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The Best Cable Raceways

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

best cable raceways

Building a home, an office space, or room addition is an achievement for many. Coupled with these improvements is the extension of utilities to make them fully operative. Having the desire to execute these kinds of projects calls for the use of the best cable raceways.

Cable management is a significant aspect everyone should consider, no matter how small or big the set-up is. This process includes planning your electrical layout, preparing the materials needed, and installing your wires in such a way that they look clean and free from hazard.

Electrical moldings, as others may call them, do not only protect your wires but also provide a neat finish to your wirings. Let me share with you my best picks for cable houses and help you decide which one fits your arrangement.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Delamu Cord Cover Raceway Kit


Material PVC
Length 13 ft
Capacity 2-3 cables

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

D-Line Cable Raceway


Material PVC
Length 39 ft
Capacity 3-4 cables

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Eveo Cable Concealer


Material Plastic
Length 150 ft
Capacity 3-4 cables

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Best Cable Raceway Reviews

1. Delamu Cord Cover Raceway Kit

If you think the best way to keep your cables clean is to fold them around and over, then you’re probably missing out on the Delamu Cord Cover Raceway Kit.

It comes with elbows, couplings, and other necessary fittings to assist users in filling in gaps between raceways. So, no matter the edges my wires have to go through, I can be sure about covering them.

I like that this product has enough space for two HDMIs, and another cable of my choice. With a width of almost an inch and a height of 1.4cm, this molding frees my wires from congestion. Also, one length is sufficient to carry all my entertainment set’s cords.

You don’t have to consider these raceways when choosing colors for your walls because they are customizable. That means you can cut them and paint them to your desired shade. With this item, I feel like I am adding a new design to my interiors while at the same time keeping my electricals away from potential hazards.

Installation is a breeze for this product because it comes with anchors and screws to mount the raceway to my desired locations. Adhesive tapes can also take care of the business, but I feel more sure about using the bolts even if both methods are reliable.

However, this product doesn’t attach to textured walls. It’s either I would make a smooth provision to install it or look for an area where I can firmly place it.
  • Comes with fittings to connect raceway ends
  • Spacious cable house with a width of almost an inch and a height of 1.4cm
  • Cuttable and paintable body
  • Includes screws necessary for installation
  • Doesn’t mount well with textured surfaces
This product gives me an easy fix for my cables. I get to make use of my entertainment room without having to worry about messy connections. Also, it’s a safe move for my family and me.

2. D-Line On-Wall Cable Raceway

With the D-Line Cable Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover, concealing my cords and wires never had to be burdensome. I love its half-round design because it complements almost any surface, like textured walls and furniture pieces. Compared to other moldings, D-Line makes my cables look neat and sleek.

This cable hider is lightweight enough to mount on most flat surfaces. I get to install it quickly with less effort, and I can cut it to my desired length without damaging the entire PVC body.

Its self-adhesive feature also makes the process more convenient, which means I don’t have to search for tek screws or any tool to attach its base cover to my walls.

I like that this raceway can match my interior theme because of its white and paintable finish. Not only that it holds acrylic substances, but it’s also barely noticeable once installed. So, regardless of the colors inside your home, this molding will make the visual adjustments for you.

My house comes with baseboards to add a different accent to it. I have once decided to run my bedroom wirings parallel to these 3-inch wall designs, and I think I made the correct decision.

D-Line blends with different wall accessories, and it closes just like a door through its one-latch style. Thus, modifying my cables doesn’t seem to be difficult at all.

On the downside, the package I ordered arrived with dents on certain parts. I didn’t plan to have it replaced, but as soon as I contacted my supplier, a new one came in the other day.
  • Half-round design that matches almost all flat surfaces
  • Comes with a light PVC body that’s easy to install
  • Self-adhesive back panel
  • Paintable finish easily blends with the interior
  • Works as a baseboard cable raceway
  • Some parts have dents
I believe this raceway is a must for most homeowners. It looks nice on my wall siding, and even with my cables below the TV. Also, it integrates with paints well.

3. Eveo Cable Concealer

Safety is a top priority for the Eveo Cable Concealer. With a spacious body enough to accommodate at least three media wires, I don’t have to worry about pets or people making contact with electricity. I have benefited from this aspect since my living room is full most of the time, and messy cables can be dangerous.

Eveo is an easy-to-use cable hider. Not only that you can slide your wires in without hassle, but this product also comes with instructions for a more accurate installation. Mounting these houses only takes around less than 20 minutes. So, it shouldn’t consume that much effort at all.

Organizing my wires became more convenient since I bought this product. Inside the package were cable ties, measuring tape, and a PVC saw to help me lock the cords and cut the raceway to its most accurate length. I don’t have to drop by several stores to get the materials I need.

