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The Best Coaxial Cables for TV

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best coaxial cable for tv

People of all ages make TVs their primary source of news, entertainment, and even relaxation. These devices make signals audible and visible to all viewers. While a large population relies on TVs in these challenging times, it is necessary to stay receptive to information that concerns us.

Having quality access to network signals is ideal for a TV user. But when one of your wirings doesn’t seem to work well, nothing good will happen. Matters like this calls for the best coaxial cable for TV.

These cords are responsible for transforming signals into data compatible with TVs. It makes watching worthwhile, and it keeps your displays in perfect condition. So, take your remotes with you, and be sure to note relevant aspects for the rest of this article.

<strong>Top 1</strong>

Mediabridge Coaxial Cable


Length 50 ft
Impedance 75 Ohms
Size 18 AWG

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

Monoprice 103030 Coaxial Cable


Length 3 ft
Impedance 75 Ohms
Size 18 AWG

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Cable Matters Coaxial Cable


Length 3 ft
Impedance 75 Ohms
Size 18 AWG

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Best Coaxial Cable for TV Reviews 

1. Mediabridge Coaxial Cable

Featuring a tri-level shielding, the Mediabridge Coaxial Cable is the ideal RG6 cable you can use for indoor and outdoor purposes. This product has UV-protected PVC jackets that can withstand humid to freezing weather conditions. That means I can route this coax cable anywhere as long as it’s safe.

Not only does this cable fit for a changing climate, but it also works for in-wall applications. I believe this is true enough because the product comes with UL and CL2 certifications. So, if you want to conceal your coax cables behind wall facades, this could be an appealing option for you.

Organizing lengthy cables like this doesn’t have to be a difficult task. This ultra-series coax comes with a travel-friendly dual-tab design that lets you keep your wires neat. I think this velcro accessory is beneficial for users who own cables excessively long for their intended use.

I always get the best of my money every time I buy a Mediabridge ultra series cable. From the EZ grip caps to the aluminum shielding and the copper conductors, I believe it’s worth the price. Other than that, it’s easy to use and simple to install.

On the downside, the first cable I ordered didn’t arrive at my desired length. I have also seen other buyers complaining about the latter. Nevertheless, other aspects are of excellent quality.
  • UV-protected jacket and tri-layered shielding for indoor and outdoor use
  • UL and CL2-certified for in-wall applications
  • Nickel-plated connectors to reduce signals loss
  • Comes with a travel-friendly dual-tab design to keep wires neat
  • Might not come on the expected length
It can never go wrong with this coaxial cable because its parts are reliable as a whole. I am happy about the wire’s performance and durability against elements. I would love to get another one for my modem.

2. Monoprice 103030 Coaxial Cable

The best thing that I like about the Monoprice 103030 Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable is its 4-layered shielding. I rarely see this with audio and coax cables, so I think this feature makes the product unique. Apart from this brand being exceptional, it also performs well in EM and RF interference reduction.

This product is ideal for set-ups where high frequencies take place. With a 75-ohm impedance, this cable can minimize signal losses better than a 50-ohm one. Also, 75-ohm systems are better signal boosters for home arrangements with an RG6 coaxial cable like this.

Durability is an advantage for this brand because it has molded strain-relief boots right behind the two connectors. These pieces are essential in keeping the cable at optimum condition despite bending and stretching. Besides, you don’t have to worry about damages since this brand offers a lifetime of service to your coaxial cable.

Another feature that I find unique about this cable is its gold-plated connectors. Gold is corrosion-resistant by nature and more durable than other pieces of metal. Furthermore, it helps in retaining the conductivity of your coax ports and giving you better signal transmission.

On the other hand, I feel like the connectors are a little loose. I was expecting a cable with longer threaded ends, but not like this one. But despite that, the product works fine even with my 45-degree connector.
  • 4-layered shielding for an improved barrier against interference
  • Industry-standard 75 ohm impedance for better signals
  • Molded strain-relief boots designed for durability
  • Gold-plated connectors for better performance and resistance to substances
  • Connectors can be a bit loose
Overall, I like how shielding becomes a priority for this brand. I love how this coax cable keeps signals stable. Also, it has a quality structure on both connectors’ ends.

