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How Many Amps Does a Ceiling Fan Use? – Answered

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how many amps does a ceiling fan use

A ceiling fan is one of the most compact pieces of equipment available in our homes. It recirculates air inside the room with no impact on floor space compared to a standing fan. It also uses very little electricity to operate.

That said, installation of ceiling fans should still be planned according to code. Its features will determine how many amps does a ceiling fan use, but generally, it uses as few as under 1 amp without lights.

How Many Amps Does a Ceiling Fan Draw?


Ceiling fans have different features. They can span from 30” up to 72” and more in size for homes and can have as few as 2 blades like the Aeratron AE+2 or as much as 8 blades like Monte Carlo’s 8KGR72.

They may come as small as a 8’’, 12 volt fan for campers or outdoor use. Some may even have lights.

Typically, the power consumption of ceiling fan is given in watts (W). The ceiling fan amperage can be determined by using the formula:

\text{Power (W)} = \text{Voltage (V)} \times \text{Current (amps)}

\text{Current (amps)} = \frac{\text{Power (W)}}{\text{Voltage (V)}}

For example, the common power of ceiling fans is around 33 W. If the typical ceiling fan voltage is 120V, the average current draw of ceiling fans would be:

\text{Current} = \frac{\text{Power}}{\text{Voltage}} = \frac{33\text{ W}}{120\text{ V}} = 0.275\text{ A}

The tool permits a rapid calculation of amperage.

The table below shows how many watts different sizes of ceiling fans have, as well as how much current these ceiling fans draw based on the computation above.

Take note that the power rating of a device may even be lower than what is listed here, especially those with Energy Star ratings.

Size (inches) Power (watts) Current (amps) at 120V
30 42 0.35
36 55 0.46
42 65 0.54
48 75 0.63
52 84 0.70
60 92 0.77
72 100 0.83

Generally, the power consumption of ceiling fan is low, and it may be one of the most efficient ways to move air in the house compared to a box fan or a standing electric fan like a Lasko fan.

The ceiling fan pull is so low that it does not really need its own dedicated circuit and can share the same circuit with lighting and other outlets.

The above listed ratings, however, only account for models with no lights. A ceiling fan with light bulbs will draw 2-4 times more current than those without bulbs, depending on the bulbs’ ratings.

Also, you’ll find models with different current draws on each setting. A high setting will have a ceiling fan amp draw at maximum, while medium and low ones will require less power.

For example, a certain 6ft ceiling fan (72 inches) may draw around 35 watts at high settings and around 4 watts on low settings (we’re talking about a more energy-efficient unit compared to the 100-watt type in the table).

Frequently Asked Questions


Does a ceiling fan need its own circuit?

No. This appliance may be in a shared circuit along with lighting. The ceiling fan pull from the mains is not substantial enough to need its own circuit.

Can a ceiling fan be on a 15 amp circuit?

Yes. They can be placed on 15 or 20 amp circuits. Ceiling fans have low current draws, so they can share a 15 amp circuit along with lighting.

How many fans can you run on a 20 amp breaker?

A 20-amp breaker can only carry loads up to 80% of its maximum current rating. This means it should only handle 16 amps.

To give an estimate, a 20-amp breaker can support up to 19 units of 72” ceiling fans (assuming their current draw will be at 0.83 amps per fan); that many fans will demand a total of 15.77 amps.

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Is it cheap to operate ceiling fans?

Yes, ceiling fans can be very cheap. They can be as cheap as 0.66 cents per hour for a 50 watt unit with a price of $ 0.1319 per kWh. Different calculators like a fan watt calculator or a fan amps calculator may be used to help you compute your device’s energy demand.


How many amps does a ceiling fan use? Ceiling fans have low electrical energy needs, especially since they often run with less than 1 amp. Because they are cheap, ceiling fans are a great addition to a house’s ventilation.

Just don’t forget to have these appliances installed and mounted by a licensed electrician so that their shared circuit with lighting won’t be a problem.

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