I believe this is a sturdy product. It can accommodate heavy-gauge wires without falling off. Plus, even after multiple sun and rain exposures, this cable house doesn’t go brittle or flaky in some instances.

And while this product comes with strong adhesive tapes on its back, the whole thing damages the walls once removed. I will advise using screws so relocating your raceways won’t peel your wallpapers off.
  • Safe product with large interior space to accommodate multiple wires
  • Comes with instructions for usage and fast installation
  • Convenience within your reach because of the necessary tools present
  • Heavy-duty raceway that holds thick-gauge wires
  • Can be used as an outdoor cable raceway
  • Adhesive tapes tend to be too strong
Eveo comes with everything you need from a large cable raceway. I like it because it’s easy to mount, use, and maintain. Also, it saved me time from completing a set or finding other accessories.

4. Yecaye CMC-03 Cable Concealer

If you are looking for a corner duct cable raceway enough for a single wire only, the Yecaye One-Cord Channel Cable Concealer might be the best one for you.

With a dimension of 0.59″ x 0.4″, your speaker wires, lamp cables, and other low-voltage cords will find a perfect fit. This feature is relevant to all users who want their moldings to have a minimalist approach.

Cleaning my office space at home became much better because of this hider. I used to think I had the best practice by folding my cables on the side of my table, and they’re all fine. But with this item, I found a more effective way of fixing my wires.

This ethernet cable raceway is lengthy enough to conceal your internet and media wires at home. With a 125-inch body, you can be sure about covering your cable’s entire span. Also, these moldings come in 8 equally-distributed parts. That way, cutting would take less time, and replacements would be easy.

Accessibility is another reason why I like this product by Yecaye. Whenever I want to troubleshoot wiring and electrical issues, I can slide the raceway’s cover off easily and check for possible damages. With it, I can do maintenance whenever necessary.

The downside I have seen in this product is its adhesive tapes. Although it’s long enough to cater to all adhesion needs, most of the mounted moldings I had, fell off. I needed to place it back again with a better bonding agent.
  • Perfect for a single-wire fitting
  • Great addition to office and home improvement
  • Comes with a distributable total length of 125″.
  • Allows access to easy maintenance and repairs if any
  • The adhesive tapes require a better bonding agent
Yecaye is a good pick for my internet cable at home. I no longer have to clean up tangling wires every time. Also, maintaining them requires a little effort only.

5. SimpleCord Desk Cable Organizer

Unlike other raceways designed to look like a case with latching features, the SimpleCord J Channel Desk Cable Organizer comes with a gutter style. It’s perfect for kitchen wires and cables surrounding your office table. I like its black ribbed look because it blends with my baseboards well.

This product has enough capacity to hold an ample number of wires. With dimensions of 0.7″ x 1″ x 1.63″, a maximum of 8 cords can fit inside it. That way, I get to collect all my wires and have them go on a single route. And I think that’s convenient for any user.

Removing and changing my cables never had to be a hassle. With its non-locking feature, I can pull and transfer the line I need to relocate. This attribute is most relevant with cables you frequently move like chargers and lampshades.

With an extra-strong adhesive tape and a durable body, the installation will give your raceway a sturdy outcome. You can also cut the body into lengths you desire. So, it’s like mounting a wall accessory tailored fit to your needs.

However, I wish the product comes with custom connectors for straight and angled surfaces. In my case, I had to improvise PVC fittings to keep my raceways continuous.
  • Black cable raceway fit for kitchen and desk sidings
  • Spacious capacity to hold numerous wires
  • Non-lock feature that gives easy access to wires
  • Features an extra-strong adhesive tape and cuttable body
  • Sturdy and easy installation
  • Lacks couplings, elbows, and other accessories
This product is something that won’t seem hard to blend. Everything is seamless, from installation to maintenance. Plus, I like how the entire molding looked after set-up. I find this one unique and durable, and it’s worth my money.

6. Stageek Cable Management System

Made with high-quality PVC material, the Stageek Cable Management System Kit makes your cable hider flexible and resistant to impact. Also, it can eliminate a certain amount of fire once the flame source goes out. So, I don’t have to worry about my raceways tearing or flaming up.

One unique feature I like about this product is its holed sides. These parallel openings provide an avenue to each wire’s end, so they don’t cause traffic at the tip of the raceway. All that I have to do is to assign each plug to a hole closest to a device or appliance.

Cutting the cable houses might cost us more if we fail to do it properly. To erase this concern, Stageek comes as a molding cut into nine 15.4″ sections. This figure is a commonly used size for raceways, and that makes the installation more convenient. The package also includes all the necessary fittings ready for attachment.