3. Cable Matters Coaxial Cable

The Cable Matters 3-Pack Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable comes in a pack of three coax cords you can use for three separate devices at home. With this, you get to have a spare cable in case you get one damaged or lost. I think this is also a cost-efficient choice for coaxial cables.

This product has low-profile compression housing, which allows you to install the cable with ease. It doesn’t look as fancy as other wires, nor does it have grip caps, but it fits snugly. All you have to do is align the ports to the connectors and twist the latter to lock.

A UV-resistant and CL2-rated PVC jacket also makes this cable fit for residential use. Other than that, it has four layers of shielding composed of aluminum foil and braided layers that protect over 90% of your cables against electromagnetic noise. Through these, you get enhanced performance and durability from your coax.

Despite this cable being at 3-feet in length, I like how thick the copper conductors are. I was expecting a 22AWG wire, but this product came with 18AWG. I am enjoying better sound and image quality because of this conductor.

Other cables can be flexible and durable at the same time, but not this one. I find this cable a bit stiff, and sometimes it gives me a difficult time moving a wall-mounted TV.
  • Has three cables in one pack
  • Easy to install and fits snugly
  • Durable wire jacket
  • Enhanced performance and resistance against EM noise
  • Thick 18AWG conductors for better sound/image quality
  • Cable is a little stiff
Having these coaxial cables at home is like having limitless possible set-ups. I can use one in the living area, bedroom or connect them all to coax splitters. Also, they fit with ease with all my devices at home.

4. KabelDirekt Digital Coaxial Cable

Level up your audio and video connections using the KabelDirekt Digital Coaxial Audio Video Cable. This coaxial cable comes with pure copper conductors, which allow maximum signal efficiency. Plus, pure copper wires are less resistant to heat and can handle heavier electrical power even with less insulation.

This product has F-type connector pins, which work with satellite receivers, VCRs, antennas, routers, cable boxes, and other compatible devices. With this cable, I no longer have to worry whether my set-ups would turn out well. Likewise, the cord’s performance remains at high quality no matter the device.

I like the PVC jacket of this cable because it’s durable despite being a little thinner than most TV cords. At first, I wasn’t confident about buying this product since it looked flimsy or short-lived. Nonetheless, it’s flexible, and I have been using this for months now.

On top of seeing many channels on your cable box, you also get to experience 4K resolutions and HDR-quality images using this cable. So, you can enjoy your favorite series in high-detail because of this coax. Don’t worry about defects since this brand comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

The only concern I have for this cable is its susceptibility to interference. It happens less often, but I think it would have been better if this cable had an additional shielding.
  • Pure copper conductors for better signals and heat resistance
  • Works well with a wide array of devices
  • Durable and flexible PVC jackets
  • Supports 4K resolutions and HDR imaging
  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Double-layered shielding only
I love the flexibility of this TV cable and its sturdy connectors. I get to maximize my devices, and it has good signal alleys. Better images also have come to notice because of this product. For me, this is the best coaxial cable for digital TV.

5. Postta Digital Coaxial Cable

One of the salient features of the Postta Digital Coaxial Cable is its high-quality PVC jackets. This type of material is known to be environment-friendly and wear-resistant. Also, these aesthetic characteristics make this cable more secure and reliable to use.

This cable brand comes with four layers of aluminum foil and braid shielding. Aluminum is a cheap and lightweight metal which is 100% effective in RFI protection. A braid shield is known to be versatile and has mechanical strength.

When you have the two combined, you get to minimize noise and suppress crosstalk between or among circuits.

Another factor that keeps this cable’s performance at high-quality is its oxygen-free copper conductors. This type of copper runs cool compared to other conductors. It provides better conductivity to your coax and ensures optimum signal transmission. Also, it’s less likely to corrode. Not only do you get quality conductors, but you also experience seamless signal transfer.

One more thing that I love about this cable is it’s fit for outdoor use. Knowing that this cable has quality materials, it’s also weatherproof. It can withstand different climatic conditions at a tolerable level. So, I don’t have to worry about setting up connections beyond my roof.

