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Can You Plug a USB Hub Into a USB Hub? – Answered

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

can you plug a usb hub into a usb hub

A USB hub allows you to connect multiple USB devices to your computer. But sometimes, you need more ports than one USB hub can offer. So can you plug a USB hub into a USB hub?

FIY, it is possible to daisy chain a USB hub into another USB hub. However, power loss becomes apparent with additional USB hubs connected to the chain.

Bear in mind that there are advantages and drawbacks to forming a USB hub chain. Continue reading about these pros and cons, along with other relevant information.

Why I Can Plug a USB Hub Into a USB Hub?


Knowing why you can connect multiple USB hubs generally requires a proper understanding of how the device works.

At its core, a USB hub is a connector with multiple USB ports to expand a computer’s single USB port. For example, if a USB hub has four ports, plugging that device into a PC’s USB port will add four extra USB ports to the computer.

Although it’s a tangible device, a USB hub is a “transparent” unit, meaning the computer can’t detect it. But it distributes the power from the computer to the devices connected to the ports in the USB hub.

So it’s possible to connect USB hub to USB hub. It’s because the computer won’t be able to detect the daisy chain of USB hubs. In other words, it’s like plugging in a power strip to a wall outlet to help power multiple electric devices.

Things to Consider When Plugging a USB Hub Into a USB Hub


Although it’s possible to connect a USB to multiple USB adapters and create this setup repeatedly, take note of the following factors to avoid problems with the assembly:

  • The USB specification limits how many hubs are used in the chain. For example, A USB hub with a D+ specification may do well when connected to a D- model.
  • Data loss may apply to sensitive devices. Connecting devices like external hard drives when other products are in the daisy chain may increase the risk of losing data during the transfer process.

Pros and Cons of Plugging a USB Hub Into a USB Hub


Perhaps the main advantage of using a multiple USB connectors and chaining it with other hubs is it adds extra ports for additional devices. But the drawbacks to daisy chaining several USB hubs often outweigh its benefits.

Some shortcomings are:

  • Sharing the power source. For example, one USB 4.0 hub with 3 ports will split the power from a 2.5-watt source. This amount of power will split further with more USB hubs in the chain.
  • Reduced data transfer speeds. Aside from the power, data transfer speeds can slow down with every device connected to the USB hub chain.
  • Increased power consumption. Daisy chaining max USB hub ports increases the power drawn from the source.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Many USB Hubs Can You Connect?

It’s rare to use too many USB hubs. However, it’s possible to connect a maximum of 127 ports to one main USB controller. So if one USB hub can provide four extra ports, which would result in daisy chaining about 32 USB hubs.

Can You Have Too Many USB Hubs?

As mentioned earlier, it’s unlikely to use the maximum number of USB hubs in a single daisy chain. But users must still consider the factors that promote good USB hub use to avoid potential issues.

How Many Powered USB Hubs Can You Daisy Chain?


You can put a USB hub in a USB hub up to a maximum of five tiers. You might still be able to push it up to seven tiers, but the connected devices might not work properly.

The same concept should still apply when thinking about how many USB hubs can you daisy chain if you’re using powered or unpowered models.

USB Hubs Price

USB hubs often differ in price because of their built-in features. But interested buyers can find models with prices that range from about $15 to $50.

Some of the factors that can affect the price of a USB hub are:

  • Number of ports: An inexpensive USB hub might be a 2-into-1 USB adapter. But more expensive models may offer additional ports to users.
  • Flexibility: Aside from adding extra USB ports, some USB hubs can have different types of ports like a 4-port USB hub wiring module with an SD card port.
  • Charging capabilities: Some USB hubs, particularly when placed into a docking station, may help charge other devices like smartphones.

Tips To Install the USB Hubs


Generally, USB hubs are plug-and-play devices. Also, chaining USB hubs often don’t require extra tools or skills to install.

Still, users should still understand that a multiple USB adaptor can fall under two types:

  • Powered: Also called a self-powered USB hub, it can draw power from different sources, which may include a wall outlet.
  • Unpowered: USB hubs that don’t often have self-powering capabilities and only distribute power from a source. An example is a USB-C hub on a keyboard.

Can You Plug A USB Hub Into Wall?

It’s possible to plug a USB hub into a wall and use it for its intended purpose. But it still depends on the product’s specifications.

To use a USB hub while it draws power from a wall outlet means identifying its available features. In particular, users should check the hub’s current-drawing potential.

For example, plugging a smartphone into a USB hub while the adapter is in a wall outlet may reduce charging time because the adapter may only allow an ampere draw ranging from 100 to 500 mA.

Can I Plug A USB Hub Into USB Switch?

It’s possible to connect a USB hub to a USB switch. But users should follow the correct connections, such as when you’re using a 4-port USB hub wiring, to make the assembly work correctly.

Is A USB Hub The Same As A Splitter?


A USB splitter and a hub work similarly. The former is a device used to split the power and distribute it to two connected devices. On the other hand, a hub can distribute power to two or more connected products.

As for the question, “how many USB splitters can you use,” the number is roughly the same as connecting several USB hubs, which is 127. However, power loss still applies if you daisy chain USB hubs or splitters.

How Many USB Devices Can Be Connected To A USB Port?

One USB port can provide and/or distribute power to up to 127 devices. Many USB hubs have built-in transformers to prevent the main power source from overloading.


So, can you plug a USB hub into a USB hub?” The straightforward answer is yes. Despite the existing possibility, you should still pay attention to the limitations involved in daisy chaining several USB hubs.

Also, inserting additional devices into the many ports may increase the risk of issues occurring. Some of these possible problems might include data and power loss.

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