I believe the price of this product is reasonable enough. Not only because it comes with complete accessories, but it’s durable too. It gives me the value of my investment, and I don’t think I would have to buy a new one sooner.

On the other hand, I have issues with the couplings. Some of them do not come in the same color as the cable hider itself, and that’s something bothering to see. To solve the issue, I painted the entire molding set.
  • Durable and flexible PVC raceway
  • Parallel holes on the side for end plugs
  • Comes in sleek 15.4″ hiders
  • Includes all the necessary fittings ready for attachment
  • Good value for money
  • Some couplings come in a different shade
I am satisfied with using this product. It’s sturdy, convenient and fit for my music room. You can always be sure about protecting your wirings.

7. A+ Electric 315″ Cord Cover

No matter what your wires are, the A+ Electric 315″ Cord Cover will keep the mess out of them. A pack of this cable hider aims to conceal disorganized lines, whether at home or office. It comes with fittings like tees, elbows, and corners to help the user set up electrical connections.

What makes this product more fit as an overhead cable raceway or wall cable raceway is its sliding lock system. It keeps the cover and base intact by sealing the sides from one end to the other. So that in case the raceway encounters bumping, everything remains steady.

I have tried using this hider in my kitchen, office, and living area to see if it compliments any set-up. As an independent guy, I want to make sure everything inside my house doesn’t look awkward. I finished concealing all my wires, and the outcome looked clean and professional.

I feel confident about buying this product because it holds a respected image and assures safety to all its users. A+ is internationally certified by the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directives. That means the impact of electronics on human health and the environment is proven to be relatively low.

I think it would have been better to have more space inside this raceway. It can only accommodate a maximum of two cables, which, for me, is not an ideal size for an office wiring set.
  • Conceals any wire and keeps them clean
  • Sliding lock feature to secure cover and cables
  • Compliments a variety of set-ups
  • RoHS certified, assures safety to the users
  • Can only house two wires at most
Flexibility wise, this raceway makes the good out of every arrangement like bedrooms, living, and even office space. I like that it’s recognized to be less hazardous, and it’s not hard working with it.

8. Yecaye Updated Cable Raceway

Designed to accommodate a massive wiring set-up, the Yecaye Updated 94″ J Channel Cable Raceway will erase your problems with grubby wires. With a capacity of 10 power cords, I find it spacious enough to hold all the cables in my media room. So, there’s no way my connections will be tangling.

This product has an open-top design that helps all users remove or transfer wires anytime. That means it doesn’t have a locking feature, and you can check on your cables every time, especially when troubleshooting. I believe this is a great plus in terms of accessibility.

During installation, I needed not to drill or make holes on the mounting surface, nor the raceway itself. All I had to do was to place pieces of strong adhesives at the back of it. It never fell off, and I barely spent 20 minutes fixing my wires.

I have around eight wires decorating my desk, and I find it awful to see. I found this product in the advertisements and bargained for one. Things have been well for months now, and this product works as advertised.

I am worried about the tolerance of this plastic raceway from fire, especially when one of my cables begins to burn out. So, advice to all users, do safety practices from electrical installation down to cable concealment.
  • Huge wire-keeping capacity of up to 10 power cords
  • Comes with an opening on top for quick access to wires
  • No drilling required, just strong adhesion tapes
  • Works as advertised
  • Made with plastic that’s susceptible to burning easily
I believe this raceway satisfies the needs of most people who deal with more than five wires. It makes everything accessible, easy to use, and it arrived like that in the ads.

9. SimpleCord Black Cable Concealer

Having the SimpleCord Black Cable Concealer in your interiors doesn’t only mean you are organizing your wires. You are also adding some classy accent to your home or personal space. With a clean black matte finish, I am sure your money will have a good run on this. You can also paint it whenever you want.

I love the size of this raceway because it looks sleek, thin, and minimalist. With the hider’s dimension at 1 1/8″ x 11/16″, I feel like I have a classic molding design around. Also, it comes with 6 25″ cable houses that guarantee a full cover on your set of wirings.

The package includes complete pieces of fittings to connect one raceway to another, and the body itself is cuttable into any desired length. I like these features because I have plenty of options when doing layouts of my connections at home. Also, this product comes with instructions to guide every user.

Inherently, this molding does a lot for me in terms of safety. Especially when kids visit my house, or my pets begin to go naughty. Not only that I found a solution to dangling wires, but I also made a perfect decision to keep them away from dangerous contact.

