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The Best Fencing Pliers

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best fencing pliers

Whether you’re working on farms, yards, or construction sites, a trusty and reliable fencing tool is a must-have for every worker’s arsenal. This type of tool can perform numerable tasks involving wires without much exertion and effort.

Thus, I recommend this fencing equipment if you find yourself constantly working around various types of cables.

But with the number of available plier tools in hardware stores, finding the proper wire cutter for your specific use can be a daunting and challenging task. Hence, I’ve decided to make this list of the best fencing pliers currently available in the market, so you could easily choose and buy the right plier tools.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Channellock 85 Fence Tool Plier


Weight 658 grams
Length 10 1/2 inches
Material Quality Steel

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

IRWIN 2078901 VISE-GRIP Pliers


Weight 703 grams
Length 10 1/4 inches
Material Nickel Chromium Steel

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Pliers


Weight 400 grams
Length 11 inches
Material High-quality Steel

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Best Fencing Plier Reviews

1. Channellock 85 Fence Tool Plier

This Channellock fence plier is among the best fencing tools that I’ve worked on. The plier tool has all the vital features to perform cabling and fencing tasks efficiently without any difficulty.

Firstly, the tool measures around 10 ½ inches. The remarkable size of the product allows it to be carried almost everywhere.

Aside from that, the product can be used without experiencing hand cramps. The handle is ergonomically designed to ensure comfort and ease. Chiefly, the tool’s curved grip allows for a leveraging grip, providing maximum pressure while working and cutting rigid fencing wires.

I also like the multi-function feature presented by the product. The plier can easily cut through thin or thick wires, thanks to the tool’s two differently-sized cutter edges.

Moreover, the plier also features a flexible wire stretcher component. If you ever find yourself needing to cut a rigid and thicker wire, simply adjust the jaw’s biting width to accommodate the wire.

Additionally, the manufacturer included a staple puller, starter, hammer, wire splicers, and a stretcher along with the fencing plier. This attention to detail by the plier’s makers showcases their pride and integrity with the tools they produce.

However, I noticed that the tool’s metal seems to develop rust quickly compared to its counterparts. Nevertheless, I suggest that you religiously clean and oil the device to prevent the plier’s premature deterioration.
  • The size of the plier allows it to be brought almost everywhere
  • Workers can use it extensively without any difficulty nor hand cramping
  • It can cut through thin or thick cables without any difficulty
  • The fencing plier features a jaw-biting adjustment mechanism
  • The tool comes with a variety of features that can make your job easier
  • The tool rusts easily when not taken care of
All in all, if you need a reliable fencing plier for your fencing project that’s affordable, then consider placing this fencing plier in your check-out basket.

2. IRWIN 2078901 VISE-GRIP Pliers

I’ve always heard from my colleagues that IRWIN’s products, especially their fence tool pliers, are top-notch tools that reliably get the job done. Heeding their praise for the manufacturer, I set out to try and use their pliers.

The first thing that piqued my interest is the plier’s evidently tough and durable build. The manufacturer used nickel-chromium steel alloy in constructing the overall form of the device. Chiefly, the utilized steel alloy makes the plier tool much resistant to damage, wear, and corrosion from intense usage.

Aside from that, I also like the machined jaws of the plier. This feature ensures efficiency and ease in whatever task you’re doing with the fencing plier.

Additionally, the ProTouch feature that comes with the tool’s handle ensures comfortable use. I didn’t experience any sort of discomfort while I was using and testing this plier in my work area.

Aside from its capability to handle wires, the product also doubles as a hammer. The jaws’ grooved tip is bluntly shaped, allowing whoever’s using the tool to pound nails deep into platforms and other materials. Likewise, the jaw’s opposite side features a claw end design that can excavate and remove embedded nails.

However, my only qualm with the fencing plier is the lack of a spring-loaded joint that makes the device easier to operate.
  • Built with quality alloy steel
  • The machined jaws of the fencing plier allow for rugged usage
  • ProTouch makes the tool easier to handle
  • The blunt portion and sharp claws of the fencing plier doubles as a hammer
  • It doesn’t come with a spring-loaded mechanism
Overall, this fencing plier is among the best in the market. Its durable and versatile build makes it a worthy bang for the buck fencing plier.

3. DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Pliers

The last place that I worked at used to provide me with DeWalt fencing pliers made in the USA every time I’m tasked with fencing and wiring projects.

I love that the handle of this plier comes cushioned with high-quality padding materials. Likewise, it’s fused with rubber with pro touch grips carvings on the inside of the handle. This nifty feature essentially ensures that you won’t lose your grip even from rugged usage.

Furthermore, the fencing plier is evidently built with pure and high-quality steel material. As a testament, this fencing plier can cut even through the most sturdy and extremely tough wires. In fact, I’ve even used this plier for cutting barbed wires. That experience alone substantiates the durability that went into building this product.

The barbed wire fence pliers head is also engineered for multi-function use. You can either hammer nails with the plier’s blunt edge or pull embedded staplers with its sharp claw. Essentially, this product’s got your back from cutting, bending, and handling all different kinds of wires — this plier can do so efficiently and with ease.

Additionally, I also like how you can easily manage and transport this plier around — measured at 13. 4″ x 4.7″ x 1″, you can easily lug, carry, and handle this product with ease.

Unfortunately, I noticed that the product is instead built in China and not from Switzerland, as what the product description says, at least the model that I used. Nevertheless, it’s still a high-quality fencing plier that can help you get your job done correctly.
  • High-quality padding makes it handling easier
  • Made with high-grade alloy steel
  • The head is meticulously engineered for multi-purpose use
  • You can carry this fencing plier almost anywhere
  • The product is built in China, not in Switzerland as originally stated
In short, this is a commendable plier for professional workers, as the product comes with multiple features that make wiring and fencing project management effortless and easy.

4. Bates Fence Tool

If you’re in need of sturdy and durable fence-cutters, check this product out. All my colleagues hold this product in high regard, mainly because of its simple yet efficient features.

Firstly, the plier is made with pristine and high-grade alloy steel, ensuring durability even in the most stressful usage and environments. Moreover, it’s polished with a coating that prevents early rusting and corrosion.

Also, this is a perfect tool for handypersons and carpenters who need a versatile yet reliable plier that can religiously and efficiently perform wiring and fencing duties. For instance, the rigid jaw edges of the tool provide its users with a multi-functional usage feature.

Additionally, you can use this plier without gloves. The soft plastic grip coating allows whoever uses the product to exert maximum pressure without slipping from their hands. Likewise, it also works seamlessly with people with sweaty hands, like me.

Measured at 10”, the plier tool can also be bought anywhere, whether by hand, tool belt, or bag, with ease and effortlessness.

My only reservation about the fencing plier is that it isn’t designed for people with small hands.
  • It is made with quality materials
  • The jaw edges of the tool are designed to be multi-functional
  • The handle is soft and easy to handle.
  • The product’s size allows it to be transported and handled without any issues
  • People with small hands may find it challenging to use the product
All things considered, this plier is a trusty and commendable addition to personal and small-scale workbenches.

5. Crescent 193610CVSMNN Fence Tool Pliers

I rightfully consider this fencing plier to be top-notch, as expected from crescent fence pliers. This solid and heavy-duty plier can easily handle thick cables and fence wires without difficulty.

I highly recommend this plier for professional workers, handypersons, and commercial wiring contractors. Primarily because of the tool’s multi-functional jaw head. For instance, the grooved hammerhead features two slots specifically made for crimping and cutting wires.

Besides, the tool’s head also features electronically-reinforced jaw edges that can efficiently sever thick wires without any issues. Additionally, the product also features a sharp and blunt edge, specifically for performing fencing tasks, such as hammering nails and slanting fencing wires.

I also like the tool’s ergonomically designed handles. The plier is so comfortable and easy to use that it doesn’t even induce hand cramping from prolonged and heavy usage.

Lastly, the fencing plier is made with pure alloy steel and other quality materials, as evident from the plier’s shimmer and overall feel.

