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How Many Outlets on a 15 Amp Circuit Breaker?

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

How Many Outlets on a 15 Amp Circuit Breaker

In today’s world, all of our homes need electricity. We use devices in our kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and even outdoors. But with all our electrical equipment, is the number of outlets on our circuit breakers safe?

It is essential to know how many outlets on a 15 amp circuit breaker you can use to avoid overloads. To help you answer this question and protect your devices, here are some simple explanations.

How Many Outlets Can I Put in a 15 Amp Circuit Breaker


Basically, there is no limit on how many outlets your circuit breaker can support. It is acceptable to put as many plugs as you want, as long as you don’t need to run appliances or devices that will overload your 15 amp circuit breaker. Generally, though, we only use up to 80% capacity of a circuit breaker for safety.

This 80% rule is a National Electrical Code (NEC) concept, which applies to a continuous load. This is defined as a constant load for 3 hours or more. You can use up to 100% capacity of your circuit breaker, but for a limited time only.

Even though there is no limit in putting outlets in a circuit breaker, it is wise for you to only install the suggested number of outlets. The recommended current rating per outlet is 1.5 amps. So, if you intend to maximize only 80% of your circuit breaker’s capacity, it is recommended to have up to 8 receptacles only.

You can also put ten outlets if you have a 20 amp circuit breaker in your house. To give you a better explanation, here is a video from Bevin Builds. He will further explain how many outlets you should install on a circuit breaker.

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What is the Reason I Need to Limit the Number of Outlets on a Circuit Breaker


Although you can put as many outlets as you want on a 15 amp circuit breaker, you cannot simultaneously use them. The reason is that your circuit can only support a maximum of 15 amps. If you plug a 10-amp flat iron and a 10-amp over toaster at the same time, your circuit breaker will surely trip due to overloading.

To prevent this, use different circuit breakers for each section of your home. You can use a 15 or 20 amp circuit breaker with the suggested wire size for each room, depending on the predicted load capacity needed.

Circuit breakers are an essential part of the safety of your home or building. Circuit breakers are not just a safety feature of any home, but they’re also required by law to prevent electrical overloading and fires. Furthermore, you must have multiple circuit breakers across your house to prevent overloading due to multiple appliances plugged on a single circuit.

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How many outlets on a 15 amp circuit breaker? It is essential to limit the number of outlets on your circuit breaker to prevent an overload. This would occur when you are plugging too many devices on one breaker to exceed its designed capacity.

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