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Where to Connect Remote Wire for Amp? How to Connect?

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

where to connect remote wire for amp

Remotely turning on and off an amp along with a car stereo will give you an easy time operating your sound system. But where to connect remote wire for amp, and what exactly is this wire?

In this article, we will go over the basics of a car amplifier, including how to determine the remote wire and how you can connect it properly. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or just a beginner who wants to learn more about car audio systems, the guide will surely benefit you.

Where to Hook Up Remote Wire for Amp?


Before we get into where and how to connect a remote wire to an amp, let me give you a brief background about what a remote wire amplifier is.

A remote wire, also known as a remote turn on wire, is a wire that usually connects the amplifier and an aftermarket radio. It allows you to turn on and off your amp along with the radio and car ignition.

Utilizing a remote wire is essential in preventing your amplifier from staying on even if the car ignition is off, resulting in accidentally draining your battery. It helps ensure that your amp only operates when you want it, preventing unwanted electrical issues.

So, what wire is this, and where does the remote wire go on a car stereo?

  • In most cases, a remote wire usually comes as a blue and white wire and is behind the aftermarket car radio. This is the best place where you can connect to the remote terminal of your amplifier.
  • On the other hand, there will be some cases in which you can’t connect a remote wire on radio if it doesn’t have a remote turn-on cable. As a result, you might have to run a jumper wire directly to a power terminal or install a toggle switch between the power source and the remote terminal.

The latter method seems the easiest and most convenient way to find a power source for the amp.

However, this may not be an optimal solution, as it may cause a significant problem with your electrical system. If you forget to turn off the amp remote wire switch for a long period of time, your car battery may get a low charge or become empty and may not be able to start your car.

When it comes to hooking up a remote wire, there are plenty of ways to connect it.

You can connect it to fuse box, car stereos, electronics accessories such as cigarette lighters, or even with the help of a device called a turn-on module.

To know how you can set up the remote turn-on connection of your amp, below are the guides that you can follow.

How to Connect Remote Wire for Amp

Remember, when looking for a power source for a turn-on remote amp connection, it is ideal to find one with a power supply while the car ignition is on.

This way, you can prevent draining your car battery charge, as your amp will automatically turn off as the ignition goes off.

1. Connect to a Power Antenna


If you find your car stereo with no blue and white wire for a turn-on remote wire connection, you can double check the radio’s owner manual. This is because there may be a chance that the solid blue wire for car stereo antenna can be used as a remote turn-on connection.

Using a multimeter, you can also check the voltage rating of the blue wire on stock radio antenna and see if it has a reading of 12 volts. Then you can connect this wire to the remote terminal of your amp. However, ensure that the antenna wire is still active when you use an audio source other than the radio, such as an SD card.

2. Connect to a 12V Power Source


Another safe and convenient way to set up a turn-on remote wire for the amp is to run accessory wire to the switch-on wire. However, you’d want to ensure that the accessories line coming from a cigarette lighter, for example, only works while the car ignition is on to ensure that it is a good power source.

After that, you can tap the amp’s remote wire to cigarette lighter electrical connection, specifically the red wire lead.

Pro tip: Adding a fuse for the amp remote wire connection is a wise idea to prevent damage to your amp unit as well as your car’s electrical system.

3. Connect Using Fuse Box


Using a fuse box can also be an ideal and safe way to connect an amp remote wire. By checking the voltage of every circuit, you can identify the ideal power source.

Then, you can tap in a connection for the amp turn-on remote wiring.

Use a fuse tap pigtail to hook your wire (usually 18 gauge) to the fused terminal. To understand more about this car audio setup, below is a wiring diagram that might be helpful.

4. Connect Using a Turn-on Module

You may not be able to turn on amp without remote wire automatically. However, there is a device called a turn-on module, also known as a remote turn-on adaptor. You can use it when a dedicated remote wire is unavailable.

It can send a signal through your speaker cable to an amplifier to turn the latter on and off automatically.

Other Tips

  • Properly strip the wire and secure the remote connection to prevent electrical problems.
  • Use a relay if your amplifier requires a high amount of current to turn on to provide a stronger signal.
  • Ensure that the connection you made is correct by checking the wiring.
  • When connecting multiple amps, consider using a distribution block to have an efficient distribution of signal voltage for various outputs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Functions of Remote Wire?

A remote wire is responsible for sending a voltage signal to the amp to turn it on and off, depending on the connected power source. This way, you can have a synchronized usage of your car stereo and amp.

The Importance of Connecting Remote Wire for Amp?

Connecting the remote wire to the amplifier is critical for the effective operation and protection of the amplifier and sound system. Without a remote wire, the amplifier may remain on even when the car ignition is off, causing battery drain and potentially harming the amplifier and battery.

What Wire Does the Amp Remote Wire Connect To?

The amp remote cable is typically connected to radio harness wire via a screw and the amplifier terminal via butt connectors.


In conclusion, knowing where to connect remote wire for amp can be helpful in making it more energy-efficient. With this setup, you can remotely or automatically turn on and off your amp along with the car ignition.

Keep in mind that when connecting a remote wire, it is important to ensure you attach it properly to the right power source. This way, you can ensure optimal amp performance with your car sound system while protecting it from any electrical damage.

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