However, the jaw hinge of the tool is stiff and difficult to break in. To fix this minor issue, I recommend that you lubricate the hinge so that it could open and close quickly without any problems.
  • The multi-function tool is perfect for industrial workers
  • Two slots are made explicitly for wire cutting purposes
  • Electronically-reinforced steel jaw head can effectively cut thick fencing wires
  • The tool’s handle is designed for easy usage and grasping
  • Pure steel alloy and premium materials were used in building the plier
  • Users must lubricate the tool’s hinges for straightforward usage
Whether it be for whatever usage, this plier has your back. Don’t hesitate to buy this inch fencing pliers to help you in crimping, cutting, and angling fencing wires easier.

6. Allied Tools 30576 10-Inch Fence Pliers

My projects involving fences became more manageable when I tried out Allied Tools’ wire cutters for fencing. I have to say; this is a reliable piece of tool that every single worker must have every time they go out and work in the field. The amount of times this fencing plier has saved me from complicated fencing projects is innumerable.

This budget fencing plier has a refined and well-built jaw head. From a glance, you can clearly see that the fencing plier is made with high-grade steel material. Moreover, the sharp edges of the plier are electrically inducted to make it more durable.

In particular, carbon steel alloy reinforced through temperature treating comprises the entire metal body of the product. So expect that this fencing plier can withstand even the most intense and rugged of usage.

Moreover, yet another feature that I’ve noticed is the plier’s unique jaw head outline. The drop feature of the fencing plier’s head allows for more effortless operation and usage. Likewise, you can either hammer or pull nails lodged in surfaces, thanks to the product’s dual-opposite claw and blunt design.

Additionally, I like how the product’s handle is comfortable, soft, and easy to hold. I had no problem using the plier due to its accommodating cushion grips. Trust me; you won’t even get hand fatigue from using this plier even for long periods of time.

However, you’d have to apply WD-40 to the fencing plier’s jaw hinge for it to extend fully. Nevertheless, this is just a minor issue that I’ve experienced using this hand tool.
  • Plier’s edges are electrically-inducted
  • It is made with a carbon steel alloy, making it feasible for heavy usage
  • The jaw head’s outline features a multi-function design for a variety of usage
  • The fencing plier is easy to handle
  • It needs some hinge lubrication for the hinge to extend fully
In short, this plier tool is a great fencing plier that can make electrical projects be more efficient and manageable.

7. Edward Tools Multi Purpose Fence Tool

This product is among the mainstay fence pliers in my colleague’s work bag. I once had to borrow this fencing plier from him, and I have to say the number of features that come with this fencing plier is something I truly commend.

First off, the product’s steel alloy is made with a metal strengthening technique called “drop forging.” Thus, quality and durability won’t be an issue for this problem. Likewise, the tool’s entire metal portion is coated with a rust-resistant polishing finish.

Aside from that, the fencing plier’s unique ergonomically designed handle prevents accidental hand slippage and wrist pains from using the tool for an extensive period.

Likewise, you can use this fencing plier in a plethora of ways. This product can do it all reliably without any apparent problems from crimping wires, cutting fence links, and gripping cables. I highly recommend this fencing plier for its multi-functional jaw head feature, which is perfect for workers who want to have a tool for varied usage.

Most importantly, this fencing plier provides its users with a lifelong warranty. Don’t hesitate to shoot them a message if you received a faulty or broken product from the company.

My only qualm with the fencing plier is that the product is made in China instead of the US, which the product’s description states. Nevertheless, this is still a solid and bang-for-the-buck tool that has your back.
  • The product’s metal material is made with “drop-forging”
  • The handle of the fencing pliers are made with an ergonomically friendly design
  • A multi-functional tool that can perform various tasks without issues
  • The device comes with a lifelong warranty.
  • Is instead made in China, not the United States
Considering all of these, I’m confident that this is a candidate for the best fencing pliers currently available in markets and hardware shops.