However, one of the six raceways in the package had issues with its cover. I tried to slide it on as soon as I placed the wires, but it snapped back out moments after. Good thing I still have one more left.
  • Classy smooth black finish that matches almost any facade
  • Sleek design and large wire concealment span
  • Comes with complete accessories and instructions
  • Helps protect children from making contact with wires
  • Some raceways might have issues with their covers
Despite that, I am happy about how my electrical wire raceway turned out. It looks good on my walls and edgings. I feel like I’ve hit a great style and safety all at once. I won’t hesitate to share this with my friends.

10. Legrand – Wiremold CMK30 TV Cord Cover

Perfect for television set-ups, the Legrand – Wiremold CMK30 30-Inch Flat Screen TV Cord Cover Kit makes the most out of your homes, school, and corporate room screens. This product is suitable for all wall-mounted monitors, will it be LED, LCD, Plasma, and many more.

With a sleek and paintable design, you won’t have to feel irritated about seeing some bulky moldings under your TV. Also, you have the option to paint this raceway to blend it with your walls. Concealing your wires with Legrand never has to be inconvenient nor bothersome.

When I think of quality, I am always sure about this brand. This cable house, featuring a Wiremold grade, doesn’t only allow for fast installation. It also adds extended flexibility and durability in a wide array of environments. So, you can rely on your raceway wherever it is.

What made me trust this product more is its guarantee. This raceway comes with a lifetime warranty under specific terms. Thus, I always feel confident that even after some time and some factors that might affect my cable hiders, they will remain sturdy and at optimum performance.

I was hoping to have a longer one for my bedroom screen, but the product says it’s at a maximum of 30″ only. Also, the package missed some screws and anchors.
  • Perfect for TV and meeting room screens
  • Paintable and sleek design
  • Features Wiremold quality for flexibility and enhanced performance
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Hides a maximum of 30″ wires only
  • Should check if the package misses some screws and anchors
This product might be a little too wide for some, but overall, this is a perfect one. I feel like this is a tailored fit for my needs. Apart from that, I can see it lasting longer than other TV cable raceways.

What is Cable Raceways or Ducts


By definition, cable raceways or ducts are fully or partially enclosed tube-like conduits that board electrical connections. They serve as physical pathways of your wirings for a clean and organized look. Essentially, these hiders protect your cables from heat, corrosion, water penetration, and other factors. These items are good alternatives instead of routing cables inside or between walls.

What to Look for When Buying Cable Raceways

Choosing the best cable raceway is as easy as sharing ideas on Reddit, but you shall consider the following factors to have the best one for you.


Remember that you are going to mount these on flat and angled surfaces. You might also need to cut these hiders, and by that, you should choose the one that doesn’t fluidly break when penetrated by saws or other tools.


By this aspect, you have to pick the one that can withstand common elements to preserve your concealer’s color and durability. Always check the material used in the raceway.


Take note of the number and length of wires you want to enclose. Just because you find something that looks pleasant doesn’t mean it stuffs all your cables.


While some users encounter problems connecting their raceways, you better choose the one that comes in a complete package. That way, you get to spend less effort searching for couplings and elbows.


The most common modes of mounting cable hiders are through adhesive tapes and screws. Consider the type of surface to which you want to attach your cable house. Also, pick a paintable raceway if you plan to blend its color with that of your walls.


Don’t buy a hider that would let you consume so much time when transferring or removing cables. Therefore, pick the one that allows mobility for your wires.


Anything that goes with electricity can be dangerous. Always prioritize safety, especially when living with children and animals. Pick the one that would most likely reduce an electric hazard.

How Can I Hide the Wires to My Wall and Baseboards


Concealing cords come in creative and effective ways. With cable covers and raceways, hiding your wires to your walls and baseboards shouldn’t be a problem at all. Follow these easy steps and say goodbye to messy cables around the floor.

  • Measure the length of the wires you want to enclose.
  • Prepare all the necessary tools, like the raceway, couplings, elbows, and cutting instruments.
  • Decide on which mode of installation you want to apply.
  • For adhesive tapes, peel the outer cover of the side you plan to mount on the wall.
  • For screws and anchors, drill holes on the back panel of the wall or ceiling cable raceway, parallel to your desired location in your walls or ceiling.
  • Begin to mount the base panel.
  • Slide or place the wires in line with the base.
  • Attach the cover.
  • Apply paints if necessary.


Choosing the best cable raceways is simple. You have to pick what you need and the safest. Your house is one of your most valuable investments. Thus, it is likely to keep it clean and free from danger. With these wirehouses, you are one step ahead in terms of cable management and electrical safety.

Consider the tips I have shared, and don’t forget to make the most of your investment. Leave a comment below, and we’ll be glad to answer your inquiries. Have a bright day ahead!

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