I had a slightly hard time straightening the copper pin on one of the connectors of this cable. Good thing I didn’t break any part of the connector. I tried to get another one, and both pins were straight.
  • Made with high-quality PVC
  • 4-layered shielding to protect against noise and crosstalk
  • Oxygen-free conductors for better signals and conductivity
  • Weatherproof coax cable for outdoor antenna
  • Might arrive with bent conductor pins
All in all, I love how smooth-running this cable is. It works despite any weather condition, and it has stable signals as well. I think this could be the best coaxial cable for antenna.

6. UCC Coaxial Cable

Ultra clarity is what the UCC Coaxial Cable stands for. Coming with a tri-layered shielding, this cable brand ensures signal stability and AV quality. These shields consist of aluminum foil, braided copper, and finally, another aluminum layer. It also has a gas-injected insulator between the copper conductor and the foil.

Not only does this product have a PVC jacket. This thermoplastic is CL3-rated, which means it works for in-wall use. Also, this material is known to be fire and UV-resistant. So, I think I don’t have to worry about anything, especially with fire hazards for cables installed beneath walls.

On both ends of this cable are gold-plated connectors. These pieces of metal are anti-corrosion by nature, and they make good contact with various devices. It can work for both indoor and outdoor applications as well. Plus, it remains effective on top of changing temperatures.

I find this cable perfect for my cable television at home. With a length of 10 feet, I think it fits just right for my set-up. Furthermore, it also works well with cable modems, VCRs, off-air antennas, and satellite receivers. I am glad that this cable withstands any device I connect to, and I like its consistency.

On the other hand, my first order arrived with defects on the connectors. Both ends seemed to have mounted on the cable jacket, but one was a bit slack or movable. I bought another and didn’t have to face the same issue again.
  • Tri-layered shielding that supports clear output with no interference
  • CL3-rated PVC that protects against fire and UV
  • Gold-plated adapters for optimum connection
  • Perfect for home systems of set-ups that require 10-foot cables
  • Works with any device with consistency
  • Connectors might come loose or damaged
I love seeing this white-colored cable on my home entertainment. It looks clean, and it’s easy to identify from among a bag of cords I have. The shieldings are just at the right level since I get to experience low to zero disruptions only.

7. GE RG59 Coaxial Cable

Ideal for home entertainment systems, the GE RG59 Coaxial Cable is a double-shielded cord that matches every homeowner’s choice. I like the design of this cable because it’s sleek. And it has thin molding beneath the metal connectors. Thus, I can plug it even on vertical-oriented ports without having to shed more effort.

This coaxial cable for 4K is more convenient to use because of its ready-to-screw connectors. You will not need to remove a cap or conductor cover to make this cable work. Also, it won’t require you any tools to link your antennas to your devices. Just plug and play, and enjoy watching your movies.

I like this product because it carries the optimum signals required to support a 1080P HD video output. These signals remain consistent as well. So, the videos look more thrilling and smooth because of this coax cord.

If you need additional shielding for your cable, this brand comes with its quad-shielded version. I didn’t need one since my location is far from potential signal interrupters and noise. On top of that, I haven’t got to experience this issue with my dual-shielded cable.

This brand also assures its customers of the longevity of its products by offering a limited lifetime warranty. So, whenever you face issues with their products, their friendly customer service is open to answer your concerns.

I would have had a cleaner look on my home entertainment set-up if this cable fit for in-wall applications. Nonetheless, things look good, and the performance of this cable is consistent.
  • Sleek design perfect for home entertainment usage
  • Ready-to-screw connectors for a more convenient use
  • Supports Full HD resolutions
  • Comes with a quad-shielded option
  • Backed up by a lifetime limited warranty
  • Not for in-wall applications
I am happy I get to have this coax cable for HDTV. It fits just right behind my HDTV, and it’s easy to install. The image quality of all videos is top-notch as well.

8. Cimple Co Coaxial Cable

If you need a lengthy cable for industrial, residential, and commercial use, consider checking the Cimple Co Coaxial Cable. This coax can go as far as 50 feet from the source to your output devices.