8. Plum Fittings 10″ Premium Round Nose Fence Pliers

This pristine and durable Utica-styled round nose plier tool is yet another product that has gathered my attention. I’ve previously heard of this fencing plier while my colleagues were talking about possible plier replacements. Hence, I set out and bought this tool to determine whether this plier is indeed worth its hype.

I first noticed that this plier’s handle is different like it’s from knipex fence pliers. The handle’s sleek and slim design is a stark contrast to this list’s previously-mentioned products’ bulky and thick handles. The tool’s specific sleek handle provides users with unparalleled leverage, making it easier to hold and operate the device.

Moreover, the hardware’s handles come with a comfortable set of gripping material. If you want a tool that’s light, easy, and manageable to use, I recommend that you check this fencing plier out.

Likewise, the plier’s jaw also shares the product’s distinct sleek design. The unique engineering design that went into the device makes it a reliable, commendable, and ideal tool for chain link fencing wires and other related repairs.

Lastly, I like that the manufacturer used heavy-duty and high-grade steel alloy in constructing the product. Although it’s minuscule and sleekly designed, this tool can take a beating from intense, rugged use without sustaining any damage.

My only concern with the fencing plier is its apparent lack of a multi-functional jaw head. Nevertheless, this is a precise tool for specific uses, so take note of that before buying this product.
  • The sleek and slim outline makes it more manageable to use
  • The handle’s gripping rubber is made with comfortable and tough material
  • The jaw’s simple design makes it a perfect tool for handling precise wire fencing projects
  • Made with a heavy-duty steel alloy that can take a beating
  • Lacks a multi-functional jaw head
If you want a tool that cuts neatly and efficiently, this is it.

9. Malco Products FP1 Fencing Pliers

If you are looking for heavy-duty shear-type wire cutters that can cut through metal wires, try this tool.

The product can be used even in tight and small spaces, mainly due to its size. Measured at around 8”, you can also effortlessly lug this plier everywhere you go.

The serrated jaw edges also add versatility to the overall product design. Thanks to the jagged edges, you can now reliably and efficiently cut, scrimp, angle, and grip fence wires with ease. I just love how the jaw’s edges give the fencing plier an edge in utility usage.

Additionally, the budget fencing plier’s jaw head comes with a specific wire cutter that can sever up to nine-gauge thick wires.

The tool also features a textured and rough gripping handle, which prevents accidental dropping. Thus, the device’s handle ensures safe and definite usage wherever you are.

Lastly, the product is made with high-quality metal, which assures its durability and capability to withstand even the most rugged of usage.

As it’s a versatile, reliable, and high-quality plier that can save your time and energy working with fencing projects.

On the downside, I noticed that the fencing plier takes some time to break in. The tool is hard to open and close in the first few uses. However, you can just apply WD-40 to the hinges of the plier to lubricate it.
  • The size of the tool allows it to be used even in tight spaces
  • Serrated jaw edges add sharpness
  • The tool’s built-in wire cutter can handle up to nine-gauge wires
  • The handle’s easy and comfy to hold
  • High-quality metal was used in constructing the fencing plier
  • The hinges of the tool take some time to break-in
Despite that, I am content with the tool’s presentation. I recommend that every homeowner and handypersons get their hands on this versatile and rugged product.

10. KING PIECES Pliers Kit

If you’re looking for wire pliers that can staple and connect fence installation wires, you’re in the right place! This fencing plier can cleanly interconnect chicken, hog, and fence wires hasty and cleanly.

One of the things that I like about this fencing plier is its reliability to operate and hinge all types of wire fencing materials with ease and efficiency. You staple wires together with just a simple press of the spring-loaded plier gun. This tool saved me from a past hog wiring project that I did with a client.

The tool’s mechanical design allows you to save precious time and energy from arduous and repetitive mundane tasks such as connecting wires. To substantiate, the inspiration for the product’s mechanical design was influenced by small, office-desk staplers.

Aside from that, the grip’s also comfortable and manageable to handle. Hand cramps are a non-issue for users trying out this tool. The material used for the fencing plier is made with high-quality non-slip and insulated rubber.

