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How Many Ceiling Fans on a 15 Amp Circuit? (Answered)

Written by Edwin Jones / Fact checked by Andrew Wright

how many ceiling fans on a 15 amp circuit

Ceiling fans are a popular and energy-efficient way to cool a home, making them an excellent addition to any household. When installing multiple fans, a question commonly arises: “How many ceiling fans on a 15 amp circuit?”

In some cases, you can install up to 20 fans at a 15 amp circuit. However, it depends on different factors. Let’s discuss these factors and learn how to determine the number of installations.

How Many Ceiling Fans Can You Run on a 15 Amp Circuit?


Installing multiple ceiling fans is an excellent way to achieve energy efficiency while maintaining a comfortable temperature in any household. On the other hand, a 15-amp circuit is commonly used for low-powered electronics like lighting, television, and more.

The number of fan installations is primarily determined by the fan amps and volts rating of the circuit. Smaller fans typically draw less current, enabling more fans to be installed, while larger fans that consume more current reduce the number of installations.

Here is a list of some of the most common ceiling fan sizes in wattage, including the number of installations depending on the amperage draw.

Ceiling Fan Watts Rating Amps Rating Number of Ceiling Fans in 15 Amp Circuit
40 watts .33 amps 36
50 watts .41 amps 28
60 watts .50 amps 24
70 watts .58 amps 20
80 watts .66 amps 18
90 watts .75 amps 16
100 watts .83 amps 14
110 watts .92 amps 13
120 watts 1 amp 12

As per the table, a standard ceiling fan with a 70-watt power rating may draw only 20 amps of current. As a result, a 15 amp breaker handles up to 20 fans, assuming the standard system voltage of 120v. Nevertheless, if these fans come with three 60-watt light bulbs, four 52-inch large fans may be supported.

However, to determine the exact number of fan installations in a 15-amp circuit, you should be more specific about the fans’ power rating and consider some calculations. Here’s how it goes.

Calculate the Number of Ceiling Fans


There are two ways to calculate the number of ceiling fan installations on a 15-amp circuit.

You can tally the amperage rating by the wattage rating, but regardless of the method you choose, it’s important to follow the 80% rule for safe circuit operation.

To calculate the number of installations by amperage rating:

  • Start by finding 80% of the 15-amp circuit, which is 12 amps.
  • Since ceiling fans are typically rated by watts, you’ll need to convert the wattage to amps. To know how many amps a ceiling fan use, you can use the formula:

\(\text{Power (watts)} = \text{Current (amps)} \times \text{Voltage (volts)}\)

For example, suppose you have an 80-watt ceiling fan on a 120v circuit; you’ll get an electric fan amp draw of 0.66 amps. Divide the 12 amps by 0.66 amps to get a total of 18 fan installations.

Alternatively, you can use wattage calculations.

Convert the 12 amps circuit to watts using the formula Watts=AmpsxVolts. In this case, 12 amps multiplied by 120v system voltage gives you a total of 1,440 watts.

Since each fan uses 80 watts, divide the 1,440 watts circuit by 80 to get 18 fan installations.

Both methods will give you the same result for the number of installations. For other fan amperage or wattage ratings, you can use a fan amps calculator or refer to the above chart showing the number of fan installations.

What Happens if I Connect Too Many Ceiling Fans on a 15 Amp Circuit?

Having multiple fans put on a 15 amp breaker may cause sudden tripping of the circuit breaker. This could happen if you run them simultaneously with other electrical devices like lighting.

This is because running too many fans at the same time can draw more current than the circuit can provide, leading to an overload.

However, in case of a faulty circuit breaker, it may not trip even when sensing an overload. In this case, it may damage electrical wires, leading to potential electrical hazards such as electrocution or fires.

To avoid said electrical hazards, it’s crucial to ensure that all circuit breakers are efficiently working and that the electrical load on a circuit does not exceed its capacity.

Factors Affect the Number of Ceiling Fans on a 15 Amp Circuit


1. Circuit Voltage

The circuit voltage is one of the factors that may affect the number of installations of ceiling fans in a circuit. A higher voltage circuit can provide more power, allowing more fans to be installed.

2. Fan Wattage

Ceiling fans usually come in different sizes and watt ratings. If you use high-wattage ceiling fans, the lessen the number you can install in a 15-amp circuit.

3. Fan Efficiency

The efficiency of a ceiling fan can also affect the number of fans that can be installed on a 15-amp circuit. Fans with higher efficiency ratings will draw less power from the circuit, allowing more fans to be installed.

4. Other Connected Electronic Devices

Lastly, if other electronic devices are also connected to the same circuit as the ceiling fans, their power consumption must be considered, which may limit the number of additional fans.

Things to Consider When Add Ceiling Fans on a 15 Amp Circuit

When installing a ceiling fan on a 15-amp circuit, it’s essential to ensure that the circuit has enough capacity to accommodate the additional fan.

To determine if there’s enough space, calculate the total amps drawn by all existing electrical devices connected to the circuit. Then, calculate the amp draw of the ceiling fan you plan to add. The total current draw, including the additional fan, should not exceed this limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Ceiling Fans Need a Dedicated Circuit?

The ceiling fan amperage is typically low, which usually doesn’t need a dedicated circuit. However, depending on the fan’s current usage as well as other electronic devices connected to the same circuit, it may limit the number of fans you can install.

Is it Safe to Connect a Ceiling Fan on a 15-amp Circuit?

Yes, ceiling fans are low-powered devices that are safe to connect to a 15-amp circuit. However, when connecting multiple ceiling fans in a 15-amp circuit, you need to consider the 80% rule of 15-amp breaker wattage or amperage prevent electrical hazards.

Can I Use One Switch in Multiple Ceiling Fans?

Yes, multiple ceiling fan installations and lighting connected on one switch are possible since they are relatively low-power. The only drawback of this electrical connection is that you may not control each fan’s different speed.


In conclusion, knowing how many ceiling fans on a 15 amp circuit is essential for the safety of the circuit. This way, you can prevent overloading the circuit, leading to a more significant electrical hazard.

Always remember that every circuit may have limitations for an electrical device you can install, even if it is only a low-powered device, such as fans and standard lighting. As a result, accurate calculations of the circuit total current and the electrical device’s power rating are required to establish the maximum number of installations.

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