It features compression connectors that fit tightly and ensures connection stability over time. Say this might be too long for any usage, but I think it doesn’t matter as long as it’s sturdy.

I can see that this product has gone through a careful manufacturing process. The cables have precise cutting, the connectors come in quality materials, and they also have twin o-rings on both ends for weatherproofing. With these, I believe this brand is a reliable and durable one as well.

Cimple has a thick 14AWG conductor for better output quality on your TVs. To support the copper center, it comes with a 60% braid and 100% foil shielding necessary in keeping interferences out. I also find signal transmission fast at a 3.0GHz rate. When all of these combine, I get speedy and sharp audio and video outputs on my devices.

Unlike other widely-known industry-standard cables, this brand is an RG11 coaxial cable. And most RG6 VS RG11 cable reviews suggest that the latter can transmit signals at a farther distance. By having a lower attenuation level, this coax can transfer data farther than that of an RG6.

This brand is a good one, but I find the cable body stiff. I am having a hard time routing this at corners or winding locations. Despite that, the performance of this cable is exceptional.
  • 50-foot cable with quality compression connectors
  • Precise manufacturing and top-grade materials
  • Thick shielded conductors with fast signal transmission
  • Can transfer data farther than RG6 cables
  • The cable itself is a little stiff to run through corners
I think all the features of this cable transpire and complement each other. This cable is ideal for its length because it is backed-up with thick conductors and speedy and more distant transmission.

9. Phat Satellite Digital Coaxial Cable

The Phat Satellite Digital Coaxial Cable might be what you need if you are looking for a lengthy cable. Measuring 50 feet in length, you can route this cable through any corner of your house. You can also use this for indoor and outdoor applications.

This cable has SignalTight Technology that features a membrane maintaining electrical continuity between the nut and post. This aspect is relevant since the consistency of data transmission is a factor for coax cables. With this, I get undisturbed signals even when watching live telecasts.

Other than its clean white PVC jacket, it comes with 100% nickel-plated brass connectors. These pieces of metal are known for their strength and conductivity. Also, compared to other nickel-plated connectors, this one is more durable.

I like this cable because its body is durable and sturdy enough to withstand frequent and rugged usage. The signals also remain steady despite the stretching and tension on the coax cord. Thus, I can be confident about using this cable for any other set-ups.

This cable works with any device as well, as long as the latter has coax ports. I use this cable for a Comcast modem, and things seem to work out well. Unlike my previous cord, I never had compatibility issues since I bought this cable.

I wish this cable were a CL3-rated one or at least CL2. That way, I can be sure that this product has good resistance to fire and can contain combustion.
  • Lengthy cable at 50 feet
  • Applicable for indoor and outdoor use
  • SignalTight Technology for signal continuity
  • 100% nickel-plated brass connectors for better conductivity
  • Sturdy coax jacket with consistent signals
  • Guaranteed compatibility with various devices
  • Not CL2 or CL3 certified, which can impose fire hazard
The Phat Satellite cable makes things easier for me, especially with distant connections between antennas, receivers, and other devices. I love the signal consistency, compatibility, and I think this is my best coax for TV antenna.

10. Amazon Basics Coaxial TV Cable

Connect your TVs and VCRs using the Amazon Basics Coaxial TV Antenna Cable. This F-type cable links to different modems, receivers, and other devices with F-type ports. I am benefiting from this cord because it works with all my monitors and receivers at home.

I love using this coax cable because no background noise from EM and RF interference seems to disturb me. This feature is attributable to the product’s 3-layered aluminum shielding. Other than that, this cable comes with nickel-plated connectors, which help reduce signal loss.

Installation is a breeze for this product as it comes with two easy-grip caps you can remove with less effort. Besides, you won’t need additional tools to connect the cable to your peripherals. All you have to do is remove the center conductor cap and grip cap when necessary, then tighten the male connectors to the female ports.

This Amazon Basics cable always backs up their customers with their 1-year limited warranty. This aspect is relevant in case some issues on the wire occur. It’s not present in most reviews, but I find this coax safe from fire as certified by CL2. Fires might not be frequent with these wirings, but this area is still a factor for me.