The manufacturer also included 2500 pcs. of hog rings, together with the product’s packaging. This type of ring that comes with the fencing plier is more durable compared to regular steel wires, as it’s specifically designed to withstand holding pig pens.

My only qualm is the tool’s lack of adjusting features to size the hog rings according to its application appropriately.
  • You can staple wires just by simply pressing together the tool’s handles
  • The mechanical design assures efficiency and reliability
  • Hand cramping isn’t an issue with the fencing plier
  • 2500 pcs. of hog rings comes free, courtesy of the manufacturer
  • The tool doesn’t have any ring size adjustment features
This is an essential tool for handypersons always working in the field. I like that the tool staples wires cleanly and without any issues.

11. KING Fencing Pliers with Hammerhead

I stumbled upon this plier while I was looking for a replacement for my old pair of Klein fence pliers.

First off, the plier tool is made with metal that underwent intense heat and forging treatment. Undergone deep heating treatment techniques, the product’s metal essentially hardens to the point that it can reliably handle extremely rugged usage.

Additionally, the product’s varied jaw head allows for diverse use. You can either strike down nails with the jagged, blunt edge or remove staples and lodged objects with the tool’s sharp claws.

The product’s handle also comes equipped with comfort-inducing materials. It is ergonomically designed, apparent from the handle’s silhouette.

Lastly, you can reliably use this plier tool for large-scale projects. Measured at 10.5″, you won’t have any issues tackling, holding, and cutting sizable wires with this tool.

However, a colleague who also bought this noticed that the tool’s hammerhead is somewhat crooked. Nevertheless, he had it already sorted out.
  • The device’s metal is durable as it can be
  • Varied use won’t be an issue for this product
  • The handle’s comfortable and easy to hold
  • The product’s size allows it to be used for industrial, heavy projects
  • A colleague of mine complained about the crooked hammer head
Overall, I love how smooth and efficient this tool is. I assure you, this is a reliable plier tool that can help you get your job done without any difficulties.

12. Crescent 10008VNN Fence Tool Pliers

I love the simple and sleek appearance of this plier tool. This fencing plier piqued my interest after a DIY enthusiast recommended that I try this plier tool. Sure enough, I liked how easy and manageable this tool is for work usage.

The jaw head employs a flat nose design that handypersons can ideally use for wiring and fencing maintenance jobs. The sleek head comes with more than two wire cutters that can ideally snip, snag, and crimp wires, depending on the wire gauge.

Besides, the fencing plier is built with pure alloy steel that’s hardened and strengthened through electronically reinforcing techniques. Likewise, the raw metal also underwent an intensely heated forging procedure that further solidifies the product’s durability.

In addition, the compactness of the fencing plier allows the fencing plier to be used in even the tightest and compacted spaces. I often use this product to nab and grip wires dislodged in hard-to-reach areas.

Most importantly, the plier doesn’t need to be broken in for it to operate smoothly and without difficulty. The riveting is perfectly installed, as not to cause any sort of discomfort and inconvenience for those using the fencing plier.

However, you may need to use more force to generate enough torque to twist deep-embedded nails. Nevertheless, I don’t mind, as this is just physics working in reality.
  • The flat-nose design of the tool efficiently deals with wiring and fencing jobs
  • Electronically-reinforced pure steel alloy comprises the entirety of the tool
  • The product’s compactness makes it an ideal tool for tight and compact spaces
  • You don’t need to “break-in” the device for it to operate efficiently
  • The fencing plier requires more force to generate torque
All things considered, this is a solid and commendable product that can highly help you in performing maintenance tasks.

13. TruePower by GIno Development Fencing Pliers

At first, I mistook TruePower’s product for Klein fencing pliers or Knipex fencing pliers. Simply put, the quality of the features that come with the tool are comparable to the products made by Klein.

I highly recommend this fencing plier for professional workers looking for a round nose plier to add to their collection. This tool can competently tie, snip, hold, and bend fencing wires without any apparent issues. I’m genuinely a fan of this plier’s reliability in getting the job done.

