225 on 30amp will trip your breakers if they are at max power draw.

If switching to a more higher-rated breaker would not be an option, I suggest that you would limit the power supplied to the arc welder. It would reduce the power draw but significantly lower its performance, thus limiting the arc welder to what it can join.

A word of caution: when you have decided to swap out breakers in favor of the higher-rated ones, I would recommend that you also switch out the wirings. The wires that are generally matched with the breaker’s capacity would eventually give out when the power draw is too much. This would lead to a fire hazard, making the situation even worse.

Let’s Talk About Wires

When selecting the wires needed for the AC 225 arc welder, you might be inclined to go with the cheaper option, given that you may already have a higher-rated breaker. But I would not go with that idea.

The wires are as important as the breaker! Most causes of electrical fires, especially in homes, are because the wire selected was too small. AC 225 arc welder, which requires the 60A breaker, requires a wire size of about #6 – #4 wires.

The Lincoln AC225 wire size is essential to prevent mishaps. I would not stop you from going even thicker than the #6 gauge wire, but it would be a case of diminishing return. While the thicker, the safer, it would also not be budget-friendly since the thicker wires cost more and are more laborious to install.

I would strongly recommend, and those in the forums would also recommend the #6 wire. Some forums noted that they have used the AC 225 arc welder for more than ten years on the #6 wires and did not have any issues. But hey, if you would want to be extra sure by using the #4 wire, I would highly approve of that decision. Safety must be paramount!


The Lincoln AC 225 Arc Welder would prove to be a reliable welding machine. With the right support apparatus and the right selection of breakers and wires, I hope you have known what size breaker is for Lincoln 225 Arc Welder, the Lincoln AC 225 on 30 amp circuit, and general stick welder wire sizing.

With the right combination chosen, the machine would prove to serve its purpose for a very long time. It would also ensure the user’s safety above anything else.

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