However, I find the white plastic caps unnecessary because they’re hard to pull out, and this can cause damage to the cable if not done correctly. All you need for a coax connection is a finger-tightened cap.
  • Connects to TVs, modems, and other F-type ports
  • 3-layered aluminum shielding to prevent EM and RF interference
  • Nickel-plated connectors to reduce signals loss
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • CL2-certified making it safe from fire
  • White plastic caps can be unnecessary
Despite that, I love how my set-up turned out. I find this cable fit and safe for my devices at home. It makes my TV reception top-notch, and I barely get signal disturbances.

What is the Best Coaxial Cable for TV


Notwithstanding brands and other physical characteristics, RG6 cables are the best type of coaxial cords for your televisions.

One reason is its price. RG6 tends to be less expensive than RG-11 coaxial cables, which also work with home televisions.

Second, even with RG11 carrying signals farther than an RG6 does, no homeowner would buy 1100-meter rated cables for a home entertainment setting. What you need is a product that won’t give you a hard time fixing such.

RG6 cables are less vulnerable to signal leakage and interference as compared to older coax models. They can also thrive in changing environments without impairing their durability.

And RG6 can be your best option if you want to use it in various locations, including underground, through corners, and beneath walls.

Note that you cannot place all RG6 cables in one basket since there are still plenty of detailed considerations you have to check on.

What to Look for When Buying Coaxial Cable for TV


Choosing a coaxial  cable can be crucial, especially when your TVs are sensitive to interference and fluctuating signals. Below are significant matters you should examine before buying the best coaxial cable for TV antenna.

  • Cable Attenuation

The lower the attenuation of the cable is, the lower the signal loss it encounters. Note that if there is a higher frequency, the higher the attenuation will be. Not all cable types carry the same amount of attenuation. It’s better to know how much attenuation your set-up can contain.

  • Impedance

To achieve optimum signal transfer, you have to match the cable’s impedance to the load’s resistance. If a 5V signal moves through the line, the same voltage shall be present at the receiver.

  • Cable Type

Generally, coaxial cables differ in terms of usage, installation, and other signal-related aspects. There are two types of TV coax, one with an impedance of 75 ohms and another with 50 ohms. Know which one you need not to face issues right away.

  • Frequency

You need to know the operating frequency of the cable you are planning to buy. As the frequency ascends, more signals move outward the center conductors. This aspect, later on, leads to a shorter distance traveled by signals.

And to enhance the best audiovisual experience, you can learn more cables such as subwoofer cable

Are All TV Coaxial Cables the Same


No matter the coax cable you use, keep in mind that these auxiliaries have differences in one way or more.

To distinguish one from the other, take a look at their connector types, shielding, speed and distance of signal transmission. The cable build and usage are also some vital aspects to check. Other salient features that make one cable differ from the others include length, the thickness of the conductors, stability, price, and brand.

Noted that some features might be the same when they come from a similar manufacturer with identical models.

Which is Better RG6 or RG11

Whichever you buy, there will always be factors that would let you stop comparing one from the other.

  • Price: RG6 cables are way cheaper than RG11.
  • The distance of signal transmission: RG11 cables can transfer signals farther than an RG6 can. This gap is because RG11 has a lower attenuation level than RG6.
  • Flexibility: RG6 cables, even with thinner conductors, are the most ideal for indoor or home entertainment applications. This type of coax is more flexible than an RG11 since the latter is thicker in most areas. It is difficult to install an RG11 coax in narrow locations because they are hard to bend.
  • Type of usage: Performance-wise, RG11 can perform better than RG6 wires. But for home television, you will not need one intended for outdoor installation and direct burial use.

RG6 and RG11 are both perfect for their intended applications but can have alterations in their mutual features. After all, it depends on your usage and purpose.


Picking the best cable for your TVs can be tough. But always remember that you are close to accessing quality AV outputs on your television.

Plan your weekend shows early using the best coaxial cable for TV. Give your home entertainment systems the best upgrade you can have. May it be for cartoons, news, and other shows, consider choosing the correct cable for your TV.

Open a friendly conversation in the comments section, and we’ll be glad to respond to them all.

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