Moreover, the fencing plier comes with three different joint cutters, each catering to the specific type and thickness of wires. This feature makes this an ideal fencing plier for dealing with all sorts of cables.

I also like how the manufacturer used pure carbon alloy steel in constructing the product. The used metal material ensures the tool’s usage longevity. Likewise, the device can also take a beating from rugged use without accruing any damage to its operational mechanisms.

Lastly, the handle’s dipped model assures maximum comfort for long periods of time. Additionally, the product’s manufacturer extended the tool’s gripping length, making it easier to generate torque for easier handling.

My only qualm with the tool is its limited jaw range. Nevertheless, it’s just a minor issue that I noticed with the fencing plier.
  • It can reliably perform multiple wiring functions
  • The tool features three distinct wire cutters
  • Pure carbon steel alloy was used in constructing the plier
  • The handle’s ergonomic design provides ease and comfort
  • The jaw can only open at a limited range
If you need a high-quality yet straightforward plier, check this product out. I assure you, this tool can last a long time, work for you for years on end.

What to Look for When Buying Fencing Pliers


I’ve listed some critical notes to consider when buying and shopping around for fencing pliers.


To get the most bang for your buck, I recommend a versatile and multi-function use plier. Basically, you can use these UK or Australia-made pliers aside for tasks involving basic wire handling, such as removing steel staples, hammering nails, and crimping wire insulations.

Likewise, check if the plier’s jaw head is intently designed with a blunt and sharp edge. These two features further help in doing and performing fencing tasks. For instance, you can either bluntly hammer or remove lodged nails with these aforementioned jaw features.


The comfortability of handles is yet another feature that I thoroughly check before buying tools. Trust me. You don’t want to experience any hand cramps or any sort of discomfort when you’re in the field. Thus, I recommend that you get a plier with excellent handle material.

Likewise, your ability to grip and exert maximum pressure also relies on the handle’s overall ergonomic design. So if you want to do your job on the field competently, get wire pliers fence tool with an absolute and banging handle.


It’s imperative that you get a durable fencing plier made with the finest of materials. You really don’t want to work with flimsy brands and low-quality hand tools when you’re in the field, so thoroughly check the tool’s overall build quality.


Ensuring your safety should be your paramount goal. You really wouldn’t want to use cheap and flimsy products that feel like they would give away and break under heavy usage.

Hence, I recommend that you get a fencing plier that’s evidently designed and constructed in a way that assures user safety.

What’s the Best Material for Fencing Pliers


Some of the best materials for fence pliers use include carbon steel, chrome vanadium steel, chromium steel, and nickel chromium steel. These steel alloys that I’ve mentioned are high-grade metals that can sustain intense, rugged use in the field.

How Do You Cut Fence Wires

Let me teach you how to use fencing pliers. If you noticed, pliers and fence cutters almost often come with two different slots right in the middle of the tool’s jaw edges. These are slots made explicitly for different gauges of heavy wires.

Before you go about and start cutting fence wires, you must first appropriately determine what wire slot you’ll use for your task. Nevertheless, after you determine the wire’s gauges, proceed to gently slide the wire you’re about to cut on the tool’s wire slots.

Now, to effectively cut fence wires, firmly grasp the handles and then proceed to exert maximum pressure for easy cutting. Simply enough, that’s how you cut fence wires.

Should the Handles of Fencing Pliers Have a Cushion Grip

Generally, yes. Cushion grips in plier tools help in preventing any sort of hand discomforts such as cramps and stiffness. Likewise, the quality of the cushion grip dictates how firmly you can handle the tool itself.


There is a wide range of the best fencing pliers that you can buy in the market, each with specific sets of pros and cons, depending on their ability to perform specified jobs according to their categories. Thus, purchasing the appropriate fencing plier for your use can be a difficult task.

Now, in order to help any prospective buyers, I’ve curated this list of plier tools that have garnered my attention. As a final reminder, remember to take into consideration the various features I’ve outlined within this article, so you won’t have to deal with flimsy, low-quality, and rickety fencing pliers.

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